Volume-2 Issue-2, December 2012

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Volume-2 Issue-2, December 2012, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Empirical Evaluation of Performance of Construction Management At-Risk (CM at -Risk) Project Delivery System With and Without Agency-CM
Shaik Abdul Khader Jeelani1, Adel S. Al-Dosary2, J.Karthikeyan3

Designing Of Reconfigurable MPNOC On FPGA For Processing The Wireless Sensor Networks
R.Ramachandran1, J. Thomas Joseph Prakash2

SIM Card Based Smart Banking Using FPGA
Tushar Gupta1, Sonam Sharma2, Himja Bhardwaj3, Pardeshi Rushikesh4

Single Stage Switching Power Supply With Half Bridge Toplogy Simulation for LED Lamp Driver
Prijith.M1, M.S.P.Subathra2, Senraj3

An Overview of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Profile Improvement
M.Sharanya1, B.Basavaraja2, M.Sasikala3

Implementation of Decision Tree
Aashoo Bais1, Kavita Deshmukh2, Manish Shrivastava3

Studies on the Dynamics of a Second Order PLL in the face of Two Input Signals
Manaj Dandapathak1, Bishnu Charan Sarkar2

Design of Multimedia Application for Fast and Efficient Text Input from Touch Screen Input Devices using Character Recognition
K S Jagadeesh1, Chandramouli.H2, Naveen Ghorpade3

Estimation of Doppler Centroid Frequency Using SAR Imaging Geometry for RISAT-2
Phani Madhav Yannam1, P.V.Jayasri2, K.Rameshbabu3, Suraj Bharath.Chada4

A Survey on CIMDS: Adapting Post Processing Techniques of Associative Classification for Malware Detection
Atul Kamble1, Prasad Kadam2, Hardik Bhangale3

Performance Evaluation of PI controller for Negative Output Triple Lift Luo Converter
N.Dhanasekar1, Dr.R.Kayalvizhi2

Telemetry Over SMS-Based GSM Wireless Communication System
Noha Kmaal1, Sherine S. Ismail2, Hala Abd ElKader,3  Mohamed Sharaf4

Advanced Aid for Visually Impaired for Reading Text Online
Prasaanth.N1, Parish Vyas2, Rahul Tolani3, Sandhya Pati4

Modelling of Turbine-generator and Foundation as Single Degree of Freedom Using Ruaumoko Programme
Shafii Abdullah1, Nor Hayati Abdul Hamid2

Analysis of Magneto Rheological Fluid Damper with Various Piston Profiles
Md. Sadak Ali Khan1, A.Suresh2, N.Seetha Ramaiah3

Objective Evaluation Parameters of Image Segmentation Algorithms
Manisha Sharma1, Vandana Chouhan2

Binary Decision Diagram based Reliability Evaluation
Manoj Singhal

Can Quantum Computers Replace the Classical Computer?
Nikhil Talele1, Ajinkya Nikhil Talele2, Ajinkya Shukla3, Sumant BhatShukla4, Sumant Bhat5

Performance of Biodiesel in Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine with Catalytic Converter
N. Janardhan1, P.Ushasri2, M.V.S. Murali Krishna3, P.V.K.Murthy4

Proportional Hazards Modeling of Environmental Impacts on Reliability of Photovoltaic Modules
E. Suresh Kumar1, Bijan Sarkar2

Threats and Countermeasures in GSM Networks
K. Vsn Raghu Babu1, T. Ravi2

Soft Computing Techniques Based Computer Aided System for Efficient Lung Nodule Detection – A Survey
S.Ashwin1, S.Aravind Kumar2, S.Arun Kumar3

Automation of Screen-Shot Analysis for Anti-Virus Toaster Windows
Sachin Jadhav1, Shrikant Ganmukhe2, Sanket Badwe3, Bhushan Bhavsar4

Miniaturized Compact Monopole Antenna for Multiband Applications
Pradip P.Patel1, Sameena Zafar2

Design of Micro Hydel Power Plant
Vineesh V1, A. Immanuel Selvakumar2

Fabrication and Characterization of Pulsed Laser Deposited Lead Free Thin Film Capacitors
Deepshikha Kushwaha1, Ravikant2, Kirandeep Singh3, Monika Aggarwal4

Introducing Direct Mapping Sorters For Parallel Sorting Algorithms
Pushpendra Kumar1, Priyanka Tyagi2, Smriti Joshi3

Cellular Light-Weight Concrete Blocks as a Replacement of Burnt Clay Bricks
K.Krishna Bhavani Siram

Prospects and Potential Analysis of Solar and Biomass Energy at Pabna District, Bangladesh: A Realistic Way to Mitigate District Energy Demand
Md. Rabiul Islam1, T. H. M. Sumon Rashid2

Study of Uart Transimitter in Microcontroler
Manchineni Vijay Kumar1, Suresh Angadi2

Restoration of Blur Image Using wavelet Based Image Fusion
Amit.S.Ufade1, B.K.Khadse2, S.R.Suralkar3

DC Drives: Microcontroller Based Control
Preeti1, Sandeep Dogra2, Rashmi Jain3

A Visual Recognition of Static Hand Gestures in Indian Sign Language based on Kohonen Self-Organizing Map Algorithm
Deepika Tewari1, Sanjay Kumar Srivastava2

Modelling Of Photovoltaic Systems for Power Grid Equipped Houses as Partial Lighting System
V.Thiyagarajan1, V.Sekar2

Bandwidth Calculation in IEEE 802.16 Networks
Roop Singh Takur1, E.Ramkumar2

Security against Side Channel Attack in Cloud Computing
Bhrugu Sevak

Design Procedure for Optimum Efficacy of Magnetostrictive Material (Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe1.95) in Actuator Applications
Raghavendra Joshi1, Subba Rao M2, Ravikiran Kadoli3

Comb Line Generation Using Gain Flattened Ring Mode Locked Laser
S.Ravi Teja1, L.Krishna Kanth2, G.Ravi Teja3, T.Ravi4

Test Escape Study IN IC Manufacturing
Sarath Chand.L1, D.A.R.Nikhilesh2, Suresh Angadi3

Condition Monitoring Leading to Control by Using Fuzzy and Hybrid Fuzzy Models: A Review
Darshan Singh1, Dalveer Kaur2, Yaduvir Singh3

Special Deformation Structures During Machining Plastic Metals, Their Activation And Use
Karol Vasilko

Optimizing Clustering Technique based on Partitioning DBSCAN and Ant Clustering Algorithm
Chaudhari Chaitali G.

Modern Investigation of Issues and Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols Applied To VANET
Pawan Kumar Saini1, Kapil Bhagchandani2, Yatendra Mohan Sharma3

Estimation of GGBS and HVFA Strength Efficiencies in Concrete with Age
K. Suvarna Latha1, M V Seshagiri Rao2, Srinivasa Reddy. V3

Improvement of Power Quality of Grid Integrated Wind Distributed Generation by STATCOM
Surekha Manoj1, Puttaswamy Palahalli Srinivasaiah2

Providing Authorization by Using Face Recognization for Private Cloud Computing
Janita S. Patel1, G.B.Jethava2

Secure Message Authentication
Jyoti R. Rajput1, Kalyankar Pravin P.2

Optimization of Cryogenic Treatment on Wear Behaviour of D6 Tool Steel by Using DOE/RSM
Rahul H.Naravade1, U.N.Gujar2, R.R.Kharde3

The Impact of Packet Drop Attack and Solution on Overall Performance of AODV in Mobile Ad–hoc Networks
Ashok M. Kanthe1, Dina Simunic2, Ramjee Prasad3

Contemplation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Aluminum (1100) with Silicon Carbide
Balamurugan Adhithan1, A.Syed bava bakrudeen2, Hari Prasada Rao Pydi3

An Empirical Study of Signature Recognition &Verification System Using Various Approaches
Sachin A. Murab1, Vaishali. M.Deshmukh2

Modeling and Simulation of High Efficient Symmetric Half-Bridge Converter (SHBC) for Server Switched Mode Power Supplies
Aneesha Jose1, P.Swaminathan2

Series-Connected Forward-flyback Converter for High Step-up Power Conversion
Aswathy.P.S1, M.S.P.Subathra2

Design of a 1.5-V, 4-bit Flash ADC using 90nm Technology
Arunkumar. P. Chavan1, Rekha. G2, P. Narashimaraja3

A Circularity Analysis of Different Clearances in the Sheet Metal Punching Process
V Bram Armunanto1, Yudit Cahyantoro NS2, Kaleb Priyanto3

Design and Analysis of a Single Phase Unipolar Inverter Using Sliding Mode Control
Jithesh M V1,  Prawin Angel Michael2

Modified Direct Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor by using voltage vectors of variable amplitude and angle
Ragi R Menon1, S. Jebarani Evangeline2, Anish Gopinath3

Software Based Partnering Process Model for Construction Sector
Gargi Amrujkar1, Pramila Adavi2

Construction Techniques of Retrofitting for R.C.C. Members Using Different Glass Fiber
Sandeep G. Sawant1, A. B. Sawant2, M. B. Kumthekar3, V. V. Diwan4

Ionospheric Parameters Estimation for Accurate GPS Navigation Solution
Shaik Gowsuddin1, V. B. S. Srilatha Indira Dutt2

An Integration of JSD, GSS and CASE Tools towards the Improvement of Software Quality
Dillip Kumar Mahapatra1, Tanmaya Kumar Das2, Gopakrishna Pradhan3

A PV Micro-Inverter System Using Repetitive Current Control
Lenisha Vincent Chirayath1,R.NarcissStarbell2

Design of a Novel Economic Multiplier in VLSI using Reversible Logic Gates
Koushik Majumder1, Malay Kumar Pandit2, Asim Kumar Jana3

A Review on the Operating Modes of Near Field Communication
Ekta Desai1, Mary Grace Shajan2

Evaluating Various Learning Techniques for Efficiency
Mehnaz Khan1, S.M.K. Quadri2

A Review of Energy Aware Routing Protocols in MANET
S.Nithya1, S.K.Deepika2, G.Sindhu3

Improved QoS for Fixed WiMAX Network
M.Sathya1, K.Kalaiarasi2

Arm Based Wireless Energy Meter Reading System ALONG with POWER on/off CIRCUIT
V V Rajesh Parvathala1, T Venkateswarareddy2, N V G Prasad3

A Mathematical Approach to Avoid Congestion and To Analyize Snoop Behaviour In Wired Cum Wireless Network
Maninder Kaur1, Parminder Singh2

Energy Efficient Adiabatic Full Adders for Future SOC’s
B.Sravan Kumar1, Rajeshwara Mahidhar.P2, N.V.G.Prasad3

A User Friendly Window Based Application for Calculation of Query Execution Time for Relational Databases
Voore Subba Rao1, Vinay Chavan2

Scaling Up for the Streaming Data
Shabia Shabir Khan1, Mushtaq Ahmed Peer2, S.M.K Quadri3

An Efficient Methodology for Mapping Algorithms to Scalable Embedded Architectures
Ayman Elnaggar1, Mokhtar Aboelaze2

High Definition Surveillance System Using Motion Detection Method based on FPGA DE-II 70 Board
V. B. Jagdale1, R. J. Vaidya2

Neural Network Breakout Prediction Model for Continuous Casting
Lameck Mugwagwa1, Lungile Nyanga2, Samson Mhlanga3

Control of Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers Using a Single DC Current Sensor
M.Prakash1, M.S. Jayakumar2, S.Ajayan3

My Viterbi vs MATLAB Viterbi
Vikas Gupta1, Chanderkant Verma2

Analytical methodology of Seismic Fragility Curve for Reinforcement Concrete Pier Bridges in Egypt
Islam M. Ezz El-Arabt

In-Plane Behavior of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames with Wooden Choh-kat Openings
Shujaat Hussain Buch1, Javed Ahmad Bhat2

Simulation and Analysis of Common Mode Voltage in 2-level and Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with Long Cable
Sharana Reddy1, B.Basavarajat2

Importance of Shape and Weight towards the Recital of Simple Adaptive Median Filter in Plummeting Impulse Noise Level from Digital Images
Saurabh Karsoliya