Volume-1 Issue-5, June 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-5, June 2012, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Commanding Computer Using Gesture Based Patterns
Salil Batra1, Chandra Prakash2

Comparison Between Inheritance & interface UML Design Through the Coupling Metrics
Maya Yadav1, Pradeep Baniya2, Ganesh Wayal3

Speech Emotion Recognition by using SVM-Classifier
Vaishali M. Chavan1, V. V. Gohokar2

Indoor Navigation Using Smartphones
Nagesh Potdar1, Dipak Pawar2, Sachin Jain3, Bhumil Haria4, Seema Shrawne5

Improving Content Based Image Retrieval using Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Mamta Kamath1, Disha Punjabi2, Tejal Sabnis3, Divya Upadhyay4, Seema Shrawne5

Comparative study of various Techniques Employ in Image Steganography
Preeti Singh1, Charu Pujara2

A New K-mean Color Image Segmentation with Cosine Distance for Satellite Images
Modh Jigar S1, Shah Brijesh2, Shah Satish k3

Reduction of THD in Single Phase PAF With PSD Method for Reference Current Generation
A. Jeraldine Viji1, M. Sudhakaran2

Neuro Fuzzy Model for Human Face Expression Recognition
Mayur S. Burange1, S. V. Dhopte2

Recent Developments in Traffic Signs Recognition Techniques
Priyanka Satish Tekadpande1, Ramnivas Giri2

EMA-QPSO based Feature Selection and Weighted Classification by LS-SVM for Diabetes Diagnosis
Fawzi Elias Bekri1, A. Govardhan2

Detection of Brain Tumor in MRI Images Using Mean Shift Algorithm and Normalized Cut Method
Vishal B. Padole1, D. S. Chaudhari2

Finite Elemental Analysis of Influence of Shape and Profile of Cutting Edge of Twist Drill on Drilling Process
M. J. Pawar1, V. S. Jadhav2

Review on Text Document Watermarking
Namrata Rajendra Shah1, Aishwarya Vishwakarma2

Application of Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Sebha University in Student Affairs Unit
Almabrouk W. Ibrahim1, Mahdi Alhaji Musa2, Nor Zairah Ab.Rahim3

Sustainable Public Transportation in Malaysia
Ali Hussein Hsan Sabeen1, Ahmed Elmugtaba Anwar2, Zainura Z. Noor3

Implementation of an Efficient Multiplier based on Vedic Mathematics Using EDA Tool
Pushpalata Verma1, K. K. Mehta2

A Study on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors & their Applications
Anil Kumar Sharma1, Anuj Kumar Ojha2

22nm Ptm Model Low Power yet High Speed CMOS High K Metal Gate Strained Silicon Technology Inverter
Shobha Sharma

Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition
Saurabh P. Bahurupi1, D. S. Chaudhari2

Fuzzy And Pid Excitation control System With AVR In Power System Stability Analysis
S. Vasanthi1, M. Gopila2, I. Gnanambal3

Design and Implementation of Viterbi Encoder and Decoder Using FPGA
Chitra M1, A. R. Ashwath2, Roopa M3

Automation of 10 KW Biomass Gasifier and its effectiveness on saw dust briquettes with binder cow dung.
K.Sivakumar1, N. Krishna Mohan2, B. Sivaraman3

Enhancement and Pre-Processing of Images Using Filtering
Roopashree.S1, Sachin Saini2, Rohan Ranjan Singh3

Performance based Frequent Itemset Mining Techniques for Data Mining
Sanjaydeep Singh Lodhi1, Ghanshyam Rathore2, Premnarayan Arya3

Web Attacking Parameters Filtration: A Approach For Attack Signature Verification
Surendra Kumar Shukla1, Romil Rawat2, Cns Murthy3

Design and Implementation of A Memory For Joint Improvement Of Error Tolerance And Access Efficiency
Kavya Cheraukula1, Chowdam Venkata Sudhakar2

Investigation of Modal parameters of Carbon & Kevlar Fiber composite Laminates using FFT Analyzer
K Mahesh Dutt1, H.K.Shivanand2

An Experimental Investigation of Electrode Wear Rate (EWR), Material Removal Rate (MRR) and Radial Overcut (ROC) in EDM of High Carbon-High Chromium Steel (AISI D3)
Pravin R. Kubade1, V. S. Jadhav2

E0439051512Seismic Propensity of Knee Braced Frame (KBF) As Weighed Against Concentric Braced Frame (CBF) Utilizing ETABS and OPENSEES
Mohammad Eyni Kangavar

Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Images in Transform Domain
Nitish Agarwal

Biometric Parameter Based Cryptographic Key Generation
Rashi Bais1, K.K.Mehta2

High Speed Codec Design for Crosstalk Avoidance
Sowjanya Sunkara1, T.Ravi Sekhar2

Data Rate Comparison during Handoff in GSM with Wireless ATM Networks
Brajesh Mishra1, Sudeep Baudha2, Amit Gupta3

Energy Efficiency in Data Centers: How to Reduce Power Consumption in Data Centers by Optimum UPS Loading
N.P. Zinjad1, S. S. More2

Blowfish Encryption: A Comparative Analysis using VHDL
Deepak Kumar Dakate1, Pawan Dubey2

Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Wind Energy System having Balanced and Unbalanced Non-linear Loads
Veeraiah Kumbha1, N. Sumathi2, K. Siva Naga Raju3

Efficient Method for De-Duplication and Periodicity Mining In Time Series Databases
S. Drishya1, I. Nancy Jeba Jingle2

Financial Analysis of Infrastructure Project - A Case Study on Built-Operate-Transfer Project in India
Ashish P. Waghmare1, S. S. Pimplikar2

Signaling Technique for Free Space Optics
Amrita Chakraborty1, Avinash Gaur2

Feasibility of Waste Metallised Polythene Used As Concrete Constituent
A. Bhogayata1, K. D. Shah2, B. A. Vyas3, N. K. Arora4

Pi & Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Multi Converter Unified Power Quality Conditioner
B. Rajani1, P. Sangameswara Raju2

Image Enhancement using Guided Image Filter Technique
Aditya Goyal1, Akhilesh Bijalwan2, Pradeep Kumar3, Kuntal Chowdhury4

Wavelet Transform Based Image Denoise Using Threshold Approaches
Akhilesh Bijalwan1, Aditya Goyal2, Nidhi Sethi3

Application Aware Energy Efficient Geographic Greedy Forwarding in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Ashish Jaiswal1, Santhosha Rao2, Kumara Shama3

A Relational Based Fuzzy Clustering To Mine User Profiles for Web Directory Personalization
R. Lokesh Kumar1, T. Gopalakrishnan2, P. Sengottuvelan3

Measuring Reliability of an Aspect Oriented Software Using Fuzzy Logic Approach
Reena Dadhich1, Bhavesh Mathur2

Human Facial Expression Recognition using Eigen Face and Neural Network
Pushpaja V. Saudagare1, D. S. Chaudhari2

Performance Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer to the Implantable Drug Delivery System using Helical Antenna with Inductive Coupling
Ravi Jon1, Charlie Eapen2, A.Ashhok3, Nishita Sahoo4, Anil Kumar5

Optimal Denoising Of an Image Using Anscombe Transformation Based Image Stabilization
Sophia Comaneci.J1, K.John Peter2

Proximal Interpolation in Image Zooming Using Advanced Neighborhood Algorithm
S. Shiny1, Agnes Anto2

Testing Digital Signals by Low Cost ARM Based Logic Analyzer
Varsha Karambelkar1, A.A.Shinde2

Formation of Virtual Lenses with the Help of Puissance Radio Telescopic Satellites around the Planets
Vishnu Vardhan

SOC Implementation of Soft-Error Tolerance in Asynchronous Burst Mode Circuits
Chandu Kumari1, T. Ravi Sekhar2

Analysis of Different Security Attacks in MANETs on Protocol Stack A-Review
Gagandeep1, Aashima2, Pawan Kumar3

Document Categorization Using Reinforcement Learning
Sukhdeep Kaur

Radio Measurements in the WiMAX Band of 2.3 GHz, in Coastal Zone for Different Transmitting Antenna Heights
Chhaya Dalela

Improving Medical Image Segmentation Techniques Using Multiphase Level Set Approach Via Bias Correction
Pradeep Kumar1, Rajat Chaudhary2, Ambika Aggarwal3, Prem Singh4, Ravi Tomar5

Image Encryption and Decryption using AES
Manoj. B1, Manjula N Harihar2

Development of Embedded Web Server Configured on FPGA Using Soft-core Processor and Web Client on PC
Raghuwar Sharan Soni1, Deepak Asati2

RFID (NFC) Antenna Design for Dedicated Mobile Applications at 88 MHz Frequency
Amit Gupta1, Sudeep Baudha2, Brajesh Mishra3

Development, Integration and Verification of VHDL code for FPGA based Beam Position Measurement Board
Priti Trivedi1, Sudeep Baudha2

A High Performance Binary Data Compression Technique Using Low Puncturing Turbo Codes
Chitra M1, Roopa M2

Design and Construction of Refrigerant Charge Level Detecting Device in HVAC/R System with Microcontroller
Parvez Mahmud1, Shahjadi Hisan Farjana2

Wind Power Technology Schemes as Renewable Energy in Bangladesh
M. A. Parvez Mahmud1, Shahjadi Hisan Farjana2

Energy Efficient Conflict Free Query Scheduling For Wireless Sensor Networks
Pooja Kannadas1, S. Joshua Daniel2

Palmprint Identification Based On DWT, DCT And QPCA
K. P. Shashikala1, K. B. Raja2

Sensitive Region Prediction using Data Mining Technique
Priyanka Pitale1, Asha Ambhaikar2

Chapter extraction from research documents using Meta-Content Framework
Tripti Sharma1, Sarang Pitale2

Role of Project Manager from the Client’s Side on the Performance of a Construction Project
Shruti Wadalkar1, S. S. Pimplikar2

Comparison of Dilution of Precision (DOP) in Multipath and Error free Environment using Single Frequency Global Positioning System
Shalem Raj Meduri1, P. S. Bramhanandam2

Design and Simulation of Triangular Arm Antenna for WLAN Application
Rahul Singh Rathore1, Sudeep Baudha2, Neha Shrivastave3

Comparison of Security Algorithms in a Distributed Monitoring Environment
Kaushik Sanganabhatla

A Survey on Modified PWM Techniques for Z-Source Inverter
Penchalababu V1, Chandrakala B2, Gopal Krishna3

A Low Power VLSI Architecture for Image Compression System Using DCT and IDCT
D.Preethi1, A.M Vijaya Prakash2

Mouse Movement using Speech and Non-Speech Characteristics of Human Voice
Sandeep Kaur

Distance Distribution Approach of Minimizing Energy Consumption in Grid Wireless Sensor Network
Ketki Ram Bhakare1, R.K.Krishna2, Samiksha Bhakare3

A Method for Fine Tuning Of Resonance Frequency of Patch Antenna
Rajeswar Lal Dua1, Anjali Nigam2, Pooja Yadav3

A Novel Approach for Selection of Tool Insert in CNC Turning Process Using MADM Methods  Dispute – A Case Study
Nikunj V. Patel1, R. K. Patel2, U. J. Patel3, B. P. Patel4

A Survey - Power Management in Multicore System On-a-Chip (SOC)
V.Radhika1, K.Baskaran2, N.Krithika3

Speed control of PMBLDCM drive using Power Factor Correction (PFC) Convertor
Padmini Sahu1, Anurag Singh Tomer2

Distributed Detection of DoS Using Clock Values in Wireless Broadband Networks
I.Diana Jeba Jingle1, Elijah Blessing Rajsingh2, P.Mano Paul3

Load Frequency Control Using Optimal PID Controller for Non-Reheat Thermal Power System with Tcps Unit
V.Shanmugasundaram1, A.R Rajkumar2, T.Jayabarath3

Ring Oscillator Comparative Analysis at 22nm with bulk And High-K Metal Gate CMOS Technology and frequency impact
Shobha Sharma

Improving the Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks through Signal Processing Techniques
Charlie Eapen1, A.K Jaiswal2, Mukesh Kumar3, Ravi Jon4, A.Ashok5

Reliable Routing & Deadlock free massive NoC Design with Fault Tolerance based on combinatorial application
Deepthi chamkur .V1, Vijayakumar.T2

A Characteristic Study of Mobility Models Prediction Methods for MANETs
Shashiraj Teotia1, Sohan Garg2

Evaluation of Dynamic Stability During a Symmetrical Three-Phase Short Circuit at Machine Terminals of Siah Bishe Pumped Storage Power Plant
Sohrab Mirsaeidi1, Mohammad Reza Miveh2, Majid Gandomkar3

Introduction and Evaluation of Teleprotection Systems in Micro-Grids
Mohammad Reza Miveh1 , Sohrab Mirsaeidi2

Energy Efficiency in Data Centers: How to Reduce Power Consumption in Data Centers by Optimum UPS Loading
N.P. Zinjad1, S. S. More2

Modelling and Analysis of Trajectories of A Wire Like Particle in A Three Phase Common Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct (GIB) With Image Charges
M. Siva Sathyanarayana1, J. Amarnath2

Effect of Shape Factor on the Flexural-Torsional-Distortional Behaviour of Thin- Walled Box Girder Structures
C.A. Chidolue1, C.H. Aginam2

Online Non Destructive Evaluation of Large Pipe Lines and Cylindrical Structures Using Guided Ultrasonic Wave Diffraction Tomography
Sudhanshu Shekhar

Load Balancing and Parallelism in Cloud Computing
Pragati Priyadarshinee1, Pragya Jain2

Low Power VLSI Architecture for Image Compression System Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Jamuna.M1, A.M.Vijaya Prakash2, J.Pushpanjali3

Design of Low Power Double Data Rate 3 Memory Controller with AXI compliant
Vijay kumar1, R K Karunavathi2, Vijay Prakash3

Performance of Cooperative Spectrum Sharing and Dynamic Sensing Strategies for Efficient Spectrum Utilization in Cognitive Radio
Pankaj Kumar Srivastava1, T. R. Sontakke2

MSW a Potential Energy Resources: a Two Stage Anaerobic Digestion
Archana Paranjpe1, Abhay Kumar Sharma2, R. K. Ranjan3, V. K. Bajpai4, Vishal Paranjape V5

Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Assessment in small scale forging Industry by using RULA Method
Jaspreet Singh1, Harvinder Lal2, Gautam Kocher3

Measurement of Fluorescence Lifetimes using Minimum Norm and Multiparameter Deconvolution
Abdussamad U. Jibia

Design of Low Power Zigzag 8T SRAM Array with Differential Write Back Scheme
J. Suganthi1, N. Kumaresan2, K. Anbarasi3