Volume-11 Issue-1, October 2021

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Volume-11 Issue-1, October 2021, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication 

A Deep learning Technique for Classification of Breast cancer Disease
Yelepi Usha Rani1, Lakshmi Sowmya Kotturi2, G.Sudhakar3

Forecasting Stock Price using LSTM-CNN Method
Dinesh Reddy1, Abhinav Karthik2

Analytical Predictions on Flexural Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Hybrid FRP Laminate
K. Pradeeba1, A.Rajasekaran2

Impact of Diuretics on Metabolic Activity of Urogenital Tract Microbiota in Women
Amar Balihodžić1, Nadira Ibrišimović Mehmedinović2, Suada Tinjić3, Semira Galijašević4, Kamelija Madacki-Todorović5, Izet Eminović6, Lejla Hasanbegović7, Mirza Ibrišimović8

Semiconductor Bearing Fault Recognition
Nikhita Mishra1, Ipshitta Chaturvedi2, Janhvi Mehta3

Big Data Security Problem and Its Solutions
Madan Mohan1, Aadarsh Malviya2, Anuranjan Mishra3

Output Power Stability for Wind Turbine by using two Fault Detection Technique and PID – Fuzzy Controller in the Doubly fed Induction Generator
Ajay Kumar Shukla1, Anil Kumar Kurchania2

3D Modelling, Design and Safety Management in High Rise Building using Bim
Mohammed Waheed1, Mahmad Naheed2, Parvez Patel3, Syed Mubashir Hussain4, A.B Harwalkar5

Importance of Security in Big Data Log Files on Cloud
Madan Mohan1, Aadarsh Malviya2, Anuranjan Mishra3

Comparison of Algorithms for Workflow Applications in Cloud Computing
Sriperambuduri Vinay Kumar1, M. Nagaratna2

Design of Elevons, Wings, and Performance Investigation for A Blended Wing Body UAV
Ashutosh Kumar1, Raghvendra Gautam2

Methods to Perform Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis to Detect Factors Affecting Mental Health
Ravindra Kumar

Development of a Double Row Tractor Operated Yam Minisett Planter
A. K. Arkoh1, E. Y. H. Bobobee2, A. Addo3

A Peer Survey on Load Frequency Contol in Isolated Power System with Novel Topologies
Namburi Nireekshana1, R. Ramachandran2, G. V. Narayana3

Digital Eco-system Development Proved its Sustainable Success under the Technology & Covid-19 Disruption: Asia’s Silicon Valley (Singapore) & Global ICT Power House (South Korea)
Kamolrat Intaratat

Rethinking Blockchain for Access Control in the Internet of Things
Poonam Ninad Railkar1, Parikshit Narendra Mahalle2, Gitanjali Rahul Shinde3

Real Time Driver Drowsiness Detection using Computer Vision
Mahek Jain1, Bhavya Bhagerathi2, Sowmyarani C N3

Comparative Analysis of Manual and Mechanised Yam Minisett Planting
A. K. Arkoh1, S. K. Amponsah2, J. Opoku Asante3

A Spatial-Temporal based Next Frame Prediction and Unsupervised Classification of Video Anomalies in Real Time Estimation
Swapna Kumari Sahu1, M. Jayanthi Rao2

Improved Bootstrapping by FFT on Encrypted Multi Operands Homomorphic Addition
Paulin Boale Bomolo1, Simon Ntumba Badibanga2, Eugene Mbuyi Mukendi.3

Intrusion Detection System Attack Classification with Optimization Model for WSN Security
Abidullha Adel1, Sohel Rana2, Jayastree3

Anaysis of Different Energy Efficiency Algorithms in Cloud Computing
Neha Dutta1, Pardeep Cheema2

IoT Based Fire Accident Detection System with Deep Learning Intelligence 
Hitanshi Jain1, Sai Teja Miyapuram2, Sree Ranga Reddy Bobbala3

Influence of the Material Properties on Microgrooving u sing Wire Tools Electrodeposited with Diamond Grains
Masaya Gemma1, Jiayu Liu2, Satoshi Sakamoto3

Microbial Retting of Banana Pseudostem 
Sonia Sharma1, Neeraj Wadhwa2

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System using Connected Component Analysis and Convolutional Neural Network
Sneh Kanwar Singh Sidhu1, Raman Maini2, Dhavleesh Rattan3

Condition Monitoring and Feature Extraction of Stator Current Phasors for Enhanced Fault Diagnosis in AC Drive
Jyothi R1, Tejas Holla2, Umesh NS3, Uma Rao K4, Jayapal R5

Design of Squirrel-Cage Self-Excited 3-phase Induction Generator
Bilal Abdullah Nasir

Impact of Variable Deterioration Rate of Perishable Food Items on Multi-Echelon Distribution Chains
Dileep M V1, Regi Kumar V2

Classification of Lung Sounds and Disease Prediction using Dense CNN Network
Suyash Lakhani1, Ridhi Jhamb2

Monitoring of Pollutant Levels in Stagnant and Flowing Water Bodies in and around Ahmedabad, India
Hemil H Patel

Aqua Solar Canopy-A Model based on Rainwater Harvesting and Solar Energy Production
Bhavya Bansal

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media and Human Behaviour
Smitarani Satpathy1, Srikanta Patnaik2

An Improved Vanet Clustering and Channel Quality using Movc and Weighted Probability
Sohel Rana1, Md Alamin Hossan2, Abidullha Adel3, Jayastree4

Applications of Drone Technology in Construction Industry: A Study 2012-2021 
Gayatri Mahajan

A Data-Centric Approach to Improve Machine Learning Model’s Performance in Production
Pritom Bhowmik1, Arabinda Saha Partha2

Classification of Grain s and Quality Analysis u sing Deep Learning 
Priyanshu Shrivastava1, Karan Singh2, Ashish Pancham3

Smart City for Future: Design of Data Acquisition Method using Threshold Concept Technique
Deepak NR1, Thanuja N2

Computation of Permeability of Soil using Artificial Intelligence Approaches 
Jitendra Khatti1, Kamaldeep Singh Grover2

Analysing the Media Consumer Trends During the COVID-19 Period-The Rise of Otts in India
Sristy Lalaika V1, Kalathila Uthej2, Shreeya Rishi K3

Prediction of Mobile Model Price using Machine Learning Techniques
Kumuda S1, Vishal Karur2, Karthick Balaje S E.3

Multi-Layer Classification and Segmentation with Opinion Mining Learning Ensemble
Ravi Kumar Kuchipudi1, V.V. Jaya Rama Krishnaiah2

Deep Convolutional Neural Network Feed-Forward and Back Propagation (DCNN-FBP) Algorithm for Predicting Heart Disease using Internet of Things
Saranya N1, Kavi Priya S2