Volume-1 Issue-6, August 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-6, August 2012, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

QRS Detection Using Wavelet Transform
Gaurav Jaswal1, Rajan Parmar2, Amit Kaul3

Integration of Wireless Hart Into DCS For Asset Monitor Applications
Ashima Yadav

Performance Analysis in Cooperative Communication
Ashima Yadav

Development and testing of PTFE based Composite Bearing Material for Turbine Pump
Pushkar Venkatesh Kulkarni1, N. K. Chapkhhane2

An Efficient Attack Detection System for Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Dilip Vishwakarma1, Deepak Chopra2

Implementation of Carry-Save Adders in FPGA
S. Ravi Chandra Kishore1, K.V. Ramana Rao2

An Introduction to Component – Oriented Software Technology
Prashant1, Nidhi Sharma2

A Comparison of the SOFM with LVQ, SOFM without LVQ and Statistical Technique
Anjana Bhardwaj1, Manish2, A. K. Arora3

Comparative Study: The Nonaka Model of Knowledge Management
Bashar Sarayreh1, Ammar Mardawi2, Rakan Dmour3

Using Comfort Related Data of Indian Railways for Fault Finding on Track: A Case Study with Multiple Profile
Riju Bhattacharya1, Kamal K. Mehta2

Review on Shear Wall for Soft Story High-Rise Buildings
Misam Abidi1, Mangulkar Madhuri. N.2

Active Noise Control using IIR Adaptive Filter
Rintu S. Abraham1, Veen2a S2

Design & Simulation of Round Robin Arbiter for NoC Architecture
Suyog K. Dahule1, M. A. Gaikwad2

Anti-attack and Channel Aware Target Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Deployed in Hostile Environments
Zhenxing Luo

Analysis of A Case study on Fuel Leakage in a Pre-Filter Bowl of a Diesel Engine Fuel Feed Pump using Ansys
Priyanka D1, B.V.Raghavendra2, Subhash P3

Efficient Frequent Item set Discovery Technique in Uncertain Data
Deepak Chopra1, Dilip Vishwakarma2

A Modified Approach for Symmetric Key Cryptography Based on Blowfish Algorithm
Monika Agrawal1, Pradeep Mishra2

Business Contingency Planning: A Road Map to Protect Company from Unforeseen Threats
Ankur Kumar Shrivastava1, Nitisha Payal2, Abhinav Kumar3, Amod Tiwari4

Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Nanofluids Due to Thermophoresis and Brownian Diffusion in a Square Enclosure
Aminreza Noghrehabadi1, Amin Samimi2

Dynamics of a Nonlinear Digital Resonator in Free Running and Injection Synchronized Mode: A Simulation Study
Saumen Chakraborty1, Bishnu Charan Sarkar2

Energy Efficient Query Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ankita Bharaktya1, S. G. Reddy2

An Extensive Literature Review on Lead Time Reduction in Inventory Control
Ajit Kumar Senapati1, P.C.Mishra2, B.C.Routra3, Amitabha Biswas4

Object Manipulation using a Humanoid Robot
El Sayed M. Saad1, Medhat H. Awadalla2, Hosam Eldin I. Ali3, Rasha F. A. Mostafa4

A new Compact Printed Antenna for UMTS, WiMAX, HiPERLAN & WLAN Applications
Barun Mazumdar

Dispute Resolution Process in Construction Sector: Causes and Prevention
Alaknanda Mane1, S. S. Pimplikar2

An Ultra Wideband Wide Beam Strip line Fed Taper Slot Antenna for Active Phased Array Jammer
Gaurav Dwivedi

Dispute Resolution Process in Construction Sector: Causes and Prevention
Alaknanda Mane1, S. S. Pimplikar2

Power of Network Stochasticity
Parimal Kumar Giri1, Akshaya Kumar Behera2

Advancement of Low-cost Medicare System for the Measurement of Physiological Parameters of Human Body
Raksha Iyer1, R. M. Potdar2, Neelam Dewangan3, Jayant Rajpurohit4

Comparison of BER Performance in OFDM Using Different Equalization Techniques
Anuj Kanchan1, Shashank Dwivedi2

New Blind Digital Signature Based on Modified Elgamal Signature in Electronic Voting
Amir Aliabadian1, Ali Delavari Ghara2

Design Analysis and Characterization of a Piezoelectric Actuated Microvalve for Drug Delivery Applications
Meysam Chegini1, Milad Chegini2, Payam Khazael Pour3, Bani Rezaei4

ARM-based Embedded Ethernet Interface Design using DAC System
S. A. N. Sandeep1, P. Malyadr2

Zone Radius Optimization Based On Maximum Node Velocity, Number of Transmitting Nodes and Total Number of Nodes
Amir Aliabadian

A Novel Approach for Signature Verification using Artificial Neural Network
Vibha Pandey1, Sanjivani Shantaiya2

ECG Signal Compression Implementation by a New 2-Dimensional Transform Technique
Pushpendra Singh1, Om Prakash Yadav2, Yojana Yadav3

Intelligent Classification and Retrieval of Software Components
N. Rajasekhar Reddy1, R.Saraswati2

Optimal Allocation of DG Units for Radial Distribution Systems using Genetic Algorithm
Md. Anisa Shereen

Effect of Variation in Pitch of Tube on Heat Transfer Rate in Automobile Radiator by CED Analysis
P. K. Trivedi1, N. B.Vasava2

Sleep Pass Gate Approach for Static Power Reduction in 8*8 Wallace Multiplier
R. Naveen1, K.Thanushkodi2, C. Saranya3

A Cogitate Study on Text Mining
Y. Jahnavi1, Y. Radhika2

Supply Chain Management: A Business Centric Approach
Saumendra das1, Prasant Kumar Padhy2, K.Venugopal3, Santosh Ranganath .N4

Job Execution Framework for Performance Testing
Mangala S Joshi1, K Nirmala Kumari2, Saumil G Merchant3

Security and Privacy in Vanets
Akshay Goswami1, Roopali Goel2

Design and Implementation of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) using VHDL and FPGA
Manjunath Lakkannavar1, Ashwini Desai2

Novel Encoding Scheme in Genetic Algorithms for Better Fitness
Rakesh Kumar1, Jyotishree2

An Improved Binarization Based Algorithm using Minutiae Approach for Fingerprint Identification
S. M Rajbhoj1, P. B. Mane2

Incremental Frequent Pattern Mining
Jyoti Jadhav1, Lata Ragha2, Vijay Katkar3

Comparative Study of K-means and Bisecting k-means Techniques in Wordnet Based Document Clustering
B.S.Vamsi Krishna1, P.Satheesh2, Suneel Kumar R.3

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Second Order ZC1- DPLLs with Inherent Time Delay
Madhusudan Ghosh1, Tanmoy Banerjee2, Bishnucharan Sarkar3

Classification of Abnormalities in Brain MRI Images using GLCM, PCA and SVM
Daljit Singh1, Kamaljeet Kaur2

Role of Biometric Technology over Advanced Security and Protection in Auto Teller Machine Transaction
Navneet Sharma1, Vijay Singh Rathore2

Design and FPGA Implementation of Systolic Array Architecture for Matrix Multiplication
Rakesh Birle1, Lalit Bandil2

Comparision between Optimization and Conventional Catilever Retaining Wall by using Optimtool in Matlab
Sable K. S.1, Patil Archana A.2

Dynamic Event Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
Ashish Xavier Das1, Charlie Eapen2, A. Ashok3, Sudhanshu Tripathi4, Ridha Mabruk Shadi5

A Comprehensive Study on Threat Classification and Security Service in P2P
M.Seetha1, Y.J.Sudha Rani2

K- Means Algorithm with Different Measurements in Clustering Approach
P.C.Chenna Reddy1, R. Siva Sankara Reddy2

Optimal Solution Of 14 Bus System using MATLAB Simulation Incorporating with FACTS Devices
Nanda Kumar Easwaramoorthy1, R. Dhanasekaran2

Complexity Reduction of Fast Block Matching Algorithm
P. Muralidhar1, A. Vishnupriya2, C. B. RamaRao3

Ambient Data Collection with Modeling and Implementation of QoS in Wireless Sensor Networks
Arun Kumar Shukla1, Sudhanshu Tripathi2, Charlie Eapen3, A. Ashok4

Analysis of Spasm and Periodic Leg Movement in Spinal Cord Injury
G. Suresh1, T.V. Sreerama Reddy2

Management of Storm Water Quality in Urban Areas
Ranjan Sarukkalige

Effectiveness of Developing Concepts in Photo Electric Effect Through Virtual Lab Experiment
Manisha Bajpai