Volume-4 Issue-1, October 2014

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Volume-4 Issue-1, October 2014, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Analysis of Structure Supported on Elastic Foundation
Vinod Kumar Rajpurohit1, N.G. Gore2, V. G. Sayagavi3

Experimental Investigation of a Diesel-Biodiesel Fuelled Compression Ignition Engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Achuthanunni V1, Baiju B2

Machining of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites and its Further Improvement-A Review
P. Sathia prathap1, V. S. K. Vengatachalapathy2, K. Planiradja3

Automobile Leaf Spring from Composite Materials
Rajagopal D1, Varun S2, Manikanth M3, Bysani Somasai Sriram Kumar4

5 GHz Voltage Controlled Oscillations for Frequency Agile RADAR, with Initial Frequency Tuning Capacitor
Zar Khitab1, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti2

Performance Analysis of Twenty Seven Level Asymmetrical Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter Fed Three Phase Induction Motor Drive
P. Roseline1, B. Ramesh2, Ch. V. V. Manga Lakshmi3

Assessment of Extension of Time Claims in Hydropower Projects of Pakistan
Hashim Hanif1, Yasar Saleem2, Zuhaib Aslam Shahid3, Abdullah Hanif4, Anwar Zeb5

Effect of Wind Loading on Analysis of Natural Draught Hyperbolic Cooling Tower
Tejas G. Gaikwad1, N. G. Gore2, V. G. Sayagavi3, Kiran Madhavi4, Sandeep Pattiwar5

Recent Image Enhancement Techniques: A Review
Akanksha Singh1, Sini Shibu2, Shatendra Dubey3

Analyzing Free Space Optical Communication Performance
A. Ramezani1, M. R. Noroozi2, M. Aghababaee3

Automatic Ship Types Classification in Silhouette Images
M. R. Noroozi1, A. Ramezani2, M. Aghababaee3

Optimal Placement and Sizing of Multiple Distributed Generation using Combined Differential Evaluation - HPSO Method
V. Veera Nagireddy1, D. V. Ashok Kumar2, K. Venkata Reddy3

A Combined Spatial and Frequency Domain Approach for Removal of Impulse Noise from Images
Malini S1, Moni R. S2

Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV)
Yatheesha R. B1, Anarghya A2, Ranjith B. S3, Nitish Rao4

Parking Study at Simhachalam Temple Hill Top in Visakhapatnam - Case Study
V. Bhavani Sankar1, K. Durga Rani2, S.S.S.V. Gopala Raju3

An Adaptive Technique for Restoration of Real Blurred Images under Unknown Conditions
S. K Sharishma Datla1, T. Aditya Kumar2

Language Translato
Ekta Ahuja1, Karan Kashyap2

The Assessing and Prediction of Biogas Production and Dissemination Rate in Ardebil City Landfills and Chemical Analysis of Obtained Biogas
Ali Shamel1, Reza Alayi2, Leila Abbaszadeh3

Analysis of Advanced PWM Algorithms Based on Simplified Sequence for Reduced CMV in Induction Motor Drive
P. Bala Krishna1, K. Satyanarayana2, V. Sowjanya3

Structural Fire Safety Measures in Developing Countries: Pakistan - A Case Study
Shahid1, S. H. Farooq2, S. Maqbool3, S. Haseeb4

Small-Signal Amplifiers with BJT, FET and MOSFET in Triple Darlington Topology
Sachchida Nand Shukla1, Naresh Kumar Chaudhary2

Research on Rapid Image Recognition Method of Foreign Fibers in Lint
Chao Yang1, Ze Zhang2

Shear Strength Capacity of Normal and High Strength Concrete Beams Bonded by CFRP Wraps
Chethan G1, Sanjith J2, Ranjith A3, Kiran B. M4

Enhanced Preventation of Password Stealing using Biometric Factor
Bharti Vijay Nikose1, Gaurav Shrivastav2, Ravindra Gupta3

Study of Solid Waste Management for Nashik City
Swati A. Patil1, Leena N. Patil2, Vaishali V. Ahire3, Mosin A. Khatik4, Rahul V. Thorat5

The Global Toll Booth System
V. H. Patil1, Gaurav Gupta2, Harsh Kapil3

A Sector Analysis for RFID Implantation: Technical Analysis for Integrated Security Enhancement Techniques
Muhammad Habib1, M. Raheel Zafar2, Saima Javed3, Shafaq Ara4

Crime Detection using Voice Behavior on the Basis of Collected Evidence
Anwar Ahsan

Prediction of Performance: Practicality between MIMO and Collocated MIMO Radar
K. M. S. Sagar Madan1, D. S. Samba Siva Rao2

A Message-Fleeting Receiver for BICM-OFDM over Anonymous Crowded - Meagre Channels
M. Ashok Kumar1, T. Aditya Kumar2

Assessment of Turbulence RANS Models for Conical Diffuser with Tailpipe
Mohammad Faizan

Prediction of LSE via Reaction Dispersion
D. Devi Sirisha1, Satya Naresh2

Design and Implementation of IEEE-754 Decimal Floating Point Adder, Subtractor and Multiplier
S. Murali1, B. Srinivas2

An Efficient Pseudo Random Number Generator for Cryptographic Applications
K. Chandra Sekhar1, K. Saritha Raj2

Evaluation of Photovoltaic System with Different Research Methods of Maximum Power Point Tracking
Mehdi Ameur1, Ahmed Essadki2, Tamou Nasser3

Modeling an Aggregate of Interfaces in a Discrete Space and Time
Stanislav Simeonov1, Neli Simeonova2

Identification, Classification and Coding of Hengan Island Coastal Biotopes, using by CMECS / GIS Model
Mahbubeh Mehrdost1, Ehsan Kamrani2, Fereridoon Owfi3, Hodeis Abbasi GHadikolaei4

Design of Multicore Processor using Multithreading Technique
Manoj Kumar Gouda1, D. Yugandhar2

Power Allocation for Link Adaptive Relaying System with Energy Harvesting Nodes
J. Raja1, R. Anitha2

Maximization of Throughput for Gaussian Relay Channel with Hybrid Relaying: Decode-Amplify and Forward
J. Raja1, M. Logeswari2

Simulation and Experimental Performance Solar PV Water Pumping System using BI-Facial Concentrator
Vijayashree C1, Amuthini P2, Preetha3

Area Efficient Higher Order FIR Filter Design using Improved Distributed Arithmetic with Look up Tables
R. Santosh1, K.V. Lalitha Bhavani2

Efficient Communication in any Digital System using Convolutional Encoder and Viterbi Decoder for Constraint Length 9
B. Pullaiah1, M. Sailaja2