Volume-6 Issue-6, August 2017

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Volume-6 Issue-6, August 2017, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Full Duplex Radio over Fiber System with Carrier Recovery and Reuse in Base Station and in Mobile Unit
Joseph Zacharias1, Vijayakumar Narayanan2

Appliance of Soft Switching Scheme over Fuel-Cell based Power Conversion Improvement via Fuzzy Nature
Durgam Kumaraswamy1, B.V. Sanker Ram2

A Study on Seismic Analysis of High Rise Irregular Floor Plan Building with Different Position of Shear Walls
Vinay Agrawal1, Rajesh Gupta2, Manish Goyal3

Low Resolution to High Resolution Image Projection with Spectral, Noise Removal and Edge Preservation Coding Techniques
M. Nagaraju Naik1, P. Raveendrababu2

Utility of RFID, Virtual Agent for Supervising the Individuals with Dementia
Shubhangi D. C1, Vijeta V Chature2

Extraction of Material Parameters of Z-Shaped Split Resonator Metamaterial Atom
Prahlad Kumar Rahul1, Garima Tiwari2

A Study of Surface Roughness in Drilling of EN-9 Steel using Taguchi Approach
Ajinkya B. Kashmire1, H. V. Shete2, N. D. Jadhav3

Design of Decoders using Mixed Logic for Various Applications
Simma. Ranjitha1, Pasumarthy. Srikanth2

Effect of Friction on Extrusion of Non-Ferrous Alloys- Modelling and Simulation
K. Kiran Kumar1, S. Suresh Kumar2

Optimization Techniques in Turning Operation by using Taguchi Method
S. Mohan Kumar1, K. Kiran Kumar2

Microwave Based Moisture Measurement System for Granular Materials: A Review
Lalita Gupta

Glimpses of Smart Cities using Internet of Things
Manish Shrivastava

Low Power and High Performance ALU using Dual Mode Transmission Gate Diffusion Input (DMTGDI)
Allam Srivani1, M. Lakshmi Prasanna Rani2

Studies of Unodped Glycine, Cesium Chloride Doped Glycine and Rubidium Chloride Doped Glycine Crystals
P. Manimekalai1, P. Selvarajan2

Study on Design and Manufacture of 3D Printer based on Fused Deposition Modeling Technique
Ngoc-Hien Tran1, Van-Cuong Nguyen2, Van-Nghia Nguyen3

Assess and Challenges of Vehicle Parking Scenario in the Central Core of Mysore City
Ehsan Amini1, Setareh Oruji2

A Comparative Analysis of Segmentation Techniques to Extract Skin Lesion Regions
A. Ranichitra1, D. Seethalakshmi2

Image Processing Techniques To Recognize Facial Emotions
A. Mercy Rani1, R. Durgadevi2

Design of a Smart Energy Meter with Overload Trip Facilities
Naeem Javed1, Muhammad Aamir Shafi2, Nasrullah Khan3, Mohsin Khan4

Preservation of Historic City Centers
Arch. Shaimaa Abou Shousha1, Tarek Farghaly2, Ibrahem Maarof3

Design and Implementation of Topology Adaptive Distributed Clustering Protocol for MANET
Sahil1, Naresh Kumar2

Hybrid Tone Reservation Approach for Reduction of PAPR in MIMO-OFDM System
Sunkari Sridhar1, R. P. Singh2

A Review of Lossless and Lossy Based Image Compression Techniques
Roopesh Kumar Kurmi1, Sumit Gupta2

A Review on Energy Efficient Hybrid Distillation/Pervaporation Process for Separation of Isopropyl Alcohol Azeotrope
R. B. Khebudkar1, D. M. Nangare2, M. M. Wagh3

An Efficient Approach of Deployment and Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Surbhi Sachdeva1, Naresh Kumar2

A Study on Cyber Security and the Internet of Things with Intruders and Attacks
I. Lakshmi

Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Laminar Flow through Circular Tube by using Combined Wire Coil and Wavy Strip with Central Clearance
Dipan Deb1, Sajag Poudel2

A Survey Paper on Gender Identification System using Speech Signal
Mohit Kumar Mishra1, Arun Kumar Shukla2

Interfacing of Ammonia Gas Sensors using IoT Technology
Tarun George Maddila1, Swetha Santhossi.C2, Abhishek Muthukrishnan3

Analysis of Seam Weld Strength and Micro Structural Properties of Welded Dual Phase Steel Tubes
A. Sudheer1, S. Jose2

Optimal Location and Parameter Setting of FACTS Devices based on WIPSO and ITLBO for Power System Security Enhancement under Single Contingency
H. Arul Devi1, S. Padma2

Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for linking Your Programs to Useful Systems – Cloud Computing Implementation
Kaushik Sanganabhatla  

A Prospective Study of Design and Development Issues of Various Shallow/Hybrid Foundation as Flood and Earthquake proof Foundation
Ajai Kumar Rai1, Brajesh Mishra2

Digital Transmission over Optical Fiber
Diouba Sacko1, Hassana Ganamé2