Volume-3 Issue-1, October 2013

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Volume-3 Issue-1, October 2013, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Method for Estimating the Risk with Residual Service Life of Rolling Stock
Waail Mahmod Lafta Al-waely

Design of a Compact Wideband Log Periodic Spur Line Bandstop Filter
Somdotta Roy Choudhury1, Susanta Kr. Parui2, Santanu Das3

Effect of Cutting Parameters on Cutting Forces and MRR During Turning Hard Alloy Steel With and Without Coolant
Suha K. Shihab1, Zahid A. Khan2, Aas Mohammad3, Arshad Noor Siddiquee4

Improvement of the Oscillation Frequency Characteristic of Conventional Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillator
Intissar Toihria1, Rim Ayadi2, Mohamed Masmoudi3

Integrating a PCI IP Core to FPGA- Design and Implementation
G.Prasad1, N.Vasantha2

Mechanical Properties of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Self Compacted Concrete
Mohammed Arafa1, Samir Shihada2, Abdulla Al Madhoun3

Designing a Hybrid Page Ranking Algorithm for Semantic Web Search Engine
Sharmila Subudhi

Study on Effect of Surface Texture on the Performance of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Krishan Kumar Gupta1, Raj Kumar2, Harendra Kumar3, Medha Sharma4

A Personalized Search Using User’s- Profile
Naeem Naik1, L.M R.J. Lobo2

Single Polarized Microstrip Antenna Design for Mobile Communication Base Station
Okhifoh, Joseph Ebosetale1, Oko-Oboh, Akhere Angus2, Umayah, Erhiega N.3

Design and Simulation of a Dual Polarized High Performance Antenna Element for Mobile Communication Base Station
Oko-oboh, Akhere Angus1, Umayah, Erhiega N.2, Okhaifoh, Joseph Ebosetale3

Analysis of L-Slot Loaded Rectangular Patch Antenna for Dual Band Operation
Amel Boufrioua

Allocation of Free Disk Blocks in UNIX using Bitmaps
S.Ayesha Firadose1, S.Khadeeja Banu2

Level Set Based Image Segmentation Using Momentum and Resilient Propagation
Dhanraj Katta1, G. Raghotham Reddy2, R. Srikanth3

Optimal Location of Facts for ATC Enhancement
M. W. Mustafa1, R. O. Bawazir2

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Effect of Net Positive Suction Head on Water Hammer In Pipeline Systems
Maher Abdul Ameer1, Audai Hussein Al-Abbas2

DTC Control Strategy for Doubly Fed Induction Machine
G. Naveen1, P.K.S. Sarvesh2, B. Rama Krishna3

Background Subtraction Techniques for Moving Object Detection in Video Frames
Vrunda A. Mahamuni1, Madhuri Khambete2

Optimization of Bill of Quantities for Construction of Pre-Engineered Buildings
Balwant Kumar1, N.N. Harry2, Y.K. Bind3, R K Pandey4

Technical and Economic Potential of Photovoltaic Power Generation for Wealth Creation
Anyaka Boniface Onyemaechi1, Okafor Charles Onyeka2

Advance Technics, Challenges and Developments in Smart Grid System
S. Ganesh Kumaran1, S. Singaravelu2, K. Vivekanandan3

Solar Powered Dehumidification Systems Using Desert Evaporative Coolers: Review
Talal K. Kassem1, Ali S. Alosaimy2, Ahmed M. Hamed3, Mohammad Fazian4

Prediction of Behaviour of Steel Plate Subjected to Shear
Muhammad Aslam Bhutto1, Abdul Aziz Ansari2, Noor Ahmed Memon3

Efficient and Secure Mutual Authentication Scheme in Cloud Computing
Ali A.Yassin1, Hikmat Z. Neima2, Zaid Ameen Abduljabbar3, Haider Sh.Hashim4

Secure Image Retrieval over Untrusted Cloud Servers
Ayad Ibrahim Abdulsada1, Aqeel N. Mohammad Ali2, Zaid Ameen Abduljabbar3, Haider Sh.Hashim4

Quantify the Loss Reduction due Optimization of Capacitor Placement Using DPSO Algorithm Case Study on the Electrical Distribution Network of north Kerman Province
Farzaneh Ostovar1, Mahdi Mozaffari Legha2

Iterative Techniques for Load Flow Study: A Comparative Study for Nigerian 330kv Grid System as a Case Study
Adejumobi I.A.1, Adepoju G.A.2, Hamzat K. A.3

Fuzzy Logic Based Farm Automation Using Arduino and LabVIEW with X-Bee Based Control System
Bharatwaj G. S1, Prasanna. S2, Ramakrishnan. R3, Sanjay Raam. M4, Vignesh. S5

Load Balanced Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks
Masum Billah1, M L Palash2, Husain Mohammad Mahbub Alam3

Mitigation of Total Harmonics Distortion by Using 84 Pulse VSC Configurations
P. Sreenath1, Myaka.Narendhar2, Tadikamalla. Sanjeev Rao3

Development of Fiber Optic Differential Pressure Sensor Used for BOD Measurement in Sugar and Allied Industry
M. L. Dongare

UPQC-S: A Novel Concept of Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and Load Reactive Power Compensations Utilizing Series Inverter of UPQC
K. Saranya Reddy1, A. Bhaktavastala2, V. Raveendra Reddy3

Separation of Ketoprofen Racemate by TLC Plate with Different Chiral Selectors
D. Gherdaoui1, H. Bekdouche2, R. Fegas3, A. Zeghdaoui4, F. Bouazza5, S. Zerkout6

Performance Evaluation of Load Based Channel Aware Routing in MANETs with Reusable Path
A. Ayyasamy1, K. Venkatachalapathy2

A Comprehensive Overview on Different Cloud Storage Techniques and Security Mechanism
R.Sathiya1, N.Prathipa2, K.Gomathi3

A Comprehensive Overview of different Wireless Networks
Ukkeshwar.V.S1, Umesh Kumar Krishnan2, Sibi.S3, Waldar Richard Rajaiah.X4, S.Sujindar5

Smart Energy Monitoring and Control System Based on Wireless Communication
Bilal Mubdir1, Asaad M. Al-Hindawi2, Sabah Hussien3, Hussain Al-Rizzo4

Proficient Multipath Routing and Hole Handling using Cascading Movement algorithm in WSN
J.Naskath1, R.Abinaya Gomathi2

A Novel Sorting Technique to Sort Elements in Ascending Order
Debabrata Swain1, G. Ramkrishna2, Hitesh Mahapatra3, Pramoda Patro4, Pravin M.Dhanrao5

Microcontroller Based Direct Digital Synthesizer and FSK Modulator
Mahesh Bilagi1, Manjunath Lakkannavar2

Neural Network Observer Based Leak Detection and Localization System for Oil Transporting Pipelines
Abdelelah Kidher Mahmood1, Mohammed Mahmood Abdulaal2

The Design of Video Surveillance System Using S3C2440 and 3G Module
Golluri Venu1, G.Anitha2, G.Ramchander3

Design and Implementation of Envelope Amplifier and Power Amplifier for Envelope Tracking in Polar Transmitters
T.K. Abdul Qadir1, V.Venkateswarlu2

Matrix Representation of Multiplication
Atul N. Desai1, Tejpal H. Goda2

Vision, Principles and Impact of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
Abhinav Singh1, Pranay Kumar2, Sunil Singh3

A Fault Location Technique for Transmission Lines Using Phasor Measurements
Abdolhamid Rahideh1, Mohsen Gitizadeh2, Sirus Mohammadi3

A Review: Assessment of Indian Digital Defense & Forensics Investigation System
R. K. Prajapati1, Rakesh Kumar Rai2

Solar Activity Monitoring Through Real Time Recording of VLF Wave Amplitude
A.S. Rajagopalen1, B.K. Darshan2, G. Murugan3

Event Analysis in Intelligent Aerial Surveillance Systems for Vehicle Detection and Tracking
B.T.R. Naresh Reddy1, Prasad Nagelli2, K. Srinivasulu Reddy3

Identification of an Effective Controller for a Stirred Tank Heater Process
A.S. Rajagopalen

Experimental Investigation on Convective Heat Transfer Analysis in a Circular Tube with Internal Threads of Different Pitches
Pradip Ramdas Bodade1, Dinesh Kumar Koli2

A Study on the Performance of Pond Ash In Place of Sand and Red Soil as A Subgrade and Fill Material
P.V.V. Satyanarayana1, N. Pradeep2, N. Sai Chaitanya Varma3

Heavy Metals Distribution and the Variation of Soil Properties around Alqaim Cement Factory in Anbar Governorate - Iraq
Jassam Gzar Lafta1, Hussein Shaheed Fadhil2, Ameer Abass Hussein3

Building a Digital Elevation Model for Razaza Lake by Using GIS
Zuhair Abdul Wahab Al-Jawahriy

Real Time Monitoring Of High Voltage Transmission Line Conductor Sag: The State- of-The-Art
Tlotlollo Sidwell Hlalele1, Shengzhi Du2

Investigating the Rate of a Chemical Reaction by Sensing Mechanism
Biswajit Ghosh

MOM Application for Calculating the RCS Dielectrics and Arbitrary Two- Dimensional Geometric Shape Formulation of Integral Equations Cylindrical Dielectric
A. Faize1, A. Driouach2, A. Kaabal3, G. A. Alsharahi4

Near Field Communication in Mobile Phones
Asawari Dudwadkar1, Akhil Gore2, Tushar Nachnani3, Harshil Sabhnani4

The Study of Fibre Reinforced Fly Ash Lime Stone Dust Bricks With Glass Powder
M.N. Akhtar1, J.N. AKhtar2, O.Hattamleh3

Multi-Input Multi-Pseudo Floating Gates Used In Circuits
S.K. Bisoi1, G. Devi2

Fraud Detection in Banking
M Madhavi1, M V R Srivatsava2

Goals and problems in Active Noise and Vibration Control
Sharad R.Mahajan

Modelling of Cu-Al2O3 Metal Matrix Composite Prepared By Powder Metallurgy Route
Sagar V. Wankhede1, Samir L. Shinde2, Amit R. Wasnik3

Starter Nitrogen Fertilizer Impact on Soybean Yield and Quality
Maryam Valinejad1,  Sekineh Vaseghi2,  Mehran Afzali3

A Novel Code Assignment Scheme based on Learning Automata for Clustered Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Amirhosein Fathinavid1, Maryam Ansari2, Elahe Ahmadpour Samani3

A Compact Fractal Based Printed Monopole Antenna for WiBro, WiMax and UWB Applications
Mahmood T. Yassen1, Jawad K. Ali2, Ali J. Salim3, Seevan F. Abdulkareem4, Ali I. Hammoodi5, Mohammed R. Hussan6

To Find Solution for Secure and Fast Data transfer: Improving Network Performance
Ashvini Jadhav1, Shriniwas Gadage2

Image Steganography Based on Entropy Thresholding Scheme
B.S.Patil1, A.H.Karode2, S.R.Suralkar3

Contrast Based Color Watermarking using Lagrange Polynomials Interpolation in Wavelet Domain
D. Phani Kumar1, G. Rosline Nesakumari2, S. Maruthu Perumal3

Mining Frequent Pattern Form Large Dynamic Database with Time Granularities to Improve Efficiency
Pradnya A. Shirsath1, Vijay Kumar Verma2

Proposed Model of GIS - Based Cloud Computing Architecture for Emergency System
Ahmed Gamal Aly1, Nevine Makram labib2

Efficient Software Architecture through Prototyping Approach
Digambar Y. Yedage1, Anand Bone2

Mining Functional Dependency from Relational Databases by Removing Redundant Candidates
Anupama A Chavan1, Vijay Kumar Verma2

Absorbance Measurement of Dilute Chemical Solutions
Zaveri Juhi Mukesh1, A.A.Shinde2

Minimization of Delamination Factor in Drilling Of Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (RCC) Composite Material by Applying Taguchi Method
K.V. Krishnasastry1, V. Seshagirirao2, Abhishek Kuravi3

Preparation and Characterization of TiO2-SiO2 Sol-Gel Anti Reflection Coatings on Multi Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell
P.H.V. Sesha Talpa Sai1, J.V. Ramana Rao2, Devarayapalli K.C.3, K.V.Sharma4

Two Tier Data Compression Method for Real- Time Databases
Nikita Bhatia1, Richa Srivastava2

Classification of Image by Combining Wavelet Transform and Neural Network
Dharmendra Patidar1, Nitin Jain2

A Soft Computing Genetic-Neuro fuzzy Approach for Data Mining and Its Application to Medical Diagnosis
Kavita Rawat1, Kavita Burse2

Morphology and Systematic review of Muraenidae in Iranian Museums of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea's waters
Hodeis Abbasi Ghadikolaei1, Fereridoon Owfi2, Kamyar Gharra3, Mohammadreza Hayatbakhsh4

Hardware Implementation of Involutional SPN Block Ciphers
Rakhesh Kusagur1, Leelavathi G.2

Detection of Industrial Accidents using Biomimetics
Shraddha Thakkar1, Sheldon Fernandes2, Sharad Venkataraman3, Amogh Waghmare4, Karan Munyal5

Signal Analysis of Real Time Signals to Remove Noise
Maitrayee Devi1, A.A. Shinde2

Parallel CRC Generation for High Speed Applications
B. Naveen1, K. Swaraja2, M. C. P Jagdissh3

Influence of Angle Ply Orientation of Stacking On Mechanical Properties of Glass-Polyester Composite Laminate
K. Vasantha Kumar1, P. Ram Reddy2, D.V. Ravi Shankar3

Dense Stereo Correspondence Algorithm for Robotic Applications
Deepambika V.A1, Arun lal S.L.2