Volume-3 Issue-6, August 2014

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Volume-3 Issue-6, August 2014, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

The Effect of Hall Current on Unsteady MHD Free Convective Couette Flow of a Bingham Fluid with Thermal Radiation
S. Harisingh Naik1, K. Rama Rao2, M. V. Ramana Murthy3

Strength Efficiency Factor for Nano Silica at Different Age
C. K. Sridhar1, S. B. Vanakudre2

Effective Bin Rank for Scaling Dynamic Authority Based Search with Materialized Sub Graphs
L. Prasanna Kumar

Review on Various Kinds of Die Less Forming Methods
Sayed Mojtaba Tabibian1, Maryam Khanian Najafabadi2

Experimental Results and Technique Evaluation Based on Alienation Coefficients for Busbar Protection Scheme-Part II
R. Abd Allah

A Simple Adaptive PD Control Scheme for Underactuated Mechanical Manipulators
Yang. Jung-Hua1, Yu. Shih-Shien2

Certification Revocation in Cluster Based MANET using Rerouting Mechanism
Pradnya N. Shinde1, M. S. Chaudhari2

Review on Cellular Manufacturing System and its Components
A. Nouri Houshyar1, Z. Leman2, H. Pakzad Moghadam3, R. Sulaiman4

Recent Development of Extraction Processes and Extraction of Essential Oil from Coriander by Clean Technology
Geed S. R1, Singh R. P2, Rai B. N3

Control Method for Improving the Voltage Utilization Factor of Multilevel Inverters Considering Co-Generation System Voltage Fluctuation
S. Narasimha1, M. Sushama2

A Survey on Energy Efficient Target Tracking Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shivalingappa I. Battur1, Shweta S. Bagali2

Investigation of the Effects of Various Heat Treatment Processes on Microstructure & Hardness with Respect to Corrosion Behavior for Carbon Steels
Khushal Khera1, Anmol Bhatia2, Sanjay Kumar3, Mehul Bhatia4

Factors Affecting Performance of Construction Professionals in Nigeria
Olatunji S. O1, Oke A. E2, Owoeye L. C3

Efficient Compression of Image by Lifting Based Technique
P. Veera Swamy1, B. Venkateswara Reddy2, N. B. S. Naveen3

Use of Biomedical Plastic Waste in Bituminous Road Construction
Bhageerathy K. P1, Anu P. Alex2, Manju V. S3, Raji A. K4

Behavior of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Limestone Powder as Partial Cement Replacement
Chander Garg1, Ankush Khadwal2

An Experimental Study on the Performance of Concentrated Photovoltaic System with Cooling System for Domestic Applications
A. Benuel Sathish Raj1, S. Praveen Kumar2, G. Manikandan3, P. Jerry Titus4

Secure Data Communication on ARM using Embedded ‘C’
S.H.V Prasada Rao1, B.Rajesh2, P.Kanakaraja3

FPGA Implementation of Frame Decoding Behaviour of Flex Ray Communication Protocol
Deepa M Raju1, Abraham C G2, V Suresh Babu3

Effect of Foundry Variables on the Casting Quality of As-Cast LM25 Aluminium Alloy
Mohammad Sharear Kabir1, Ehsan Ahmed Ashrafi2, Tamzid Ibn Minhaj3, Md Moinul Islam4

Effects of Various Quenching Media on the Mechanical Properties of Inter – Critically Annealed 0.267%C – 0.83% Mn Steel
Joshua T.O1, Alao O.A2, Oluyori R.T3

Environmental and Social Impact Due to Urban Drainage Problems in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Md. Masud Alom1, Md. Zahid Husain Khan2

Modeling and Simulation of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)
Manoj D. Kharad1, Naveen Kumar2

Race Classification using Craniofacial Features from Colored Face Images
Abdul-Husain M. Abdullah1, Enas W. Abood2

Modeling and Analysis of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Based BLDC Motor under Different Operating Conditions
T. Bheemeswara Reddy1, K. Satyanarayana2, T. Himaja3

Analytical Investigation on the Benefit of Sisal Fibre Reinforcement of Expansive Clayey Subgrade using Fem
Binu Sara Mathew1, Gayathri Mohan2, Kuncheria P. Isaac3, Susan Rose4

Design and Study of G-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Applications
Ashaar Ahmad1, Syed Ali Imam2, Syed Razi Haider3, Zar Khitab Afridi4

Hydrogen Petrol Mixture SI Engine
Baiju B1, Gokul S2, Schin Sunny3, Ranjith C. M4, Sathyamoorthy U5

Decision Support System for Inventory Management using Data Mining Techniques
Vivek Ware1, Bharathi H. N2

Real-Time Monitoring of ECG using Zigbee Technology
Ramu R1, A. Sukesh Kumar2

An Overview of Data Mining Classification Methods in Aortic Stenosis Prediction
T. Revathi1, P. Sumathi2

Strength Studies on Metakaolin Blended High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete
M. Nazeer1, R. Arun Kumar2

A 9-Bit, 200MS/s Low Power CMOS Pipeline ADC
Manju Devi1, Arun Kumar P. Chavan2, K. N. Muralidhara3

Economic Load Dispatch using Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm: An Effect of Control Variables
G. Nageswara Reddy1, S. S. Dash2, S. Sivanagaraju3, Ch. V. Suresh4

Approaches to Named Entity Recognition in Indian Languages: A Study
Prakash Hiremath1, Shambhavi B. R2

Working Model of Remote Controlled Hovercraft
Divyesh Dave1, Vimal Patel2, Dhrumil Parikh3, Sachin Prajapati4, Sumaiya Patel5

DC Motor Torque Control using Fuzzy Proportional-Derivative Controllers
Shivanand Pandey1, Bhagirath Pandey2

Artificial Intelligence in My Eyes on the Applications to Game Design
Senzota Kivaria Semakuwa1, Florence Upendo Rashid2

Embedded Spiking Neural Network
Roshni Kishan1, Siri A2, Meghana G. R3, Meghana S4

Dynamic Resource Allocation using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing Environment
Seematai S. Patil1, Koganti Bhavani2

PID based Stabilization of Gesture Controlled Drones using HIL Simulation
Vitul Varshney1, Melvin Wilson2, Sakthivel Sivaraman3

Change Detection of Land use/ Land Cover of a Watershed using Remote Sensing and GIS
S. Poongothai1, N. Sridhar2, R. Arun Shourie3

Mechanical Properties of High Performance Concrete in Corporating with Quarry Wastes
T. Subbulakshmi1, B. Vidivelli2

Dispersion Modelling of SO2 Emission from a Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh
G. Praveen Kumar1, S. Palanivelraja2

A Comprehensive Overview on Manet
Seema Dev Aksatha D1, Lalitha T2