Volume-2 Issue-1, October 2012

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Volume-2 Issue-1, October 2012, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Lazy Expression Evaluation with Demand Paging In Virtual Memory Management
Y.Soumya1,T. Ragunathan2

Content based Image Retrieval using Color Space Approaches
Gaurav Jaswal1, Amit Kaul2, Rajan Parmar3

Physiological Evaluation of Manual lifting tasks on Indian Male Workers
Nikhilesh Singh1, Rajendra.M.Belokar2, Ravinder.S.Walia3

Extracting Information from Semistructured Xml Using Tars
R.Sree Lekshmi1, B. Sasi kumar2

Impact of Mobility and Node Speed on Multicast Routing in Wireless MANETs
Nagendra Sah

Field Programmable Gate Array Implementation Technology
Syed.Awais Hyder1, D.Sri Kanth2, C.Chandrasekhar3, E.Sammaiah4

Optimization and Security of Continuous Anonymizing Data Streams
S. Nasira Tabassum

The Use of ZigBee Wireless Network for Monitoring and Controlling Greenhouse Climate
Ibrahim Al-Adwan1, Munaf S. N. Al-D2

Vistas, Frets and Effective Stratagems for Growth of Online Retailing in India
Amol Ranadive

Analysis of Different Multiplier with Digital Filters Using VHDL Language
Ruchi Sharma

Data Pre-processing and Neural Network Algorithms for Diagnosis of Type II Diabetes: A Survey
Raj Anand1, Vishnu Pratap Singh Kirar2, Kavita Burse3

Improvement the Current Control Methods for Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter to Drive the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Hamdy Mohamed Soliman1, S. M. EL. Hakim2

A Novel Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) using Adaptive Signal Processing for Low THD
Debanjan Mukherjee1, Asim Kumar Jana2, Malay Kumar Pandit3

Denoising of Image Using Least Minimum Mean Square Error
Vinay Dawar1, Mohit Bansal2

Reuse of Solid Waste from Building Demolition for the Replacement of Natural Aggregates
R. Kamala1, B. Krishna Rao2

A Parametric Scheme to Perform an Efficient and Reliable Vertical Handover
Sajjan Singh1, Rasveen2, S. V. A. V. Prasad3

A Study on Deflection of a Bimetallic Beam under Thermal Loading Using Finite Element Analysis
A.Venkateswara Rao1, KSV Prasad2, M Avinash3, K Nagababu4, V Manohar5, PSR Raju6, GR Chandra7

A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Power Line Modem Design, Implementation, Verification, and Optimization
Maryam Shabro1, Milad Amir Toutounchian2, Mehrnaz Khodam Hazrati3

Production and Characterization of Aluminium 7075 – T651 Alloy / B4C Surface Composite by Friction Stir Processing
R.Ramesh1, N.Murugan2

A Novel Approach of an Isolated Controlling Scheme for the Stability Enhancement of UPFC
S.Sundeep1, Ch.Shankar Rao2

A Novel Method for Estimating Wind Turbines Power Output Based on Least Square Approximation
Mehdi Kazemi1, Arman Goudarzi2

Comparative Techno-Economic Analysis of Hybrid PV/Diesel and Hybrid Wind/Diesel Energy Generation for Commercial Farm Land in Nigeria
Abdulqadiri Bello Abdulqadiri1, Elwan Abubakar Ahmed2

Comparative Analysis of Flat Plate Multistoried Frames With and Without Shear Walls under Wind Loads
Fayazuddin Ahmed Syed1, B. Dean Kumar2, Y. Chandrasekhar3, B.L.P. Swami4

A Multilevel Inverter for Grid Connected Photovoltaic System by employing PID Controller
R.Anand1, G.Ashok Kumar2

Water Recycling and Reuse by Using Wetland
V. V. Diwan1, G. N. Munishwar2

Optimization of Parameters for Minimum Path Loss in Underground Tunnels using CSP
Nagendra Sah

Controller Design for Synchronizing Distributed Generation Systems with the Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
S. Z. Moussavi1, P. Amiri2, S. A. Hoseini3

Effect of Variable Load, Speed and Acceleration of Crank Shaft on Depth of Wear of Linining Thickness of Bush Bearing
S.B.Chikalthankar1,V.M.Nandedkar2, V.G.Kokre3

Comparison of the Vocal Calls of Alexandrine and African Grey Species of Parrots using LPC Based Analysis Approach
Kamaljit Singh Arora1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

BER Analysis of Digital Broadcasting System Through AWGN and Rayleigh Channels
P.Ravi Kumar1,V.Venkata Rao2, M.Srinivasa Rao3

Visualization Base Simulation of D.C Network Theorems in Basic Electrical Engineering with Lab VIEW
Ashok Kumar Rajput

Performance Improvement of Forced Draught Jet Ejector Using Constant Rate Momentum Change Method
S. Gurulingam1, A. Kalaisselvane2, N. Alagumurthy3

To Investigate the Effect of Pressure on the DC Resistance of the Aloe-vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) Leaves
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

Y2K38: The Bug
Vishal Singh1, Prerna Chaudhary2

Performance Analysis of Various Path Loss Models for Wireless Network in Different Environments
Imranullah Khan1, Tan Chon Eng2, Shakeel Ahmed Kamboh3

The Performance Enhancement of Dual Relay Cooperative Wireless Network in Rician Fading Channel
Imran Ullah Khan1, Tan Chong Eng2

Design and Simulation of Dual and Triple Band Fractal Circular Patch Micro-Strip Antenna for C-Band Application
Rakesh Kumar

Cost Effective Implementation of a Human Arm Emulator
Talsania Mihir1, Britto Fiona2, Rajpal Jivesh3, Wadhwa Preet4

Removing the Problem of Erratic Continuity in Assembly of Lever Combination Switch using Continuous Improvement Process
Anil Kumar

Design of Fixed Structure Optimal Robust Controller Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization
Balwinder Singh Surjan

Control Classification of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
Mudit Sharma

Exploring Methods of Replacement of Concrete Road in Two Days
Deepak Sundrani1, Yusuf Inamdar2

Application of Markov Process to Improve Production of Power Plant
Anurag Baghela

Forgery Resistant Scrambled Image Watermarking
Priyanka Sharma1, Shiv Kumar2

Power System Stabilizer Controller Design for SMIB Stability Study
Balwinder Singh Surjan1, Ruchira Garg2

New Method to Assess the Losses Parameters of the Photovoltaic Modules
M.Bencherif1, A. Chermitt2

Estimate Ripeness Level of Fruits Using RGB Color Space and Fuzzy Logic Technique
Meenu Dadwal1, V.K.Banga2

Consumers’ Behaviour towards Incentives for Solar Water Heater Use in Karnataka, India
Sangamesh G. Sakri1, G. V. Jayaramaiah2

A Survey on Neural Network Techniques for Classification of Breast Cancer Data
Shweta Saxena1, Kavita Burse2

Vision-based Real-time Driver Fatigue Detection System for Efficient Vehicle Control
D.Jayanthi1, M.Bommy2

Large Signal and Small Signal Stability of Single Machine Infinite System using Dynamic Brake and Static Shunt Compensator
Balwinder Singh Surjan

Estimation of Public Transport Demand in Million Plus Indian Cities based on Travel Behavior
Ar Anuj Jaiswal1, Ashutosh Sharma2, Jigyasa Bisaria3

CNT – A Solution for Interconnects
Sandeep Dhariwal1, Vijay K. Lamba2, Ritu Vijay3

Application of Taguchi Method for Optimizing Turning Process by the effects of Machining Parameters
Krishankant1, Jatin Taneja2, Mohit Bector3, Rajesh Kumar4

Emulator for FPGA based RADAR signal Processing
C.Thippeswamy1, J.Chinna Babu2, K.Padmapriyat3

Image Processing
Wadhwa Preeti1, Vinita Wadhwa2, SandhyaBhavsar3

Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement by Neutralized Red Mud in Concrete
A. B. Sawant1, M. B. Kumthekar2, V. V. Diwan3, K. G. Hiraskar4

Design and Development of Test Rig for Measurement of Frictional Torque of a Half Engine
Gajanan N. Munishwar1, Ashok Pise2

A Business Model for Hybrid Shared-Nothing and Shared-data Storage and replication Scheme for Large-scale Data Processing
Anisaara Nadaph1, Vikas Maral2

Routing Improvement in Wireless Mesh Networks
M.A.Shabad1, S.S.Apte2

Collision Vigilant with Automatic Dialer
C.Swetha1, S.Suganya2, V.Shobana3, S.Sivaranjini4, B. Pradeep Raja5

Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations Using GA based Unified Power Flow Controller
Rintu Khanna1, Pooja Manrai2

Risk Mitigation of Denial of Service Attack
Ankit Pincha

Wireless LAN Security and Management
Luaay Abdul Wahed Shihab