Volume-2 Issue-3, February 2013

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Volume-2 Issue-3, February 2013, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

A Review of solar Chimney Power Generation Technology
Amel Dhahri1, Ahmed Omri2

Single Stage Inverter Topology for Renewable Resources
Jeena Mary Abraham1, M.S.P. Subathra2, Senraj. R3

Diagnosis of Cardiac Deceases by Using ECG Signal Compression for Cffective Communication
B. R. Yadwade1, S.B. Patil2

Comparison of BER of OFDM System using QPSK and 16QAM over Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel using Pilot-Based Channel Estimation
Sanjay Kumar Khadagade1, N.K. Mittal2

Analysis of Delay Variation in ATM Network
Sanyam Agarwal1, A.K.Gautam2

Analysis Of Microcirculation Videos Based On Adaptive Thresholding Technique
Piyush M Asolkar1, Vinayak M Umale2

Tanja: A framework to Conserve Energy in WSN
Zouhair A. Sadouq1, Mounia Seraoui2, Mohamed Essaaidi3

Electronic Ballast for High Intensity Discharge Lamp Based On AC-AC Sepic Converter
Neeraja Narayanan1, S. Paul Sathiyan2

Analysis of Cluster Based Zone Routing Protocol in MANET through Network Simulator
V. Venkataramanan1, K. Shankar2, D. Vinoth3, S. Archana4

Synthesis and Characterization of -Al2O3 Platelet Nanoparticle as a Direct Product of Solution Combustion Method
Hamed Sadabadi1, Adeleh Aftabtalab2, Shirzad Zafarian3, K.Venkateswara. Rao4, V.Rajendar5

Diverse Sorting Algorithm Analysis for ACSFD in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jose Anand1, K. Sivachandar2

VC Using Lempel-Ziv-Welch Algorithm
Anandhi1, G. Gunasekaran2, S.Satthiyaraj3

Incremental Sequence Mining
Bhagyshri Lachhwani1, Mehul Barot2, Poonam Sengar3

Design and Analysis of Rocket Motor Casing by Using Fem Technique
Siva Sankara Raju R1, Karun Kumar Y2, Pragathi Kumar G3

Static and Dynamic Analysis of End Mill Tool for Chatter Vibration Reduction
Mahendra .U. Gaikwad1, P.R. Kulkarni2

Signature Patterns for Major Virulent Proteins of HIV1

Shashank Mittal1, Reshu Nautiyal2, Swati Mamgain3, Kumud Pant4, Tribhuvan Chandra5

The Effects of Sasobit® Modifier on Binder at High and Intermediate Temperatures
Ahmad Kamil Arshad1, Frag Ahmed Ma Kridan2, Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman3

Effect of TiO2 in Spinel Formation and Reactive Sintering of Magnesia-rich Ceramics
S. Ghanbarnezhad1, A. Nemati2, M. Bavand-Vandchali3, R. Naghizadeh4

A Review of Thyroid Disorder Detection, Segmentation and Classification on Medical Images
Sheeja Agustin A1, S. Suresh Babu2

A Novel Noise Removal Technique of X-Ray Carry-on Luggage for Detection of Contraband,Illicit Object(s)
Sajid Ullah Khan1, Wang Yin Chai2, Chai Soo See3

Power Flow Analysis and Voltage Stability Enhancement Using Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) Facts Controller
Adebayo, I.G.1, Adejumobi, I.A.2, Olajire, O.S.3

A Fast Serial Multiplier Design using Ripple Counters
Vishnupriya.A,1 AlthafKhan.J2, Gopalakrishnan.R3

Elimination of Silent Data Corruption by Improved Error Detection using Difference Set Codes for Memories
S.Vaishnavi1, R.Karthika2, P.Suganya3

Round Rescheduling Technique for Hash Function Blake using Carry Select Adder with Binary to Excess Converter
S.Jananee1, N.Annu2, K.Jayapriyadharshini3

Lossy Image Compression and Data Embedded In Compressed Encrypted Image
Suguna1, Logesh Kumar2, Lavanya3

Pavement Performance with Carbon Black and Natural Rubber (Latex)
Saad Abdulqader Ali1, Ismail bin Yusof2, Madi Hermadi3, Marwan B.S. Alfergani4, Abdalla Ab Sinusi5

Analysis of LMS, NLMS and MUSIC Algorithms for Adaptive Array Antenna System
D. B. Salunke1, R. S. Kawitkar2

Promising Communication Technologies for Emergency and Safety Systems
Anwar M. Mousa

Design Low Power 32-Bit Barrel shifter using Efficient Charge Recovery Logic
Shweta Chawla1, Ramanand Harijan2, Harpal singh3

Fault Tree Analysis of Failures in Fire Detection System of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
E. Suresh Kumar1, Bijan Sarkar2

Failure of Photovoltaic Modules under Lightning and Thunderstorms
E. Suresh Kumar1, Bijan Sarkar2, Dhiren Kumar Behera3

Hysteresiscontrol of Multilevel Inverter
Jesinth santhaseelan.J1, S.Jebarani Evangeline2

Static Analysis of Helical Compression Spring Used in Two-Wheeler Horn
S. S. Gaikwad1, P. S. Kachare2

Analysis and Design of R.C. Deep Beams Using Code Provisions of Different Countries and Their Comparison
Sudarshan D. Kore1, S.S.Patil2

Performance Analysis of Hard Combing Schemes in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
Tanuja S. Dhope Shendkar1, Sulakshana Patil2, Vijaya Rajeshwarkar3, Dina Simunicr4

Domain Driven Multi-Feature Combined Mining for Retail Dataset
Arti Deshpande1, Anjali Mahajan2

Investigation and Analysis of SQL Injection Attacks on Web Applications: Survey
Zeinab Raveshi1, Sonali R. Idate2

Mingle Intrusion Detection System Using Fuzzy Logic
Prabhdeep Kaur1, Sheveta Vashisht2

Approaches for Generating Test Cases Automatically to Test the Software
Paramjit Kaur1, Rupinder Kaur2

Optimize OLSR with Cognitive in Wireless Mesh Network
Manpreet Kaur1, Kunwarpal2

A Survey on Detecting Selfish Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Different Trust Methodologies
Christhu Raj M R1, Edwin Prem Kumar G2, Kartheek Kusampudi3

Wireless Fingerprint Based College Attendance System Using Zigbee Technology
Gunjan Talaviya1, Rahul Ramteke2, A.K.Shete3

Database Management by Using Java Database Connectivity Architecture of JAVA
Sandeep Kaur

Increased Speed for Network Security through Multi-Character Processing
Lavanya1, Saranya2, Uma Maheshwari3

Navigating the Current Location without the Availability of GPS
Karan Mahajan1, Manish Mahajar2

Elimination of Lower Order Harmonics in Multilevel Inverters Using Genetic Algorithm
Prashanth L Gopal1, F.T Josh2

Interarea Oscillation Damping By Unified Power Flow Controller-Superconducting Magnetic Energystorageintegrated System
Sreelal Elamana1, A. Rathinam2

Electronic Toll Collection System Using Radio Frequency Technology
M.Aruna1, R.Dhivya2, D.Mousabin Rani3, A.Sharmila L.J.Arthiha4

Power Flow Analysis Using Load Tap – Changing Transformer (LTCT): A Case Study of Nigerian 330kv Transmission Grid System
Adebayo I.G.1, Adejumobi, I.A.2, Adepoju, G.A.3

Review Paper on Image Processing in Distributed Environment
Sandeep Kaur1, Manisha Bhardwaj2

Fabrication of Semi Automated Pressurized Flushing System in Indian Railway Toilet
S Mohamed Ashiq1, K Karthikeyan2, S Karthikeyan3

An ZVS DC-DC converter for High voltage and Efficiency gain With Reduced Ripple Current
S.Freeda Angeline Rachel1, J.Jency Joseph2

A hybrid Approach Using Rule Induction And Clustering Techniques In Terms Of Accuracy And Processing Time In Data Mining
Kapil sharma1, Sheveta Vashisht2, Richa Dhiman3

Comparison of Various Lacks of Cohesion Metrics
Taranjeet Kaur1, Rupinder Kaur2

Developing and validating HMA Workability Prediction Model for Determining the best Paddle as a Machine component for Workability Device
Ahmad Kamil Arshad1, Md Diah J2, Salah Mohamed Khalil3

Conversion of IC Engine Driven Bike into Electric Engine Driven Bike
V.Thiyagarajan1, V.Sekar2

An Embedded Based Code Finder Using Robotic Arm Movement
B.Saranya1, V.Ramanivetha2, M.Vinodhini3, R.Sujipriya4, A.Shankar5

Secure Data Aggregation and Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
John Major. J1, Shajin Prince2, Akuluri Rakesh3

Improved Natural Balancing Of Ripple Rejection LC-Filter with Modified Phase-Shifted PWM for Single-Leg Five-Level Flying-Capacitor Converters
Vijoy Kumar Peddiny1, P.Swaminathan2

Implementation of Digital Watermarking For Image Security with EBCOT Algorithm and Error Correcting Codes
Keta Raval1, Rajni Bhoomarker2, Sameena Zafar3

Effect of Calcination Temperatures on Synthesis of Zinc Titanate Nano-Crystal Powders via Combustion Technique
Solmaz Ghanbarnezhad1, Ali Nemati2, Maryam Abolfazli3

Routing Analysis in Wireless Mesh Network with Bandwidth Allocation
T.S. Starlin1, D. Jasmine David2

A Survey on Improving the Efficiency of Different Web Structure Mining Algorithms
Preeti Chopra1, Md. Ataullah2

Study of Management of Risk and Loss Control Program in Civil Engineering Projects
Mohammed Shareef Mahmoud Shareef1, R.K. Pandey2

Hybridized Algorithms for Medical Image Segmentation
Anusuya Venkatesan1, Latha Parthiban2

Design of High Efficiency Cross-Flow Turbine for Hydro-Power Plant
Bilal Abdullah Nasir

A Novel Approach to Perform Document Clustering Using Effectiveness and Efficiency of Simhash
Lavanya Pamulaparty1, C.V. Guru Rao2

Solutions Concerning Information Systems for Real Time Bus Arrival
S. L. Bangare1, A. D. Kadam2, P. S. Bangare3, P. V. Katariya4, C. A. Khot5, N. R. Kankure6

Surface Temperature Estimation using Landsat Data for part of the Godavari and Tapi Basins, India: A Case Study
A. D. Prasad1, Kamal Jain2, Ajay Gairola3

Adaptive Filtering and Compression of Bio-Medical Signals Using Neural Networks
Kalyan Chatterjee1, Mandavi2, Prasannjit3, Nilotpal Mrinal4, S.Dasgupta5

A Novel Control Strategy for High Efficient SSPFC Topology
Sakkeer Hussain C.K1, R. Muthukumar2, A. Rathnam3

Convective Heat Transfer Analysis in a Circular Tube with Different Types of Internal Threads of Constant Pitch
Pankaj N. Shrirao1, Rajeshkumar U.Sambhe2, Pradip R.Bodade3

Graphene Oxide Thin Films: A Simple Profilometer for Film Thickness Measurement
Satish Bykkam1, K.Venkateswara Rao2, Ch. Shilpa Chakra3, V. Rajendar4, Rotte Naresh kumar5, J.Ananthaiah6

Study of Management and Control of Waste Construction Materials in Civil Construction Project
Karrar Raoof Kareem1, R. K. Pandey2

The Inspection of Crane Wire Ropes in Moroccan Service: Discard Criteria and Monitoring Procedure
A.El Barkany1, A. Benali2, M. El Ghorba3, A. Choukir4

A Comparative Study: Multiplier Design using Reversible Logic Gates
G.Padmanabha Sivakumar1, S.Rameshwari Devi2

A Novel Criss-Cross Shape Metamaterial
Kirti Inamdar1, Y. P. Kosta2, S. Patnaik3

Mesh Based Peer to Peer Live Video Streaming using ANT Algorithm
A. Duraisamy1, M. Sathiyamoorthy2

Providing Security in VPN by using Tunneling and Firewall
Sonam Wadhwa1, Kunwar Pal2

Simulation of Single Phase Photovoltaic Inverter in PSIM
VJ Earnest Praisen1, R. Narciss Starbell2

Low Voltage, High Gain CMOS Op Amp Using Nested Transconductance Compensation Capacitance
Hardik Patel1, Rajnikant Son2

Transformer less Soft Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Chopper
Baburaja .C1, J. Jayakumar2

A New Classwise k Nearest Neighbor (CKNN) Method for the Classification of Diabetes Dataset
Y. Angeline Christobel1, P. Sivaprakasam2

3-bit R-2R Digital to Analog Converter with Better INL&DNL
Ankit Upadhyay1, Rajanikant M. Soni2

Thermal Conductivity Calculation at Moderate Pressure for Polyatomic Gases Using a Neural Network Approach
Bouzidi Abdelkader1, Khelfi Djillali2, Rebhi Fayçal3

Computer Oriented Load Flow Study of Electrical S/S
Syed Imran Ali Qasim Ali1, V A Kulkarn2

Structural And Magnetic Properties of Indium Substituted Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-Gel Auto-combustion Technique
A.B. Shinde1, V.N. Dhage2, K.M. Jadhav3

Development of a Versatile Mathematical Routine Library with Microcontroller
P. B. Buchade

Implementing Mobile Crawler Using JINI Technology to Reduce Network Traffic and Bandwidth Consumption
R. G. Tambe1, M. B. Vaidya2

Image Compression Method
Sunanda Kisanrao Kapde1, S. V. Patil2

New Delay and Power Analysis for a CMOS Inverter Driving RLC Interconnect
Sohini Mondal1, Bishnu Prasad De2

Load Frequency Control of Interconnected Power System in Deregulated Environment: A Literature Review
Mukta1, Balwinder Singh Surjan2

Design and Simulation of Two Stage OTA Using 0.18μm and 0.35μm Technology
Hitesh Modi1, Nilesh D. Patel2

Performance Tradeoff of PTS & SLM Technique Using Various Modulator in 802.11g
Gaurav Chandra1, D. K. Saxena2, Gaurav Bhandari3

Study of Delay in Project Planning and Design Stage of Civil Engineering Projects
Enas Fathi Taher1, R.K. Pandey2

Static and Cyclic Behaviour of High Performance Corroded Steel Concrete Beams
Seshadri Sekhar N.1, Raghunath P. N.2

Truthful Mechanisms for Scheduling Selfish Related Machines Using ACO
R. Raju1, J. Mohanapriya2

A Neural Network Approach for Randomized Unit Testing Based On Genetic Algorithm
R. Raju1, P. Subhapriya2

Modular Architecture for Industrial Automation
Vakkalagadda Prasad1, MadaYaswanth Manikanta2, M. V. D. Prasad3

Process Adaptive Web Services with Container Management System
Jayesh D. Kamble1, Gaurav S. Apshete2, Rekha V. Nagargoje3, Sonam R. Jain4

Effect of Bacterial Calcite Precipitation on Compressive Strength of Mortar Cubes
Jagadeesha Kumar B G1, R Prabhakara2, Pushpa H.3

Secure Steganography System for RGB Images
Fahd Alharbi

Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise Through Modified Decision Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Adaptive Median Filter
Vivek Chandra1, Sagar Deokar2, Siddhant Badhe3, Rajesh Yawle4

Analysis Plant Layout for Effective Production
R. D. Vaidya1, P. N. Shende2, N. A. Ansari3, S. M. Sorte4

Study and Justification of Body Postures of Workers Working In SSI by Using Reba
N. A. Ansari1, P. N. Shende2, M. J. Sheikh3, R. D. Vaidya4

Theorems on Planar Graphs
Vedavathi N.1, Dharmaiah Gurram2

Critical Factors in Consumers Perception towards Mobile Commerce in E-Governance Implementation: An Indian Perspective
Kanwalvir Singh1, Himanshu Aggarwal2

A Secure Energy Efficiency Routing Approach In Wireless Sensor Networks
Anuradha Garg1, Ajay Tiwari2, Hemant Kumar Garg3

Data Mining and Business Intelligence Applications in Telecommunication Industry
Madhuri V. Joseph

Multiple Black Hole Node Attack Detection Scheme in MANET by Modifying AODV Protocol
Nishu kalia1, Kundan Munjal2

Implementation and Performance Comparison Study of 1-D and 2-D FIR Filter using MATLAB
Jyotsna Yadav1, Arpita Bharti2, Rohit Patel3, Mukesh Kumar4

Virtual Environments Provide Mammoth Security for Critical Server
R. N. Muneshwar1, S. K. Sonkar2

Learning Role of Facial Marks in Automatic Face Recognition for Forensic Science Applications
Rahul Vivek Purohit1, Syed .A. Imam2

Impact of Kernel Fisher Analysis Method on Face Recognition
Amruta S. Moon1, Rajiv Srivastava Yogdhar Pandey2

A Survey on Techniques of Separation of Machine Printed Text and Handwritten Text
Ranjeet Srivastva1, Aditya Raj2, Tushar Patnaik3, Bhupendra Kumar4

Statistical Approach to Support Vector Machine
Yashima Ahuja1, Sumit Kumar Yadav2

Digital Image Processing Technique in Laser Speckle Pattern Interferometer for Phase Evaluation
R. Balamurugan1, S. Muruganand2

Automotive Radiator Performance – Review
Pawan S. Amrutkar1, Sangram R. Patil2

A Survey of Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques Used In Character Recognition for Indian Scripts
Aditya Raj1, Ranjeet Srivastava2, Tushar Patnaik3, Bhupendra Kumar4

A Survey on Touching Character Segmentation
Alok Kumar1, Madhuri Yadav2, Tushar Patnaik3, Bhupendra Kumar4

Arm Implementation of LSB Algorithm of Steganography
Pallavi Hemant Dixit1, Uttam L. Bombale2

Contextual Advertising through Entity Extraction
Asmita Joshi1, J. S. Sodhi2, Roopali Goel3

Load Flow Study of six bus System by Digital Computer
N. G. Shankarwar1, V. A. Deodhar-Kulkarni2

Comparative Performance of Ceramic Coated Diesel Engine with Mohr Oil in Crude and Biodiesel Form
T. Ratna Reddy1, M.V.S. Murali Krishna2, Ch. Kesava Reddy3, P.V.K.Murthy4

Heat Transfer Enhancement of Solar Still Using Phase Change Materials (PCMs)
S. Ramasamy1, B. Sivaraman2

PIC Based Model of an Intelligent Gate Controller
Philip A. Adewuyi1, Muniru O. Okelola2, Adewale O. Jemilehin3

Synthesis of Beige Pigment on the Basis of (Fe, Zn, Cr, Al) Spinel
S. Naghibzadeh1, M. A. Faghihi-Sani2, S. Baghshahi3

Influence of Microsilica on the Properties of Ordinary Portland cement and Portland Slag Cement with and without Super plasticizers
B. Damodhara Reddy1, S. Aruna Jyothy2, I. V. Ramana Reddy3

Techniques of Performance Appraisal-A Review
Ashima Aggarwal1, Gour Sundar Mitra Thakur2

Automated Examination Using QR Code
Ulhas Shelke1, Ulhas Shelke2, Shahanawaj Patel3

ICI Cancellation Schemes and Selection Criteria in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System: A Review
B. Rama Rao1, K. Srivani2, D Sai Prasanna3

Design of A Low Voltage Low Power CMOS Current Mirror with Enhanced Dynamic Range
Ramanand Harijan1, Padma Devi2, Pawan Kumar3

Shrinkage Properties of HPC using Granite Powder as Fine Aggregate
Felixkala T.1, Sethuraman V. S.2

A Method for Estimating the Effects of Functionality Risk
Ramandeep Kaur1, Neha Malhotra2

Statistical Assessment of New Coordinated Design of PSSs and SVC via Hybrid Algorithm
Ali, E. S.1, Abd-Elazim, S. M2

Analysis and Design of R.C. Deep Beams by Using Newzealand Code and Comparison with Experimental Results Using Strain Gauges
Sudarshan D. Kore1, S.S. Patil2

A Survey on Parallel Partition Prime Multiple Algorithm
Anjali Singla1, Jagpreet Kaur2

A Simple Scheme for Measurement of Power Frequency Deviation
Arshi Salamat