Volume-4 Issue-3, February 2015

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Volume-4 Issue-3, February 2015, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Heat of Hydration in the Placement of Mass Concrete
Abhilash Patil

Patient Health Monitoring Using Wireless Body Area Sensor Network
Yogita L. Kumbhare1, Pankaj H. Rangaree2

Design Optimization of a 3 DOF Translational Parallel Manipulator
S. Ramana Babu1, V. Ramachandra Raju2, K. Ramji3

Evaluating Prediction Factor Prominence in Academic Domain Selection using Dominance Analysis – Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), Ibri CAS, Sultanate of Oman
S. Sharmi1, Ishtiaque Mahmood2, Jehad Bani-Younis3

Comparative Study of Different Flexures of MEMS Accelerometers
Avinash Kamble1, Siddheshwar Khillare2

Salinity Effect on Growth, Permanence, and Blood Factors of Abramis Brama Orientalis Fry of Caspian Sea in Different Weights
Mahshid Amiri1, Mehdi Shamsaie Mehrjan2

Determination of Optimum Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies for Urban Semi Dense Bituminous Surface and Premix Carpet Roads
Pardeep Kumar Gupta1, Rajeev Kumar2

Load Current Adaptive Step Size and Perturbation Frequency (LCASF) MPPT Algorithm or Adaptive Step Size with Adaptive Perturbation Frequency Scheme for Grid Connected PV System
Rachna Verma1, Anjali Potnis2

A New Multi- Authentication Scheme using Attribute Aggregation
Faris M. Al-Athari1, Abdulameer K. Hussain2

A Study of Uncalcined Termite Clay Soil as Partial Replacement in Cement as a Sustainable Material for Roofing Tiles in Low Cost Housing Schemes in Kenya
Meshack Oduor Otieno1, Charles K. Kabubo2, Zachary Abiero Gariy3

Electrical Characterization of Spray Deposited CoS Thin Films
M. A. Sattar1, M. Mozibur Rahman2, M. K. R. Khan3, M. G. M. Choudhury4

Assessment for Runoff of Upper Betwa Basin by using SWAT Model
Md. Jafri Ahsan1, R. K. Issac2, Mohd. Imtiyaz3

SVPWM based Transformer less Wind Energy Conversion System for 3 phase 3 level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter
Palanisamy R1, Shaurya Misra2, Deepak Kulhar3

Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis: A Review of Alkaline Water Electrolysis, PEM Water Electrolysis and High Temperature Water Electrolysis
Md Mamoon Rashid1, Mohammed K. Al Mesfer2, Hamid Naseem3, Mohd Danish4

Output Feedback Robust Stabilization of the Decoupled Multiple Model
Ahmed Tahar1, Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim2

State Feedback Observer Design for a Three Phase Induction Machine using Singular Value Decomposition Method of Pole Placement
Siva, Elizabeth1, Ajay-D-Vimalraj2

Modeling Chlorine Decay in Pipes using Two-State Random Walk Approach
Y. M. Mahrous1, Abdullah S. Al-Ghamdi2, A. M. M. Elfeki3

Maximum Power Tracking of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
P. Siva1, E. Shanmuga Priya2, P. Ajay-D-Vimalraj3

Proposing AODVSC Protocol to Detect Black Hole Attacks in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Luong Thai Ngoc1, Vo Thanh Tu2

Application of SMART, TOPSIS, and VIKOR Systems in Joint Admission Control
Mohammed M. Alkhawlani

Urban Design and Active-Transport
Muhamad Razuhanafi Mat Yazid1, Mohd Azizul Ladim2

Spatial fuzzy C-means Clustering based Liver And Liver Tumor Segmentation on Contrast Enhanced CT Images
Sajith A.G1, Hariharan.S2

Human Resource Management Challenges and Purposed Solution: An Analysis
Vinit Kumar Shukla1, Megha Mittal2

Enhanced Hybrid Multipath Routing Protocol Using an Priority Acknowledgment Table (PAT)
M. Bommy1, M. Dhanalakshmi2, A. Rajesh3

A Novel Comparison between Apple IOS 8 VS Android 5.0 Lollipop for Best Features and Sustainability of the Modern World Mobile OS
K. Raghuveer1, Ananth G S2

The Level of Satisfaction of Foreign Students at Sam Higginbottom University Allahabad India for Administrative and Academic Performance of Thier University
Mustafa. M. Ali. Alfaki1, Ajit Paul2, Shalini Bhawana Masih3

Review of Image Segmentation Techniques Including Pre & Post Processing Operations
Priyanka Shivhare1, Vinay Gupta2

Tension Variation in Sectional Warping, Part I: Mathematical Modeling of Yarn Tension in a Creel
Eask Fernando1, R. U. Kuruppu2

Design Study of End Effectors
Anurag Sharma

Input Maping and Simulation Analysis using Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System
Nisha Rajan S1, Akash Rajan2, Binulal B. R3

FYDP Management System with a Novel Pedagogical Strategy for Study of Science at Bachelor’s & Master’s Level
Subhradeep Pal1, Bharat Gaikwad2, Aman Sharma3

“Fatigue Life Estimation of Pressure Reducing Valve Diaphragm”
Sanjay S. Sutar1, Pravin R. Kubade2, Sunil S. Jamadade3

Detection of Inrush Current in Transformers Based on Instantaneous Reactive Power
D P Balachandran1, R Sreerama Kumar2, B Jayanand3

Machining Properties Evaluation of Copper and Graphite Electrodes in PMEDM of SKD61 Steel in Rough Machining
Banh Tien Long1, Ngo Cuong2, Nguyen Huu Phan3, Pichai Janmanee4

Biological Data Prediction Using Two Mode Grouping Bayesian Principal
M. Sangeetha1, P. Bhuvaneswari2, A. Sujitha3, P. Nandhini4, C. Gurulakshmi5

A Comparative Study of Prevalent Water Quality Indices in Streams
Jyotiprakash G. Nayak1, L .G. Patil2