Volume-10 Issue-6, August 2021

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Volume-10 Issue-6, August 2021, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Performance Analysis of CMOS Circuits using Shielded Channel Dual Gate Stack Silicon on Nothing Junctionless Transistor
S.C. Wagaj1, S.C. Patil2

Renewable Energy Production Forecasting: A Comparative Machine Learning Analysis
Kazi Md Shahiduzzaman1, Md Noor Jamal2, Md. Rashed Ibn Nawab3

Machine Learning-Based Cache Replacement Policies: A Survey
Pratheeksha P1, Revathi SA2

Brain Tumor Segmentation and Classification using Multiple Feature Extraction and Convolutional Neural Networks
Tasmiya Tazeen1, Mrinal Sarvagya2

Mapping the Statistical Significance of Factors Contributing to the World Happiness Report
Karan Bhowmick1, Charuchith Ranjit2

Framework for Real-Time Monitoring of Battery Performance in Electric Vehicles and Locating Charging Facilities Nearby
Pranay Jain1, Sanjana Kumari2, Shreenivas B3

Memory Optimization Techniques in Neural Networks: A Review
Pratheeksha P1, Pranav B M2, Azra Nasreen3

Age and Gender Based Organisation of Shelter Homes using Convolutional Neural Networks
Shravya Suresh1, Sneha Venkatesh2, Vidya Shree S3, Hemalatha V R4, T Vijaya Kumar5

A Study for Advanced Visualization of Sensing Data & Meta Data based WSN
Hyukjun Choi1, Byeongtae Ahn2

An Optimized way to Solve Regression Problems
Jyothi Vishnu Vardhan Kolla1, Poorna Chandra Vemula2, Vanapala Sai Mohit3

Elimination of Arsenic (III) using Phaseolus Lunatus and Phaseolus Vulgaris as Natural Coagulants
Vijayarani. A1, Sailaja. B. B. V2, Sirisha. D3

Sliding Mode with Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulator Trajectory Tracking using Neural Network Approximation
Monisha Pathak1, Mrinal Buragohain2

Data Protection Mechanisms in IoT: A Vital Challenge
M. G. Padmashree1, J. S. Arunalatha2, K. R. Venugopal3

Compositional Defence of Application Privacy in Resistant to Physical and Software Attacks in Untrusted Cloud Environment
Mitesh Chanodiya1, Manish Potey2

Performance Comparison of Deep CNN Models for Disease Diagnosis on Apple Leaves
Kota Akshith Reddy1, Sharmila Banu K2, Ippagunta Sai Kanishka3, Chandra Havish Siddareddi4, Polsani Jahnavi5

A Machine Learning Approach for Heart Attack Prediction
Suraj Kumar Gupta1, Aditya Shrivastava2, S. P. Upadhyay3, Pawan Kumar Chaurasia4

Face Mask Detection in Real-Time using MobileNetv2
Mohamed Almghraby1, Abdelrady Okasha Elnady2

Camera Sensory System for Door and Stair Detection for Visually Impaired
Shrugal Varde1, M.S. Panse2

An Automated Baby Monitoring System
Y Sai Subhash Reddy1, Koye Sai Vishnu Vamsi2, Golla Akhila3, Anudeep Poonati4, Koye Jayanth5

Systematic Review of Member’s Participation in the Co-operative Governance: What has been Studied
Mokhtaruddin Buang

Hybrid Regularization Algorithm for Efficient Image Deblurring
Pooja S1, Mallikarjunaswamy S2, Sharmila N.3

Optimisation of Cost in Ground Improvement for Upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport
M. P. Suryawanshi1, Raju Narwade2, Karthik Nagrajan3

Real-Time Implementation for Tuning PID Controller Based on Advanced Optimization Techniques for Micro-Robotics System
Ehab S. Ghith1, Mohamed Sallam2, Islam S. M. Khalil3, Mohamed Serry4, Sherif A. Hammad5

Simulation of a Fine Dust Value-Based False Data Detection System to Improve Security In WSN-Based Air Purification IoT
Ye-lim Kang1, Tae-ho Cho2

Comparative Study on Reliability of Transfer Learning to Classify Plant-Based Diseases
N Rohan Sai1, T Sudarshan Rao2, G. L. Aruna Kumari3

Detection of Sickle Cell Anemia Through Contour Evidence Extraction and Estimation
Aruna N. S.1, Hariharan S2

Effect of Discrete Ribs on Heat Transfer and Friction Inside Narrow Rectangular Cross Section Cooling Passage (AR=1:5) of Gas Turbine Blade
Karthik Krishnaswamy1, Srikanth Salyan2

Performance of Adder Architectures on Encrypted Integers
Paulin Boale Bomolo1, Simon Ntumba Badibanga2, Eugene Mbuyi Mukendi3

Classification of Doppler Ultrasound Blood Flow Signals of Lower Extremity Arteries for the Early Detection of Diabetic Foot
Suresh KS1, Vijaya kumar. N2, Sukesh Kumar A3