Volume-2 Issue-6, August 2013

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Volume-2 Issue-6, August 2013, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Analysis of Crack Propagation in Thin Metal Sheet, Three Point Bend Specimen, and Double Cantilever Beam
Negarullah Naseebullah Khan1, Nitesh P. Yelve2

Comparing the BER Performance of WiMAX System by Using Different Concatenated Channel Coding Techniques under AWGN, Rayleigh and Rician Fading Channels
Rekha S.M1, Manoj P.B2

Activity Based Data Management in Mobile Environment Using CART and ID3 Data Mining Techniques
Er. Satwant Kaur1, Er. Varinderjit Kaur2, Er. Gurpreet Singh3

Testing of Diameter- Based Protocol in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Vinay Kumar.S.B1, Mahendra Kumar M.D2

Synthesis of Magneto Rheological Fluid
S. K. Mangal1, Mukul Kataria2, Ashwani Kumar3

Binary Morphology Operator To Extract Binary Edge Of An Image
A. Pushpa Latha1,P. Krishna Chaithanya2

A Relative Study on Search Results Clustering Algorithms - K-means, Suffix Tree and LINGO
R.Mahalakshmi1, V.Lakshmi Praba2

Mass Transfer Study of a Single Phase Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) in 90° Copper Elbow
M. A. Fouad1, T. M. Zewail2, N. K. Amine3, Y.A. El-Taweel4

Security on Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Using Onion Routing Encryption
Ritu Aggarwal

An Iris Feature Extraction Using 2D-Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Ajita Singh1, Jayesh Gangrade2

Automatic Design of Cooling Channels for Block Laminated Molds: A Resolution Study
Jianguo Liang1, Hiroyuki Narahara2, Hiroshi Koresawa3, Hiroshi Suzuk4

Design of Grounding System for High Voltage Substations
Dwarka Prasad1, H.C.Sharma2

Leakage Reduction in WDR Image Sensors with Halftone Pixels

Performance Based Survey of Routing Protocol in MANET
Anjali Sharma1, Alpna Singh2

A Novel Channel Assignment Protocol for Uncoordinated WLANS
Achal Badgujar1, Swati Nikam2

Enhanced Image Fusion Algorithm with Neural Networks for Sonar Images
K.S.Jeen Marseline1, C.Meena2

Wind Effects on Overhead Tank under Different Soil Parameters
Aatish Kumar1, R.K. Pandey2, C.S. Mishra3

Mobility in Name-Based Home Ad Hoc Networks
Tharinda Nishantha Vidanagama1, Hidenori Nakazato2

Anatomizing Quantum Transport in Molecular Junctions with Cyanide and its Isomer as Anchors
Rupan Preet Kaur1, Ravinder Singh Sawhney2, Harpinder Kaur3

Mesh Topology of NoC Architecture Using Source Routing Algorithm
Vaishali V.Ingle1, Mahendra A. Gaikwad2

Safety Management System of Construction Activities in AUE Infrastructure Project
Ganapathi Bhat1, Y.S.Sidde Gowda2

Managing Variability in Model Transformations for Model-Driven Product Lines
Naoufel Kraiem1, Imen Boudich2, Zuhoor Al Khanjari3, Yassine Jamoussi4

Slotted Dumbbell Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi-Max Frequency Band of 3.4-3.69 GHZ
Anupam Kumar Yadav1, V.K Pandey2, Shubhi Agarwal3

Automated Test Case Generation Based on Event-Oriented and Aspect-Oriented Programming Sequence with Error Detection Technique
Annasaro Vijendran1, N.R.Suganya2

Heat Transfer at Microscales – Accomplishments and Oppurtunities
Nishit Bedi

Mems 3-Axis Accelerometer Based Black Box for Fragile Package Damage Identification
Lakshmi.B1, P.Srinivasulu2

A Comprehensive Experimental Study on the Performance of Fly Ash concrete
Asma Abd Elhameed Hussein1, Nasir Shafiq2, Muhd Fadhil Nuruddini3

Retreading of Tyres
Anurag Sharma

Automatic Wheelchair using Gesture Recognition
Rakhi A. Kalantri1, D.K. Chitre2

Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of Delta Parallel Robot for Chest Compression Task
G.Yedukondalu1, J.Suresh Kumar2, A.Srinath3, V. Naga Venkatesh4

A Watershed Segmentation Process based on Progressive Median Filtering & Gradient Map
Ankur Chourasia1, Akhilesh Singh Thakur2, Vibha Tiwari3

Survey Paper on Cloud Computing
Vikas Kumar

Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer for Laminar and Turbulent Flow over Ribbed Walls
Onur Yemenici1, Ali Sakin2

Efficient Fusion based Directional and Textural features for Signature Verification
K N Pushpalatha1, A K Gautham2, Satish S B3, Sabyasachi Pattnaik4

Design of Dual Mode SIR Band pass Filter for Wireless Communication Applications
Emad S. Ahmed1, Hanan J. Abdulkareem2

A Novel Compact Size Dual Notched Bands UWB Elliptical Monopole Antenna
Emad S. Ahmed1, Maalim Qasim Mohammed2

Effect of Lightning on Building and Its Protection Measures
Kunal Patel

To Investigate the Effect in Loss Reduction by Optimum Size of DG Using BFO
Ygita Gupta1, Ramandeep Kamboj2, Jang Bahadur Singh3

Improving the Response of a DC/DC Converter by Providing a New Structure for Embedded Schottky Diode
Hamed Sepahvand1, Soghra Raisi2

A Simplified Svpwm for Five Level Inverter with DC-Link Balancing
B.Sreenivasa Raju1, M.Lokesh2

Numerical Modelling and Experimental Validation of a Vertical Spindle Model
Bindu Kumar Karthikeyan

Functional Dependency Mining form Relational Database: A Survey
Anupama A Chavan1, Vijay Kumar Verma2

Nested Sliding Mode Controller for MIMO System Using High Gain Feedback
Yogesh Kumar Gupta1, Ojasvi Bhatia2, Fanindra Bhushan3

Experimental and 3-D Numerical Simulation of Flow over a Rectangular Broad- Crested Weir
Hossein Afshar1, Seyed Hooman Hoseini2

Optical Sensor in Vehicles

Classification of Web Blog Mining for Movie Review
Lalita Sharma1, Shweta Shukla2

Performance Assessment of Fractal Coding on Remote Sensing Images with Different Imaging Modalities
D.Sophin Seeli1, M.K.Jeyakumar2

Study on Cognitive Approach to Human Error and its Application to Reduce the Accidents at Workplace
Ganapathi Bhat Manchi1, Sidde Gowda2, Jaideep Singh Hanspal3

Implementation of Canny Edge Detection Algorithm on FPGA and displaying Image through VGA Interface
Chaithra.N.M.1, K.V. Ramana Reddy2

Reverse Harmonic Injected High Power Square Wave Inverter Fed Induction Motor
Seshagiri Boppana1, B.N.CH.V. Chakravarthi2, T. Suresh Kumar3

Optimization of Energy Saving Techniques in Air Conditioning Systems
Ch.Bhnau Prakash1, A.V.Ramana Rao2, M.Praveen3, M.N.V.S.A Sivaram. K4

Max-Energy Node Selection and Average Energy Path Selection based Routing in MANET
Neha Kalwar1, Sanjay Sharma2

Data Mining Application on IVF Data For The Selection of Influential Parameters on Fertility
M. Durairaj1, R. Nandha Kumar2

Design of Coaxial Continuous Transverse Stub Antenna Array for Mobile and Space Application
M. Kumaran

Dynamic Stochastic Model to Forecast Non- Stationary Electricity Demand
Mohammad Anwar Rahman

Development and Modeling of Water Tank System Using System Identification Method
M.S.M Aras1, M.F. Basar2, N. Hasim3, M.N. Kamaruddin4, H.I. Jaafar5

A Survey of Gesture Recognition Systems for Indian Sign Language Recognition
Komal Sheth1, Nitish Gadgil2, P. R. Futane3

VIP Architecture and Design Using OVM for IrDA Protocol
Muralidhara R1, Siva Yellampalli2

Study of Diesel Particulate Emission from Bio-diesel (Waste Cooking Oil) in DI Engine Adding Fuel Additive
T.Shanmuga Vadivel1, C.G.Saravanan2, P.Balashanmugam3

An Experimental Investigation on Structural Performance of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam
Jyoti Narwal1, Ajay Goel2, Devender Sharma3, D.R. Kapoor4, Bhupinder Singh5

An Implementation on 32-Bit High Speed Truncation- Error -Tolerant Adder with Low power Consumption
Tadgiri Aruna1, R.Bhadraiah2

Analysis of Orthotropic Plate By Refined Plate Theory
S.B. Chikalthankar1, I.I. Sayyad2, V.M.Nandedkar3

NOHT: Situational Awareness by Hadoop Framework VAST 2012 Mini Challenge 1
G.Phani Sindhuri1, P.Kiran Kumar2, T.Bhavani3

Anticipatory Measure for Auction Fraud Detection in Online
Narasamma S1, Suma Latha. K2, Suma Latha. M3

Public Clouds – Communal Data Sharing
Usha. M.1,Bhavani.K2. Sumalatha. M3

CCSDS Lossless Data Compression Algorithm in FPGA for Space Applications
Rakhee Sasi

Iterative Channel Estimation and ICI Cancellation Techniques in MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication Systems
Ragam.Gouthami1, K.Ragini2, Ch. Ganapathy Reddy3

Charactrisation and Analysis of Abs Submerged Pump Casing
Harish D.S1, Mahesh T.S2, B.M Nandeeshaia3

Improvising Distributed Accountability by Using Fog Methodology
K. Nagendra1, A. Suresh Babu2

An EISRM Frame Work - A New Approach for Embedding Information Security into the Enterprises
Kiran Kumar Kommineni1, Adimulam Yesu Babu2

GSM Based Hardware Implementation of RFID Authentication System Using Actel FPGA
Chetan T.R1, V.Venkateswarlu2

Design and Implementation of Extended Version of AES Algorithm with DSP Units
Sagar Deshpande1, Leelavathi G.2

Experiment Analysis of Different Texture Based Features of Image Using Simplified Gabor Gaussian Wavelet Transform
Rajni Rani1, Kamaljit Kaur2

Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability of Landfill Sites using Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix Method
K.Sundara Kumar1, G.Uday Nagendra2, L.Veerendranath3, S.Bhavya Bhanu4, N.L.C.Sowjanya5

GIS Integrated Epidemiological Indices for Risk Area Identification towards Malaria Control Measures
Abdul Qayum1, Andrew Michael Lynn2, Rakesh Arya3, Sanjay K Jaiswal4

High Level Clones Classification
Manu Singh1, Vidushi Sharma2

Abstract Implementation of Graph Mining Technique using Structural Datum in Viral Marketing
M. Antony Sundarsingh1, S.P.Victor2

Collaborative Filtering Recommender System for Financial Market
F.R.Sayyed1, R.V.Argiddi2, S.S.Apte3

Bank Direct Marketing Based on Neural Network and C5.0 Models
Hany. A. Elsalamony1, Alaa. M. Elsayad2

A Comparative Study on the Effect of Curing on The Strength of Concrete
Ajay Goel1, Jyoti Narwal2, Vivek Verma3, Devender Sharma4, Bhupinder Singh5

An Investigation for Gas Metal Arc Welding optimum Parameters of Mild Steel AISI 1016 using Taguchi’s Method
Vikram Singh

To Assure Factual Information Storage Security in Cloud Computing
Archana M1, Shirisha K2, Bhavani V3

Design of 128- bit Kogge-Stone Low Power Parallel Prefix VLSI Adder for High Speed Arithmetic Circuits
P.Annapurna Bai1, M.Vijaya Laxmi2

Software Testing and Its Dependence on Software Architecture
Bibhuprasad Sahu

Mobile Radio Link Design Using Path Loss Model
Oguejiofor O.S1, Oleka C.V2, Ejiofor H.C3, Okumbor N.A4

oBDI2Jadex: An agent model based on O-MaSE methodology to design a BDI agents for Jadex
Jamal Berrich1, Toumi Bouchentouf2, Abdelhamid Benazzi3

Agreement Results of Non-Associative Rings with Cyclic Property
C. Jaya Subba Reddy1, T. Mahesh Kumar2, L. Sreenivasulu Reddy3

Design of Unknown Inputs Multiple Observer for Uncertain Takagi-Sugeno Multiple Model
Wafa Jamel1, Atef Khedher2, Kamel Ben Othman3