Volume-9 Issue-2

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Volume-9 Issue-2, December 2019, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Design And Development of Man Portable Back Packable Multi-Purpose Drone
A. Sai Kumar1, M Ganesh2, Nirmith Kumar Mishra3, Manish Choudhary4, Yashwanth Rao Bandari5

Usability Audit Technology of Travel Agency Website
Ganna Bedradina1, Sergii Nezdoyminov2, Andrii Ivanov3

Solving Multi-Objective Linear Fractional Stochastic Transportation Problems Involving Normal Distribution  using Simulation-Based Genetic Algorithm
Adane Abebaw Gessesse1, Rajashree Mishra2, Mitali Madhumita Acharya3

Smart Home Automation using Hand Gesture Recognition System
Vignesh Selvaraj Nadar1, Vaishnavi Shubhra Sinha2, Sushila Umesh Ratre3

Non-Linear Performance of Strong Column Weak Beam RC Frame Building
J. Sony1, A.Vimala2

Temperature Measurement of Coal Pipe of Coal Mills by a Modified Bridge Circuit
Karunamoy Chatterjee1, Tapan Maity2, Subrata Chattopadhyay3

Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm for the Third Party Auditing
Srinivasulu Pathakamuri1, B.V. Ramana Reddy2, A.P. Siva Kumar3

PLC based Mall Automation System
Praveenkumar Chandran1, Manojkumar S2, Prabha Umapathy3, Venkatasalam MPV4

Performance Enhancement of Wind Turbine
Swapnil Kumar

CSL Net: Convoluted SE and LSTM Blocks Based Network for Automatic Image Annotation
Vijayarani. A1, Lakshmi Priya G. G.2

Cryptosystem using Crossover Function and Logical Operators
B. Reddaiah

Impact of Biogas Blends with Diesel on Emission of Compression Ignition Engine
A Arul Peter

The Mechanism of the Development of Social Protection of Women in the Context of Domestic Violence
Ziyaeva Holida Omonkul kizi

Progressive AODV: A Routing Algorithm Intended for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
M. Sakthivel1, J. Udaykumar2, V. Saravana Kumar3

Assessment of Thermal Performance of Non-Conventional Grooved Stepped Shoe Ribs by CFD Technique
Sameer Y. Bhosale1, G. R. Selokar2

Spectrum Allocation by Sealed Bid Game Theory
Aritra De1, Tirthankar Datta2

Enhanced Slack Time based Price Driven Demand Response for Future Effectual Smart Communities
Bhagya Nathali Silva1, Murad Khan2, Kijun Han3

Manipulation of Nonsense to Bring Sense: The Pinter Technique
Anuradha S.1, R.Udhya Kumar2

Policy Design for Optimizing the Hydropower Generation Potential of Maithon Multi-purpose Reservoir System
Priti Sagar1, Prabeer Kumar Parhi2, Birendra Bharti3

Effect of Machining Parameters in Milling Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6 under MQL Condition
M.Z.A. Yazid1, Azreen Zainol2, A.M. Mustapaha3

Design and PVT Analysis of Robust, High Swing Folded Cascode Operational Amplifier
Varsha S. Bendre1, A. K. Kureshi2

Deformation Exploration in Mass Spring Model using Euler and Verlet Integration Methods
R. Sudhamani1, K. Merriliance2

Modifying Exhaust After-Treatment Device for Complying with Future Emission Norms
Jayvir Shah1, Vikash Patel2

A Wideband Subharmonic Mixer Incorporating Signal Interference Technique Based Isolation Circuit
Sadhana Kumari1, Priyanka Monda2

Data Optimization using Apache Flink
Vikas S1, Thimmaraju S N2

Tri-Concomitant Local Feature Learning for Diabetic Retinopathy Classification
Santosh Nagnath Randive1, Ranjan Kumar Senapati2

Enhancing the Tablet Images using Noise Reduction Algorithms by Analyzing Different Color Models
A.B. Dhivya1, M. Sundaresan2

Active Power Decoupling Topology for Single Phase Bridge Inverter based on Buck-Boost Convertor
Manoj Hans1, Kiran Godashe2, Satya Prakash3, Anamika Chourasia4

Brainy Diabetes Diagnosis and Doctor Recommendation System
M.Rithvik1, T. Nagaraju2, A. Kalyan Kumar3

Implementation of R.A.9184 in DPWH Region III in the Bidding of Infrastructure Projects
Vivian E. Gutierrez1, Rex Mervin P. Ramos2, Ryan John L. De Lara3, Noel T. Florencondia4

An Effective Progressive Image Transmission using Superpixel based Saliency Detection and Modified SPIHT Compression Algorithm
Ravikiran H. K.1, Jayanth J2

New Technological Scheme for Dredging Process
Igor Z. Maslov1, Valentin I. Chimshir2, Iryna M. Smyrnova3,  Andrii I. Naydyonov4

Network Based Intrusion Detection System using Protocol Standardization Techniques
D. Parameswari1, V. Khanaa2

Determinants of Bond Rating and its Implications to Corporate Bond Yield
Aceng Abdul Hamid1, Arifin Siagian2, A. Razak3, Endri Endri4

Reconfigurable Antenna using Micromechanical Actuation Switches for K and Ku-Band Applications
Sathuluri Mallikharjuna Rao1, G. Sasikala2

A New Method to Obtain an Initial Basic Feasible Solution of Transportation Problem with the Average Opportunity Cost Method
Swati V. Kamble1, Bhausaheb G. Kore2

Green Supply Chain Management Optimization Based on NSGA-II Method
S. Sundar1, C. Dhanasekaran2, S. Sivaganesan3

The Effect of Technology-Based Applications on Brand Image in the Telecommunications Industry
Husain Abdulaal1, Muneer Mohammed Saeed Al Mubarak2

Determination of Cable Tension Force using Accelerometer
Made Suangga1, Rayner Gunawan2, Irpan Hidayat3

Development of the Packer and its Application for Fixing Production Casing Leaks of Oil and Gas Wells
Roman A. Vaganov1, Fedor A. Buryukin2, Svetlana S. Kositcyna3, Maksim V. Zhukov4

Application of PODEM Algorithm for Fault Detection and Location in FinFet based Combinational VLSI Circuits
K.V.B.V Rayudu1, D R Jahagirdar2, P Srihari Rao3

Congestion Control Through EDA with Shortest Path
Seyed Amin Ahmadi Olounabadi1, Avula Damodaram2, V Kamakshi Prasad3, PVS Srinivas4

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Pseudo-Boolean Implicative Filters of Lattice Pseudo-Wajsberg Algebras
A. Ibrahim1, K. Jeya Lekshmi2

Forced Convection upon Heat Sink of AL-Cu for Design Optimization by Experimental and CFD Analysis for Cooling of ICs in CPU
Srinivas. D1, S. Ramamurthy2, Juhi Ansari3

Smart Volume Controller for Mobile Phones
Laxman Singh1, Sunil Kumar Chaudhary2, Yogesh Kumar Verma3, Jay Kant Pratap Singh Yadav4, Rajeev Kumar5

Software Design Collection and Handling of Signal Sound Body
Son Nguyen Van1, Duc Trinh Quang2, Giang Nguyen Hoai3, Quynh Nguyen Thi Huong4, Khanh Pham Xuan5

Bit Error Rate (BER) Performance of MIMO Systems in M-QAM with Nonlinear Effect
Ahmed E. Zakzouk1, Ragab M. Elbakar2, and Mohamed I. Yousef3

Development of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) based Vehicle Accident Notification System
Bharat Naresh Bansal1, Vivek Garg2

A Critique on Baroreceptor and their Effective Reflex Action on Compartmental Cardiovascular Modeling in Regulating Hemodynamic Parameters
Sowparnika G C1, Thirumarimurugan M2, Vinoth N3

Svs: Prediction Framework for Software Quality Enhancement through Data Mining Techniques
A.R.Visagan1, M.Sumathi2, G.Sujatha3

Tracking a Maneuvering Target using AUV
P. Dhatri Shree1, M. Ajay Kumar2, M. Sai Charan3, S. Koteswara Rao4, Kausar Jahan5

REST Architecture Optimization in Cloud Computing Ecosystem to Support E-Learning Platform
Faisal Faisal1, Gede Putra Kusuman2

Design and Analysis of DYC and Torque Vectoring using Multiple-Frequency Control Electronic Differential in an Independent Rear Wheel Driven Electric Vehicle
Sujan Neroula1, Santanu Sharma2

Determining the Most Popular Streaming Service using Machine Learning
Sayan Ghosh1, Dipshikha Sarkar2, Lokenath Basu3, S.R. Rajeswari4

Behaviour Analysis of Alloy Wheel Plant
Rajbala1, Deepika Garg2

Anomaly Detection in Human Behavior using Video Surveillance
Neha Sharma1, Pradeep Kumar D2, Rohit Kumar3, Shiv Dutt Tripathi4

MRI Image Segmentation, Prediction and Diagnostic Accuracy: Deep Learning Framework and Machine Learning Techniques Analysis for Reducing the impact of Cardiac Diseases
R. Kannan1, V. Vasanthi2

An Empirical Analysis of Gender Role Stereotype Both At Work Place and Home

An Improved Mechanism for SDN Flow Space to Control Oriented Authentication NAA Network
Taskeen Fathima1, S. Mary Vennila2

Application of Image Processing in E-Commerce
LokeshVenkata Sai Mamidi1, Pisupati Chaitanya2, VikasUpadhyaya3

Timely use of Technology to Reduce Perpetuate Stress Impacts
Shubhangi Gond1, Bhavna Ambudkar2, Afzal Ali Syed3

Power Generation using Magnetic Levitation Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Manoj L1, Nithesh J2, Manjunath T3, Gowreesh S S4

Vibration Characteristics of Composite Beam Having Flax, Aloevera and Sisal Fibers as Reinforcements
Thomas P1, Sreehari VM2

Strength and Durability Performance of Ferrocement Panels with the Influence of Corrosion Inhibitor
Saranya S1, Kanniyappan S.P2, Faizuneesa A3, Dhilip Kumar R.G4

Optimization of Arrangement of LED on the PCB for High Power LED Module
Ju Yong Cho1, Ho Seob Kim2, Won Kweon Jang3

Field Assessment to Determine the KIBLAH Direction of Mosques in MAKKAH
A. M. Abdel-Wahab

A Deep Analysis of Google Net and Alex Net for Lung Cancer Detection
B.Almas1, K.Sathesh2, S.Rajasekaran3

A Wireless Sensor Networks Security Protocol Architecture
Parli B. Hari1, Shailendra Narayan Singh2

Design and Implementation of 256 Bit Modified Square Root Carry Select Adder for Area and Delay Reduction
Agnes Shiny Rachel1, Rajakumar.G2

Enhancement in the Gain of EDFA in Fibre Optic Communication
Mohammad Yusuf1, Vijaya Bhandari2

Denoising of EEG Signal using Matlab and SIMULINK Techniques and Estimation of Power Spectral Density of EEG Signal using SIMULINK AR Models
B.Krishna Kumar

Heat Consumption Technique of Cloud Data Center and Produce Distilled Water
Debabrata Sarddar1, Gourab Dutta2, Rajat Pandit3

Design and Control of Space Vector Pwm Technique with the Fuzzy Control Based Multilevel Inverter for an open end Winding Induction Motor
B. Nageswararao1, Ch. Divyakrishna2, T. Anil Kumar3

Detection of Mercury in Water using Filter Paper Based Channel and Colorimetric-Android Readout
Gurushree Dindorkar1, Vishal Rathee2, Suresh Balpande3, Jayu Kalambe4

Recent Advances and Future Research Directions in Edge Cloud Framework
Soumya Ranjan Jena1, Raju Shanmugam2, Rajesh Kumar Dhanaraj3, Kavita Saini4

Pairwise Sequence Alignment by Differential Evolutionary Algorithm with New Mutation Strategy
Lakshmi Naga Jayaprada.Gavarraju1, K. Karteeka Pavan2

Color Based Image Retrieval by Combining Various Features
Bably Dolly1, Deepa Raj2

Estimation of Rainfall-Runoff Relationship and Correlation of Runoff with Infiltration Capacity and Temperature Over East Singhbhum District of Jharkhand
Radhika Kumari1, Mohit Mayoor2, Somnath Mahapatra3, P.K. Parhi4, H.P. Singh5

The Mechanical Behavior of Grouted Sleeve Splice Connections with and without Mechanical Interlocking Ring Under Axial Tensile Load
Abdallh M. Soliman1, Hatem H. Ibrahim2, Hossam A. Hodhod3

Preanodized Screen Printed Carbon Electrode for Detection of Linalool using Three Terminal Network
Abhishruti Bhuyan1, Bipan Tudu2, Rajib Bandyopadhyay3, Sudarshan Gogoi4, Amarprit Singh5

Fault Tolerance Policy for Resilient Private Cloud Environment
Sudha M1, Usha J2

Formation of Creative Competence of Future Teachers in the Process of Teaching Mathematics based on Special Tasks
Makhmudova Dilfuza Melievna1, Rustamova Nodira Rustamovna2, Akbarova Nigora Alimdjanovna3, Reymbaeva Sanabar Rejepbaevna4

Ensemble of Rule Learner and Sequential Minimum Optimization Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System
D. P. Gaikwad1, M. M. Swami2, S. S. Kolte3

Model Predictive Controlled SLQZSI Fed IM Drive with Quick Response
V. Malathi1, D. Vijayakumar2

Controlling the Chaos of Logistic Map using Switching Strategy
Sudesh Kumari1, Renu Chugh2, Ashish Nandal3

Implementation of Steganographic Algorithms Based on Exact Histogram Matching and Colour Visual Cryptography
Thottempudi Pardhu1, R. Sateesh2, K. Naveen3, K. Mani Raj4

A Low-Cost PV Emulator using Labview and Arduino
Suganthi K1, Sundararaman K2, Venkatakrishnakumar V3

Functional Connectivity and Classification of Actual and Imaginary Motor Movement
Nilima Salankar1, Anjali Mishra2, Pratikshya Mishra3

The Dynamics of General Insurance Sector in India - Growth and Performance Perspective
Kattamuri Satish

Genomic Sequence Data Compression using Lempel-Ziv-Welch Algorithm with Indexed Multiple Dictionary
Keerthy A. S.1, S. Manju Priya2

Modelling and Simulating the Effect of Sunlight Heat on Front Bumper
Nagarjuna Reddy Mudem1, S. P. Jani2

Data Mining Techniques for Analysing Employment Data
Anatoli Nachev

Water Quality Monitoring and Management System for Residents
Anjali Jain1, Archika Malhotra2, Aayushi Rohilla3, Prachi Kaushik4

Digital Design for Image-Adaptive Watermarking using CDF 5/3 Wavelet
Pankaj U. Lande1, Sanjay N. Talbar2, G. N. Shinde3

Bit Rate Transcoding for High Efficiency Video Coding
Sonal K. Jagtap1, Kanchan L. Dombale2, Himali B. Ghorpade3

Insider Detection Method in a Company
Anatoly Adamovich Kornienko1, Mark Aleksandrovich Polyanichko2

Itinerary Aware Data Delivery Technique for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
V. Bharathi1, P. Raja2, S. Meenabavyakarthika3, V. Logisvary4

SURF Points Versus SIFT Points in Identification of Medicinal Plants
PL. Chithra1, S. Janes Pushparani2

Dynamic Resource Allocation and Memory Management using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Dipak Raghunath Patil1, Rajesh Purohit2

L-Index Based Weak Area Identification of IEEE 118 Bus System using Dynamic Simulation in PSS®E
Kamaljyoti Gogoi1, Saibal Chatterjee2

Diabetic Retinopathy – Feature Extraction and Classification using Adaptive Super Pixel Algorithm
Balambigai Subramanian1, V. Saravanan2, Rudra Kalyan Nayak3, T. Gunasekaran4, S. Hariprasath5

Hll Effects on Unsteady Magneto Hydrodynamic Convection Flow of Nanofluids Past a Rotating Porous Plate
Pushpabaipavar1, L. Harikrishna2, M. Suryanarayana Reddy3

Efficient Mining of Interest Patterns on Click Stream Data
P. Dhana Lakshmi

Performance and Emission Analysis of CIDI Engine Fueled with Palm Biodiesel Blends and Nano Particles
Kavide Shekhar1, Sirivella Vijaya Bhaskar2

Efficiencies of Different Techniques to Protect Rebars Against Corrosion
Noura Kh. Abdel Raheem1, Yehia A. Ali2, Ahmed M. Ebid3, Mohamed A. Khalaf4

The Interactions between Cosmopolitanization and Migration: New Trends
Larysa Sarakun1, Larysa Babushka2, Vasily Drapohuz3, Oksana Popova4

A ingle Feed Circularly Polarized Planar Antenna Array
Rabindra Kumar1, Neha Kumari2, Pradeep Kumar Jain3, Priyanka Mondal4

Dam Inflow Prediction by using Artificial Neural Network Reservoir Computing
B. Pradeepakumari1, Kota Srinivasu2

Unauthorized Vehicle Parking Detection and Auto-Locking using an Arduino and a Relay
C. George Christopher1, J. Vidhya2

Experimental Test on Glare Composite of an Aircraft Structure Under Tensile Strength Failure
B. Nagaraj Goud1, K. Shiva Shankar2, B. Manideep3, K. Veeranjaneyulu4

Home Security using Face Recognition Technology
Telugu Maddileti1, G. Shriphad Rao2, Vaddemani Sai Madhav3, Ganti Sharan4

Application of Priority Analysis: Smart City Community Complaint
Evaristus Didik Madyatmadja1, Astari Karina Rahmah2, Saphira Aretha Putri3

Human Face Identification based on Optimal Sparse Features
M. Risheek Sharma1, K. Akhil Vardhan2, K. Sravan Kumar3, B. Koteswarrao4, Shijin Kumar P. S.5

Frictional Characteristics of Brake Pad Materials Alternate to Asbestos
Kishor N. Hendre1, Bhanudas D. Bachchhav2, Harijan H. Bagchi3

Cosmetology Field and It’s Significance for Education and Industry Sector
Tee Tze Kiong1, Farah Najwa Ahmad Puad2, Elia Md Zain3, Yee Mei Heong4, Nurulwahida Azid5

Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight of Aircraft in Search and Rescue Sorties
Mohd Harridon Mohamed Suffian1, Mohamad Dali Isa2, Hazariah Mohd Noh3, Nurhayati Mohd Nur4

Make Way: An Intelligent Real-Time Traffic Light Control System
Mouleeshu Warapprabu R.1, Niviya Dharshini S.2, Pearlstone Emmanuel G.3, Sathish K.M.4, Yashar Arafath M5

IRNSS Orbit and Clock Bias Estimation using Navic Ground Receiver Data: Extended Kalman Filter
Varsha H. S.1, Shreyanka B. Chougule2, N. V. Vighnesam3, Sudha K. L.4

Optimization of Biodiesel Transesterification using ANN and Fuzzy Logic
Susarla Venkata Ananta Rama Sastry1, B. Sarva Rao2, G. Ravi Kishor3

Spectral Filtering of Photovoltaic Cells using Novel Bio-Filter: Silver Coated Hibiscus Extract using Butanol Solution
Emetere Moses E.1, Adeyemo Nehemiah2

Efficient Sparse Representation based Action Recognition in video
Ushapreethi P1, Lakshmi Priya G G2

Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization for Service Providers using Network Slice AS a Service
K. Tamil Selvi1, R.Thamilselvan2

Power Factor Control in Multilevel Inverter with Dc Link Switches
M.Vijayalakshmi1, V.Rengarajan2, S.Mohanram3, P.K.Mani4

Design of Multi Modulation Scheme for Software Defined Radio using FPGA
G. Vishnuvardhan Rao1, A.Mohammed Abbas2, S. Palanivel3

Exterir Features and Productive Qualities of Young Beef Cattle of Various Genotypes
K.K. Bozymov1, E.G. Nasambaev2, A.B. Akhmetalieva3, A.E. Nugmanova4

Thermal Analisys of the Increase in Ambient Temperature Due to Motor Vehicle Activities
Mohammad Imran1, Sangkertadi2, Cynthia E. V. Wuisang3, Abdul Rahmat4

Processing and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
S. Kandwal1, S. Singh2, Bhupendra kumar3

Locomotive Lifter for Parking in Congested Places
Tamilvanan.A1, Sampath Kumar.K2, Sanjaya Krishnan.K.B3, Saravana Kumar.D4

Electroencephalogram with Machine Learning for Estimation of Mental Confusion Level
Harsh Kumar1, Mayank Sethia2, Himanshu Thakur3, Ishita Agrawal4, Swarnalatha P5

Performance Augmentation of V- Bladed Savonius Wind Turbine
A Vivek Anand1, M Sathyanarayana Gupta2, J Sahana3, P Shanmuga Priya4, V Hariprasad5

Detection of Spoofed IP nodes using BAT Algorithm and Extreme Learning Machine
Sabitha Banu. A1, Padmavathi Ganapathi2

Connection of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab and Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column: Proposed Structures, Experiment, Simulation and an Analytical Prediction Model for Shear Strength
Dao Ngoc the Luc1, Truong Quang Hai2, Truong Hoai Chinh3, Dao Ngoc The Vinh4

Rectification of Turbo lags in Turbocharger
Palani S1, Sathiyamoorthy V2, Balamurugan S3, Sivakumar A4, Arumugam K5

Prediction and Recommendation of Precision Medicine for Cancer using Machine Learning Techniques
Reena Lokare1, Sunita Patil2

The Use of Entrepreneurship Education in Community Empowerment at Lintangsongo Islamic Boarding School of Yogyakarta
Muhammad Roy Purwanto1, Supriadi2, RahmaniTimoritaYulianti3

Petrographic Characterization of Hydrothermal Gold Deposits in Adi Gozomo Area, Northwestern Tigray, Ethiopia
Zelealem Haftu1, N. Rao Cheepurupalli2

Assessment of a Network Infrastructure: A Basis for New Network Topology Proposal
Angelo P. Asignacion1, Reynaldo Gomez2, Marvin O. Mallari3, Jr., Michael John M. Villar4, Ryan John L. De Lara5

Research of Sulfuric Acid Leaching of Copper Off-Balance Ores
Aminjanova S.I.1, Muratova M.I.2, Mirzajonova S.B.3, Karimova T.P.4, Saidova M.S.5

Optimizing Process Parameters of Spark and Wire-Cut EDM through ANOVA using Stainless Steel AISI 316 Material
S.V.S.S. Srinivasa Raju1, N.Sandeep2

Reduction of Energy Hole in WSN
Jayant Kumar Rout

Towards Developing Secure Data Aggregation with Integrity Verification Model (SDA-IV) in People Centric Sensing Systems
K.R. Jansi1, S.V. Kasmir Raja2

Cloud Based Predictive Model for Airborne Disease Based Healthcare Data
S John Joseph1, S Godfrey Winster2

Performance of Shear Reinforcement against Punching Shear Loads
Ahmed M. Issa1, Mohamed M. Salem2, Mohamed T. Mostafa3, Hamed M. Hadhoud4, Hatem H. Ghith5

Methods of Teaching University Students and Students of the Continuing Education System using Intelligent Information Systems
Ruzieva Dilnoz Isamjanovna1, Abdullaeva Shahzoda Abdullaevna2, Abdullaev Farhod Abdurashidovich3

3d Image Generation from Single 2d Image using Monocular Depth Cues
B. Gnana Priya1, M. Arulselvi2

Use of The Electromagnetic Field of Low Frequencies in the Production of Sausages
Anton Nesterenko1, Viktor Goushchin2, Andrey Koshchaev3, Maksim Rebezov4, Mars Khayrullin5

Effect of Physical Parameters on Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles using Zea Mays Extract
Ravi Jon1, Neha Martin2, Prabhakara Rao Dasari3, Ajit Paul4, Vipul Singh5

A Marking/Traceback System for Detecting the Source of Dos/Ddos Attacks
Malliga Subramanian1, Kogilavani2, P.S.Nandhini3

Network Malware Detection using Soft Computing and Machine Learning Techniques
Yogita R. Kulkarni1, Sandeep A. Thorat2

Emotion Recognition Expressed on the Face By Multimodal Method using Deep Learning
Abdoul Matine Ousmane1, Tahirou Djara2, Médésu Sogbohossou3, Antoine Vianou4

Three- Dimensional Simulation of Crack Propagation using Finite Element Method
Abdulnaser M. Alshoaibi1, Abdulrahman A. Bin Ghouth2, Yahya Ali Fageehi3

Spectrum Sensing using AMC and TFT
M. Venkata Subbarao1, P. Samundiswary2

Femur Bone Stress Analysis in CFD Modules with Parallel Processing
Houneida Sakly1, Mourad Said2, Moncef Tagina3

Repository Construction and Reuse of Software Requirement
Neunghoe Kim1, Sanggeun Kim2

Performance Analysis of Various Filters for De-Speckling of Thyroid Ultrasound Images
Poornima D.1, Asha Gowda Karegowda2

Instantaneous Drill Bit Wear Level Detection in CNC Machine using Wavelet Transform
K Senthil Kumar1, L Saravanan2, A Balaji3

An Improvement to a Class of Intensity based Spatial Domain Corner Detection Algorithms using Image Fission and Fusion
Ambar Dutta

Improved Diagnosis of Boiler Feed Pumps in a Thermal Power Plant
R.Zarrouk1, M. El Amrani2, H. El Maati3, H. Santillan-Ortiz4

Serverless Stream Processing with Elastic Multi-M/M/s/K Queue System
Jagadheeswaran Kathirvel1, Elango Parasuraman2

Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations using Arduino
S V S Prasd1, K Nishanth Rao2, V Arun3, D Laxma Reddy4

Design and Implementation of Smart Cart using Labview
K Nishanth Rao1, P.Ramesh2, C.Ashokkumar3, Ananya Bannu4

Experimentation of a Diesel Engine with Waste Heat Recovery Heat Exchanger
Sabarish Kumar P1, Santhosh D2, Arun Vasantha Geethan K3, Arun Raja A K4

Effect of Working Fluid on Thermal Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe
J. Venkata Suresh1, P.Bhramara2, S. Sai Krishna3

Design of a Portable Health Monitoring System Based on Node MCU
R.K.Parate1, S.J.Sharma2

Innovative Way to Check the Status of Vacancy in Outdoor Parking Lots
Neeru Mago1, Satish Kumar2

A Proposed Ensemble Model with Feature Selection Technique for Classification of Chronic Kidney Disease
A. K. Shrivas1, Sanat Kumar Sahu2

vSTAAS - an Integrated Pen-Testing Tool
Grusha Kaur Sahni1, K. Ravindranath2

Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Multi-Processor Environment in Cloud using Modern Artificial BEE Colony
Sakshi Kapoor1, Surya Narayan Panda2

Multimodal Brain Images Fusion using Cultural Algorithm Optimized Multispectral Features
Deepti Nathawat1, Manju Mandot2, Neelam Sharma3

Down Time Analysis of Dry Toner Based Digital Printing
Bijender1, Vikram2, Dhirender3

Design and Development of a Compact Triple-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Loaded with Shorting Pin.
Hrudya B Kurup1, Remsha M2, Sruthi Dinesh3, Stephen Rodrigues4

Mathematical Description of the Construction Principles of Electromagnetic Mechatronic Modules of Intelligent Robots
Nazarov Hayriddin Nuriddinovich1, Abdullaev Makhmudjon Mukhamedovich2, Temurbek Rakhimov Omonboyevich3, Otamuratov Sanjarbek Shonazarovich4

Performance Improvement of MONCRYPT SSA Over Data Obfuscation in Cloud Security
D. Samatha1, D.Sindhura2, K.Kalpana3, T.Santhi sri4

Efficient Technique to Detect Edge in Images with Fuzzy Rules
T. Ramesh1, A. Thilagavathy2, Karnam Sai Chetan3, Karnam Sai Charan4, Vemulapalli Sri Saideep5

Internet of Things based Heart Beat Monitoring System
Karhale Deepali B1, Thorat Suryakant B2

Monod Kinetics and Modelling Equations of Quercetin Extraction from Leaves of Indian Gooseberry
D.V Surya Prakash1, Anand Kumar Nelapati2, T. Mohammad Munawar3

Abundance of Ants on Chili and Corn Intercrop Planting Techniques
Haerul1, Nurariaty Agus2, A. Nasruddin3, Ahdin Gassa4

Detection of Traffic Light using Machine Vision for Autonomous Vehicles Application
Mohamed Yusof Bin Radzak1, Nur Hanim Suraya Bt. Sabarudin2, MohdFauzi Bin Alias3

The Role of Statistical Analysis in Ensuring the Competitiveness of Tourism (Case of Uzbekistan)
Mirzayev Kulmamat Djanzakovich1, Janzakov Bekzot Kulmamat ugli2

Forecasting Past and Future Trend of Physio-Chemical Parameters in Dal Lake, Srinagar Kashmir, India using Statistical Analysis and Modelling
Ishtiyaq Ahmad Rather1, Abdul Qayoom Dar2

Automated Allocation of Resources for Examination System using Genetic Algorithm
Loganathan R1, Smitha Kurian2

Urban Sprawl Assessment and Its Effect on Land Use Transformation in Varanasi City using Remote Sensing and GIS
Uzma Ashraf1, Abdul Munir2

Voice Controlled Car using Aurduino and Bluetooth Module
Telugu Maddileti1, Manideep Jammigumpula2, H.Jagadish Kumar3, K.V Sai Sashank4

Without Clay Drilling Fluids for Well Bore Wiring in Complicated Conditions
Raupov A.A.1, Gaibnazarov S.B2

3D Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Friction Drilling Process
Nimmagadda Srilatha1, Balla Srinivasa Prasad2, Padmaja Anipey3

Design and Fabrication of Waste Oil Fired Furnace
Navaneeth Kashyap K V1, Yashas M S2, Yogesh Kumar K J3

Implementing Query Terms Linked to Virtual Databases by Metaheuristic Techniques
Suman Sourav Prasad1, Sambit Kumar Mishra2

Determine Variables to Build Organizational Commitment
Arcadius Benawa

Flexural, Tensile and Compressibility Behavior of Self Compacting Concrete by using Glass Fibers
Harshitha M N1, Nikhil Khatavakar2

Temporal Rainfall Variabilityand Its Correlation with Temperature over Ranchi, Jharkhand
Abha Sinha1, Anjani Kumari2, Somnath Mahapatra3, H.P. Singh4, Birendra Bharti5

Encryption Algorithm using Shuffled 2-Dimension Key
Sarika Y. Bonde1, U. S. Bhadade2

Ancillary Service Requirements Assessment Indices with the LFC in a Restructured Power Systems for RFB Unit by using Bacterial Foraging Optimization
ND. Sridhar

Improvement in Cutoff Frequency of Microstrip Butterworth Low Pass Filter using DGS Technique
Kalyan Acharjya1, Dheeraj Acharya2, Girijashankar Sahoo3, Chandra Shekhar Rajora4

Performance Modeling of Classification Techniques on Movie Sentiments
Pooja Rani1, Jaswinder Singh2

Deep Learning and NLP based Side Channel Attack for Text Inference in Smartphones
P Uma Maheswari1, Mohamed Yilmaz Ibrahim2, Ramkumar B3, Aswin Sundar4

11-level Multilevel Inverter for Medium Voltage High Power ID and FD Fan Drives in Power Plant
B. V. Pranav1, Y. Mohana2, Mule Sai Krishna Reddy3, K.V. Siva Reddy4, S. Ravi Teja5

Smart Accident Detection and Switching of Traffic Signal
Kokila B1, Sathayaseelan K2, Pradeep C3

Power Quality Improvement in DG System using BOA based Interlined Unified Power Quality Conditioner
M. Anitha1, T.R. Jyothsna2

A BBO/PSO based Hybrid Technique for Distribution System Feeder Reconfiguration
Kothuri Ramakrishna1, Basavaraja Banakara2

Encryption and Decryption of a Message Involving Byte Rotation Technique and Invertible Matrix
Amit Kumar Mandle1, Varsha Namdeo2

The Influence of the Independent Board of Commissioners on Financial Performance
Meiryani1, Sani Muhammad Isa2

Detection of Diabetic Patterns using Supervised Learning
Kalpna Guleria1, Devendra Prasad2, Virender Kadyan3

Minimization of Input Ripple Current for Soft-Switching Buck-Boost Converter
Siddhartha Behera1, Brijesh Kumar2, Rabindra Kumar Behera3

Implementation of Supervised Learning towards Optimizing Queries in Database Systems
Zdzislaw Polkowski1, Mohanty Anita2, Mishra Sambit Kumar3

Non-Invasive Method of Diabetes Measurement using Teg Sensor via Foot Skin Temperature
R. Ganesan

Calculation of Exergy Destruction of Various Components by Performing Exergy Analysis on Stage-I of Dr. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station (N.T.T.P.S)
N Naga Varun1, T Subba Reddy2, T L Prasannna Kumar3, M Srinivasa Reddy4 S P Krishna Mithra5

Cloud Computing Application in Education
Pragati Priyadarshinee

A Crazy Particle Swarm Optimization with Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients for Economic Load Dispatch
Leena Daniel1, Krishna Teerth Chaturvedi2

Safety Culture App: An Innovation in Safety Performance System at the Aviation Industry
Aswathy Sreenivasan1, Akshay MS2, M Dhanya3, Rajul Raj4

Recovering Oral Motor Strength to Protect Children from Severe Cerebral Palsy through Virtual Gaming Technology
Vinay Kumar Pandey1, Vinayak Majhi2, Sudip Paul3

Mathematical Modeling, Control Design, Simulation & Implementation of Electric Vehicle Charger
R. G. Mapari1, D. G. Bhalke2, Rahul Parbat3

Improved Task Scheduling using Effective Particle Swarm Optimization in Cloud Computing Environment
Ankit Tomar1, Bhaskar Pant2, Vikas Tripathi3, Priyank Pandey4, Kamal Kant Verma5

Industrial Impurities Contamination in Musi River Ground Water Area in Hyderabad Zone
Mohammed Zakir Hussain1, PVS Vara Prasad2, Yamini S Verma3

Race Condition Detection Algorithms
B. Sai Manvitha Reddy1, A. Hari Kishore2, P. V. S. Krishna Manmayi3, Mahadev A. Gawas4

Finger Gesture Vocalizer
Gagan Batra1, Salil Gupta2, A. Y. Prabhakar3, Shruti K. Oza4

Human Actions and Hand Gesture Recognition with Deep Learning
Bapireddygari Hema1, J. Arokia Renjit2

Minimizing Noise in Sinusiodal Function Signal using Wavelet Transform
Irpan Hidayat1, Made Suangga2, Roesdiman Soegiarso3, Putri Arumsari4, Yuliastuti5

Durability Properties on Marine Algae Concrete
R. Ramasubramani1, Pennarasi.G2, M. B. Sridhar3, S.Prakashchandar4

Effect of Different Chemicals Compounds upon the Surface of Heavy Crude Oil
T. Nagalakshmi1, A. Sivasakthi2

Parameter Analysis of Interfering Applications in Multi-Core Environment for Throughput Enhancement
Surendra Kumar Shukla1, P.K. Chande2

AI Proposition for Crypt Information Management with Maximized EM Modelling
Sakshi Jolly1, Neha Gupta2

FIR Filter Design using Finfets at 22nm Technology
N. Praveen Kumar1, B. Stephen Charles2, V.Sumalatha3

Segmentation of Neonatal Brain using MR Images in an Efficient Manner
Puja Shashi1, Suchithra R2

Soft Skills and Positive Attitude : Science of Bridging Gap
Suman Gupta1, Neetu Mishra Shukla2, Indu Babra Kumar3

Design of Energy Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Executing Scientific Workflows in Cloud
Balamurugan S1, Saraswathi S2

Train Delay Prediction using Machine Learning
Lokaiah Pullagura1, Jeevaa Katiravan2

Simulation of Dye Synthesized Solar Cell using Artificial Neural Network
S. K. Kharade1, R. K. Kamat2, K. G. Kharade3

Groundwater Quality Mapping of an Open Municipal Solid waste Landfill Site
Thayalnayaki D1, Jayanthi R2

Unmanned Farm utilizes Virtual Fence Technology for Animal Tracking
Jung Kyu Park1, Eun Young Park2, Jaeho Kim3

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Business Process Management for System Development
Rama Ambara1, Ahmad Nurul Fajar2

3D Transient CFD Modelling of Blood Flow through Coronary Artery
Lakumarapu Veena1, K. Sai Krishna2, T.Ch. Siva Reddy3

Determining the Significant Part in an Electrical Appliance using Fuzzy Cognitive Map and to Minimize the Cost in the Creation of a Circuit
A. Kanchana1, Vinitha Navis Varuvel2, D. Samundeeswari3, S. Kuppuraj4, R. Kiruthika5

Design and Implementation of Robust Navigation System Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robot
Deepak Kumar Yadav1, Bharat Prasad Dixit2, Pankaj Yadav3, Gajanan R Patil4, Jayesh Jain5

Artificial Intelligence Based Vector Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM)
Patti Ranadheer1, N.Prabakaran2

Humidity and Temperature Monitoring System using IoT
Ms.Sujeetha1. R/AP, K Reddy Deeraj2, B Bhaskar Yeseswi3, Lenin Sade4

Agnizing Sarcopenia and Coherent Variable Optimization of Body Fat Percentage using Genetic Algorithms and Regression
J. Grace Hannah1, D. Gladis2

Neural Network Based Prefetching Control Mechanism
Sonia Setia1, Jyoti2, Neelam Duhan3

Intelligent Tourist Guide System using Web Development
Abrar Islam1, S Priya2, Aakrshan Sharma3

Question to Query: Converting Human Language to DBMS Query
Yashvi Thakkar1, Faiz Palwala2, Utsav Vyas3, Krati Agarwal4, Rajesh Kannan Regunathan5

Establishing AN Association between Risk Tolerance and Behavioral Biases among Indian Investors
Naela Jamal Rushdi1, Sushma2

Reliability Assessment of Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Ionization Smoke Detector and a Fire Alarm Control Panel with Both Detectors AS Notification Device
Anil Chandra1, Surbhi Gupta2, Chandra K Jaggi3

Electrical Loading Assessment of Commonly-Used Transformers for Feeder 21 of Pampanga Distribution Utility
Reynaldo H. Gomez Jr.1, Edgardo M. Santos2, Armie C. Tolentino3, Eldren V. Bulanan4, Noel T. Florencondia5

Simulation of Saltwater Intrusion in a Coastal Aquifer – Chennai, India.
B. Krishnakumari1, RM. Narayanan2

Gravity Modeling of Recreational Tourism (In the Example of Namangan Region of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
Zuhrali Abdulkhakimov Tursunalievich1, Madina Ibragimova Ismailovna2

Determination of Secant Moduli of Agbelouve Silty Sand Stabilized with Cement Used as a Roadway Layer in Togo
Abalo P’kla1, Yawovi Mawuénya Xolali Dany Ayité2

Local Robust Gradient Patterns for Recognition of Cardiomyopathy
P. Megana Santhoshi1, Mythili Thirugnanam2

Performance of a Water Ionizing Device That Uses Carbon Nanotube for Treating Particulates and Other Pollutants Found in Drinking Water
Mark Franklin P. Manalang1, Wilfredo L. Infante2, Al-Shaimah A. Alonto3, Ryan John L. De Lara4, Noel T. Florencondia5

Optimal Sizing and Positioning of Grid Integrated Distributed Generator using Particle Swarm Optimization
Arpita De

Trends in Gross Enrolment Ratio of Male Female Enrolment and Expenditure on Higher Education as Percentage of Gross Domestic Product India
M. O. Wankhade

Implementation of Technology Such As Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) Through Integration of Human Capital with Quality using Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP)
P.V.S. Kiran1, A. Mohammed Faisal2

Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation with Recurrent Neural Network Model
Chandrakant D. Kokane1, Sachin D. Babar2

Heuristic Greedy Method for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network
D. Muthukumaran1, S.Omkumar2

Performance Analysis of Acquisition Algorithms for Navic
N. Alivelu Manga

Particle Optimization of Ceo2/Water Nanofluids in Flat Plate Solar Collector
Shubham Sharma1, Arun Kumar Tiwari2, Sandeep Tiwari3, Ravi Prakash4

A Performance Analysis on Swarm Drone Loco Positioning System for Time Difference of Arrival Protocol
Timothy Scott Chu1, Alvin Chua2, Edwin Sybingco3, Ma. Antonette Roque4

Effect of Professional Ethics, Work Experience, and Emotional Intelligence on Auditor Opinion
Bambang Leo Handoko1, Theresia Lesmana2, Vincent Kosasih3

Content Based Movie Scene Retrieval using Spatio-Temporal Features
Vidit Kumar1, Vikas Tripathi2, Bhaskar Pant3

Constructing and Conducting an Interreligious Ecotheological Leadership in Environmental Science Perspective
Aloys Budi Purnomo

Detection of Truth Discovery in Big Data Social Media Sensing Applications
A Hemadri Naidu1, J Naga Muneiah2

PSO Optimized Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Manish Mahajan1, Santosh Kumar2, Bhasker Pant3, Kireet Joshi4, Vikas Tripathi5

Perception of Fresh Graduates towards Job Portal Sites
Anagha Prakash1, Rajiv Nai2

Using Feature Extraction and Classification Methods of Movie Opinions Predication
S Nirupama1, Pamireddy Sindhu2, N. Divya Sri3, P. Lakshmi Durga Bhavani4

Creation of Methods for Automated Determination of Forest Parameters Based on Data from UAVS
Roman Aleshko1, Ksenia Shoshina2, Irina Vasendina3, Aleksandr Bogdanov4, Aleksandr Karpov5

Responses of Groundwater Lowering Systems: Empirical Equations Via Field Records
Mona A. Mansour1, Ahmed M. Samieh2, Amr M. Radwan3, Eslam A. Ahmed4

Emission from Compression Ignition Engine using Biogas Blends with Diesel as a Fuel
A Arul Peter

Characterisation of Shoe Soling Material Prepared by using Rubber and Leather Solid Waste
S. Ponsubbiah1, Sanjeev Gupta2

Micro Clustering Methodology for Document Objects using Deep Learning Techniques
Amirkhan R. Mulla1, Sachin S. Patil2

Artificial Intelligence Based A* Optimization Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Gondi Yasoda Devi1, Gurrala Venkateswara Rao2

Design of Self Controllable Voltage Level Circuit (SVL) for Low Power and High Speed 12t Sram at 15nm Technology
Kumar Neeraj1, J. K. Das2, Hari Shanker Srivastava3

Experimental Behaviour of Tensile Properties of Aa2014-T6 Aluminium Alloy using FSW and Gtaw Process
B. V. R. Ravi Kumar1, A. Sudheer Raja2, K. Vijaya Krishna Varma3

Impact of Retention of Slump on Growth of Ready Mixed Concrete
A. Nagaraju1, P. Sandeep Kumar2, M. Meena3, S. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy4

Hybrid Regenerative System on Power Electronic Transformer for Electric Traction Applications
Sachin Gee Paul1, CS Ravichandran2

Structure and Thermal Behaviour of BSCF-SDC-Ag Composite Cathode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
U.A. Yusop1, K.H. Tan2, H.A. Rahman3

Frequency Scaling Based Power Efficient Current Source Design on FPGA
Amanpreet Kaur1, Keshav Kumar2, Vidyotma Gandhi3, Amanpreet Sandhu4, Bishwajeet Pandey5

Experimental Simulation of Solar Aqua Lens Concentrator
A. S. Patel1, P. D. Patil2

An Equilateral Arm Inverted U-Slot and Notch Loaded UWB-CPMA with Rendered Ground Plane
Mukesh Kumar1, Jamshed Aslam Ansari2, Abhishek K. Saroj3, Rohini Saxena4

Temperature Capstone and Humidity Monitoring using Iot with Machine Learning Algorithm
Balika J Chelliah1, Ayush Anand2, Ashutosh Kaul3, Mayank Pathak4

A Fuzzy AHP Methodology to Analysis the Impact of Employee Motivation in Manufacturing Industry
Ekta Tiwari1, Rajesh Singh2

Java Script Data Transformation Library using Fork Join Pool and Web Workers Technology
Drevendy Harianto1, Seng Hansun2, Andre Rusli3

Email Thread Identification and Management
Priti Kulkarni1, Haridas Acharya2

Traffic Creation for E-Wallet through Gamification Strategy
R. Seranmadevi1, M. Felisiya2

Identification of a New Industrial Area Based on a Macro-Level Analysis – a Case of Bokaro District, Jharkhand, India
Bimal Chandra Roy1, Satyaki Sarkar2, Rajan Chandra Sinha3, Indraneel Srivastava4

Security Framework for Cloud Computing using Fragmentation and Homomorphic Encryption
Savita A.1, Vasanth2

Temperature Distribution on Sticky Non Compressible Fluid Flow using DHPM Technology
Rashmi Mishra1, Manvinder Singh2, Sudesh Kumar Garg3

Proximate and Ultimate Charaterization of Coal Samples from Southwestern Part of Ethiopia.
N. Rao Cheepurupalli1, B. Anuradha2

TSD-CPI: Traffic Sign Detection Technique Based on Centroid Position Identification in Text Mining
R. Karthika1, S. Murugan2

Readiness of Polytechnic Manufacturing Program in Malaysia towards Future Industry
Nurul Afizah Adnan1, Aini Nazura Paimin2, Abdullah Azraai Hasan3

Methods and Tools for Designing a Multi-Service Platform for Agricultural Enterprises
Petr Skobelev1, Igor Mayorov2, Dmitry Novichkov3, Elena Simonova4

Enhanced Gesture Recognition Text to Speech Browser for Visually Challenged
M. Rajesh Khanna1, C. Thirumalai Selvan2

Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Units in Radial Distribution System using Hybrid Techniques
Banka Jyothsna Rani1, Ankireddipalli Srinivasula Reddy2

Robust Frequency Control of an Islanded AC Micro Grid using BDA Optimized 3DOF Controller under Plug in Electric Vehicle
Prakash Chandra Sahu1, Ramesh Chandra Prusty2

Challenges Blockchain Technology and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in Healthcare from Legal Perspectives
Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain

Cross Coupled Differential High Speed Comparator
S. Rooban1, S. Jaya Sai Sri2, T.Jayaram3, D. Praveen Krishna4

Load-Carrying Capacity of Short Concrete Columns Reinforced with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars Under Concentric Axial Load
Nguyen Phan Duy1, Vu Ngoc Anh2, Nguyen Minh Tuan Anh3, Polikutin Aleksei Eduardovich4

ILivSpot: Secure Biometric System based on Iris Liveliness Detection
Sunil Kumar1, Vijay Kumar Lamba2, SurenderJangra3

Air Pollution Monitoring System using IoT
Iqra Javid1, Sushant Bakshi2, Aparna Mishra3, Rashmi Priyadarshini4

Effect of Infill Percentage on Properties of FDM Printed GPLA/PETGs
A.V. Sridhar1, D. Vamsi Teja2, K.V.V.N.R. Chandra Mouli3, Balla Srinivasa Prasad4, Padmaja Anipey5

Water Monitoring and Automatic Feed in Aquarium Based on Microcontroller
Mochammad Haldi Widianto1, Aris Darisman2

Settlement Behaviour of Soft Clay Bed Reinforced with Stone Column under Sustained Loading
Sharad Kumar Soni1, P.K. Jain2, Rakesh Kumar3

A Novel Delay Based System for Type1 Diabetes using Xilinx System Generator 14.5
Anchana P Belmon1, D.Jeraldin Auxillia2

Two Iterative Methods to Solve Nonlinear Equations of Load Flows
Rubén Villafuerte D.1, Jesús Medina C.2, Rubén A. Villafuerte S.3, Victorino Juárez R.4

Prediction of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis using Machine Learning Techniques
R Lokeshkumar1, Jothi K R2, Anto S3, R Kiran kumar4, Hari Narayanan5

Development of Alternative Electrical Energy Utilizing Thermo Electric Generators (TEG) for Refrigerators
Anthony S. Tolentino

Traffic Flow Calculation using Big Data
S.Kalaiarasi1, G. Leela2, K. Nikesh3, Ch. Prasad4

Effect of Different Operating Conditions on Performance of Commercial Low-Temperature Thermoelectric Modules
Dipak S. Patil1, R. R. Arakerimath2, P. V. Walke3, R. S. Shelke4

An Efficient Radical Image Encryption Based on 3-D Lorenz Chaotic System
V. Sangavi1, P. Thangave2

Adaptive Traffic Light Control using Google Maps API at Multiple Road Intersections
Adhish P1, Abhijith K2, Sree Ram M3

Classification of Spinal Muscle Atrophy Disease using SVM in Machine Learning
B. Ganga Bhavani1, G. L. N. V. S. Kumar2, M. L. Rekha3, B. P. N. Madhu Kumar4, Raja Rao P. B. V.5

Smart Trash Can
V. Sellam1, R. Pushkala2, V. Akshita3, R. Nivetha4

Design and Development of Roadside Waste Collector
Manivannan R.1, Rajasekar R.2, Nithish Vetrivel S.3, Praveen Kumar A.4, Nithesh Kumar K. S.5

In Silico Antituberculosis Drug Designing using UCSF Chimera
Shabana Urooj1, Advaita Dhariwal2, Vandana Singh3, Fadwa M. Alrowais4

Customer Feedback Analyzer
Sanya Taneja1, Kartikeya Jha2, Nakul Lakhotia3, Vedanta Kapoor4, Swarnalatha P.5

Optimization of Wear Process Parameters on 17-Cr Ferritic ODS Steel
G. Dharmalingam1, Prabhukumar Sellamuthu2

Perceived Leadership Traits of Employees Based on Physical Attributes and Social Desirability: an Indian Perspective
Shraddha Kulkarni

Buckling Load Predictions of Panel and Shell using Vibration Correlation Technique
Nayani Uday Ranjan Goud1, Alka Sawale2, Bhupal Rakham3

Assessment and Analysis of a Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System with Net-Metering for State University in Pampanga
Edgardo M. Santos

Automatic Medicine Vending Machine
B. Sabitha1, K. Akila2, G. A. Aswath Radhakrishnan3, G. Akshaay Krishnan4, S. Naveen5

SOC Estimation of Non-Linear Lithium-Ion Battery using Modified Coulomb-Counting Method with RUL
Umang Dongre

Optimizing the Effect of Cropping and Rotation Attacks on Watermarked Images using Back Propagation Neural Network in DWT Domain
Dr. N. Ramamurthy1, Dr. K. C. T. Swamy2, Gude Ramarao3, H. Shravan Kumar4

Usage of Porcelain Insulators Wastes in the Preparation of Cement Based Building Units
N. F. Abdel Salam

Experimental Exploration of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite using Abrasive Water Jet Machining
Barath M1, Rajesh S2, Duraimurugan P3

Testing of Extract Load and Transform (ETL) in Assorted Dimensions and Perspectives
Nanasaheb Mahadev Halgare

E-recruitment Technology Adoption among Generation Z Job-Seekers
Neeta Jayabalan1, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul2, Jenny Marisa Lim Dao Siang3, Nor Azim Bin Hj Ahmad Radzi4, Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar.5

Adaptive Crop Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
B. Balaji Bhanu1, Mohammed Ali Hussain2, Mahmood Ali Mirza3

Uncertainty Error Analysis on Micro Hardness of Al6061-B4C Surface Composites Produced by Friction Surfacing
S. Mohanasundaram1, S. J. Vijay2, Ajay Vasanth. X3, P. Ramkumar4

Multiply Divisor Cordial Labeling
J.T. Gondalia1, A.H. Rokad2

On the Seidel Energy of Certain Mesh Derived Networks
Sophia Shalini G. B.1, Anwar Saleh2, Dhananjayamurthy B.V3

Route Deviation Algorithm with Location Ambiguity in Wireless Sensor Networks
Priyanka Chugh (Shivanka)1, Dinesh Rai2, S. Indu3

Implementation of MOORA Method for Determining Prospective Smart Indonesia Program Funds Recipients
Zaitun1, Mustakim2, Insanul Kamila3, Siti Syahidatul Helma4

Factors Influencing Behavioural Intention to Use Mobile Banking in Champawat District of Uttrakhand
Anil Mehta1, Deepankar Chakrabarti2, Rajeev Srivastava3, Ranjeet Mehta4

Optimization of Process Parameters of EDM of Inconel 617 by Taguchi Based PCA and GRA Technique and Effect of Recast Layer Formation
Shrikant Vastrakar1, Sharda Pratap Shrivas2, Amit Kumar Vishwakarma3, Sanjay Kumar Vaidya4, Ashish Kumar Khandelwal5

DDEAS: Distributed Deduplication System with Efficient Access in Cloud Data Storage
Bhavya M1, Thriveni J2, Venugopal K R3

Optimization of Machining Parameters for AISI 316L And 317L Austenitic Stainless Steels using Eco-Cut Wire-EDM Technique
M.V.N. Srujan Manohar1, Y. Seetha Rama Rao2, Ch. Sree Ram3

Design of Pseudo Random Number Generator using Linear Feedback Shift Register
Shabbir Hassan1, M. U. Bokhari2

Earthquake Analysis, of RC Structure using Different Codes and Different Countries
Gaurav Charavande1, Savita Maru2

A Cross layer QoS Framework for Heterogeneous IoT Environment
Ravi C Bhaddurgatte1, Vijaya Kumar B P2, Kusuma S M3

Islamic Habituation in Growing Students’ Social Behavior
Baryanto1, Syaiful Bahri2, Irwan Fathurrochman3, Alamsyahril4

Iconic Meanings of Traditional Herbs and Shrubs: Culture-Specific Based Envirolinguistic Perspective
R. Kunjana Rahardi1, Yuliana Setyaningsih2, Rishe Purnama Dew3

Design E-Wallet as a Centralized E-wallet
Devendra Kumar1, Upasana Sharma2

Real-Time Mosquito Species Identification using Deep Learning Techniques
Pratik Mulchandani1, Muhammad Umair Siddiqui2, Pratik Kanani3

Nexus DNN for Speech and Speaker Recognition
Chittampalli Sai Prakash1, J Sirisha Devi2

The Bending Strength and Hardness of Recycle Plastic Type HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene)
Wawan Trisnadi Putra1, Kuntang Winangun2, Ahmad Yani3, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed4

Expression Invariant Features for Face Recognition
Menta Mohit1, Neralla Harichandana2, Pendem Bhagyasri3, P. M. Ashok Kumar4

Mechanical and Flexural Behavior of High Performance Concrete Containing Nano Silica
J. Sridhar1, D. Vivek2, D. Jegatheeswaran3

Erythrocyte Classification using Multi-Layer Perceptron, Naïve Bayes Classifier, RBF Network and SVM
Dyah Aruming Tyas1, Sri Hartati2, Agus Harjoko3, Tri Ratnaningsih4

Impact of Geometry Effects on Artery Stent Deployment Characteristics
Hashim V1, Resmi S L2, Dileep P N3, Jesna Mohammed4, Rajeev A5

Problems of Social Adaptation of Bachelor's Degree Students of Pedagogical Field under the Conditions of examine in Agrarian University
N. N. Nikulina1, I. V. Gordienko2, I. A. Belozerova3, N. I. Lyubimova4, M. G. Davityan (Belgorod, Russia)5

Classification of Pruning Methodologies for Model Development using Data Mining Techniques
Parashu Ram Pal1, Pankaj Pathak2, Vikash Yadav3, Priyanka Ora4

Scheduling of Machines and AGVs Simultaneously in FMS through Hybrid Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm
Kanakavalli Prakash Babu1, Vommi Vijaya Babu2, Medikondu Nageswara Rao3

IGSA-FA for Optimal Placement of FACTS Devices
Ramakanta Jena1, Sarat Chandra Swain2, Ritesh Dash3

Performance Improvement of Sensorless Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive for Medium Power Applications
K. Satyanarayana1, K. Sudhakar2, G. Bhavanarayana3

Intrusion Detection System from External Threats using Data Mining
D. Parameswari1, V.Khanaa2

An Efficient PET-MRI Medical Image Fusion based on IHS-NSCT-PCA Integrated Method
Padmavathi K1, Maya V Karki2

Non-Invasive Method to Diagnose Lung Energy of the Smoking Population
G. Anitha1, S. Rakesh2, R. Arunachalam3, R. Sudharsanam4, P. Muthu5

Impact of Relationship Marketing Variables on Brand Resonance: Mediating Role of Brand Attitude
Divyasre. V. S1, Ramya .J2

Energy Efficient Quality Assurance MAC Protocols in WSN
Rinkuben N Patel1, Nirav V. Bhatt2

The Effect of Electronic Taxing System in Creating Taxpayers Insight about the Equity and Justice of Tax System
Mesele Kebede Manaye1, B. C. M. Patnaik2, Ipseeta Satpathy3

Process Optimization and Influence of Micro Structural Characterization by Friction Stir Welding of Various Materials
Mahendra K C1, Sreenivasa C. G.2, Veerabhadrappa Algur3, Virupaksha Gouda H4

Soil Structure Interaction Effects on R C Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loads
I. Krishna Chaitanya1, Balaji K.V.G.D2, M. Pavan Kumar3, B. Sudeepthi4

Methods of Landslide Detection using GIS and Remote Sensing Images
Payal Varangaonkar1, S. V. Rode2

Productive and Security in Remote Sensor Network using SNR
Sk. Shama1, Yashwanth Inuganti2, M. B. Bhavana3, A. Jagapathi4

Four Most Famous Cyber Attacks for Financial Gains
Asalah F Altwairqi1, Mohammed A. AlZain2, Ben Soh*3, Mehedi Masud4, Jehad Al-Amri5

Reliability and Energy Efficiency of DEAR Protocol with Cooperative Caching in IEEE802.15.4 based large ubiquitous Wireless Sensor Networks
Piyush Charan1, Tahsin Usmani2, Rajeev Paulus3, Syed Hasan Saeed4

Mechanical Behavior of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite for Wheel Hub Application
P. V. Narasima Rao1, Periyasamy P.2, Vasudeva Rao3, Ramanan N.4, Naveen5

American Sign Language to Text - Speech using Background Subtraction using Running Averages
Jyoti Tripathi1, Prafull Goel2, Raman Bhadauria3, Nikhil Yadav4, Keshav Gupta5

Fuzzy Logic Based Energy Efficient Mechanism for Dymo in Mobile AD HOC Networks
K.Narasimha Raju1, Koduru Suresh2, Dekka Satish3, Pudi Ganesh4

Implementation of Stepped Frequency Modulation Pulse Compression on NI Suite
D.Tamilarasi1, P. Pavithra2, P. Ramesh3

Preparation and Characterization of Tungsten Carbide WC/Cobalt Composites by Powder Metallurgy Method
D.V.Satya Prasad Nulu1, M.N.V. Alekhya2, P.Phani Prasanthi3, K. Manoj Kumar4, G E V Ratna Kumar5

Breast Cancer Detection using Gradient Boost Ensemble Decision Tree Classifier
S. Vahini Ezhilraman1, Sujatha Srinivasan2, G.Suseendran3

Characterizing and Countering Communal and Anti-Communal Tweets During Disasters
Archana K. S1, Latha M2, Sheela Gowr P3

Impact of Improved Chicken Swam Optimization Based A* algorithm In MANETs Routing
Gondi Yasoda Devi1, Gurrala Venkateswara Rao2

On Rainbow Connection Number of Some Graphs
Shalini Rajendra Babu1, N. Ramya2

Performance Assessment Techniques for the 3-Phase IAG
Shakuntla Boora

Mapping the Spatial Accessibility of Riau’s Health Facilities using QGIS
Seng Hansun1, Putu Perdana Kusuma Wiguna2, Febri Wicaksono3, Muhammad Rheza4, George Hodge5

Reasons for the failure of B.Tech Students in Mathematics using Combined Disjoint Blocked Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CDBFCM)

Confidence-based Security System for Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
S. J. Patil1, L. S. Admuthe2, M. R. Patil3

Improving the Automobile Purchasing Behavior of Customer: Classification Techniques
S.Kavitha1, S.Manikandan2

PPDM for Medical Data using Visual Cryptography
Subhashree.P1, G.Gunasekaran2

The Relationship Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Tooth Brushing Against Index Debris Scores on Students At Sdn Sendangmulyo 02, Semarang City
Salikun1, Anisa Puspita R2, Hadiyat Miko3, Muhammad Saleh4

An Improved Multi-Biometric System for Authentication
Om Prakash Sharma1, Sivaramkumar P2

Processing and Mechanical Characterization of ADC12 alloy-B4C-RHA Hybrid Composites
R Murali Mohan1, U N Kempaiah2, Seenappa3, Madeva Nagaral4

Respect Human Value to Control Software Development Failure
Abdul Rehman Gilal1, Hafiz Ahmed Ali2, Khisaluddin Shaikh3, Ahmad Waqas4, Rizwan Ali Abro5, Ruqaya Gilal6

Disciplinary Control System Based on Naïve Bayes Classification Technique using Jsp Servlets
Arpita Roy1, Nikhat Parveen2, P.Rama Bhargavi3, A.Navya4, A.Pavan Kumar5

Design and Simulation of Spoon Shaped Antenna using DGS
Vivek Kumar1, D.K. Parsediya2

Investors’ Behaviour on Investment Avenues
R. Muneeswaran1, M. Babu2, J. Gayathri3

Optimizing Deep Network for Image Classification with Hyper Parameter Tuning
Munmi Gogoi1, Shahin Ara Begum2

An Energy Efficient Load Balancing Protocol for Multi-Hop Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network
M.Jeyakarthic1, S.Manikandan2

A Multiband Arrow Shaped Patch Antenna Based on Apollonian Gasket and Soddy’s circle for Application in LTE and UWB range
Anurima Majumdar1, SisirkKumar Das2, Annapurnaa Das3

Effect of Epoxy Coating on Structural Steel Section under Tension
Shraddha Sharma1, Mohan Kumar Gupta2, Shashi Kant Jaiswal3, Smita Gupta4

Development of Cross Language Clone Detector for C, C++ & Java Repositories using Natural Language Processing
Sanjay B. Ankali1, Latha Parthiban2

Application of Zone Selective Interlocking in Electrical Power Distribution System
K. Shashidhar Reddy1, M.Lakshmi Swarupa2, D.Mamtha

Performance of Various VoIP Vocoders using Wireshark with Asterisk PBX
R.Chinna Rao1, D.Elizabath Rani2, S.Srinivasa Rao3

Optimizing the Distribution of Memristance Values of Memristive Synapses for Reducing Power Consumption in Analog Memristor Crossbar-Based Neural Networks
Son Ngoc Truong

Sm-Arp: Stochastic Markovian Game Model for Packet Forwarding Based Arp Spoofing Attacks Detection
C. Divya1, D Francis Xavier Christopher2

A Well-Organized Model in Cloud Computing Platform for Data Accessing
T.R.Saravanan1, K.Uma2, C.Ramesh Kumar3, M.Basha Khaja4

Influence of Arc Flash Performance and ESDD Measurement of Bushings Tainted by Nitrates
R.Nikkitha1, L.Kalaivani2

Plant Disease Diagnosis and Classification by Computer Vision using Statistical Texture Feature Extraction Technique and K Nearest Neighbor Classification
Kapilya Gangadharan1, G. Rosline Nesa Kumari2, D. Dhanasekaran3, K.Malathi4

E2CL, HC: Energy Efficient Cooperative Localized & Hierarchical Cluster Routing in CRN
Shyleshchandra Gudihatti K N1, Tanuja R2, S H Manjula3, Venugopal K R4

Delamination Assessment of FRP Composite Plate using Natural Frequencies
S Sanyasi Naidu1, Ch Ratnam2

The Influence of Rice Straw on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Banco, an Adobe Reinforced with Rice Staw
Clément Adéoumi Labintan1, Christian Enagnon Adadja2, Mohamed Gibigaye3, Hamid Zahrouni4, Mahdia Hattab5

Implementation of Knowba Filtering Method for Intereference Rejection in NBDSSS
Rekha R S1, K. N. Muralidhar2

Sensing and Forecasting of Pollution Data in Mexico City
Elías-J. Ventura-Molina1, Raúl Jiménez-Cruz2, Adolfo Rangel-Díaz-de-la-Vega3

Features of Students Training: Qualifications and Technology
V. Vasyukov1, A. Peretolchin2, Andrey Andreevich Baybarin3, Saleh Aysayevich Hodzhaliev4, Vladimir Dmitriyevich Sekerin5

Small Human Group Detection and Validation using Pyramidal Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Gray Level Run Length Method
Seemanthini K.1, Manjunath S. S.2

Spectrum Opportunity Detection in Cellular Networks
Astha Sharma1, Laxman Singh2

Impact of Combination of Natural and Synthetic Fibers on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Aamir Yousuf1, Manish Kaushal2, Nahal Mattoo3

Applications of FP-Growth and Apriori Algorithm for Mining Fuzzified Spatial Dataset
Puneet Matapurkar1, Saurabh Shrivastava2

Transient Response of Glycerin Heating Process
Zuriati Janin1, Hazilah Mad Kaidi2, Robiah Ahmad3

Big Data Knowledge Discovery Platforms: A 360 Degree Perspective
Neelam Singh1, Devesh Pratap Singh2, Bhasker Pant3

Safe Path Planning of Mobile Robot in a known Dynamic Environment
Hasan Mujtaba1, Gajendra Singh2, Pallavi Gupta3

Optimization of Heat Transfer Coefficient for Al2O3 (75%) – CuO (25%) / Water Hybrid Nanofluid using Taguchi
K. Prashanth Reddy1, Bhramara Panitapu2, Ramesh Chilukuri3, R. Karthikeyan4, A. Kalyan Kumar5

A Secured and Scalable Battle-Field Surveillance using WSN Multicasting
G. Raja Vikram1, K. Shahu Chatrapati2, A. V. N. Krishna3

High Performance Energy Efficient Computation Elements of Processing Unit
Dhanabal Rengasamy1, Ramakrishnan V. N2

Performance Analysis of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Changing Material in a Circular Orientation
Rupali Patil1, Avinash Desai2

Measurement and Denoising of Partial Discharge Signal in High Voltage Cables using Wavelet Transform
S. Madhupriya1, R. V. Maheswari2, B. Vigneshwaran3

Behaviour of Exoskeleton Structures under Wind Loading
Dhilip Kumar R. G.1, Divya M.2

Agro Image De-Noising (Aid) for Enhanced Agricultural Images
Sangeetha Muthiah1, A. Senthilrajan2

Abdominal Aortic ANEURYSM Identification using HLSFMM Segmentation and SVM Classifier
S. Anandh1, R. Vasuki2, Raid Al Baradie3

Air Flow Control of a Smart Electric Fan using IoT Solutions
Mahesh Kumar Reddy Vennapusa1, Suchart Yammen2

Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Optimized Fuzzy PID Controlled AGC of Three Area Power System
B. Arun1, B. V. Manikandan2, K. Premkumar3

A Testbed System for Impact of QoS Parameter in Wireless ad Hoc Network
Ngo Hai Anh1, Pham Thanh Giang2

Target Object Tracking with Portable Sensors in Wireless Sensor Network
Musheer Vaquar1, Sanjay Kumar Agarwal2

A Framework for Secure Data Storage and Retrieval in Cloud Environment
Anita V. Mithapalli1, Swati S. Joshi2

An Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamics Flow of Bingham Fluid with Hall Effect of Heat Transfer
Pudhari Srilatha1, J. Suresh Goud2, B. Raju3, S. Devaraj4

Content Based Image Retrieval using Feature Extraction Technique
Nandkumar S. Admile1, Jagadish Hallur2, Anup S.Vibhute3, Akshay A.Jadhav4, Vijay S.Bhong5

An efficient Task Scheduling Algorithm using Modified Whale Optimization Algorithm in Cloud Computing
N.P.Saravanan1, T.Kumaravel2

Scene Illustration of Terrestrial Animals with Its Monitoring, Tracking and Recognizing Through Deep Learning in Relation with Granular Computing
Neelam Rawat1, J.S. Sodhi2, Rajesh K. Tyagi3

The Effect of the Smart Navigation System Based on Augmented Reality
Kunyanuth Kularbphettong1, Ausanee Singkoo2, Phanu Waraporn3

Behavior of AFRP Composite and its Practical Aspects in the Invigoration of Structural and Materialistic Properties of Corroded SHTS
Nabajyoti Modak1, Durlab Das2, R. Vinodh Kumar3

A Novel Clone-Based Reuse Method to Maintain Proficiency in Software Engineering Practice
Kavitha Esther Rajakumari

Artificial Bee Colony Based MPPT Technique for Solar PV System Under Partially Shaded Condition
L Venkata Subba Reddy

Design and Optimization of Genetic Algorithm (GA) based High Gain and Directive CPW-Fed Slot Dipole Antenna for Wideband Applications
Raj Gaurav Mishra1, Ranjan Mishra2, N. Prasanthi Kumari3, Sushabhan Choudhury4, Piyush Kuchhal5

Algorithm for Multi- objective Traveling Salesman Problems based on Modified Transitive closure
T. Karthy1, K. Ganesan2

Ensemble Learning Technique for Cloud Classification
Aarti Kumthekar1, Ramachandra Reddy G2

The System of Modern University Missions Realization in the Measurement of Three Key Components
Tetiana Bludova1, Tetiana Halakhova2, Larisa Нromozdova3, Ganna Kashina4, Тetiana Frolova5

Man in the Middle of Face Recognition System: using Skin Color and Template
T. Archana1, T. Venugopal2

A Novel Framework for Video Delivery to Handheld Devices using Cloud Environment
G. Rajasekaran1, M. Lakshmanan2, Venkata Naga Rani Bandaru3

An Effective Classification of Citrus Fruits Diseases using Adaptive Gamma Correction with Deep Learning Model
C. Senthilkumar1, M. Kamarasan2

Spam, a Digital Pollution and Ways to Eradicate It
Chinthapanti Bharath Sai Reddy1, Shaurya Chaudhary2, Saravana Kumar Kandasamy3

Additive Manufacturing of a Gorlov Helical Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
J. Krishnaraj1, Sivakumar Ellappan2, M. Anil Kumar3

Additive Manufacturing of a Gorlov Helical Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
J. Krishnaraj1, Sivakumar Ellappan2, M. Anil Kumar3

Effect of Wrapping Reinforced Concrete Surface with FRP Sheets on Corrosion Resistance
Mohamed R. Masoud1, Ahmed M. Ebid2

A Proposed Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with R-Load at Different Carrier Frequencies
Lipika Nanda1, Aryadhara Pradhan2

Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio under Low SNR and Noise Floor
P. Venkatapathi1, Habibulla Khan2, S. Srinivasa Rao3

Regular Graphs and Corona Graphs Based on Special Type of Labeling
Shalini Rajendra Babu1, N. Ramya2

Automatic Tuberculosis Screening using Chest Radiographs
S. Leopauline1, R. Kalpana2, P. Sharmila3

Bio-medical Image Retrieval using Various Statistical Methods
Vinutha N1, Sandeep S2, P DeepaShenoy3, Venugopal K R4

Performance Enhancement of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with Helical Fin and Vortex Generator using CFD
Yedukondalu Talakonda1, B. Jayachandraiah2, B. Chandra Mohana Reddy3

Paddy Seed Classification and Identifying Varieties using Random Assessment Classification
S. Maheswari1, M. Renuga Devi2

Data Analyzing Immigration to Canada using Predictive Analysis (Multiple Linear and Non-Linear Regression)
P. Deeraj1, K. Hari Kiran2, M. Hemanth Varma3, J. Siva Priya4

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Moodle in Gulf Universities
Abdulsadek Hassan Abdulsadek1, Ismail Noori Mseer2, Allam Hamdan3, Muneer Al Mubarak4, Adel M. Sarea5

Implementation of the Contante Justitie Principle of Justice in Local Leaders Election and General Election in Indonesia
Asep Syarifuddin Hidayat1, Muhammad Ishar Helmi2, Faris Satria Alam3

Planning of People Management System in One of the Telecommunication Companies in Indonesia using the System Usability Scale Method
Muhammad Irvan Sutroyudo1, Emil Robert Kaburuan2

An Adaptive Authentication Schemes based on the user Mobility in Medical-IoT
P. Jyotheeswari1, N. Jeyanthi2

Multipath Routing of Elephant Flows in Data Centers Based on Software Defined Networking
R. Thamilselvan1, K. Tamil Selvi2, R. R. Rajalaxmi3, E. Gothai4

Tool of Automated System Armoured Scaffold to Rank Requirements through AHP
K Glory Vijayaselvi1, Thirumalai Selvi R2

Multiple Fault Detection of Rolling Bearing through Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition of Vibration Signal
Sandip Kumar Singh

Development and Testing of Hydraulic ‘Bharath Valve’ to Control Multiple Actuators
G Manjunath Swamy1, G. R. Bharath Sai Kumar2, K Veeresh3

Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis Model Based on Case Based Reasoning
Ermiyas Birihanu Belachew1, Hailemichael Kefie Tamiru2

ROI Selection Criteria for Finding the Abnormal Tissues from Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Poonam Jaglan1, Rajeshwar Dass2, Manoj Duhan3

Energy Efficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks using Mobile Sink Node
Meenakshi Bansal1, Ashok Kumar Bathla2

Coaxial Probe Fed Modified Sierpinski Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications
Yadwinder Kumar

Mathematical Modelling and Tray Drying Kinetics of Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)
Anuradha Mishra1, Neha Sharma2

Application Framework Development for Algorithm Design of PAPR Reduction in OFDM
Mohammed Zakee Ahmed1, Ajij D. Sayyad2

Effects of Fault Current Limiters in Transient Stability Performance of Hybrid Wind Farm
Chintan R. Mehta1, Bhavik D. Nathani2, Prasad D. Deshpande3, Santosh C. Vora4

Microcontroller Based Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for Automobile Application
K. Vidya1, P. Annapoorani2, S. Akila3, M. Vijayalakshmi4

Awareness on Calcium Carbide Ripened Fruits and Recommendations for Toxic Free Artificial Ripening of Fruits
D Ramesh Babu1, Ram Deshmukh2, K V Narasimha Rao3, M Rajya Laxmi4, Kafila5, T Sabita6

Forward-Lane Integrity Watchdog System
Adlene Ebenezer1, S. Karthik Vignesh2, B. Sai Kishore3, A. Goku4

Proactive Fault Tolerance Policy for Virtual Machine Management in Private Cloud Environment
Sudha M1, Usha J2

Image Encryption and Decryption using RSA Algorithm with Share Creation Techniques
M. Karolin1, T. Meyyappan2

Development of A Multiparameter Algorithm for Establishing the Economic Efficiency of Research
Evgeny Bardulin1, Lyudmila Zubova2, Anna Yakovleva3, Olga Zinisha4, Lyudmila Piterskaya5

An Enhancement of Underwater Images using DCP and CLAHE Algorithm
Malathi V1, Manikandan A2

A DQ Synchronous Reference Frame Current Control for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems using Single Phase Cascaded H Bridge Multilevel Inverter
V. S. Kirthika Devi1, S. G. Srivani2

An Advanced Strategy of Multi User Storage System for Cloud Computing
Pallam Reddy Venkata Subba Reddy1, Sriharsha Vikruthi2, E.V.N.Jyothi3

Safety Measures and Auto Detection against SQL Injection Attacks
Sandeep Choudhary1, Nanhay Singh2

Exergy Analysis of VCR System with Air-Cooled Condenser Working With Refrigerants R-134a & Hydrocarbon
Naveen Kumar1, DhirajJha2

Performance Testing in A Multi Tenant Cloud Architecture using Genetic Algorithm
Vishnu Shankar.S1, Sajidha.S.A2, Nisha.V.M3, Sathis kumar.B4

In Silico Molecular Modeling & Docking of Phytochemical Compounds with Odorant Binding Proteins (OBP1) of Culex Quinquefasciatus.
J.Venkateshwara Rao

Performance Exploration on Various Document Clustering Techniques with K-Means Family
V.Kumaresan1, R.Nagarajan2

Forecasting Foreign Currency Exchange Price using Long Short-Term Memory with K-Nearest Neighbor Method
Rudra Kalyan Nayak1, S.Y.H. Pavitra2, Ramamani Tripathy3, K. Prathyusha4

An Adaptive Slide Window Security Method for Transaction Updation in Data Stream Mining
Jayendra Kumar1, Anitha Raju2

An Intrusion Detection Model Based on Deep Long Short Term Recurrent Neural Network
K. Narayana Rao1, K. Venkata Rao2, Prasad Reddy PVGD3

Towards Developing Sustainable Smart Cities in India
Shruti, Prabhat Kumar Singh1, Anurag Ohr2

Improving Security for Internet of Things Devices using Software Defined Networking
D. Prasad

Hybrid Scheduler (S_LST) for Soft Real-Time System based on Static and Dynamic Algorithm
Jay Teraiya1, Apurva Shah2

A Self-Configurable Edge Computing for Industrial IoT
S. Chandramohan1, M. Senthilkumaran2

Free Code Sharing Web Platform with Intelligent Developer Suggestion Tool
Ashish A Gaikwad1, Deepali R Vora2

Tele-Healthcare Unit for Remote Patient Monitoring
Vasujadevi Midasala1, H Mani Sai Prakash2, T abhilash, L Rohit3

Vibration Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites under Varying Fiber Orientation Composition
Nazirul Muhaimin Hamzi1, Mohammad Rasidi Rasani2, Mohd Faizal Mat Tahir3, Mohammad Hamdan Sanusi4

Effect of Seismic P-Waves Propagation on Circular Tunnels in Layered Ground
Amr Ibrahim1, Osman Ramadan2, Adel Ak3

Design & Analysis of Multiband Sierpenski Gasket Fractal Antenna using Iteration Method
Ch. Raghavendra1, B.Pavan kalyan2, K Vijaykrishna3, A.Vamsikrishna4

Energy Holes Minimization with Enhanced AEIAWSNHP Algorithm
Chinmaya Kumar Nayak1, Satyabrata Das2

Smart Garbage Collection and Dumping System using NI myRIO and Arduino
M. Srilatha1, D. Nagajyothi2, V. Jyothi3

N-gram based Machine Translation for English-Assamese: Two Languages with High Syntactical Dissimilarity
Zakir Hussain1, Malaya Dutta Borah2, Abdul Hannan3

Text Classification of Cornell Movie Data using Data Mining with Feature Selection
A. K. Shrivas1, S. M. Ghosh2, Amit Kumar Dewangan3

Inquisition on Cost & Time Overrun in Road Construction Projects in Kashmir.
Sandeep Singla1, Manish Kaushal2, Amir Bashir3

Design and Development of Integrated Stationary Cycling Charger for Promoting Healthy Lifestyle
Z. Rasin1, F. Daud2, M. A. M. Zan3, N.A. Rani4, M. A. Yazid5

Characterization of Al-SiO2 Composite Material
S. K. Dinesh Kumar1, A. K. Saravanan2, Raghuram Pradhan3, Ramya Suresh4, K. Senthilnathan5

Improvement on Mechanical Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete by Marble Waste and Pumicite
SrijaJuluru1, R. Sanjaykumar2, Adarsh, Ajith3, K SShiyas Ismail4

A Dwt and Scrambling Based Blind Watermarking Algorithm for Digital Images Authentication
Amira Eid1, Ahmed A. Emran2, Ahmed Y. Morsy3

Design and Analysis of Three Phase Soft Switching Inverter Incorporating Fuzzy Logic Controller
Ismayil Kani .N1, Manikandan. B. V2, Premkumar. K3

Feedback Based Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network for Cancer Detection using Gene Data Pattern
P. Priyadharshini1, B. S. E. Zoraida2

Settlement Analysis of Recycled Concrete Fine Aggregate Blended Soils using Geostudio
J. Y. V. Shiva Bhushan1, Raj Kumar2

Improving Duty Cycle-based MAC Protocol in Wireless Networks using AI and Machine Learning
S. S. Ponde1, S. S. Lomte2

Detection of Sentiment Analysis with Co-Occurrence Data using Super vised  and Unsupervised Methods
R.Madhu Priya1, J. Naga Muneiah2

Effect of Surface Applied Organic and Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitors on Reinforced Steel in Concrete
Nishant Kumar1, Bisakha Chalisey2, Sunil Saharan3, Megha Gupta4

Efficacy of Channel Estimation and Efficient use of Spectrum using Optimised Cyclic Prefix (CP) in MIMO-OFDM
Shovon Nandi1, Narendra Nath Pathak2, Arnab Nandi3

An Advanced Optimization Protocol for Cross Layer Routing in MANET
Bushra Tahseen1, P. Suryanarayana Babu2

Stationary Wavelet Transform based Image Fusion using fusion rules
Nainavarapu Radha1, Tummala Ranga Babu2

Hybridization of Monarch Butterfly and Grey Wolf Optimization for Optimal Routing in VANET
G. Tony Santhosh1, S. Dhandapani2

Development of the Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms Classification Model by using the Feature Selection and the Decision Tree Techniques
Sumitra Nuanmeesri1, Wongkot Sriurai2

A Novel Integrated Type 2 Diabetes Prediction Model for Indian Population using Data Mining Techniques
Omprakash S. Chandrakar1, Jatinder kumar R. Saini2

Implementation of Parallel and Pipeline Scheme in the Standard Floating Point Adder to Improve the Speed
R. Prakash Rao

Utilization of Summarization Algorithms for a Better Understanding of Clustered Medical Documents
Ravi Seeta Sireesha1, P. S. Avadhani2

Energy Planning and Sustainable Biogas Production Prospect Within Residential Quarters in Developing Countries
Emetere Moses E.1, Adesina Tijesuni2

Modern with Advanced Direction in Green Cloud
Jaishree Jain

Experimental Research of Wire Cut EDM for SR & MRR using Taguchi Method
A. Raveendra

A Smart Eye for the Lost Aeroplane
P. Chitra1, M. Sumathi2, A. Sahaya Anselin Nisha3, R. Sakthi Prabha4, G.Jegan5

Impact of Heat Shield Thickness on Performance of Roll through Simulation
Nalla Shivaprasad1, U.S. Jyothi2

Transformation of Public Administration Mechanisms: Experience of Uzbekistan
Muminov Alisher Gaffarovich1, Mavlonov Djurabek Yorkulovich2, Sokiev Khurshid Valievich3, Turgunov Azim Turgunovich4

Synote Usage on E-learning Search
Kavitha Chandrakanth1, Latha Parthiban2

Predicting & Visulaizing the Clusters Assignments in Health Care Dataset for Disease Prediction
Neeraj Bhargava1, Ritu Bhargava2, Abhishek Kumar3, Shikha Bhardwaj4

Anaerobic Degradation of Raw Coconut Waste for Biogas Production
Priya V1, Sampath kumar M.C2

Cold-Formed Steel Beam-Column Joints with Latex Layer Wrapping
P.S. Aravind Raj1, R. Divahar2, K. Naveen Kumar3, K.Rakkshana4

Adaptive Ability and Stability of the Genotypes of Collection Samples of Green Beans in Siberia
O.E. Yakubenko1, O.V. Parkina2, Z.V. Andreeva3, G. Yu. Chepurnov4

Enhanced Genetic Algorithm Optimization Models for Vehicular Routing Problems
K. Premkumar1, R. Baskaran2, M. Shanmugam3

Topology Optimization of Disc Brake Rotor
Mit Patel1, Vinay Khatod2, Akash Patel3, Nitesh Radadiya4, Rajnikant Patel5

Fuzzy Controlled Multiple Output Dc to Dc Fly back Converter with Output Voltage Regulation
Alok Kumar Mishra1, Ramachandra Agrawal2, Akshaya Kumar Patra3

Performance of Sustainable Nano Concrete
P. S. Joanna1, Christopher Daniel Raj2, Namitha Jacob3, Sajil Jonson4, T. S. Parvati5

Homomorphic Cryptosystems for Data Security in Cloud Storage
Vidyullata Devmane1, B. K. Lande2, Dilendra Hiran3, Jyoti Joglekar4

A Forecasting Method Based on ARIMA Model for Best-Fitted Nutrition Water Supplement on Fruits
Saravanakumar Venkatesan1, Sathishkumar V E2, Changsun Shin3, Yubin Kim4, Yongyun Cho5

Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity and Rainwater Resistance of the Stabilized Mound Soil with Cement
Abdallah DADI Mahamat1, Ali Abakar2, Alexis Mouangué Nanimina3, Abdallah Bannah Mahamat4

Pattern Recognition in Digital Images using Fractals
Mansoor Farooq1, Mubashir Hassan Khan2

Choosing the best Bin Packing Algorithm for Replica Placement in Multi-Tenant Cloud System
Debabrata Sarddar1, Sougata Chakraborty2

Design the Optimum Sizes and Analysis Shapes of Gantry Machines
V. Balaji1, R. Selvam2

Effect of Vertical Drains on Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Lithomargic Clay
Deepak Nayak1, Purushotham G. Sarvade2, H. N. Udaya Shankara3

Heat Transfer using Nanofluid
Jodh Singh1, Munish Gupta2, Rajesh Kumar3, Harmesh Kumar4

Ion-Conductance and Solvation Behavior of Benzyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride in Aqueous-Methanol Mixtures
J. Sunil Kumar1, V. Radhika2, N. Srinivas3, P. Manikyamba4

Research on Mechanical & Tribological Properties of Natural Fiber Composites
Sk. Ahmad1, M.v.j.t.Arun2, B. Vimala Kumari3, K. Shirley4, Ch. Swetha5

Characterization of Hybrid Composite Made of False Banana Fiber and Sisal Fiber
Dawit Wami Negera1, Bhaskaran. J2, Idiris Ilmi3, Ramesh Babu Nallamothu4

Design and Analysis of Higher Efficiency Non isolated DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles
K. Keerthi1, Y. Bhavya Sree2, S. Ravi Teja3, M. Sai Krishna Reddy4, B. Jyothi5

An Improved Technique for Image Deblurring
S.Vijayakumar1, A. Thilagavathy2, Dommaraju Digvijay3, Cheekatimarla Abhishek4, Bommi Reddy Maneesh Reddy5

Improving the Efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic Cell by Decreasing Surface Temperature
K. Jaiganesh1, P. Arulkumar2, S. Karunakaran3, Md. Asif4, N. Srinivas5

In Retrospect of Cloud Security Issues
Jvs. Arundathi1, K.V.V.Satyanarayana2

E-Blood Bank Application using GPS and Cloud Computing
Saranya1, Shri Vindhya2, Pushpa B3

Real-Time Waste Controlling with ISB
M.Vasumathy1, A.Punitha2, R.P.Mahesh3

CDMA design for on-Chip Communication Network
A.Kirthika1, E. L. Dhivya Priya2, S.Thenmozhi3, Z. Ahamed Yazer4, S. Ganesh Prabu5

Market Basket Analysis with Enhanced Support Vector Machine (ESVM) Classifier for Key Security in Organization
P.Yoganandhini1, G.Prabakaran2

Sliding Mode Control for 2 Degrees of Freedom Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robotic System under Uncertainties
Syed Faiz Ahmed1, Yarooq Raza2, Abadal Salam T. Hussian3, M. Kamran Joyo4, Asadullah Shah5

Impact of Stem Education on Academic Achievement of Elementary School Students‟ of Delhi
Megha Chaudhary1, Gyanendra Nath Tiwari2, Sujeet Kumar3

Smart ECG Monitoring Wireless System
Santosh Chede1, Vyenktesh Girhepunje2

Effect of Temperature on 60nm and 100nm Nano sphere Size Standard using Dynamic Light Scattering
Nor Dyana Zakaria1, Izzati Zahidah Abdul Karim2, Azimah Ahmad3, Md. Sohrab Hossain4, Venugopal Balakrishnan5

EEG Based Headband for Emotion Detection
Spoorthy S

Rumour Detection Models & Tools for Social Networking Sites
Mohammed Mahmood Ali1, Mohammad S. Qaseem2, Ateeq ur Rahman3

Blockchain Based E-Voting System
B.Rahul1, P.SheelaGowr2, M.Latha3, S.Regina Shereen4, M.Vishal5

The Effect of the Hydrolyzates of Keratin- and Collagen-Containing Wastes of Poultry Processing in the Diets for Broilers on the Cecal Microbial Community
Vladimir Ivanovich Fisinin1, Irina Pavlovna Saleeva2, Valery Semenovich Lukashenko3, Larisa Alexandrovna Ilyina4, Andrey Georgievich Koshchaev5, Yuri Andreevich Lysenko6

The Curiosity of Education Faculty Students in Learning
Hartini1, Sunaryo Kartadinata2, Syamsu Yusuf LN3, M. Solehuddin4, Edi Wahyudi M5

The Cultural Value and Character Education of Full Day School Implementation in Indonesia
Dwi Aji Budiman1, Irwan Fathurrochman2, M. Rusni Eka Putra3, Syaiful Bahri4

Aerodynamic Performance of Biomimicry Snake-Shaped Airfoil
A. S. Mohd Rafie1, A. M. Magaidi2, O. F. Marzuki3

Application of Solar Absorption Refrigeration in Milk Pasteurization
Sanjay Mitkari1, B P Ronge2

Cognitive Radio Techniques over Conventional Radio Systems
Anughna N1, Tanuja G2, Sunita panda3

Assessment of the Various Techniques and Models Used To Secure the Applications of Internet of Things
Manu Raj Moudgil1, Anil Kumar Lamba2, Er.Priya Gupta3

A New Metadata Scheme for Multimedia and Intelligent Learning Objects
Jihad Chaker1, Mohamed Khaldi2

Design and Implementation of Smart Helmet and Intelligent Bike System
R Karthik1, K Jyothi2, B Annapurna3, B. Anusha4, V Rajitha5

Film Coefficient Optimization for Al2O3 (50%) – CuO (50%)/ Water Hybrid Nanofluid using Taguchi Technique
K. Prashanth Reddy1, Bhramara Panitapu2, A. Kalyan Kumar3, K. Sunil Kumar Reddy4, Ramesh Chilkuri5

An Image Based Encryption Algorithm for Multimedia Applications
A. Mohanarathinam1, Kamalraj Subramaniam2, Prakash NB3, Hemalakshmi GR4, G.K.D. Prasanna Venkatesan5

A Novel Planar Monopole Antenna with Truncated Ground Plane for Wireless Communication
R Vadivelu1, G Santhakumar2

Linear Static Examination of a Composite Base Structure
N Prabhu Kishore1, Siva Kumar Ellapan2, Alekhya N3

Face Spoofing Detection using Enhanced Local Binary Pattern
Karuna Grover1, Rajesh Mehra2

Spectral Analysis of MST Radar Signal using Maximum Likelihood Estimation Algorithm
G. Madhavi Latha1, G. Chandraiah2, S.Varadarajan3, T.Sreenivasulu Reddy4, P. Satish Kumar5

Effect of Combination of Alumina-Silica Rich Minerals with Fly Ash on Structural Behaviour of the Basalt Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete
M.Sakthivel1, S. Aravind2, R.G.Dhilip kumar3, S.P.Kanniyappan4

Choke Point in Mini Expansion Device for the Development of Portable Vaccine Kit
Elmer B. Dollera1, Christine France C. Dablo2, Godofredo B. Dollera3, Jr., Hermes O. Nasara4, Kyle Bryan A. Maquiso5

Measurement of Process Parameters in Magneto-Rheological Fluid Assisted Cylindrical Surface Nano Finishing Process using Grey Relational Methods
Prabhu. L1, Chandan jyoti patra2, Raj Jawahar3, Jishnu P Sajeev4, Dildas5, Mohammed Anas6

Performance Examination of OFDM Modulation Techniques in LTE 4G
J. Manikandan1, V. Mangaiyarkarasi2, P.Subramanian3

Freehand Sketch-Based Authenticated Security System using Convolutional Neural Network
S. Amarnadh1, P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy2, N. V. E. S. Murthy3

Automated Regression Testing for Web Services
Divya Rohatgi1, Gyanendra Dwivedi2, Tulika Pandey3

A Hybrid Transition for IPv4-IPv6 Co-existence in Small Size Organization
B. I. D. Kumar1, Vasanth G.2, SudalaiMuthu T.3

Diagnosis for Early Stage of Breast Cancer using Outlier Detection Algorithm Combined with Classification Technique
M. Priya1, M. Karthikeyan2

One Phase Moving Boundary Problem
P. Kanakadurga Devi1, V. G. Naidu2

Different Injection Pressure on VCR Engine using Hibiscus Oil
K. Surendra Babu1, B.Samuvel Michael2, Anandhu Chandran3, Jaimin Moncy4, Muflin Mon5

Design and Fabrication of Safety Buckle using Additive Manufacturing
S. Kalyanakumar1, S. Prakash2, Nithin Mohanan3, Pranav4, Arshad ali5

CNSL as Alternate Fuel with Different Additives for CI Engines
Sangeetha Krishamoorthi1, M.Prabhahar2, Rahul Raj R Pillai3, Abdul Manam MK4, Abdulla Ajmal5

Design of a Hexagonal Solar Fish Dryer
N. Lakshminarayanan1, R. Mahesh2, R. Amalraj3, Mithun. N. P4, Jayakumar Nair5

Examination of Mechanical Behavior of E-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polyester Composites
Praveen. R1, P.Kumaran2, Akash3, Divyakrishna4, Kavin kumar5

Manfacture of Al-B4c Metal Matrix Composites Via Stir Casting Methode
Sathiyaraj. S1, S. Kalyankumar2, Mohammed Fayis3, N. Ronald Jaison4, Rony Samraj5

Effect of Titanium Oxide Nanoparticle Additives on R22 Refrigeration System
A. Senthilkumar1, N. Shivakumar2, Muhamed Razi3, Basil4, Mohammed Sheeth5

Performance Characteristics of VCR Engine using Lemon Grass Oil and Methanol Mixed with Diesel
M. Saravanakumar1, M. Prabhahar2, Manikandan.V3, Sajin MP4, Gangadharan.K5

Multipath Routing for Balancing the Load in Manet
S.G. Ramesh kumar1, N. Vijaya lakshmi2

RF Energy Harvesting using Wireless Sensor Network for Low Power Applications
K. Umapathy1, D. Muthukumaran2, S. Chandramohan3

Systolic Fir Filter using Bypass Multiplier
E. Swarnalatha1, Ch. Hariveena2, Saritha Vuppala3

Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio using Frequency Domain
Sasikar. A

Skin Cancer Diagnostic using Machine Learning Techniques – Shearlet Transform and Naïve Bayes Classifier
S. Mohan Kumar1, J. Ram Kumar2, K. Gopalakrishnan3

Voltage Regulation in BDC Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller using Solar Power Generation
K. Balaji1, D. Vidhyalakshmi2

Design and Fabrication of Flexible Management Robot Vehicle (AGV)
B. Samuvel Michael1, R .Praveen2, MD Namsheed Jashal3, Unais M S4, Amil Raju5

Assessment of the Level of Technological Development in the Field of Research and Development: The Regional ‎Dimension
Elena V. Berezina1, Pavel P. Bochkovskiy2, Konstantin V. Lebedev3, Nadezhda A. Pluzhnova4

Experimental Research on the Tribological -Mechanical Properties of Al-SiC composites and EN31 Steel
D. Ramesh1, V. R. Muruganantham2, K. Arun Balasubramanian3, A. Thirumoorthy4, M. Sudhakar5 

Experimental Research on AA 6061/SICP Composites
E Vetre Selvan1, K.Hariharan2, V. Jayasurya3, S. Jaiganesh4, M.V. Kaviselvan5

Current Apprises of Opinion Mining Methods
B. Manjula1, Ameen Abdullah Aqlan2, R. Lakshman Naik3

The Assessment of Effectiveness of R&D within the Framework of Federal Target Programs
Lyudmila V. Vasileva1, Tatiana V. Khabarova2, Victoria V. Korzhenko3

Automatic Boundary Delineation of Agricultural Fields in Multi temporal Satellite Imagery with Segmentation
R. Priya1, Darsana K Gopidas2

Enhancement of Shear Strength Parameters of Clayey Soil by using Polypropylene Fiber
Faisal Qayoom1, Anuj Sachar2, Manish Kaushal3

Simulation of Different Light Well Typology by using Daylight Rules of Thumb under Overcast and Intermediate Skies without Sun
Amran Atan1, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim2, Mohd Khairul Azhar Mat Sulaiman3

Hybridization of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and its variants with Hyperbolic Spiral based Local Search
Shiv Kumar Agarwal1, Surendra Yadav2

Decomposition of Regional Development Shifts
R.R. Akhunov1, A.V. Yangirov2

Digital Revolution of Education 4.0
Priya Sharma

A Novel Scheduled Power Management using Iot Controlled Energy Meter
C. Pavithra1, Y. Pavithra2, R. Geethamani3, V. Sankari4

A Novel Scheduled Power Management using Iot Controlled Energy Meter
C. Pavithra1, Y. Pavithra2, R. Geethamani3, V. Sankari4

Modeling Discrete Channels Based on Gilbert Model using MATLAB Software
Rakhimov Temurbek Omonboyevich1, Ismailov Shavkat Kuzievich2, Matyokubov Utkir Karimovich3, Eschanov Umar Kutlimuratovich4, Kuchkarov Voxid Alisherovich5

Impact of Scrum Adoption on Enterprise in Transition for Software Development
B. Reddaiah1, K. Srinivasa Rao2

Smart Agriculture IOT with Cloud Computing, Fog Computing and Edge Computing
S. Nandhini1, Shivcharan Bhrathi2, D. Dheeraj Goud3, K. Pranay Krishna4

Local Aggregation Scheme for Data Collection in Periodic Sensor Network
Neetu Verma1, Dinesh Singh2

Business Process Reengineering: A Scope of Automation in Software Project Management using Artificial Intelligence
Krunal Bhavsar1, Vrutik Shah2, Samir Gopalan3

Interference Mitigation of Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Network using Spatial Diversity
R. H. Adekar1, A. K. Kureshi2

Effective Positioning of Shear Wall in G+5 Storey Building on Sloping Ground
Ankit Dane1, Umesh Pendharkar2

Multimodal Transpose Rotation Mobius Transformation Based Cancellable Template Generation Technique
K.Kanagalakshmi1, K.Lakshmipriya2

Implementing Convolutional Neural Networks for Simple Image Classification
Aditeya Nanda1, Praveen Kumar2, Seema Rawat3

Optimisation of Smart Water to Enhance Oil Recovery Efficiency in a Part of Oil Field of Upper Assam Basin, India
Bhaskarjyoti Saikia1, Minati Das2

Framework towards the Process of Estimating or Predicting Perceived QoE Based on the Datasets Obtained From the Mobile Network
Damera Priyanka1, Mamidala Soujanya2, Syed Abdul Moeed3

Early Dementia Diagnosis Based on DNN Based Correlational Analysis and Fisher Criterion Based LDA using Morphological Brain Multiplexes
Ambili A.V.1, A. V. Senthil Kumar2, Amit Dutta3

Computational Analysis of Kinematics of 3 – Links Articulated Robotic Manipulator
Chukwuemeka C. Obasi1, Ikharo A. Braimoh2, Vincent A. Balogun3, Alphaeus Odaba4, Leonard I. Ogbewey5

Performance Examination of SEPIC Based Hybrid Cascaded Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter
Arunprasath R1, Vijayakumar D2, Rathinakumar M3, Meikandasivam S4, Kirubakaran A5

Automatic License Plate Recognition using MATLAB
SP. Maniraj1, G. Surya Reddy2, Anant Bhardwaj3

Exploring the Extreme Learning Machine for Classification of Brain MRIs
Pranati Satapathy1, Sarbeswara Hota2, Sateesh Kumar Pradhan3

Transition Metal Oxide-Based Perovskite Structures as a Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysts: Fe Doped LaCoO3 Nanoparticles
Shaik Mahammad Rafi

Factors Affecting the Sales of Airlines in India with Special Reference to Air India
Chetanya Singh

Optimization of Productivity Measures to Improve Performance of Selected Banks – Indian Perspective
P. Sumalatha

Design of Multi-loop Current Control Strategies for LCL Filtered Grid-connected PV System
Pradeep Kumar Sahu1, Satyaranjan Jena2, Geetanjali Dei3

Home Automation and Security using Raspberry Pi and Whatsapp
Pamarthi Kanakaraja1, B. Srikanth Deepak2, K. V. Jaya Nikhil3, Y. V. S Pavan Rakesh4, K. Naga Venkatesh5

CATIA V5 ANSYS Based Performance Enhancement on Disc Brake
Mahendran G1, Jayabalan C2, Palani S3, Sathish kumar R4, Youvaraja S5

Sol-Gel Synthesized N and Mn Co-Doped TiO2 Nanomaterial for Photocatalytic Degradation of Malathion under Visible Light Irradiation
Susmitha Thota1, Gollamudi Padma Rao2, Imandi Manga Raju3, Siva Rao Tirukkovalluri4

Computer Based Bone Breakage Detection using Machine Learning Techniques
P. Neelakanteswara1, G.Kalyan Chakravarthy2, Ram Kumar Madupu3, Dorababu Sudarsa4

Characterization of Roselle & Kevlar hybrid Composites
A. Raveendra1, Raghuram Pradhan2, Ashok M R3, D. Muruganandam4, J.Jayapriya5

Dynamic Bit Coin Value Prediction
Ekta Gupta1, Rajdavinder Singh Boparai2

Design and Implementation of Agrobot with Automatic Sun Tracking
V. Radhika1, B. Sharmila2, R. Ramya3, M. Gopisri4

Twin Band-Notched Ultrawideband MIMO Antenna
R. Sambasiva Nayak1, P. Karpagavalli2

Utilization of Storm Water Management Model for Urban Flood Scenario
D. Girish1, Sunny Agarwal2

Existence of Nano Level Force in Protein Plays Applications of Maximum Untold Understanding of Life Form
Rajasekaran Ekambaram1, R. Meenal2, Prawin Angel Michael3, R. Indupriya4

Development of Low-Cost Auto Robot for Plastic Floating Garbage Collection using IoT
Sumitra Nuanmeesri

Improving Responsiveness Conversation of Thai Chatbot through Sentiment Analysis Classification Techniques
Sumitra Nuanmeesri1, Lap Poomhiran2

Realization of Optimized CORDIC Core for Implementing Sine and Cosine Operations
Priyanka Shakya1, R. C. S. Chauhan2

Approximate Adder Implementation using Quantum- Dot Cellular Automata for Digital Signal Processing
Manju K. Chattopadhyay1, Kavita T. Upadhyay2, Rameez R. Chowdhary3, Neha B. Pande4

High Performance Network Intrusion Detection System
Anita Bai1, R. Delshi Howsalya Devi2, R. Madana Mohana3

Fake News Detection Models and Performances
Pramod Sekharan Nair1, Kefyalew Aragaw Hailekidan2, Vinitha Gangadharan Nair3

Performance of Ad Hoc Networks using Omni Directional Antennas with Interference Alignment
S.Vandana1, T.Madhavi2

Landmark Points Detection in Case of Human Facial Tracking and Detection
Anita Jindal1, Rashmi Priya2

Bilingual (English to Bengali) Technical E Dictionary for Aviation OOV Words
Saptarshi Paul

Performance of Biodiesel Fuel and Neem Oil Blends in Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
T.Thirumalai1, M.Prakashbabu2, A. Harsha Varthan Reddy3, M.Ramalinga Reddy4, A.Raj Kumar5

Development of Learning Tools Based on Problem Based Learning for Electrical Motorcycle Maintenance Course: Cognitive Ability
Sukardi1, Andeka2, Rizky Ema Wulansari3, Tee Tze Kiong4, Dedy Irfan5

Altered Structural Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder
R. Geetha Ramani1, R. Sahayamary Jabarani2

Mechanical Characterization of FRBC prepared from Coir Fibres
Shubham Shah1, Manoj Sharma2, Vishal Wankhade3, Avinash Kumar Namdeo4, Atul Dhakad5

Effect of Various Activation Function on Steering Angle Prediction in CNN based Autonomous Vehicle System
Rounak Hazra1, Aman Kumar2, B. Baranidharan3

An Exigent Device that aids to Educate the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Children
Rathinapriya Vasu1, Bhumikka UD2, Divya.K3

Development and Research of a Current Source for Electrical Impedance Tomography
Aleksanyan G.K.1, Gorbatenko N.I.2, Kucher A.I.3, Shcherbakov I. D.4, Katsupeev A.A5

Phishing Detection using Machine Learning Techniques
Meenu1, Sunila Godara2

An Improved Model to Increase Retrieval Time and Security by Data Fragmentation and Replication Process in Cloud
P. Peter Jose1, S.P.Victor2

Effect of Drilling Process Parameters on Surface Roughness of LM6/B4C Composites
C. Sarala Rubi1, J. Udaya Prakash2

Stability of Physically-Loaded Helical Springs used In Smart Fork Lift
Suresh Kumar1, M.L. Aggarwal2, Lakhwinder Singh3

Improvement of Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soil using Quarry Dust and Lime
Deepak Nayak1, Purushotham G. Sarvade2, Yash H. Patel3, Ekaagra Yadav4

Age Group Estimation Model using K-Nearest Neighborhood
Moka Uma Devi1, Uppu Ravi Babu2

Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization assisted Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio under Rayleigh Fading Scenario
R.Harikrishnan1, V.Padmathilgam2

Feature Level Solution to Noise Robust Speech Recognition in the context of Tonal Languages
Utpal Bhattacharjee1, Jyoti Mannala2

Power Quality Improvement using Modified Cuk-Converter with Artificial Neural Network Controller Fed Brushless Dc Motor Drive
Ch. Vijaya Sree1, P. Krishna Chaitanya2, B.Rajesh3

Isolation Enhancement of 3GHz Probe Fed Rectangle Microstrip Patch Antenna by Second Resonance Suppression Technique for Wireless Applications
Satyanarayana R1, Shankaraiah2

Impact of RCS- Cross Root Process and die design in commercial Brass Alloy Sheets
T.M. Tajuddin Yezdani1, Shantharaja M2

Hybrid Solution (ECDHE + New Hope) for PQ Transition
Kunal Meher1, Divya Midhunchakkaravarthy2

Gradual Weight Updating for Sentiment Mining
Sugandha Nandedkar1, Sunil Kawale2, Jayantrao Patil3

Sec HDFS: Efficient and Secure Data Storage Model over HDFS using RC6
K. Vishal Reddy1, Jayantrao B. Patil2, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh3

Renewable Energy based Green Power Generation for Rural Electrification
Vinod S. Patil1, Gopal krishna D. Kamalapur2

Speculation of Software Reusability Estimation using CK (Chidamber and Kemerer) Metrics
Ridhi Jindal1, S. K. Mittal2

Encryption and Decryption of a Message Involving Genetic Algorithm
Ayush Mittal1, Ravindra Kumar Gupta2

Gate Pass System
V. Sellam1, Medha Shree2, Shreya Chopdar3, Shambhavi4

Medical Applications using Blockchain and Machine Learning
S. Arun Kumar1, Agniva Chakraborty2

Image Enhancement using Recursive Standard Intensity Deviation Based Clipped Sub Image Histogram Equalization
Sandeepa K S1, Basavaraj N Jagadale2, J S Bhat3

Hoax News Classification using Machine Learning Algorithms
Sy.Yuliani1, Shahrin Sahib2, Mohd Faizal Bin Abdollah3, Fariska Z. Ruskanda4

DCNN: The Density, Cluster Centers and Nearest Neighbors using Intrusion Detection Algorithm
M Lavanya1, K Munivara Prasad2

SSR Based Slotted Patch Antenna with Integrated Wave Guiding structure for 5G Application
Rajeev Dandotia1, Ranjan Mishra2, S M. Bhaskar3, Raj Gaurav Mishra4, Piyush Kuchhal5

Design of a Stand-Alone Rooftop PV System for Electrification of an Academic Building
Debajit Misra

Digital Forensics Tools
Vedanta Kapoor1, Sanya Taneja2, Kakelli Anil Kumar3

Prediction and Analysis of Water Resources using Machine Learning Algorithm
Sarakutty T. K.1, Ravikumar K.2, Hanumanthappa M3

Effect of Different Propagation Models in Routing Protocols
Munsifa Firdaus Khan1, Indrani Das2

Variable Frequency Signal Carrying Nonlinear Transmission Line – Modeling using Machine Learning
Nagaraj S.1, Seshachalam D.2

Fresh, Strength and Durability Characteristics of Binary and Ternary Blended Self Compacting Concrete
Abdul Razak B. H.1, D. L. Venkatesh Babu2

Feature-Based Opinion Mining and Managed Machine Learning with Sentiment Classification Models
Jagdish Chandra Patni1, Shubham Billus2, Shubhita Garg3, Shivam Billus, Romika4

Indian Premier League Dataset Analytics using Hadoop-Hive
Sapna S.1, Sandhya S.2

Pioneering Methods for Enhancing PPI and Phenotype Networks for Candidate Disease Prioritization
M. Renuka Devi1, J. Maria Shyla2

A New Hybrid Strategy for Malware Detection Classification with Multiple Feature Selection Methods and Ensemble Learning Methods
P. HarshaLatha1, R. Mohanasundaram2

Quality Assurance of Data Transmission in Queuing Networks
L. A. Komarova1, V. G. Saiko2, V. S. Nakonechnyi3, S. V. Toliupa4, R. V. Ziubina5

Life Cycle Cost Estimation of Distribution Transformer Failure from Life Data Exploration
F.F. Zaharuddin1, Y.H. Md Thayoob2, R.Verayiah3, Y.Z. Yang Ghazali4

Simulation of Hydrate Phase Boundary for Natural Gas Mixture with High CO2Content through Simulation
Ali Qasim1, Muhammad Saad Khan2, Bhajan Lal3, Mohd. Zamri Abdullah4, Abdulhalim Shah Maulud5

Smart Tyres: An Environmental-Friendly Solution to Road Accidents
C.Y. Hou1, H. Alhussian2, G. Hayder3, S. Basri4, S. Jadid5

Design Development of a Coffee Maker using Design for Assembly Method
M. H. M. Teni1, A. Naroh2, K. A. A. Maliki3, A. Tukiran4

The Effect of Air Gap and Moisture for the Skin Burn Injury of the Firefighter’s Personal Protective Clothing (PPC)
Zaina Norhallis Zainol1, Masine Md Tap2, Haslinda Mohamed Kamar3, Nazri Kamsah4

Performance of V2oIP Application via VANET
Irma Syarlina Che Ilias1, Nur Aqilah Ahmad Zabidi2

Reliability Performance of Conductive Ink Subjected to Hygrothermal Aging
M. Z. Zainal1, N. Buyamin2, S. H. S. M. Fadzulllah3, R. Muhammad4

Compressive Strength Development of Geopolymer Mortar by Utilization Slag and Fly Ash Mixtures
Otman M. M. Elbasir1, M. J. A. Mijarsh2, Megat Azmi Megat Johari3, Zainal Arifin Ahmad4, Mohamed O. M. Mashri5

Crypto Ransomware Detection on Windows Operating System
Wira Z. A. Zakaria1, Mohd Faizal Abdullah2, Othman Mohd3, Aswami Ariffin4, Ng Thiam Tet5

Takt Time Analysis in Lean Six Sigma: From Conventional to Integration
Tan Owee Kowang1, Lim Kim Yew2, Ong Choon Hee3

Digital Image Falsification Detection System for Effective Data Communication
T. Sasilatha1, K.R. Anupriya2, C. Gnana Kousalya3, S. Arun4

Non Contact Heart Rate Monitoring using Facial Video
T. Sasilatha1, Gnana Kousalya2, Gowtham Venkatesan3, Charan Ramesh4

Common Mode Voltage Reduction in Three Phase Inverter using Pre-Calculated Harmonic Eliminated PWM Method
Suresh A1, Rashmi M. R2, Sibi Raj P. M3

A Unique Single Source Nine Level Inverter with Reduced Switching Devices for Single Phase AC Applications
R. Sundar1, C. Gnanavel2, P. Muthukumar3

PV Fed Seven-Level Inverter using Fuzzy Control Technique
T.Baldwin Immanuel1, P.Rathnavel2, M.Rajavelan3

Modified PMSG System using Trans Z Source Network for Grid Connected UPFC System
W. R. Thulasi Brindha1, T.Baldwin Immanue2

Road Tyre Friction Used to Generation of Electrification
Rathnavel P1, Baldwin Immanuel2, Rayavel P3

Credit Card Fraud Detection using Machine Learning
P. Sai Gowtham Kumar1, P. A. Sumanth Reddy2, A. Mary Posonia3

Generating Rainfall Data using GANs
A. Mary Posonia1, P. Sai Gowtham Reddy2, Peram Aneesh. P3

Implementation of Digital Signature Algorithm using Big Data Sensing Environment
M.J. Bharathi1, V.N. Rajavarman2, R. Shobarani3

Building Energy Utilization with LED Lighting and Occupant Sensing System
Farah B Mortadhal1, Majid A Abdullah2, K Parvin3, M A Hannan4, M A Salam5

Design and Development of Smart Solar Grass Cutter
Firas B. Ismail1, Nizar F.O. Al-Muhsen2, Fazreen A. Fuzi3, A. Zukipli4

Intelligent Home Automation System for Disabled People
W N A A W Husni1, M. Faisal2, Pin Jern Ker3, Dickson N. T. How4, M A Hannan5, M A Salam6

Extreme Learning Machine with Multi-Agent System for Regression
Chong Tak Yaw1, Keem Siah Yap2, Shen Yuong Wong3, Chin Hooi Tan4

Genetic Rules Induction Fuzzy Inference System for Classification and Regression Application in Energy Industry
Chin Hooi Tan1, Keem Siah Yap2, Shen Yuong Wong3, Mau Teng Au4, Chong Tak Yaw5, Hwa Jen Yap6

An Ensemble Classifier based Power Quality Disturbances Classification
Tiagrajah V. Janahiraman1, Prakash Bala2

Fault Detection of a Medium Voltage Cable Joint using Support Vector Machine Algorithm
M.Izadi1, M. Tolou. Askari2, M.Z.A.Ab Kadir3, M.Osman4, M.Hajikhani5

The Performance of waste Heat Recovery Systems using Steam Rankine Cycle and Organic Rankine Cycle For Power Generation
A Satheeshkumar1, C W Lim2

Developing a Hydropower Vortex Induced Vibration System in Slow Stream Water
B.Kugadarshni1, R.K Shangari2

Performance of Memristor Based Ring Oscillators True Random Number Generator for Energy Technology
N A N Hashim1, J T H Loong2, F A Hamid3

A Light Weight Solar Powered Mini Quadcopter for Environmental Monitoring
K. S. Rahman1, Md. Rokonuzzaman2, G. B. Xue3, R. I. Thakur4, K. M. Kabir5, M. A. Matin6, S. K. Tiong7, N. Amin8

Solar Tower Power: The Impact of External Receiver on Optimal Performance and Energy Storage
H. Shatnawi1, C. W. Lim2, F. B. Ismail3

Performance of Clustering Techniques of Multiple Partial Discharge Sources in High Voltage Transformer Windings
N H Nik Ali1, A Mohd Ariffin2, P L Lewin3

Water Absorption Properties of Kenaf/Glass Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composites used in Insulator Rods
Alaseel Bassam1, M.N.M. Ansari2, A.Atiqah3, S. Begum4, A.R.M. Nazim5

A Multi Platform for Utility using openFMBTM Reference Architecture: Chalenges and Lessons Learned
M. E. Rusli1, M. Ali2, S. Yussof3, N. Jamil4

Decoupled Control of Three Phase Grid Connected Solar PV System
Pradeep K. Khatua1, Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy2, Jia Ying Yong3, Jagadeesh Pasupuleti4

Application of Sustainable Transport Policies in Areas of High Frequent Density Campus of Jadiriya
Joan Atheel Ahmad1, Bisam Ehessan AL-Hafiz2, Senan Adeel Alhasan3

The Performance of V-Trough Solar Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems at Varying Panel Surface Temperatures
Y.L. Chua1, R.S. Nicholas Yeo2

Design an Ultra- Wideband Modified Wilkinson Power Divider Fed-by Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Array for Imaging Applications
Faraz Ahmed Shaikh1, Sheroz Khan2, AHM Zahirul Alam3, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi4, Dominique Baillargeat5

Design of an Elliptical Patch Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting Application in 2.4 GHz Frequency band
N. Ferdous1, Goh Chin Hock2, S. Hamidah3

Time of use Period Determination for Residential Customers in Peninsular Malaysia
N. Khamis1, C.S. Tan2

Estimation of Mode-III Interlaminar Fracture Toughness in GFRP Laminates
J.V. Sai Prasanna Kumar

Determination of Parameters of Grates on Rubber Brackets of Fiber Material Cleaners
J.V. Sai Prasanna Kumar

Characterization of bio-Oil produced by Microwave Pyrolysis of Karanja Seed
A. Mathiarasu, M. Pugazhvadivu

Extracting and Transforming Heterogeneous Data from XML files for Big Data
Tanuja Das1, Ramesh Saha2, Goutam Saha3

Polytechnic Student’s Readiness Towards Project Based Employment
Yee, M. H.1, Mohamad, N. A.2, Ahmad Zubir, R. A.3, Kok, B. C.4, Tee, T. K.5

Opinion Mining using Machine Learning Techniques
Nirmal Godara1, Sanjeev Kumar2

Methods of Forming the Control Voltage in the Current Generation Problem for Electrical Impedance Tomography
Shcherbakov I. D.1, Katsupeev A. A.2, Shcherbakova M. V.3, Tjaglicova P. V4

Design of Low Cost Wireless Surveillance System for Aircraft
K. Nandakumar1, Adarsh Vijayan Pillai2, S. Priyadarshini3, R. Sitharthan4, K. R. Devabalaji5

Meeting Scheduling Application using Availability and Priority Attendance Heuristics
Aswin Wibisurya1, Ikhtiar Faahakhododo2

Visual Cryptography Based Authentication Technique for Cloud Environment using SVD Factorization
Anupama Jain1, R. K. Pateriya2

Artificial Music Generation using LSTM Networks
Hemalatha Eedi

Implementation of 2D-DCT as an Efficient Accelerator for HEVC Video CODEC
Sumalatha. S1, Rajeswari2

Design of Ultrasonic Conical Horn using Aluminium Alloy and Steel
Priyadarshini Ch.1, M. Kalyan Naik2

Khasi to English Neural Machine Translation: an Implementation Perspective
N. Donald Jefferson Thabah1, Bipul Syam Purkayastha2

An Efficient K-Means Method Based on Centroid Handling for the Similarity Estimation
Girdhar Gopal Ladha1, Ravi Kumar Singh Pippal2

Smart Storage with the Internet of Things and Voice Recognition
B. Muthu Senthil1, V. Dhanakoti2, Sabarish. J3, Sonali. S4

Phishing Diagnosis: A Multi-Feature Decision Tree-based Method
Pravin Kumar Pandey1, Sandip Kumar Singh2

Growing Trends in Indian Farming using Internet of Things (IoT)
Y. Mohana Roopa1, M. Ashoka Deepthi2, Novy Jacob3

Integrated Dwt-Differentiation Algorithm for Fault Detection and Relay Coordination in Micro Grid
P. M. Khandare1, S. A. Deokar2, A. M. Dixit3

A Computation Model for Planned and Functional Systems using Enterprise Information Technologies
E. Subramanian1, C. S. Sanoj2

Diabetes Impacted Cardiovascular Disease Prediction using Machine Learning
C.Akash Mahadevan1, S. Kanishka2, Saisurya. S3, V. Arun4

Effect of Steel Fibre in Non-Conventional Self Compacting Concrete
Jayadurgalakshmi. M1, Udhaya Kumar. T2

Temperature Dependence of the Density of States and the Change in the Band Gap in Semiconductors
Nosir Sharibayev1, Jasurbek Mirzayev2

Smart Ration Card System using Lab View
S.V.S Prasad1, T. Vijetha2, A. Sudhakar3, M. Raju Naik4

Energy Harnessing System using Thermoelectric Generator with Radiation Concentrator and Solar Tracker
Mark Anthony A. Castro1, Jerwin F. Deysolong2, Anthony S. Tolentino3

Classification of Semantic Similarity Technique between Word Pairs using Word Net
Atul Gupta1, Krishan Kumar Goyal2

Navigation Environment In A Medical Institution: An Eye-Tracking Examine
Anupama Jain1, R. K. Pateriya2

Shrikant J. Honade, Ruchita Ingole
Shrikant J. Honade1, Ruchita Ingole2

Fog Computing-Security Platform for IoT and Cloud in-Healthcare System
Alex R Mathew

Application of Foam Stopping for Mitigation of Spontaneous Heating In Underground Coal Mines
Alok Ranjan Mahananda1, B. K. Pal2

Identification of Traffic Accident Hotspots using Geographical Information System (GIS)
S.Lakshmi1, Ishwarya Srikanth2, M. Arockiasamy3

RF Propagation Model for Wireless Sensor Network of MARs
Nilofar A. Shekh1, Ved Vyas Dviwedi2, Jayesh P. Pabari3

Defending Against Sybil Attacks by Enhanced Event Based Reputation System in Vanet
Kunal J. Dutt1, Seema B. Joshi2

Correction of Load Cell Output using Particle Swarm Optimization
Banashree Debnath1, Indranil Sarkar2, Srabanti Chakraborty3, Rajesh Dey4, Sandip Roy5

Hardware Implementation of 15-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter using Pic16f877a
Suraj R. Karpe1, Sanjay A. Deokar2, Arati M. Dixit3

Dynamic Trust Management for Community Based Mobile Grid Application
Grantej Vinod Otari1, Vijay Ram Ghorpade2

Detection and Prevention of Manet using Hybrid SVM with Ann
Vishal Walia1, Rahul Malhotra2

Enhanced Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Advanced Filters
Polaiah Bojja1, Sai Charan Reddy Potluri2, Vempati Ramya Reddy3, D S K S V L S N S Prema Sri4

DSTATCOM for Harmonic Mitigation in Distribution Lines using Two-Level Inverter
Vidya M.1, P. Pramila2, A. M. Nagaraj3

Esa Based Upqc Controller to Improve Power Quality in Microgrid System
B. Srinivasa Rao1, N. Sowjanya2, M. Bhaskararao3, S. Nagaraju4

Optimization of CFRP Micro Drilling Parameter using 2-Level Factorial Method Towards Thrust Force
N. Syuhada Nasir1, N. Ab Wahab2, R. Izamshah3, H. Sasahara4, M H Hassa5

Machine Learning: A Software Process Reengineering in Software Development Organization
Krunal Bhavsar1, Vrutik Shah2, Samir Gopalan3

Environmental Quality for EIA
Subash Thanappan1, Bharath A L2, Aravindhraj M3, Sakthi Ganesh G4, Dumesa Gudissa5

Implementation of Tumor Prediction System using Classification Algorithms
B. Kranthi Kiran

Closed Loop Control of Multilevel Dc-Dc Boost Convertern
J. Santhosh Reddy1, Santosh Sonar2

Early Model of Vision-Based Obstacle Mapping Utilizing Grid-Edge-Depth Map
Budi Rahmani1, Agus Harjoko2, Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo3, Hugo Aprilianto4

Model Health, Safety and Work Environment Factors as Prediction of Work Motivation on Construction Projects
Frans Romi Pelleng1, Budi Susetyo2, Djiptogoro Dinarjo Soehari3

Perusing on Cloud Computing and its Security Issues
T.Sampath Kumar1, B.Manjula2

Reactive extraction of levulinic acid using tri-n-octylamine in 1-hexanol
N.Meenakshi1, B.Sarath Babu2, N.Suresh3

Experimental Analysis in Cloud Computing for Wireless Sensor Networks
P.Avinash1, M.Kavitha2, G Swamy3, B.Pradeep Kumar4

Controlling Analysis of Breast Cancer Under the Application of Data Mining
Revathi Lavanya Baggam1, P. Vamsi Krishna Raja2

Work-Life Balance Analysis Score Model
Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad1, M.V.Vijaya Saradhi2

Adaptive Random Testing for Composite Webservices
Sirisha K L S1, M. Chandra Mohan2

Design of Res Based Pv-Wind Generation System for Microgrid System
V. Chandra Jagan Mohan1, M Laxmidevi Ramanaiah2, Salava V Satyanarayana3

A Most Efficient Health Care (HC) Based Algorithm for Prevention of Brain Disease Facets in Data Mining Applications
Naga Malleswara Rao Purimetla1, Jaya Rama Krishnaiah V. Vemula2

Deep Image Based Iterative Rendering Scheme for Security
K. Mohanram1, Sardar Inderjeet Singh2

Research of Dumbbell Shaped DGS to Enhance The Bandwidth and Multiple Band Applications
Karunaiah Bonigala1, P.V.Sridevi2

Strategic Research on Automated Network for HRM using Knowledge Management
Anki Reddy1, M. Srinivasa Narayana2, K.V.B.Ganesh3

Next Gen Farmer: An Efficient Trust Based Recommender System for Agriculture
K. Anji Reddy1, R.Kiran Kumar2

Macro-Economic Determinants of Life Insurance Business – Empirical Evidence during 2000-01 to 2015-16
V. V. N. Reddy1, S. M. Reddy2, P. A. Naidu3

Research of Professional of the Classification and Segmentation of Computed Tomography Brain Images
V.Sowjanya1, Adusumilli Ramana Lakshmi2

Research of Clustering Algorithms using Enhanced Feature Selection
Venkata Nagaraju Thatha1, A.Sudhir Babu2, D.Haritha3

A Direct Discrimination Packet Flow Based Improving Security against Reactive Traffic Attacks in Wireless Communication
M. Vijayshanthi1, N. Kowsalya2

An Ontology Based Expert System for Lung Cancer : OBESLC
J.Sirisha1, M. Babu Reddy2

Research on SVM and KNN Classifiers for Skin Cancer Detection
A.Murugan1, S.Anu H Nair2, K.P. Sanal Kumar3

Face Detection and Feature Extraction System using Machine Learning
P.Ashok Reddy1, M. Babu Reddy2, K. Rajasekhara Rao3

Heat Treatment of Composites Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy
B Nagababu1, K.Kranthi Naga Raju2, A.Pratyush3

User Interactive Mobile Augmented Reality of PVPSIT Campus
Y. Surekha1, G. Lalitha Kumari2, Dr. N. Naga Malleswara Rao3, A. Vanamala Kumar4

Pseudo Abelian Ternary Semihypergroups
Seetha Mani P1, Sarala Y2, Jaya Lalitha G3

The Scope of e-Learning – A Research
A. Daveedu Raju1, Sridhar Rithanya2, Gayatri Meghana Vegesna3, Puja Ankitha Ivaturi4, Gayathri Gudanti5

Network Database Security in Wireless Sensor Networks with Intellectual Access of using Outlier Detection Techniques
K. Satya Rajesh1, N. Raghavendra Sai2, Ch.Nagamani3

Implementation of Reversible Data Hiding Innovations for Image Encoding
M.Rohitha1, B.Madhavi2

Soil Contamination and Socio-Economic Conditions Around Pharmaindustryusing Rs & GIS
P, Raja Sekhar1, E. Sai Baba Reddy2, K. C. Samyuktha3, MD Abdul Rahman4

Length of Series for Estimation of Runoff in A Major River
M. Visweswararao1, G. K. Viswanadh2

Remote Sensing and Gis Based Land Use and Land Cover Information of Medchal Mandalof Medchal District
Kavita Singh1, M. Anji Reddy2, Naveen Kumar B3

Influence of Steel Slag Aggregates on Impact Strength and Abrasion Resistance of Concrete Pavement
M.Veerapathran1, N.K.Amudhavalli2

Strength of Concrete with RHA and Metakaolin
Ipsita Bose Roy Choudhury1, V. Subbalakshmi2, G. Kiran Kumar3, Alluri S Naveen Reddy4

Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete for M25 Grade Concrete
S. Manasa1, M. Uday Bhaskar2, G. Naveen Kumar3

Strength Characteristics of High Strength Concrete (HSC) with and without Coarse Aggregate
M Preethi1, P Ashveen Kumar2, Mohd. Hamraj3

Strength Parameters of Paver Blocks By Incorporating Used Foundry Sand
Salim.P.M1, B.S.R.K.Prasad2

Seismic Rating of Multistoried Frame System by Non-Linear Pushover Research
Md. Jaweed Jilani Khan1, B. S. R. K. Prasad2

Seismic Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
Venkateswar Reddy1. K, Jugal Kishore M2, M. Uday Bhaskar4

5GHZ Local Area Network Into Sub Dividing Iot Modules for Wireless Communication Applications
Jakusani Shirisha1, Kakarla Roja Ramani2

Design and Modelling of G+5 Commercial Building by Autodesk Revit Architecture
E. Rakesh Reddy1, S. Kailashkumar2

Performance Analysis of Efficient Random-Access Protocol in Crowded LTE Network over Fading Channel
V. Sailaja1, A. Venu Gopal Rao2, V. Poornima3

Strength of M25 and M60 Grade Concrete with Used Foundry Sand
Gatadi Kiran Kumar1, Ipsita Bose Roy Choudhury2, V. Subbalakshmi3, Alluri S Naveen Reddy4

Effectiveness of Near-Dry Machining on Tool Performance in Bull Nose Milling of Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6
M.Z.A. Yazid1, Azreen Zainol2

Effects of Parameters of Machining on Cutting Force and Roughness when Machining AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
MZA Yazid1, Munzir Razak2

A Cost Effective Mathematical Model for Strategic Workforce Planning
K. B. Priya Iyer1, Fernandes Jeyshree Felix2

Exhaustive Appraisal of Adaptive Hybrid LTE-A Downlink Scheduling Algorithm
Shrishti Bhatia1, Ashwini Kunte2

Graph Isomorphism in View of Decomposition Technique
Krishnendu Basuli1, Sonali Das2

Experiments on Clustering Algorithms for Mixed and Incomplete Data
Yamilé Hernández Echemendía

On The Problem of Operation of Self-Propelled Drilling Rigs in the Harsh Winter Conditions of the Far North
D.M. Tatarinov1, N.G. Timofeev2, R.M. Skryabin3

Research of the Ore Dressability of the Khandiza Polymetallic Ore Deposit
Aminjanova S. I.1, Umarova I.K.2, Salijanova G.Q.3, Qalandarov Q.S.4, Mahmarejabov D.B5

Improvement of Technology of Processing of Persistent Gold-Bearing Ores and Concentrates using Oxidative Burning
Yusupkhodjayev A.A.1, Berdiyarov B.T.2, Matkarimov S.T.3, Radjabov A.I.4, Radjabova G.I.5

E-Voting: Blockchain Based Voting For Secure Vote Casting
Vishal Baraiya1, Seema B Joshi2

Influence of Parameters on Micro Structural and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Based Alloy (A356) with Friction Stir Welding
Rakesh Kumar1, Yogesh Kumar2

Efficient Multipath Routing to Increase QoS by Link Estimation and Minimum Interference path in MANET’S
Pradeep Karanje1, Ravindra Eklarker2

Smart Class Room Monitoring System
Priya B.1, Radhamani V2, Santhana Prasanth P3, Suchitra S4, Suganthi S5

Latent Feature Word Representations to Enhance Topic Models for Text Mining Algorithms
Thayyaba Khatoon Mohammed1, M. Gayatri2, M. Sandeep3, V. S. K. Reddy4

A Bigdata Process for Practical Privacy-Preserving Utilizing k-Means Clustering
Praveen S. Banasode1, Sunita Padamannavar2

Closed Loop Control of Wind Power Based on Trans Quasi-Zsourceinverter
Santosh Sonar

Factors Affecting Cost Overrun in Construction Projects
Faisal Nazir1, Vishal Yadav2

Dielectric Resonator Rectenna for RF Energy Harvesting System
Renuka Makwana1, VedVyas Dwivedi2, Prarthan Mehta3

Impact of Orientation on the Thermal Performances in Vernacular Buildings in Hot Arid Climate
K. ElAzhary1, M. Ouakarrouch2, J. Alaoui Sosse3, N. Laaroussi4, M. Garoum5

Web search model for Automatic Annotation of Tweets in Opinion Mining
H. Mohamed Zakir1, S. Vinila Jinny2

Clustering of Municipal Self-Government Bodies on the Basis of Statistical Indicators
Rakhimboev Khikmat Jumanazarovich1, Ismailov Mirkhalil Agzamovich2, Khusinov Khamid Khuday berganovich3

IoT with Cloud Centric Vehicle Detection and Counting System for Smart Traffic Surveillance
S. Saravanan1, K. Venkatachalapathy2

Hybrid Jaya Algorithm for Solving Multi-Objective 0-1 Integer Programming Problem
Surbhi Tilva1, Jayesh Dhodiya2

Thematic Context Derivator Algorithm for Enhanced Context Vector Machine: eCVM
Vaibhav Khatavkar1, Makarand Velankar2, Parag Kulkarni3

By using MADALINE Learning with Back Propagation and Keras to Predict the Protein Secondary Structure
Shivani Agarwal1, Pankaj Agarwal2

Robustness Analysis of Induction Generator based Variable Speed Wind Power Plant with Power Optimization Capability
Neha Gupta1, Yaduvir Singh2

Optimized Mechanism for Resource Sharing in Cloud
N. A. Joshi

Behavioral Analysis of Various Techniques of Model Order Reduction Used in the Reduction of Large Scale Control System
Ankur Gupta1, Amit Kumar Manocha2

Filtering and Detection of Intima-media Thickness (IMT) for the risk of Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis
Ranu Gupta

Facial Gender Analysis using Gabor-DWT Feature Extraction Method
Shubh Lakshmi Agrwal1, Neelam Kumari2, Vibhor Kant3, Shyam S. Agrawal4, Sandeep K. Gupta5

Identifying and Grouping Abnormalities in Medical Images using Shortest Path Algorithms
V.Sujatha1, P.Silpa Chaitanya2, N.Pavani3

Electrode System Analysis for Bioimpedance Cardiac Diagnosis
Sheeba Santhosh1, A Vimala Juliet2, G Hari Krishnan3

BLDC Motor Speed Control using Fuzzy Logic PID Controller and Comparing It With PI Controller
C Akshay Kumar1, Bachcha Ram Harijan2, M Kiran Kumar3, Manne Bharathi4

A Fully Automated Solar Tracking System
Bonamsetti Madhu1, Karri Vinay Sudheer2, S. Rajasekhar3

The Role of Woodball Sports Organization Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes) in Producing Talented Athletes
S. M. Fernanda Iragraha1, Soegiyanto2, Hari Setijono3, Sugiharto4

Numerical Analysis of Intake Valve of CI Engine
Pankaj R Pardeshi1, K K Dhande2, Gorakh P Bhagat3, Vikram S Suvarnkar4, Vijay K Javanjal5

Effect of Austenization Temperature on the Microstructure in Cr-Mn-Si Steel
Tatyana Avdjieva

Research Geodynamic Situation of the Ore Formation of the Ore Deposits
Janibekov B.O.1, Turapov M.K.2, Akbarov H.A.3, Tulyaganova N. Sh.4, Abdullaev A.X5

Enhanced Thermal Conductivity and Superior Antimicrobial Activity by Cu/Ni Nanofiber Dispersed Fluids with Prolonged Stability
T. Hephzibah1, S. Induja2, P.S. Raghavan3, P.V. Rajeev4

Implementation of AES for Encryption in Vertex- 3 of FPGA Environment for Security
B. Satyanarayana1, M. Srinivasan2

Adaptive Technique for Salt and Pepper Noise Removal through Functional Link Artificial Neural Network
Sunita Sarangi1, Suchitra Sarangi2

DE Optimized LFC of Three Area Interconnected Power System with DFIG Wind System under Deregulated Environment
G. Pavan Kumar1, R. Srinu Naik2, Maheswara Rao Kesamsetty3

Hand-Held Object with Action Recognition Based On Convolutional Neural Network in Spatio Temporal Domain
R. Rajitha Jasmine1, K.K.Thyagharajan2

Mockup Strategy and Analysis of Data Accretion in NS2 for Wireless Sensor Networks
Abdalla Alameen1, Ashu Gupta2

Constructability Risk Assessment in Construction Projects
S. Keerthana1, T. Pradeep2

Big Data Tools and Techniques: A Roadmap for Predictive Analytics
Ritu Ratra1, Preeti Gulia2

Fusion of Image Feature Descriptors for Person Re-identification
Sathish P.K1, S.Balaji2

Environmental Framework for Soil Sampling Using Iot
Sivakumar.S1, V.Ramya2

Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column And Wide Beam Connection: Proposed Structures and Experiment
Dao Ngoc The Luc1, Truong Quang Hai2, Truong Hoai Chinh3, Dao Ngoc The Vinh4

Drivable Road Corridor Detection using Flood Fill Road Detection Algorithm
Karthik Shetty1, Pratik Kanani2

Diabetes Diagnostic Model Based on Truth-value Restrictions Method Using Inference of Intuitionistic Conditional and Qualified Fuzzy Propositions
Nitesh Dhiman1, M. K. Sharma2

Sliding Mode Control of dc-dc Buck Converter using Typhoon Hardware in Loop Software
Lini Mathew1, Priyanka2

An Implementation of New Qr Based Encryption Algorithm For Secure Medical Data In Cloud Storage
L. Ramesh1, R.A.Roseline2

Remotely Monitoring Driver Activity using Distributed Ground Sensors
R.Narmadha1, U.Anitha2, M,S,Godwin Premi3, G.D.Anbarasi Jebaselvi4

An effective smart agriculture system using Internet of Things
Akanksha Gupta1, Priyank Nahar2

Functions in Column-Based Intelligent Systems
A.М. Chesnokov

Information on Tachinid Fauna (Diptera, Tachinidae) Of the Phasiinae Subfamily in the Far East of Russia
Markova T.O.1, Repsh N.V.2, Belov A.N.3, Koltun G.G.4, Terebova S.V.5

Contact stress Analysis of Tyre and Mild Steel Plate
K. Viswanath Allamraju1, Deepak Rajan2

Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Potential of Wild-Growing Plant Materials of the North Caucasus Region
Anzaur Adamovich Skhalyakhov1, Hazret Ruslanovich Siyukhov2, Zareta Talbievna Tazova3, Ludmila Victorovna Lunina4, Irina Guchevna Mugu5

Enhancement of Face Recognition using Deep Learning
T. R. Rajesh1, Panthagani Vijaya Babu2, Shaik Shabbir Hussain3, K Venkata Subramanyam4

A Method for Text Data Fragmentation to Provide Security in Cloud Computing
Archana M1, Mallikarjun Shastry P M2

The Role of Aquatic Training Program Among Special Need Children on Vestibular Processing of Sensory Stimulation
Anulekha Dey1, Malika Sharma2

Design of Approximate Polar Maximum-Likelihood Decoder
Kadala Divyavani1, Mamatha Samson2, K.Swaraja3, Padmavati Kora4, Meenakshi.K5

Water Quality Assessment in a Watershed in Cusco, Peru using the Grey Clustering Method
Alexi Delgado1, Acuña M.2, Justano N.3, Llanos E., Puma I.4

Recent Advancement in Mobile Payment Security Systems
Deepika Dhamija1, Anu Bharti2

Small-Scale Power Generation by Horizontal Axis Magnus Wind Turbine
Elangovan N1, Ramachandran S2, Ravinthiran A3, Pradeep Kumar J.J4, Praveen Raj S5

Combating PUE Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks using RSSI Based EKF and UKF
Kattaswamy Mergu

Implementation of Leakage Power Reduction Techniques in Field Programmable Device
Sandeep Chittem1, Seshapu Prassanna2, Prem Sagar Konapally3, Papani Srinivas4

Cancer Clumps Detection using Image Processing Based on Cell Counting and Artificial Neural Network Techniques
Suneetha Davuluri1, D. Rathna Kishore2

Quality of Services Improvement for Secure Iot Networks
Anjum Sheikh1, Asha Ambhaikar2, Sunil Kumar3

Implementation of Improved Association Rule Mining Algorithms for Fast Mining with Efficient Tree Structures on Large Datasets
P.Naresh1, R.Suguna2

Using Lens at Aperture of Antenna for NFF and FFS
Mohammed Nayeemuddin1, P. Karpagavalli2

Optimizing the Directionality and Minimizing the Reflections using Lenses
Md. Javeed Ahammed1, R. Praveena2

Bending Analysis of Sandwich Panel with Soft Core
G. Sai Krishna1, Abhay Kumar Chaubey2

VOTE: Verifiable Auditing for Outsourced Database with Token Enforced Cloud Storage
Geeta C M1, Rashmi B N2, Nikhil R C3, Rajkumar Buyya4, Venugopal K R5

Identification of Park Effect Probability in Wave Energy Conversion System using Multi Criteria Decision Making Method (AHP) and Neural Network Model (GMDH Shell)
Satyabrata Saha1, Mrinmoy Majumder2, Manish Pal3

Classification of Imbalanced Big Data using SMOTE with Rough Random Forest
Tanuja Das1, Abhinandan Khan2, Goutam Saha3

Ionospheric Modeling and Forecasting Services of GNSS
Yellamma Pachipala1, Amarendra K2, Puvvada Nagesh3, K Sri Rama Vamsi4

Student Dropout Prediction & Educational Data Mining
Mahesh Mardolkar1, N Kumaran2

Securing the IOT Devices with Artificial Immune System
Bhagya Shree1, Suman Bhakar2

Real Time Cyberbullying Detection
Shalni Prashar1, Suman Bhakar2

A Machine Learning way to Build Trust on Social Network.
Chitrala Kavitha1, S. Nageswararao2

Improvement of Power Quality in an Adaptive Boost PFC Converter with Generation of PWM Control Signal by Cascading Power Factor and Chaos Controller Circuits
Naveen Kumar G.N1, Sridhar N2, Sanath Kumar T P3

A Suggestive Low Power TIQ Comparator Architecture using Adiabatic Logic for Implementation of 3-bit Flash type ADC.
Vishal Moyal

Outage and Throughput Analysis of Spectrum Sharing Cognitive Radio Network Incorporating Energy Harvesting Hybrid Relay
Mousam Chatterjee1, Banani Basu2, Arnab Nandi3, Chanchal Kumar De4

Graphical Robust PID Tuning of TITO Processes
Devineni Rajesh Reddy1, R Kiranmayi2

Antibacterial, Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Potential of the Different Extracts of Holoptelia Integrifolia
T. Mohammad Munawar1, D. Muralidhara Rao2, P. Subramanyam3

Hardness and Fracture Toughness of Ceramic Composite Using Experimental and Analytical Methods
K. I. Vishnu Vandana1, K.N.S. Suman2

Performance of Exclusive Bus Lanes in Chennai
S. P. Sangeetha1, P. S. Aravind Raj2, R. Divahar3, Jummai Tali4, Rajat Chander5

A Decision-making Problem as an Applications of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set
Hemlata Aggarwal1, H.D. Arora2, Vijay Kumar3

Power Quality Issues in Grid Tied Solar System and its Prevention
Manisha Malik1, PR Sharma2

Vehicle Security System using Motion Sensors
Baby D Dayana1, A. R Sagar2, P. Srikar3, G. Venkatesh4

A Compound Reconfigurable Solid State Planar Plasma Antenna
Ranjith Perumal1, Srinivasarao Alluri2, Nakkeeran Rangaswamy3

Teacher Competence in Developing Creativity Elementary School Students
Murhima A. Kau

Third-Party Interest in Arbitration Dispute Settlement Process
Rocky Marbun1, Abdul Hakim2, Abdul Rahmat3

Design of Clean Water Pipes in Bangga Village, South Dolo District, Sigi Regency
Wahiduddin Basry1, Dewi Ayu Setiawati2, Andi Rizal3, Rajindra4, Ahmad Yani5

Metal Additive Manufacturing by Powder Blown Beam Deposition Process
D. Dev Singh1, Suresh Arjula2, A. Raji Reddy3

Design and Fabrication of Shoe Cleaning Cum Polishing Machine
N. Baaskaran1, R. SachinBala2, K. Rohan3, P. Logesh

An Information Secure Attribution Model for Observing Spurious Drugs in Health Care Organization
Kumaraguru P.1, V. Elantamilan D.2

Automated Tilt Conveyor for Cylinder Head
Sathiyamoorthy V1, Balamurugan S2, Sivakumar A3, Arumugam K4, Palani S5

A Software Defined Network Based Energy-Efficient Model for Internet of Things
D. Helen1, G. Jijilin Jebho Shebija2

Constructive Neural Network: A Framework
Jaswinder Kaur1, Neha Gupta2

Modifiers of Modern Indian Drama
Vimochana M1, M.R. Bindu2

Accident Prevention and Traffic Control by Otsu Method and Haar-Cascade Hand Detector
K. G. Suma1, G. Sunitha2, J. Avanija3

Cost & Coal Management of a CFBC Boiler in a Power Station
P V Narendra Kumar1, Ch.Chengaiah2, J V K Prasad3

Research on Weighted Least Square and Linear State Estimation Methods under Ill Condition of Power System
M.S.N.G. Sarada Devi1, T.V.L.N. Pavan Phani Kumar2, G.Yesuratnam3

Optimal Location of multi-type FACTS for Power System Security Enhancement
N. Srilatha1, G. Yesuratnam2

Hybrid Bacteria Foraging Particle Swarm Optimization based Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch for the Alleviation of Voltage Deviations
P. Lokender Reddy1, G.Yesuratnam2

Classification of Skin Diseases by Image Processing using Machine Learning Techniques
Pamula Raja Kumari1, Polaiah Bojja2, P.Bhanu3, M.Sri Harsha4, M.SaiTeja5, B.Aruna6

Performance Analysis of Copper Absorber Tube Parabolic Collector
V.Hariharan1, P. Venkataramaiah2

Design of a Sampler circuit for Flash ADC using 45nm Technology
Vanitha Soman1, Sudhakar S Mande2

Performance and Implementation of Grid Connected Single Phase Photovoltaic System and FPGA-Design Based MPPT
B. Pragathi11, Deepak Kumar Nayak2, Polaiah Bojja3

Tamil text detection in videos using Gradient Vector Flow and Fuzzy C-Means
J.T. Anita Rose1, B.Jaison2, S.V.S.Harshavardhan3, B. Krishna Teja4, J. Dinesh Sai5

Medical Image Compression by Optimal Filter Coefficients Aided Transforms using Modified Rider Optimization Algorithm
P .Sreenivasulu1, S. Varadha Rajan2, S. Thenappan3

Renewable Energy-based Induction Motor Water flow control
N. Prema Kumar1, G. Anitha2, B. Manthrunaik3

Method of Patternmaking in Fashion Institution and Fashion Industry
Tee Tze Kiong1, Elia Md Zain2, Farah Najwa Ahmad Puad3, Yee Mei Heong4, Nurulwahida Azid5

Automatic Detection of Tomato Leaf Deficiency using Soft Computing Technique
S. Sivagami1, S. Mohanapriya2

Non Destructive Behavior of Corroded Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Beams
Udhaya Kumar. T1, Jayadurgalakshmi. M2

Parasite Analyser using Artificial Neural Network
P.Subashini1, Harinidevi2, Aishwaraya3, B.Ezhiljoshini4

2D Hypersonic Scramjet Inlet Geometry of Mach 7 using CFD
Nagesh Kumar Pagilla1, S. Vijaya bhaska2, P.N. Reddy3

Digital Classroom Enquiry System
Sunil Bhutada1, Allaboina Manisha Yadav2, Abhishek Jha3, Santi Priyanka Prem4, Ruchika Bhutada5

An Advanced Relevance Feedback Method to Improve Performance of CBIR using Convolutional Neural Network and Comprehensive Values
Varkala Satheesh Kumar1, T. Vijaya Saradhi2

Performance Optimization Through Data Pipeline in Heterogenious Hadoop Cluster
B Ravi Prasad

ACTSMLT: Automatic Classification of Text Summarization using Machine Learning Technique
Ramya R S1, Darshan M2, Sejal D3, Venugopal K R4, Iyengar S S5, Patnaik L M6

Innovations in Public Sector Services to Reduce the Traffic Volume
Navaneethan.K.S1, M.Mohanasundari2, Sailendharani.A.P3

Communication Concept Between Bluetooth As a Master and Slave To Exchange Digital Information
Agus Wibowo

Secure and Selective Cloud Data Auditing using Deep Machine Learning
S.Radharani1, V.B.Narasimha2

Energy Consummation in cognitive radio network using Different Methods
Shubhangi Gunjal1, Yogesh Kumar Sharama2, Satish Ramchandra Todmal3

Secure Data Transmission by Detecting Different Attacks in CRN to improve the Throughput
Anand Ashok Khatri1, Yogesh Kumar Sharama2, Satish Ramchandra Todmal3

Consumer Strategies for Adoption of Performance Analysis of 4g Mobile Services
Sandeep Kumar Mohapatra1, Uma Sankar Mishra2

Reinventing the workplace –Strategic to Employee Career Development in Indian Telecom Industry- A Research
Gajanethi Swathi Kumari

Classification among Microaneurysms, Exudates, and Lesion free Retinal Regions in the Eye Images using Transfer Learned CNNs
Siddharth Gupta1, Avnish Panwar2, Silky Goel3

Weather Predictions using Support Vector Machine and Rough Set
Suvendra Kumar Jayasingh1, Jibendu Kumar Mantri2

Delay Analysis of Wireless Cellular Networks for Better Qos
Satyasrikanth Palle1, Shivashankar2

An Intruder Detection System based on Feature Selection using Random Forest Algorithm
G. Madhukar1, G. Nantha Kumar2

Geological, Geomorphological and Ground Water Quality in the area of Amaravathi, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India 
M. Venkataiah1, G. Veeraswamy2, P. Bharath kumar3

Lane Detection and Lane Change Warning as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems using Computer Vision
CH.Veerendra1, K.B.R Prasad Reddy2

Predictive Analytics based Financial Assistance Model for Chronic Care Patients in India
Rama kumar Kommajosyula1, Nirupama Bhat2, P L S Rao3

Research on Single-Phase Grid Connected PV Systems
Srikanth Sattenapalli1, V. Joshi Manohar2

A Hybrid Technique for the Performance Optimization in the Combustion Process of a Power Plant Boiler
P V Narendra Kumar1, ChChengaiah2, J V K Prasad3

Dynamic Performance of PV Array fed Vector Drive Unit
R. Srinu Naik1, Aravelli .S.L.K.Gopalamma2

Preventing Accidents and Detecting Traffic Loads on Highways with V2v Communication in VANET
Ali Najm Abdullah Al Tameemi

Production of Candle from Oil Extract of a Legume – Soybean
M.E. Ojewumi1, O.O. Olanipekun2, O.R. Obanla3, E.O. Ojewumi4, R.S. Bassey5

CFD Analysis of Dynamics of Interaction of Shock Wave -Vortex Core over Flapped Wing of Supersonic Aircraft at different angle of attack & Mach number
Mukesh Didwania1, Kamal Kishore Khatri2

Efficient Management of Egg Shell and Conch Shell Wastes by Utilization as Bio- Fillers in Eco-Friendly Gypsum Mortar
Vivek S1, Sophia M2

Optimization of Biodiesel Synthesis using Heterogeneous Catalyst (SiO2) from Karanja Oil by Taguchi Method
Satish A. Patil1, R. R. Arakerimath2

Assessment of Possessed Generic Green Skills for Green Jobs of Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work Graduates of Technical Colleges in Nigeria
Abdullah Musa ledumas1, Yusri Bin Kamin2 , Rabiu Haruna3, Umar Isa Mohammed4, Halliru Shuaibu5

Effect of Diethyl Ether on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel Blend B20 Algae Oil
Sanjay Singh1, M Prabhahar2

Detection of Breast Cancer by Thermal Based Sensors using Multilayered Neural Network Classifier
N. P. Dharani1, Polaiah Bojja2, Pamula Raja Kumari3, S. Thenappan4

Robust Parallel Operated Inverters in Microgrid with SRF(Synchronous Reference Frame) – PLL(Phase Locked Loop) and SRF – Virtual Impedance Compensation Loop for Proportional Load Sharing
Bangar Raju L1, Subba Rao K2