Volume-4 Issue-2, December 2014

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Volume-4 Issue-2, December 2014, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

An Optimum Relay Sensor Placement Technique to Enhance the Connectivity of Wireless Sensor Network
Arifuzzaman Mohammad1, Keping Yu2, Sato Takuro3

A Simulated Case Study of Office Building in Pakistan to Improve the Energy Efficiency
Khurshid Ahmad1, Saeed Badshah2, Amer Farhan Rafique3

Auxetic Cellular Structures for Custom Made Orthopedic Implants using Additive Manufacturing
Saied M. H. Darwish1, Muhammad Usman Aslam2

New method of Current Measurement in AC Drives to Achieve More Accuracy and Less Dissipation
Siamak Hamzeei1, Yser Noori Shirazi2, Majid Aghababee3, Vahid Riazi4

Design of Longitudinal Members To Vehicle: Enhances The Energy Absorption of Thin Walled Structure Under Dynamic Load
Samer F.1, Jamal O. Sameer2, Abdulbasit Abdullah3

Testing of ONERA Model
Sagar P R1, N.Muthuswamy2, C. Senthil Kumar3

Flexural behavior of Reinforced Fly Ash Concrete in Comparison to Reinforced Normal Concrete beams in Terms of Cracking Load and Ultimate Load Carrying Capacity
B.K. Narendra1, T.M.Mahadeviah2

Flexural behavior of Reinforced Fly Ash Concrete in Comparison to Reinforced Normal Concrete Beams in Terms of Ductility Index
B.K. Narendra1, T.M.Mahadeviah2

Flexural behavior of Reinforced Fly Ash Concrete in Comparison to Reinforced Normal Concrete Beams in Terms of Load Deflection
B.K. Narendra1, T.M.Mahadeviah2

Flexural behavior of Reinforced Fly Ash Concrete in Comparison to Reinforced Normal Concrete beams in Terms of Moment-Curvature Relation
B.K. Narendra1, T.M.Mahadeviah2

Synthesis and Characterization of New Amorphous Phases in Bi2O3-P2O5-SrO System
Zahra Ramzi1, Samira Touhtouh2, M’Hamed Taibi3, Mohammed Bettach4, Abdelowahed Hajjaji5, Wafaa Nachit6,  Khalil Benkhouja7

An Approach for Semantic Information Retrieval from Ontology in Computer Science Domain
Ritika Bansal1, Sonal Chawla2

Helical Feed Manipulation for Parabolic Reflector Antenna Gain Control
Zohair Mohammed Elhassan Hussein1, Abdelrasoul jabar kizar alzubaidi2

A Basic Approach towards the Literary Meaning of Research Methodology and Quantitative Methods of Computer Applications by Formulation of Hypothesis of Given Factual Information
Abhinav V. Deshpande

Numerical Prediction of Vehicle Front End Module Effects on Engine Cooling System Performance
Neelakandan K1, Goutham Sagar M2, Tushar Damodare3, Pooja Nemade4

A Case Study on Bamboo as Green Building Material
Ayesha Syeda1, Barvaliya Shrujal Jayesh Kumar2

Basic Fundamental Recognition of Voiced Unvoiced and Silence Region of A Speech
B.M.S. Rani1, A. Jhansi Rani2, T. Ravi3, M. Divya Sree4

Supply Chain Management in Residential Construction Sector
Deshmukh P. S1, More A. B2, Chavan S. A3

Seismic Analysis of RC Silos Dynamic Discharge Phenomena
Islam M. Ezz El-Arab

Waste Water Quality Analysis and Design of Waste Stabilization Pond of Shiats
Saad Asghar Moeeni1, J. Lordwin Girish Kumar2

Secure Data Communication using Protocol Steganography in IPv6
Sandip Bobade1, Rajeshawari Goudar2

Performance Evaluation of Cooling Tower in Thermal Power Plant - A Case Study of RTPS, Karnataka
Pushpa B. S1, Vasant Vaze2, P. T. Nimbalkar3

An Enhancement of Association Rule Mining Algorithm
Gurpreet Batra1, Alpana Vijay Rajoriya2

Finite Element Investigation of Geometry Effect on Pressure Vessel under Combined Structural and Thermal Loads
Mutahir Ahmed1, Rafi Ullah Khan2, Saeed Badshah3, Sakhi Jan4

Multi-Criteria Design Optimization of Control System Instrumentation using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Structural Modeling Approaches
Zine-Eddine Meguetta1, Blaise Conrard2, Mireille Bayart3

Effect of Solar Drying on the Nutritive Value of Fenugreek Leaves
S. R. Navale1, Upasni Supriya2, V. M. Harpale3, K. C. Mohite4

Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis of DC-DC Buck Converter and Comparing with Other Converters
Seyed Hossein Khalkhali1, Seyyed Jafar Fazeli Abelouei2

Design of Octagonal Energy Absorbing Members Subjected to Dynamic Load: Enhancement of Crashworthiness
Abdulbasit Abdullah1, Khairul Salleh Mohamed Sahari2, Samer F3, Jamal O. Sameer4

Emotion Recognition from Chhattisgarhi Speech using Neural Network
Yachana Gaikwad1, Yogesh Rathore2

Conversion of DICOM Multi-Frame Medical Image into Multimedia Format using MATLAB
Prachi Patil1, S. V. Patil2, D. D. Chaudhari3

The Effect of Diseases on Food Consumpution and Weight Gain in Captive Common Buzzards (Buteo buteo)
Okoli C. P1, Aiyedun J. O2

A Reduced Clock Power Flip-Flop for Sequential Circuits
G. Bhala Bharath1, R. Ramana Reddy2

Sub Threshold Level Shifters and Level Shifter with LEC for LSI’s
J. Chaitanya Varma1, R. Ramana Reddy2, D. Rama Devi3

Influences of K Substitution on Bi (Pb)-2223 Superconductors
Muna Moussa Abbas1, Huda Deia Dehi2

Design and Implementation of Hamming Code on FPGA using Verilog
Ravi Hosamani1, Ashwini S. Karne2

Effect of Fly Ash as A Cement Replacement on The Strength of Concrete
Suman Anil Kumar1, Saxena Anil Kumar2, Arora T.R.3

A Study on Online Contract Signing Protocols
Rakhi R. Naidu1, Sweety S. Nawale2, Neha P. Pawar3, Preeti R. Sharma4, Rajashree R.S5

Improved Wavelet-Cusum Spectrum Sensing Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Network
P. Kalpana Devi1, J. Rajalakshmi2

Secure Data Aggregation with False Temporal Pattern Identification for Wireless Sensor Networks
T. Abirami1, M. Meenalochini2, S. Anandamurugan3

3 Phase Multilevel Inverter using Bidirectional Chopper Cell
Asawari Dudwadkar1, Praveen Ahuja2

Evaluating Optimal Process Parameters in Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding of Al Alloys
R. MadhuSudhan1, N. Ramanaiah2, K. Praveen Kumar3

BER Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System using Different Equalization Techniques under Multipath Fading Channels for Different Modulations
Jagdish Patel1, Rana Mahajan2, Manohar Wagh3

Experimental and Numerical Study of Side-Slipping 65-deg Delta and Double-Delta Wings
Farooq Saeed

Revising The Protocols to Ensure Reliability, Cost Effectiveness and High Sample Throughput for Water Stable Isotope Analyses In Continuous Flow Mode using the Gasbench II.
Abhayanand Singh Maurya1, Rajendra Dattataryi Deshpande2, Miral Shah3, Sushil Kumar Gupta4