Volume-2 Issue-4, April 2013

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Volume-2 Issue-4, April 2013, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Investigation and Analysis of Efficient Pattern Discovery Method for Text Mining
Asmeeta Mali

An Iterative Pruning Approach of Neural Network for Proficient Noise Cancellation
Shashi Kant Dargar1, Himanshu Purohit2, S C Mahajan3

Wavelet Collocation Solution for Convective Radiative Continuously Moving Fin with Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity
Surjan Singh1, Dinesh Kumar2, K. N. Rai3

Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) for Dynamic Stability in Power System using Modern Control Techniques
Surjan Singh1, Dinesh Kumar2, K. N. Rai3

A Review on BPR and RSCM in an Auto Ancillary Industry: A Combined Thought
Neeraj Kumar1, Amit Sharma2

Review to Digital Watermarking and a Novel Approach to Position the Watermark in the Digital Image
Prabhishek Singh1, R S Chadha2

Adaptive Transmission of Data over the Internet
Ramandeep Singh Chaudhary1, Santosh Deshmukh2, Sanjay Waykar3

Real-Time Group Editors
Maheswari G1, Akiladevi R2

The Effect of Turbulence on the Emissions of an Insulated DI Diesel Engine With Insulted Combustion Chamber
S.Sunil Kumar Reddy1, V. Pandurangadu2, S.P. Akbar Hussain3

Estimated Analysis of Radial Basis Function Neural Network for Induction Motor Fault Detection
Zareen J. Tamboli1, S.R.Khot2

Engineering Properties of Wade Sand-Lime-Cement-Phosphogypsum Building Brick Grade MW
Lamia Bouchhima1, Mohamed Jamel Rouis2, Mohamed Choura3

Updation of Cadastral Maps Using High Resolution Remotely Sensed Data
V. V.Govind Kumar1, K. Venkata Reddy2, Deva Pratap3

Performance and Kinetics of a Huasb Reactor for Treating Tapioca-Based Starch Industrial Waste Stream
S.Govindaradjane1, T.Sundararajan2

Improvement of A C System Stability using Fuzzy Logic based HVDC Controls
MB. Nagu1, M. Sydulu2, P.V. Ramana Rao3

Communication In USB’S For Data Transfer
Omprakash Gawali1, Ketan Pandurang Kale2, Mahesh Sanjay Gund3, Ganesh Balasaheb Gaware4

Bio – Medical Waste Management in Pondicherry Region: A Case Study
C. Rajakannan1, S. Govindaradjane2, T. Sundararajan3

Classification and Selection of Best Saving Service for Potential Investors using Decision Tree – Data Mining Algorithms
Amritpal Kaur1, Sandeep Singh2

Energy-Aware Performance Evaluation of WSNs using Fuzzy Logic
Santosh Kumar Bharti1, Shashi Kant Dargar2, Abha Nyati3

Call Log, Message and Camera Monitoring System over Android
Chinar Regundwar1, Navnath Rahinj2, Priti Rayrikar3, Shashikant Bhosale4, Navnath D. Kale5

Implementation of ATM Algorithm through VHDL
Kuldeep B. Shukla1, Hetal N. Rao2, Arjun H. Joshi3

Securing Personal Health Records in Cloud using Attribute Based Encryption
Priyanka Korde1, Vijay Panwar2, Sneha Kalse3

Assessment of the Tensile Elongation (E %) And Hardening Capacity (Hc) Of Joints Produced In Friction Stir Welded 2017 Aa (Enaw-Alcu 4mgsi) Plates
Ali Trabelsi1, Mohamed-Ali Rezgui2, Smain Bezzina3

A Multi (U) Slotted Rectangular Micro-strip Multiband Patch Antenna
Abhinav Bhargava1, Samrat Ghosh2, Savan Kumar Oad3

A Novel Approach for Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement
E. Mohan1, K.B. Jayarraman2, U. Maheswaran3, D. Sathiyaraj4. G.Dhakshanamoorthi5

Performance Analysis of GSM Coverage considering Spectral Efficiency, Interference and Cell Sectoring
Afsana Nadia1, S. K. Aditya2

Improve the Thermal Efficiency of Gearbox Using Different Type of Gear Oils
Nirvesh S. Mehta1, Nilesh J. Parekh2, Ravi K. Dayatar3

Navigate In India
B. Veeramallu1, M.Aparna2

Water Level Evaluation at Southern Malaysia Reservoir using Fuzzy Composite Programming
Supiah Shamsudin1, Azmi Ab Rahman2, Zaiton Binti Haron3, Lat Da A,P Ai Nam4

Distributing Confidentiality to a Visual Secret Sharing Scheme
Neethu T. Sunil1, V. Tharmalingam2

Secured Administrative Information Management System Using Radio Frequency Identification
Afsana Nadia1, S. K. Aditya2

Navigation Tool for Visually Challenged using Microcontroller

Evolution of Open Spectrum Sharing Technology- A Survey
E.Mohan1, R.Kangayen2, R.Lavanya3, N.Deepa4

Influence of Masonry Infill Walls on Seismic Performance of RC Framed Structures a Comparision of AAC and Conventional Brick Infill
Vikas P. Jadhao1, Prakash S. Pajgade2

Content-Based Image Retrieval by Combining Structural and Content Based Features
P. R. Badadapure

A Novel Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter Using Less Number of Switches
Neelesh Kumar1, Sanjeev Gupta2, S.P.Phulambrikar3

Design and Simulation of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System
Tourkia Lajnef1, Slim Abid2, Anis Ammous3

Structural Models for the Prediction of Compressive Strength of Coconut Fibre-reinforced Concrete
Sule, Samuel

To Analyze Sequence against the Rice Repeat Database VIA Known Repeats & Transposes DNA
Zuhair Hasnain1, Naila Rozi2

Query-Log Aware Data Replicated Declustering
Anisaara Nadaph1, Vikas Maral2

A Memetically Optimized Weighted x^2 Based Approach for Matching Sketches with the Digital Face Images
Kushal J Masarkar1, Lilesh P Wankhade2, Rita Dhage3

Experimental Analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with Diffuser at Condenser Inlet
R. T. Saudagar1, U. S. Wankhede2

Design, Construction and Performance Evaluation of Cassava Chips Dryer Using Fuel Wood
J.T Liberty1, A.U Dzivama2

Improvement of Power System Transient Stability Using an Intelligent Control Method
Mohsen Darabian1, Bahram Khorram2, Mehdi Azari3

Establishing Optimum Process Parameters for Machining Titanium Alloys (Ti6Al4V) In Spark Electric Discharge Machining
K. M. Sivakumar1, R. Gandhinathan2

The Influence of Engine Speed on Exhaust Emission of Four Stroke Spark Ignition Multi Cylinder Engine
Ajay K. Singh1, A. Rehman2

A Serial Based Encryption for Enhanced Access Control in Cloud Computing
N.Pandeeswari1, P.Ganesh Kumar2, P.C.Rubini3

Development of Mechanical Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine in Cost Effective Manner
Himanshu Agarwal1, Kaushalendra Kr. Dubey2, Subhash Kamal3

Energy Efficient Partitioning Of Last Level Cache Memory with Cooling Management for Memory and CPU Subsystems
Vikash Sharma1, Jayant Kumar2

Automatic Fire Sensing and Extinguishig Robot Embedded With GSM Modem
U.Jyostna Sai Prasanna1, M.V.D.Prasad2

An Energy-Efficient Slotted MAC (SL-MAC) Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shivam Pandey1, Mohan Rao Mamdikar2, Bhudev Kumar Mahato3

Study on Remedial Measures to Control Machine Induced Vibration of Factory Building
Gaurang A. Parmar1, Yogesh D. Rathod2, Sunil H. Kukadiya3, Sarthi B. Bhavsar4, Jigar K. Sevalia5

Software Project Health Analysis: Prediction of Outcome at Initial Stage
Deepanshu Sharma1, Banwari2, Deepak Upadhyay3

Ac Power Flow Control of Grid by Series D-Fact
Er.Qasim kamil Mohsin1, Jyoti Shrivastava2

A New Topology of Multiple-Input Converter with Embedded Controller Based Power Management
S. Saravanan1, A. Sureshkumar2, S. Thangavel3

Optimal Path Planning For Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization
Nadia Adnan Shiltagh1, Lana Dalawr Jalal2

X-ray Analysis of Fe doped ZnO Nanoparticles by Williamson-Hall and Size-Strain Plot Methods
Y. T. Prabhu1, K. Venkateswara Methods Rao2, V. Sesha Sai Kumar3, B. Siva Kumari4

Information Hiding using Improved LSB Steganography and Feature Detection Technique
Mamta Juneja1, Parvinder Singh Sandhu2

Bandwidth Improvement of the Rectangular Microstrip Antenna by Using Single Dipole Stub
Yazdan Khan1, Ashish Kumar2, Aakash Dhiman3

Swammis: Sinhgads’wide Area Multiuser and Multitasking Intranet System (Educational ERP)
Mangesh Powar1, Tejas Vichare2, Rashmi Udeg3,Yojana Namdas4, Swati Joshi5

Environmental Sustainability and Cleaner Perspectives - A Challenging Experience from Lignite Mining Industry in India
M. Velan

A Research Paper on Hybrid Intrusion Detection System
Amit Kumar1, Harish Chandra Maurya2, Rahul Misra3

Drowsy Driving Detection System
Ashish Bodanwar1, Rahul Mudpalliwar2, Vikrant Pawar3, Kaustubh Gaikwad4

Online SOC estimation and Intelligent Battery Charger for Solar PV System
S.Saravanan1, R.Vidhya2, S.Thangavel3

Accelerated Life Testing of Ceramic Capacitors and Integration of its Reliability Test Data with PLM Solutions
Kalaiselvan C1, Arun Prakash R2

Modified Group Signature in Online Auction System
Aayush Agarwal1, Rekha Saraswat2

KinoSense: Framework for Tasking Applications on Smartphones using Sensing and Co-ordination
Amruta Deshpande1, Apurva Bhoite2, Ashish Kalbhor3, Sandeep Mane4, Prema Desai5

Wireless Control of a Robotic Arm Using Inertial Sensor
N.Nandhini1, SU.Suganthi2

GSM Based Server Control System (SCS) For Better Security of Computer Automation
Vilas.S.Gaikwad1, Suyog.V.Patil2, Rohan.G.Patil3, Vaibhav.D.Darwadkar4 Sandip.M. Ambulkar5, Ranjit.R.More6

Towards An Improvement of the Security of A WSN Based On Power Management as Part of the QOS
Lamyaa Moulad1,  Mounir Rifi2, Hicham Belhadaoui3, Reda Filali hilali4

Design aspects of Phased Array Antenna at L-Band
Y.Madhuri1, B.Suresh2

Radiation Pattern Analysis of a Fractal Micro-Strip Patch Antenna
J.Prathyusha1, B.Suresh2

Design & Analysis of Microstrip Antenna with Multi-frequency Operations
Manish Rai1, Sandeep Kumar2, Jayanta Ghosh3

Continuous Time Markov Chains–An Optimization on Used Vehicle Sales
K.Mathevan Pillai1, G.Selvam2, P.K.Kumaresan3

A New Technique for Artificial Bandwidth Extension of Speech Signal and its Performance Analysis
Tejal Chauhan1, Shraddha Singh2, Sameena Zafar3

Artificial Intelligence- Is Our Future Bright or Bleak
Gaurav Govind Keswani

An Architecture for Low Power Binary Motion Estimation Architecture
V.Prathap Reddy1, MahendraVucha2

Performance Analysis of Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System with a PMSG during Fault Conditions
Sasi. C1, G.Mohan2

Experimental Investigation of single phase Chevron Type Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger
Vishal R. Naik1, V.K. Matawala2

Design of Two Level DWT Architecture for Multimedia Applications
G.Nagarjuna Reddy1, MahendraVucha2

Devnagari Script Character Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm for Get Better Efficiency
Vedgupt Saraf1, D.S. Rao2

Denoising of Medical Images Using Virtual Instrumentation
A.Umarani1, A.Asha2, M.V.Vandhana3, P.Nandhini4, B.Dhivya5

Effective Data Retrieval System with Bloom in a Unstructured p2p Network
Thumil Vannan .P.S1, S. Uvaraj2

A To Z Applications of a Robot: A Study
Shrikrishan Yadav1, Shailendra Singh2, Dharmendra Dubey3

Abdominal Organ Segmentation Using Sparse Representation and Further Combining Graph Cuts an Oriented Active Appearance Models
Das S.S.1, Bhanuse V.R.2, Dombale A.B3

Transmission of Power through Wireless Systems
Kilaru Kalyan1, Shaik Avaes Mohsin2, Angadi Suresh3

Remote Health Monitoring using Wireless Body Area Network
Prathamesh Dinkar1, Abhishek Gulavani2, Sourabh Ketkale3, Pratik Kadam4, Sheetal Dabhade5

An Ameliorated Approach towards Automating the Relational Database Normalization Process
P.B.Alappanavar1, Dhiraj Patil2, Radhika Grover3, Srishti Hunjan4, Yuvraj Girnar5

Performance Evaluation of Axially Loaded Element Using Bamboo as Reinforcement
Jigar K. Sevalia1, Nirav B. Siddhpura2, Deep B. Shah3, Jai V. Kapadia4, Chetan S. Agrawal5

A Fuzzy Logic Control Based Novel Fast Charging Scheme for Electric Vehicle with Hybrid Energy Storage System
V.Umachitra1, N.Chandrasekaran2

Dynamic Data Storage Auditing Services in Cloud Computing
Rakhi Bhardwaj1, Vikas Maral2

Detailed Investigation on Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) using Intelligent Signal Processing
Debanjan Mukherjee1, Asim Kumar Jana2, Malay Kumar Pandit3

Heterogeneous Multi-Classifiers for Moving Vehicle Noise Classification using Bootstrap Method
N. Abdul Rahim1, Paulraj M P2, A.H. Adom3

Reduction of Test Cases and Prioritization by using Weight Concept
Tarun Kumar Gautam1, Neha Bajpai2

TEST-JIG Card for Signal Conditioning Using DSPIC Microcontroller
Taslim Shaikh1, Ninad Sikchi2, Seema Rajput3

Image Fusion Techniques and Fuzzy Logic Methods Using Virtual Instrumentation
R. Naveeth Kumar1, S.L.Hemanth Chakkaravarthy2, K.B.Pradeep3, C.J.Nirmal Kumar4

Kinematic Analysis of 3 D.O.F of Robot
Janakinandan Nookala1, Prudhvi Gogineni2, Suresh Babu G3

Detection of SQL Injection Attack and Various Prevention Strategies
Priyanka1, Vijay Kumar Bohat2

Design Parameters of Pulsating/Oscillating Heat Pipe: A Review
T.R. Mohod1, R.T. Saudagar2, P.R. Ingole3, A.M. Choube4

Reliability Enhancement from http Log Files In Composite Web Services
P.Maruthurkarasi (alias) Rohini1, C.Jayaprakash2, R.Balaji Ganesh3

Analysis of Different Wavelets by Correlation
Ritesh Jain1, Suraiya Parveen2

A Two Layer Approach to Image Authentication and Encryption through ECC & Voice Features (MFCC, Pitch Value)
Vikas Pardesi1, N. S. Raghava2

Performance Analysis of three phases three wire Series Active Power Filter
Asma Fatma Arif1, Jyoti Shrivastava2

A Review on Routing Protocols in MANET based on Routing Information Update Mechanism
P.Manivannan1, P.Karunanidhi2, S.Bharathiraja3, K.Ramesh4

A Post Processing Procedure for Surface Acoustic Wave RFID Using COMSOL
Mahsa Pournia1, Morteza Fathipour2

Partitioning of Modified Histograms to Generate 27 Bins Feature Vector to Improve Performance of CBIR
H. B. Kekre1, Kavita Sonawane2

Cloud Data Management Interface based Storage Virtualization Mechanism for Cloud Computing
Vijay. G.R1, A.Rama Mohan Reddy2

Effect of High Wind Penetration, Grid Strength- ening and Compensation on Steady State Operating Point of DFIG Interfaced Power System
D. Padma Subramanian1, Anly Abraham2

Migration of On-Chip Networks from 2 Dimensional Plane to 3 Dimensional Plane
Naveen Choudhary

An Approach of Private-Key Encryption Technique Based on Multiple Operators And Nth Even or Odd Term For Even or Odd Bit Position’s Value of A Plain Text’s Character
Ramakrishna Das1, Saurabh Dutta2

Design and Fabrication of an Electronic Fuel Injection Kit for a Conventional Small Capacity SI Engine
G.Karthikeyan1, M.Ramajayam2, A.Pannirselvam3

Inelastic Effects of Biaxial Excitation on Geometrically Asymmetric Plan Building with Biaxial Eccentricity
Nishant Kumar K.1, Rajul K. Gajjar2

Pilot Scale Production of Azotobacter Biofertilizer and Its Effect on the Growth Parameters of Ocimum Sanctum
M.Shanmuga Priya1, Reyaz Farooq2, Divyashree K3, A.K Satheesh Babu4, M.Lakshmi Prabha5, Prasad M.P6

U - Slot Loaded Broadband Rectangular Microstrip Antenna
Rajesh Kumar Verma1, P. K. Singhal2

Feasibility of Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies For The Wattle Company’s Vumba Sawmill Wood Waste
Kunatsa T1, Musademba D2

Cluster Based Key Revocation and Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Network a Survey
Nimisha C. Chaudhari

Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) Based Image Transmission Using Hadamard Transform as PAPR Reduction Technique
Mehboob ul Amin1, Randhir Singh2, Javaid.A.Skeikh3

Analytical Design of State Feedback Controllers for a Nonlinear Interacting Tank Process
S. Nagammai1, S.Latha2, I.Aarifa3, S.D.Idhaya4

Design of C-Band Square Microstrip Patch Antenna with Dual Feed for Radar Applications Using ADS
V.Harsha Ram Keerthi1, N.Sri pravallika2, P.Srinivasulu3

Proposed Ways to Extract Maximum Efficient Power Out Of a Solar Panel
N.Gopi Chand1, K.Ravi Teja2, M.Sridevi3

Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) for the Mitigations of Power Quality Problems in Distribution System
M.Kalyanasundaram1, Merin P.George2, S.Suresh Kumar3

A Survey on AODV Protocol Performance with Black Hole Node in MANET
Alok Rao1, Narendra Upadhyay2, Vivek Kumar Rai3

Development of an Appropriate Briquetting Machine for Use in Rural Communities
Obi, O. F.1, Akubuo, C. O.2, Okonkwo, W. I.3

Critical FactorsAffecting Labour Productivity InConstruction Projects: Case Study of South Gujarat Region of India
Mistry Soham1, Bhatt Rajiv2

Design of Interdigital Bandpass Filter
N. Durga Indira1, K. Nalini2, Habibulla Khan3

Spam Mail Visualization through Open Relay On Firewall Gateway
Shashank Shekhar1, Gurpreet Singh2

DWT Based Invisible Watermarking Technique for Digital Images
Pallavi Patil1, D.S. Bormane2

Mobile Cloud Computing
Priyanka Asrani

Privacy Preserving Scalar Product Computation for Mobile Healthcare Emergency
Aparnaa.M1, Sacred HeartAmir.C2, Vigneshwari. K3, VishnuKumar.A4

Multi Attribute Based Technique in Key Generation System
Aparna.V1, Jabisha Arul2, Nandhini. S3, Vishnu Kumar. A4

Analyze performance of Median Filter and Center Weighted Median Filter for Efficient Removal of Impulse Noise Using ARM
Aparna Madhavrao Harale1, J.S.Chitode2

Bit Error Rate Performance of BPSK Modulation and OFDM-BPSK with Rayleigh Multipath Channel
M. Divya

Low Cost Ethernet Based Data Acquisition System in Linux Platform
K.Tanveer Alam1, B.Rama Murthy2, Mahammad D.V3, U. Sunitha4,  P.Thimmaiah5

Influence of Treatment Tarot Kaolin by Thermal Method on Hard and Fresh Properties of Cement Mortar
Mohamed A Aboubakar1, Eshmaiel Ganjian2, Homayoon Pouya3, A M Akash4, H M Abdussalam5

Design and Analysis of Copper Honeycomb Sandwich Structure
A.Gpoichand1, R.Mohanrao2, N.V.S Sankar3, G.Rama Balaji4, P.Sandeep Kumar5

Speckle Noise Removal and Enhancement of SAR Images
Saumya Dubey1, Deepak Tiwari2, O.P.Singh3, K.K. Singh4

Modeling and Analysis of Puma Robot Using Mat Lab
D.Bhanuprakash1, A.Gopichand2, M.Padmalatha3, R.V.S.Lakshmi4, P.S.N.Raju5

Edge Adaptive Steganography Using DWT
Ajinkya S. Jamdar1, Atul V. Shah2, D. D. Gavali3, S. L. Kurkute4

A literature survey on Facial Expression Recognition using Global Features
Vaibhavkumar J. Mistry1, Mahesh M. Goyani2

A Survey of Existing Playfair Ciphers
Jitendra Choudhary1, Ravindra Kumar Gupta2, Shailendra Singh3

A Database Encryption Technique to Enhance Security Using Hill Cipher Algorithm
Jasdeep Singh Bhalla

Structural Analysis of Truck Chassis Frame and Design Optimization for Weight Reduction
Hirak Patel1, Khushbu C. Panchal2, Chetan S. Jadav3

3-D Image Reconstruction from 2-D Image Using Lab VIEW
N.V.Sai Swaroop1, A.V.S.S.T.Siddharatha2, A.SriNath3, S.Vandana4, G.Shanthi5

Payment Card Fraud Identification
Rajnish Kumar1, Praneet Kumar Gaurav2, Swati Shahi3, Amol Sitaram Kardel4

Quantifying Portability of an Aspect Oriented Software Using Fuzzy Logic
Bhavesh Mathur1, Satish Kumar Nath2

Performance Analysis of Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger
Jay J. Bhavsar1, V K. Matawala2, S.B.Dixit3

Cooling Systems in Automobiles & Cars
Gogineni. Prudhvi1, Gada.Vinay2, G.Suresh Babu3

Novel Routing Approaches for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
R.Regan1, D.Muruganandam2, K.Rajagopal3

A Robust Digital Video Watermarking
J. Suganya Shesathri1, S.K.Yaamini2

Privacy Preserving USOR Protocol Using Mobile Adhoc Networks
R.Regan1, D.Muruganandam2, S. Senthil3

Classification of Patents by Using the Text Mining Approach Based On PCA and Logistics
Manmeet Kaur1, Richa Sapra2

A Case Study on Chemical Properties of Ground Water in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India
R. Padmanaban1, M. Dharmendira Kumar2, P.B. Sakthivel3, N.S. Elangovan4

FPGA Modeling of IEEE754-2008 Standard for Financial Transactions
P.Anil kumar1, V.Narasimha Nayak2, Fazal Noorbasha3

Mixed Numerical-Experimental Identification Based on Modal Testing
S. Badshah

The Role of Optical Amplifiers in Optical Fiber Communication
B.Bala Subbanna1, L.P.Divya Meenakshi2

Performance and Exhaust Emission Analysis of Thermal Barrier Coated Diesel Engine Using Rice Bran Oil Biodiesel
Sunil I. Patel1, Dipak C. Gosai2, Vandana Y. Gajjar3

Offline Signature Verification and Identification Using Angle Feature and Pixel Density Feature And Both Method Together
Rahul Verma1, D.S. Rao2

Security-Efficient Routing For Highly Dynamic MANETS
S.Sharon Ranjini1, G.Shine Let2

Imperium Management
Niyanta Panure1, Sharvari Joshi2, Swapnal Jawale3, Minal Rathod4, D.G. Bhalke5

Automated Segmentation of Lung Regions and Detection of Lung Cancer in CT scan
Sasidhar B1, Ramesh Babu D R2, Bhaskarao N3, Basheer Jan4

Transient Stability of a Multi Machine Power System
Devender Kumar1, Balwinder Singh Surjan2

Voltage Profile Analysis for IEEE 30 Bus System Incorporating with UPFC
Amit Debnath1, Champa Nandi2, Joseph Rualkima Rante3

Diesel Engine Perormance Improvement by Using Cetane Improver
Goutham Solasa1, Nariganani SD Satadeep2, T.Raghu Krishna Prasad3, G.Suresh Babu4

Response of Broccolli to Irrigation Scheduling and Methods under Drip, Sprinkler and Surface Irrigation
S. K. Himanshu1, A. K. Singh2, S. Kumar3, P. Kalura4

An ECG Data Compression Method Via Local Maxima and ASCII Character Encoding
Raj Kumar1, Sandeep Kumar2, Manish Rai3, Sanket Kumar4

Modal Analysis of Chassis
Goutham Solasa1, Nariganani SD Satadeep2, T.Raghu Krishna Prasad3, G.Suresh Babu4

Low Power CMOS Counter Using Clock Gated Flip-Flop
Upwinder Kaur1, Rajesh Mehra2

State of The Art in Software Size & Effort Estimation
Charan Singh Chandna1, Shourabh Dave2

Detecting and Eliminating Rogue Access Points in IEEE-802.11 WLAN Based on Agents Terminology and Skew Intervals: A Proposal
Ahmed Ayad Abdalhameed

Effect of Microwaves Treated Soil on Growth of Mustard Plants
Akhil Gupta1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

Study On Stress – Strain Behaviour of Hardened Concrete with HVFA, GGBS AND GBS as Partial Replacement Materials
Suvarna Latha Kakara1, M V Seshagiri Rao2

Use of Side Door Intrusion Test Facility for TYRE Strength Test
Amey G Badar1, Sagar B Bangar2, Vinayak Sudalai3

Identifying Performance Criterion of Software Projects That Leads To Increasing Project Productivity and Software Quality (A Pilot Study)
Mohamed El Zeweidy1, Mohamed Mounir2

Tongue Diagnosing With Sequential Image Enhancement Methods
M. Dhanalakshmi1, P. Premchand2, A. Govardhan3

Analysis and Design of Capacitive Coupled Wideband Microstrip Antenna in C and X band
Sandeep Kumar1, Manish Rai2, Raj Kumar3, Jayanta Ghosh4

Operation to Reduce Rejection in Cylinder Liners Manufacturing
K.Srinivasa Rao1, V.N.S.Surendar Reddy2, M.Sunil Kumar3, B.Abhi Ram4

Model Analysis of Axially Symmetric Linear Rotating Structures
M. Varun Kumar1, B. Ashiwini Kumar2

Design of System for the Power Production from Waste Air of Exhaust Fans at Industries & Buildings
Dhaval K. Patel1, Mistry Ashvin Kumar Paramanand2, Chandra Abhinesh Shyamsaran3, Kahar Subhash Harinam4, Shirish K. Patel5

An Application of SOBI Architecture for Cross-selling in Telecoms Industry
Mona Bakharaei Nia1, Tanko Ishaya2, Mehdi Shajari3

Algorithm for Testing NAND Flash Random Access Memory
G. Lokheshwara Guptha1, M. Anil Kumar2

Intelligent Memory Augmentation and Pervasive Computing Techniques for Current Reminders, Recalls
J.S. Lather1, Neeraj Garg2, S.K. Dhurandher3

Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocol for Varying Number of Nodes
Akhilesh Kumar1, Ritesh Kumar Mishra2

An FSM Based VGA Controller with 640×480 Resolution
Ila.Nagarjuna1, Pillem. Ramesh2

Image Encryption Using Discrete Fourier Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform
Ashutosh1, Deepak Sharma2

Traffic Load Computation for Real Time Traffic Signal Control
Pratishtha Gupta1, G.N Purohit2, Sweta Pandey3

Malicious Android Applications in market place: How Do We Fix It?
Prakash Waghamode1, Vilas Gaikwad2, Pravin Kamble3

Designing and Optimization of Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistor
Arvind Kumar Jaiswal1, Anil Kumar2, Shailendra Kumar Shukla3, Saurabh Sharma4

The Scaling-Free CORDIC Using Generalized Micro-Rotation Selection
Shruthi Shree1, Sudha H2

Secure Data Aggregation for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
Jyoti Kaurav1, Kaushik Ghosh2

Bioremediation of Textile Dyes by White Rot Fungi Isolated From Western Ghats Area
M. Shanmuga Priya1, Divyashree K2, Chiranjeeb Goswami3, M Lakshmi Prabha4, A.K Satheesh Babu5

The Impact of Cutting Conditions on Cutting Forces and Chatter Length for Steel and Aluminum
Vinay Babu Gada1, Janakinandan Nookala2, Suresh Babu G3

Reversible Watermarking Based on Prediction Error Expansion and Pixel Selection on Color Image
G.S.Raman1, C.Surya2, R.Balaji Ganesh3

Algorithm for Face Matching Using Normalized Cross-Correlation
C. Saravanan1, M. Surender2