Volume-11 Issue-2, December 2021

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Volume-11 Issue-2, December 2021, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication 

Proposal of Sliding Mode Controller based on Backstepping Technique for Control of Magnetic Levitation System
Arobindra Saikia1, Neelanjana Baruah2

Prototyping an Autonomous Face Controlled System using Raspberry Pi on Wheelchairs
Shwetha H R1, Nikhitha V Melige2, Shabarish Reddy B S3, Sujeeth U S4, Sanjay D Gowda5

Relaxed Skolam Mean Labeling of 5 – Star Graphs with Partition 3, 2
D.S.T. Ramesh1, D. Angel Jovanna2

A New Neural Network Based Sliding Mode Adaptive Controller for Tracking Control of Robot Manipulator
Monisha Pathak1, Mrinal Buragohain2

GANs and VAEs As Methods of Synthetic Data Generation and Augmentation to Enhance Heart Disease Prediction
Rohit Sahoo1, Vedang Naik2, Saurabh Singh3, Shaveta Malik4

Automatic Estimation of Body Measurements to Extract the Size and Body Shape
Mong Hien Thi Nguyen1, Minh Hieu Tran2

Exploration Exploitation Problem in Policy Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Episodic and Continuous Environments
Vedang Naik1, Rohit Sahoo2, Sameer Mahajan3, Saurabh Singh4, Shaveta Malik5

Intrusion Detection System on KDD’99 Dataset with Imbalanced Classes 
Anupam Agrawal

Automated Screening System for Covid Safety
Yarram Sai Subhash Reddy1, Sri Krishna Borra2, Koye Sai Vishnu Vamsi3, Nandipati Jaswanth Sai4, Koye Jayanth5

Optimized Bandwidth Enhanced Wideband Microstrip Antenna for 5G Applications
Navneet Singh1, Amit Jain2, Dinesh Kumar Singh3

Age and Gender Prediction using Face Recognition
Sai Teja Challa1, Sowjanya Jindam2, Ruchitha Reddy Reddy3, Kalathila Uthej4

Relaxed Skolam Mean Labeling of 6 – Star Graphs with Partition 3, 3
D.S.T. Ramesh1, D. Angel Jovanna2

Proposed Methods to Rollback A Failed Update of IoT Devices
Hoai-Nam Nguyen1, Truong-Thang Nguyen2, Thu-Nga Nguyen Thi3, Manh-Dong Tran4, Ba-Hung Tran5

Machine Learning Approach using CNN for COVID-19 Pandemic Detection
Vikas S1, Thimmaraju S N2

Study of Homogeneous Chipboard Manufacturing using Betung Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Asper) Mixed with Polyethylene Addictive
Salman Salim1, Mona Lena Abdul Aziz2, Sufyan Abdullah3, Mohamad Hairi Osman4, Mastura Najiha Salman5

Effect of Channel Consideration on Auto Encoders for Color Image Compression using Deep Learning
G. Ruth Rajitha Rani1, Ch. Samson2

Review of Online Food Delivery Industry of India 
Atharva Kulkarni

Cost Estimation Process of Remote Sensing Satellites
Dechamma K K1, Mohith C G2, Suma Mirji3, Rahul Kumar4, Palani Murgan5, K N Subramanya6

Malaria Parasite Detection in Thick Blood Smears using Deep Learning
K Venkata Shivaramakrishna Reddy1, S Phani Kumar2

Boosted Weighted Optimized Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble Classification for Lung Cancer Prediction
F. Leena Vinmalar1, A. Kumar Kombaiya2

Systematic Review of the Study of Flood Risks using Remote Sensing
Sócrates P. Muñoz Pérez1, Kristell E. Bonilla Bances2, Lesly J. Torres Zavaleta3, Heber I. Mejía Cabrera4, Víctor A. Tuesta Monteza5

A Proposed Architecture for Placement of Cloud Data Centre in Software Defined Network Environment
Mohit Mathur1, Mamta Madan2, Mohit Chandra Saxena3