Volume-2 Issue-5, June 2013

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Volume-2 Issue-5, June 2013, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Static Analysis and Optimisation of Chassis and Suspension of an All-Terrain Vehicle
Thanneru Raghu Krishna Prasad1, Goutham Solasa2, Nariganani SD Satyadeep3, G.Suresh Babu4

Study on Shear Behaviour of High Strength Concrete (HSC) Slender Beams

Nonlinear Dynamics of a BJT Based Colpitts Oscillator with Tunable Bias Current
Suvra Sarkar1, Sandeepa Sarkar2, Bishnu Charan Sarkar3

Hydrochemical Studies along Coastal Areas of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh
M. Mohan Babu1, G.K. Viswanadh2

Comparison of High Pressure DC-sputtering and Pulsed Laser Deposition of Superconducting Bi1.6Pb0.4Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ
Ghazala Y.Hermiz1, Mahdi H. Suhail2, Suzan M.Shakouli3

Hand Gesture Recognition via Covariance Method
Ginu Thomas1, Rahul Vivek Purohit2

Voltage Control of Variable Speed Induction Generator Using PWM Converter
Sivakami.P1, Karthigaivel.R2, Selvakumaran.S3

Reading Users’ Minds from Their Eyes: A Method for Implicit Image Annotation
Arti R.Bhore1, N.D.Kale2

Design of Micro - Hydro - Electric Power Station
Bilal Abdullah Nasir

Mitigating Phase Noise Effects in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Using Phase Locked Loop
Ojasvi Bhatia1, Yogesh Kumar Gupta2

Dynamic Simulation of Robust Sensorless Speed Measurement in IM Using MRAC against Variations in Stator Resistance and Rotor-Time Constant
Srikanth Mandarapu1, Sreedhar Lolla2, Madhu Chandra Popuri3

Solar Panel Tracking System for GSM Based Agriculture System
Aruna.D.Mane1, Sirkazi Mohd Arif2, Shaikh Sehzad3, Shaikh Sohai4

Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits Using dc Approach
Vaibhav Sharma1, Ankit Verma2

Investigation of Adaptive Multipath Routing For Load Balancing In MANET
Bhavana Sharma1, Shaila Chugh2, Vishmay Jain3

A Hybrid Approach for Securing Biometric Template
Shweta Malhotra1, Chander Kant Verma2

Hardware Modeling of VTD- Cache for fine Grain Voltage Scaling
Y. Ch Sekhar1, P.S. Srinivas Babu2

Detection of Remnant Material and Its Quantification
H. B. Kekre1, Dhirendra Mishra2, Prasad Rangnekar3, Raja Ketkar4

Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on Development of Fresh and Hardened Properties of Recycled Self-compacting Concrete
Mounir M. Kamal1, Mohamed A. Safan2, Zeinab A. Etman3, Mahmoud A. Abd-elbaki4

A Novel Approach for Facial Expression Recognition Using Euclidean Distances
Annu1, Chander Kant2

Speech Enhancement Using DCT
S.C.Shekokar1, M. B. Mali2

Efficient Design and Implementation of 4-Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm
Ankit Gupta1, Mridul Gupta2, Neelakshi Bajpai3, Pooja Gupta4, Prashant Singh5

Development and Validation of Performance Measures for Green Supplier Selection in Indian Industries
Samadhan P. Deshmukh1, Vivek K. Sunnapwar2

Scale Identification of an Audio Input
Alan Shaji Idicula1, Kalpana Balani2, Preetesh Shetty3, Sayali Thalve4, T. Rajani Mangala5

Bearing Capacity on Slope Modeling with Composite Bamboo Pile Reinforcement
As’ad Munawir1, Murni Dewi2, Yulvi Zaika3, Agoes Soehardjono MD4

Temperature- Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling in Green Clouds
Vikas Kumar

Embedded Based Automated Student Attendance Governing System
Sahana S Bhandari

Survey on Privacy and Data Security Issues in Cloud Computing
Mangala K. Pai1, Jayalakshmi D.S.2

Thermal Analysis of A6061-Boron/Silicon Carbide Composite for In-plane Transverse Loading
Vishwanath V.H.1, S. J. Sanjay2, V. B. Math3

EESRBM: Energy Efficient Stateless Receiver Based Multicast Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
N. Muthuvairavan Pillai1, J.George Chellin Chandran2

Monogamous Pairs Genetic Algorithm (MopGA)
Ting Yee Lim1, Ahamad Tajudin Khader2

Automatic Loading & Unloading CNC turning Centre DX 200
Nehul J. Thakkar1, Viral B. Prajapati2, Shailesh M. Patel3

Development of a Short Message Service (SMS) Based Online Earth Moving Equipment Catalogue
Athman Gunda1, Kiptanui Too2

The Better Optimization Technique for the Placement of DG In Order To Reduce Overall Cost of Power System
Subin Sunny1, P.Balaji2

Velocity, Turbulent Intensity and Pressure Measurements in Turbulent Separated and Curved Flows
Onur Yemenici1, Habib Umur2

Speaker Recognition System Based On MFCC and DCT
Garima Vyas1, Barkha Kumari2

Declined Rectangular Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi-Max and S-Band Application
Sarthak Singh1, Sakshi Singh2, Jitesh Kumar3, Ankit Bajpa4

A Study of the Effect of Magnetic Field on the Transport of Cargos through Nuclear Pore Complex
Parul Saxena1, Lokendra Kumar2

Study the Effects of Encryption on Compressive Sensed Data
Minal N. Chavhan1, S.O.Rajankar2

A Multiple Nonagon Void Slotted Rectangular Micro-Strip Patch Antenna
Jitesh Kumar1, Sakshi Singh2, Sarthak Singh3, Arvind Gaur4

Design of Arrow Head Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wlan Applications
Sakshi Singh1, Jitesh Kumar2, Sarthak Singh3, Shalabh Gaur4

Performance Enhancement of Cloud Computing with Clustering
Bhupendra Panchal1, R.K.Kapoor2

Optimal Anycast Technique for Delay-Sensitive Energy-Constrained Asynchronous Sensor Networks
Er. Jagdish Patil1, Er. Pratik Gite2, Sanjay Thakur3

Mixed Pixel Resolution by Evolutionary Algorithm: A Survey
Er. Mittu Mittal1, Er. Gagandeep Kaur2

A Survey: Access Patterns Mining Techniques and ACO
Abhishek Mathur1, Trapti Agrawal2

More Accurate and Fast Fault Identification on Power Networks Using Artificial Neural Networks
Surender Kumar Yellagoud1, Munjuluri Sree Harsha2, Bhamidipati Sridhar3

Effect of Vermicompost, Vermiwash and Application Time on Soil Micronutrients Composition
M. M. Manyuchi1, A. Phiri2, P. Muredzi3

A Study of Power Formers and Their Impact on Power System Reliability and Environment
Surender Kumar Yellagoud1, Naman Bhadula2, Siddharth Sobt3

Converting UML Description of Software Architecture to Stochastic Process Algebra and Performance Evaluation
Rahmat Zolfaghari

A Novel Data Hiding Framework Using Switching Threshold Mechanism
Saurabh Agrawal1, J. S. Yadav2, Ravindranath C. Cherukuri3

A Case Study on Curve Design for Improvements to Existing Master Plan Roads
P.Sreenu1, Appa Rao G2, SSSV Gopala Raju3

An Advanced Robot -Robin Heart (A Surgeon without Hand Tremor)
Aruna.D.Mane1, Sirkazi Mohd Arif2, Waleed Abdu Rahiman3

Experimental Study of an Improvedk-Means Algorithm and Its Comparison with Standardk-Means
Sonal Miglani1, KanwalGarg2

Circuit Edit Technology for Submicron Structures in Semiconductor Devices
A. M. Khan

Simulation of a Secure Efficient Dynamic Routing In Wireless Sensor Network
Shobha.K1, Mamatha Jadhav.V2

A Novel Approach for Data Encryption Standard Algorithm
Prashanti.G1, Deepthi.S2, Sandhya Rani.K3

3D Volume Rendering Algorithm
Pravin P Kalyankar1, S S Apte2

A Study of Channel Assignment Strategies used for Uncoordinated WLANs
Achal Badgujar1, Swati Nikam2

Concept & Proposed Architecture of Hybrid Intrusion Detection System using Data Mining
Sandeep Kumar Singh1, Nishant Chaurasia2, Pragya Sharma3

Energy Aware Resource Allocation in Cloud Datacenter
Manasa H.B1, Anirban Basu2

Reliable Data Collection Using Mobile Data Collector in Wireless Sensor Network
S.H.Patil1, S.M.Shinde2

An Approach for Classification of Preprocessed Textures Based On Boundary Moments
M. Rama Bai

Performance Analysis of Tikhonov Distributed Phase Error over Wireless Fading Channels
Jasjeet Singh Pannu

Comparative Study of Radio Channel Propagation and Modeling for 4G Wireless Systems
Chhaya Dalela

Real Time Data Warehousing using Dynamic SQL
Sweety V. Batavia

Design and Implementation A Digital Sine-Cosine Generator Based FPGA
Z.Nouman1, B.Klima2, J.Knobloch3

Design & Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
Firoz Khan1, Rajeev Kumar2

Treatment of Industrial Analgesic Wastewater by Submerged Membrane Bioreactor
S.Sundararaman1, R.Saravanane2, T.Sundararajan3

Feasibility Study of Using Recycled Coarse Aggregate as a Radiation Shielding Material
M. Ashiquzzaman1, Mohiuddin K. Shourav2, K. M. Masud Rana3

Novel Video Denoising Using 3-D Transformation Techniques
Matheel E. Abdulmunim1, Rabab F. Abass2

Network Interface Design and Implementation for NoC on FPGA with advanced Hardware and Networking Functionalities
Veeraprathap.V1, M.Nagaraja2, M.Z.Kurian3

Measurement and Transmission of Atmospheric Parameters Using Radio Frequency Communication
Dushyant Pande1, Sanjeev Gaba2

Performance Comparison of Vedic Multiplier and Booth Multiplier

Characterization of As Cast and Heat Treated Aluminium 6061/Zircon sand/Graphite Particulate Hybrid Composites
Gopi K.R1, Mohandas K.N2, Reddappa H.N3, M.R. Ramesh4

Numerical and Experimental Validation of Low Exergy System for Heating and Cooling Of Residential Buildings
Simon Muhič1, Milan Šturm2, Mitja Mazej3

Differential Evolution Algorithm for Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow
Priyadarshini. M1, Murali Babu. B2

Voltage Regulation of Variable Speed Wind Turbine using MATLAB/Simulink
Arshad Nawaz1, Muhammad Naeem Arbab2

Influences of the Welding Process Parameters on the Weldability of Material
Susheel Kumar Sharma1, Syed Hasan Mehdi2

Effect of Mobility and Different Data Traffic in Wireless Ad-hoc Network through Qual Net
Shubhangi Mishra1, Ashish Xavier Das2, A.K.Jaisawal3

A New Method for Obtaining an Optimal Solution for Transportation Problems
S. Ezhil Vannan1, S. Rekha2

Analysis of Corrosion Prevention Methods in Railway Coaches and Bogies
K.Velayutham1, U.Arumugam2, B.Kumaragurubaran3, P.Gopal4

Optimizing the Plasma Spray Process Parameters of Yttria Stabilized Coatings on Aluminum Alloy Using Response Surface Methodology
B.Kumaragurubaran1, T. Parthipa Saravana Kumar2, T.Senthil Kumar3, M. Chandrasekar4

Survey Detection and Prevention Scheme against Wormhole Attack in MANET
Mohini Gupta1, Amit Kanungo2

Co-operative and Threshold Detection Method and Proposed Algorithm for Black Hole Attack
Shanu Singh1, Shikha Chandana2, Amit Kumar Pandey3

A Novel Speed-up Feature Matching Algorithm for Image Registration using SUSAN and RANSAC
Monica P. Chanchlani1, Madhuri Khambete2

A Fast Level Set Algorithm for Liver Tumor Segmentation
Sajith A.G1, Hariharan.S2

Some Classes of Fuzzy I – Convergent Difference Double Sequence Spaces Associated With Multiplier Sequences
B. Nath1, S. Roy2

Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing Using RMI Protocol
Sushma K S1, Vinay Kumar V2

Crime Prevention through Alternate Route Finding In Traffic Surveillance Using CCTV Cameras
Gupta, P.1, Purohit, G. N.2, Dadhich, A3

Effect of Impedance Load on the Power Factor of Microcontroller Based Power System
Abhinav Sharma1, Saleem Khan2, Shavet Sharma3, Parveen Lehana4

Investigation of the Effect of Inductive Load on Harmonic Distortion of IGBT based Power System
Jyoti Lalotra1, Saleem Khan2, Shavet Sharma3, Parveen Lehana4

Analysis of Hard Chromium Coating Defects and its Prevention Methods
L.Maria Irudaya Raj1, Sathishkumar.J2, B.Kumaragurubaran3, P.Gopal4

Voltage Profile Improvement and Power Loss Reduction in Different Power Bus Systems Using TCSC
Megha Parolekar1, V.G.Bhongade2, S.Dutt3

The Fundamental Results on Non-Associative Rings with Cyclic Property
L. Sreenivasulu Reddy1, T. Mahesh Kumar2, C. Jaya Subba Reddy3

Forecasting Power Demand Using Neural Networks Model
Shima Simsar1, Mahmood Alborzi2, Jamshid Nazemi3, Mahmood Abbasi Layegh4

Surface Roughness Optimization Techniques of CNC Turning: A Review
A.Sathyavathi1, M.R.Rajaraman2, B.Kumaragurubaran3, P.Gopal4

Influence of Mn-Zn Co-Substitution on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Magnesium Ferrite
S.V. Kshirsagar1, V.N. Dhage2, S.J. Shukla3, K.M. Jadhav4

Hydraulic Study, Design & Analysis of Different Geometries of Drip Irrigation Emitter Labyrinth
Sachin S Patil1, P T Nimbalkar2, Abhijit Joshi3

Review on: Low Power VLSI Design of Modified Booth Multiplier
Shweta S. Khobragade1, Swapnali P. Karmore2

Assessment of the Wound-Healing Process by Accurate Single View Issue Classification and Depth Estimation for Telemedicine
K. Sundeep Kumar1, Lalitha Asokan2, Priyadarshini M.P3, B. Eswara Reddy4

High Speed Efficient Karatsuba- Ofman Pipelined Multiplier for Low Contrast Image Enhancement
Triveni.K.S1, E. Elavarasi2

Development of RFID Based Library Management System Using MATLAB
C. Srujana1, B. Rama Murthy2, K.Tanveer Alam3, U. Sunitha4, Mahammad D.V5, P.Thimmaiah6

Energy Efficiency by Utilizing Link Quality and Loop Breaking In WSN
Sridevi P.M1, Jitendranath Mungara2, K. Sundeep Kumar3, Manoj Challa4

Performance Analysis of EDFA for different Pumping Configurations at High Data Rate
Prachi Shukla1, Kanwar Preet Kaur2

Enhanced Routing Technique for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Aaradhna Dubey1, Rajneesh Agrawal2, Rajender Singh Yadav3

Implementation of Software for VPLS Service Reconfiguration
Anil Kumar G1, P Jayarekha2, Krishna Kumar M3, H S Guruprasad4

The New Forms of the Industrial Maintenance: Which Impact in the Performance of the Industrial Companies? (Case study)
A.Rachidi1, A.Talbi2, A.Khatory3

Predictive Analytics in Retail Banking
Disha Budale1, Dashrath Mane2

Improved Technique for Audio Watermarking Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Mangal Patil1, J. S. Chitode2

Efficientand Quick Algorithm for Processor Allocation in Mesh Multi-Computers Network
Rahmat Zolfaghari

E - Partner System for Construction or a New ERA for Business Partnering in Construction Industry
Gargi Amrujkar1, Pramila Adavi2

Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Using Matlab
Garima Nautiyal1, Rajesh Kumar2

Effects of Copper and Magnesium on Microstructure and Hardness of Al-Cu-Mg Alloys
N. Nafsin1, H. M. M. A. Rashed2

Real-Time Communication between Aero Gas Turbine Engine Controller and Pilot Online Monitoring System
Anupa.K1, Channabasappa Baligar2

Tuning of PID Controller for superheated Steam Temperature System using Modified Zeigler-Nichols Tuning Algorithm
A. Yasmine Begum1, G.V. Venkata Marutheswar2, K. Ayyappa Swamy3

The Water Demand Management in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Mohammed Saleh Al. Ansari