Volume-3 Issue-5, June 2014

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Volume-3 Issue-5, June 2014, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Review and Analysis of Software Release Planning Models
Sandhia Valsala1, Anil R2

A Reduced Error Pruning Technique for Improving Accuracy of Decision Tree Learning
Rinkal Patel1, Rajanikanth Aluvalu2

Review on Effect of Electric Permittivity and Magnetic Permeability over Microwave Absorbing Materials at Low Frequencies
Sameer Duggal1, Gagan Deep Aul2

Enhanced Two Dimensional Circular Encryption Algorithm
Vikas Mittal

Effects of Occupation Numbers on Charge Density Distributions, Elastic Form Factors, and Root-Mean Square Radii for Some Nuclei in 1s-1p Shell
Arkan R. Ridha1, Wasan Z. Majeed2, Ali D. Salloum3

Remote Data Access for Control of TCP-IP Network using Android Mobile Device with Fast Transfer of Images
Vaibhav Muddebihalkar1, R.M.Goudar2

Effect of Tool Pin Profile and Welding Parameters on Friction Stir Processing Zone, Tensile Properties and Micro-hardness of AA5083 Joints Produced by Friction Stir Welding
Ravindra S. Thube

Chemical Flocculation of Microorganisms in the Reservoir During Meor
Chukwuma G.J. Nmegbu1, Jossy Spiff2

Analysis of Iris Image Segmentation in a Color Space Model
Space Model S. B. Kulkarni1, Kirthishree C. Katti2, Arun A. Kumbi3, R. B. Kulkarni4, Vinita K. Tapaskar5

Experimental Study of Surface Roughness in Wedm Process and Ann Modelling
Piyush Pant1, Navneet K Pandey2, S. Rajesha3, Gaurav Jain4

Implementation and Performance Estimation of FIR Digital Filters using MATLAB Simulink
Manoj Barnela1, Suresh Kumar2, Akhil Kaushik3, Satvika4

Taguchi Method Implementation in Abrasive Waterjet Machining Process Optimization
P. P. Badgujar1, M. G. Rathi2

Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Industrial Wastewater using Palm Date Pits as Low Cost Adsorbent
Arshad I. Esmael1, Minerva E. Matta2, Hisham A. Halim3, Farouk M. Abdel Azziz4

Plasma Applications for Environmental Protection
Sourabh Bisht1, Bhaskar Nautiyal2, Upendra Mohan Bhatt3, Pankaj Joshi4

To Study the Capability Model for Sustainable E –Business Environment in Construction Industries in Maharashtra Region
P. Deepa1, Upendra saharkar2

Behavior of Polymer Strengthened Plain Concrete
M. Iqbal1, I. Shahid2, S. H. Farooq3

Effect of Li Substitution on Bi (Pb)-2223 Superconductors
Saad F. Oboudi1, Muna M. Abbas2, Nadein Q. Raoof3

Modeling the Diffusion Rate of Biogenic Gases Produced During Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
Chukwuma G. J. Nmegbu

Improving Performance with Security Mechanism for Wireless Multi-Hop Relay Network
Ambati Raghu

Review Integral Abutment Bridge Behavior in Different Condition
Shaikh Tausif1, L.G.Kalurkar2

K-Mean Clustering and PSO: A Review
Gursharan Saini1, Harpreet Kaur2

The Diffusion Model for the Longitudinal Mixing of Microbes in Reservoir Beds of Finite Length
Nmegbu Chukwuma Godwin Jacob1, Pepple Daniel Dasigha2

Space Vector based Pulse Width Modulation Scheme for a Five – Level Inverter using Open – End Winding Induction Motor
Shiny G1, M.R.Baiju2

A Sustainable Approach Towards Synthesis of Moo3 Nanoparticles using Citrus Limetta Pith Extract
Abhimanyu Kanneganti1, Manasa2, Prathyusha Doddapaneni3

Artificial Neural Network Implementation in Microchip PIC 18F45J10 8-Bit Microcontroller
Jnana Ranjan Tripathy1, Hrudaya Kumar Tripathy2, S.S.Nayak3

Overview of Sap Hana: In-Memory Computing Technology and ITS Applications
Srikantarao S1, Radhika K R2

PC based Digital Sound Level Analyzer
D.G.Wadnere1, G.A.Wadnere2

A Survey on Graph based Web Service Discovery and Composition Techniques
Monowar Hussain1, Arnab Paul2

Electromagnetic Radiation Influencing Stomatal Patterning in Oxalis Corniculata L
Geeta1, Puja Kumari Singh2

Optimization of Segmented Constrained Layer Damping Literature Review
Avinash Kadam1, Pravin Hujare2

Density-Based Clustering Based on Probability Distribution for Uncertain Data
Pramod Patil1, Ashish Patel2, Parag Kulkarni3

Fabrication of a Cost effective Automatic Dual, Single Axis Active Solar Tracker with Built in Inverter Designed for Grid Connectivity and Standalone Systems
Neha Bansal1, Ashish Chaudhari2, Manish Mishra3, Jenish K Jadav4

Analysis and Literature Review of IEEE 802.1x (Authentication) Protocols
Umesh Kumar1, Praveen Kumar2, Sapna Gambhir3

Microstrip Patch Antenna Loaded with Shapes of Triangle and Circle using Metamaterial Structure
Abhishek Vyas1, S.S. Dhakad2

Computer Oriented Load Flow Study of Five Bus System using Matlab
Samir S. Khalse1, Dhondiram M. Kakre2

Krishi Sahyog: Image based Cognitive E-Learning
Kunj Karia1, Neha Chanchlani2, Karan Kashyap3, Mona Deshmukh4

Experimental Investigation of Performance Characteristics of Calophyllum Inophyllum Biodiesel in CI Engine by Varying Compression Ratio
Rahul Krishna ji Bawane1, S.V. Channapattana2, Nilima Baliram Gadge3, Sandip M. Ingole4

Assessing the Relation Between Quantity of Test Cases and Amount of Code Coverage
Anju Bansal

Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Process Parameters in Turning of AISI D2 Steel using Different Lubricant
J.B.Shaikh1, J.S.Sidhu2

Application of Ayurveda for Treatment of Non Communicable Disease – Human Blood Cancer
Tripti Yadav1, Aditi Gupta2

Weight Optimization of Buck Stays using Castellated Beams
P. Rathina Kumar1, M.G.Thiruselvan2, J M Babu3, M.Rajagopal4

Critical Review of Innovative Soil Road Stabilization Techniques
S. M. Lim1, D. C. Wijeyesekera2, A. J. M. S. Lim3, I. B. H. Bakar4

BER Performance Evaluation of Different Digital Modulation Schemes for Biomedical Signal Transceivers under AWGN and Fading Channel Conditions
Nitha V Panicker1, Sukesh Kumar A2

Mechanical and Thermal Characterization of Aero Grade Polymethyl Matha Acrylate Polymer used in Aircraft Canopy
R. K. Raghuwanshi1, V. K. Verma2

Privacy-Preserving Location Query Service using Privacy Preserving Distance Computation
Avinash Taskar1, Bhushan Sinkar2

Design of Novel UWB Coupled Line Band Pass Filter with Improved Stop Band Performance
Neelam Thakur1, Ajay Kumar Yadav2

Secret Data Hiding in Images by using DWT Technique’s
Swapnali Zagade1, Smita Bhosale2

Analyzing Effect of Impeller Width on Mass Flow Rate of Centrifugal Blower using CFD
Sushant Wagh1, Dhananjay Panchagade2

Comparison of Dual Band UWB Microstrip Antennas
Rukhsana Khan1, Prashant Sonare2, Yogesh Sharma3

Kinetic Assessment of Biogas Production from Lignocellulosic Biomasses
Manjula Das Ghatak1, P. Mahanta2

Study of Fragile Watermarking to Protect the Fingerprint Database Template
Jitendra Kumar Gothwal1, Ram Singh2

Reliability of Thin (Metal) Film Resistors Impact of Pulse Screening
Abhijit D. Rane1, Venkat N. Ghodke2

Equalization Techniques for MIMO Systems in Wireless Communication: A Review
Rashmi Kashyap1, Jaspal Bagga2

Design and Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm-128 using Verilog
Vedkiran Saini1, Parvinder Bangar2

A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Invariant to Rotation, Scaling and Translation Attack using DFT
Bhalchandra D. Dhokale1, Ramesh Y. Mali2

Development and Implementation of PRTOS on Robotic Navigation System
A. Chandra Suresh1, K.V.N.M. Prasad2, R. Upender Rao3

Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Speed and Position Control of DC Motor
Panduranga Talavaru1, Nagaraj Naik R2, V. Kishore Kumar Reddy V3

Enhancing Scalable Database-Driven Reverse Dictionary
Priyanka Nanaware1, Rahul Ambekar2

Leakage of Transit Ridership in BCLL Bus Service over Private Bus Service Provider in Bhopal
Vijay Singh Solanki1, Siddhartha Rokade2, Anuj Jaiswal3

Design of a Device for Power Harvesting From Radio Frequency Signal
Lasker Md. Minhaz Zaman1, Majumdar, Md. Shahadat Hossain2, Chowdhury H.M. Ashiqur Rahman3, Ferdous Jannatul4, Chisty Nafiz Ahmed5

Thyroid Segmenetation and Area Measurement using Active Contour
Pramod Kumar Sahu1, Dinesh Kumar Whavnani2

Artificial Neural Network Based Visual Recognition System using Dwt for Hearically Impaired Person
Y. M. Gaikwad1, K. N. Pawar2

The Lost Space of Architecture in the Context of Urban Lost Space
Alireza Memarian1, Navid Niazkar2

Analysis on Lowering the Effect of Timing Jitter in OFDM System using Oversampling
Monika Tiwari1, Kanwar Preet Kaur2

Design and Development of Low Cost Automotive Vehicular Communication System Based on ARM
Kale Sanket B1, Satyajit A. Pangaonkar2

Robust Human Body Tracking using PCA and SVM Classifier
Nirmala M1, Hamsaveni N2

Retrofitting of a Damaged School Building: A Case Study
Shujaat Hussain Buch1, Muhammad Dilawar Bhat2

Iris Recognition using Color Models with Artificial Neural Network
S. B. Kulkarni1, U. P. Kulkarni2, Siddu Tushara M. S.3

Adoption of Integrated Management System (IMS) by Construction Firms in Pakistan
Rehan Masood1, Babar Mujtaba2, Muhammad Ali Khan3, Tariq Ali4