Volume-6 Issue-5, June 2017

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Volume-6 Issue-5, June 2017, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Co-Operative Content Downloading Framework Over Cellular Network
Shubhangi Pandhare1, Abhishek Gautam2, Sayali Chavan3, Shital Sungare4

Value Based Reliability Evaluation of Primary Power Distribution System
Cini K. 

Wireless Nodes Assisted Micro-Irrigation System: an IoT Approach
S. L. Deshpande1, D S Chaudhari2

A Region based Active Contour Approach for Liver CT Image Analysis Driven by Local likelihood Image Fitting Energy
Sajith A.G1, Hariharan S2

Design of a 3 Phase Automatic Change-Over Switch using a PIC Microcontroller (PIC16F877A)
Ogundare A.B1, Ihiovi M.M2

Survey on Load Balancing and Auto Scaling Techniques for Cloud Environment
Pooja C.S1, K.R Prasanna Kumar2

Design and Analysis of NACA0016 Wing Rib and Stringers by using al-7075 and Kevlar
Ahmed Mohmad Aliywy

Practical Immitation Checking and Data Consistency
Deekshitha Dasireddygari

Smart Medi Friend: An Automated Healthcare System, Implementation and Results
Prachi Patil1, Sojwal Pajai2, Surabhi Sanger3, Dimpal Shinde4

Microstrip Low Pass Filter using Defective Ground Structures
Jilna T Joy1, Sumi M2, Harikrishnan A. I.3

Dynamically Building Facets from Their Search Results
Anju G. R1, Karthik M.2

Electrical Design and Implementation & Installation of 5kw Solar System
Yogeshwar Patil1, Bhushan Pawar2, Dipak Chaudari3, Bhuvan Mahajan4, Khemraj Patil5

Packet Dropping and Intrusion Detection using Forensic and Flow Based Classification Techniques
Shyju S.1, Prathibha S Nair2

Tracking the Path of Launch Vehicle using Pulse Compression Technique
Arya V J1, Subha V2

Numerical Study of Exhaust Manifold using Conjugate Heat Transfer
Sagar G. Rautrao1, Bhagwan R. Shinde2

Automatic Detection and Localization of Tuberculosis in Chest X-Rays
Sabitha S V1, Jeena R S2

Speaker Independent Text to Speech for Malayalam
Sajini T1, Neetha George2

QBIC in Peer –To – Peer Networks using BOVW Model and Split/ Merge Operation
Kavitha S. K1, Soumya Kumari L. K.2

Kinetic, Equilibrium and Mechanistic Studies of Nickel Removal by Glossocardia Linearifolia Stem
C. Jayajothi1, M. M. Senthamilselvi1, S. Arivoli3, N. Muruganantham4

Wearable Vital Signs Monitoring System
Rayeesa Shariff K1, H. N. Suresh2

CFD Investigations on The Liquid Nitrogen Chill Down of Straight Transfer Lines and ITS Comparison With Helically Coiled Transfer Lines
K. Madhusoodanan Pillaia1, Deepak J2, K. E. Reby Royb3

Energy Management and Load Dispatch Flow using K-Map for Battery Storage System integrated with Solar Micro Grid Tied Inverters
Kamala Devi V1, Premkumar K2, Bisharathu Beevi A3

Secure Distrusted Model for Large Data in Cloud Storage Based on No-SQL Database
Fathima Mussarath1, K. G Manjunath2

Experimental Study on FPGA Based Nonlinearity Reduction in a Laser Diode
Tony Jose1, Vijayakumar Narayanan2

An Efficient Intrusion Detection System based on Random-Iteration Particle Swarm Optimization
Nidhi Shrivastava1, Ruchi Jain2, Shiv Kumar3

Scaled Conjugate Back-Propagation Algorithm for Prediction of Phenol Adsorption Characteristics
Bishwarup Biswas1, Ayan Kumar Bhar2, Adwitiya Mullick3, Mahua Ghosh4, Monal Dutta5

Experimental Investigation of using Wooden Lintel and sill with Different Lengths for Strengthening Brick Walls with Openings
Elsamny, M.K.1, Abd-Elhamed M.K.2, Ezz-Eldeen H.A.3, Elmokrany A.A.4

Implementation of Open Stack Through Ansible
Sakshi Kaushik1, Sumit Gupta2

A Review of Energy Efficient Techniques in Vernacular Architecture of North Indian Plains
Nagaraju Kaja 

Effect of Top Management Support on Resource Planning and Leveling (RP&L) Among Contractors in the Kenyan Construction Industry
Shadrack Mutungi Simon

A Study on Unconfined Compressive Strength, Permeability and Swelling Characteristics of Clay and Shredded Tyres Mixture
M. Neeraja 

Image Classification using Convolution Neural Network
Tapan Bhavsar1, Bhavinkumar Gajjar2

CPW Fed Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication
Akhilesh Kumar Pandey1, Rajeev Singh2

An Implementation of Security Model using Homomorphic ECC Algorithm for Cloud Environment
Nilesh Kumar Sen1, Navdeep Kaur Saluja2

Analysis and Advancement of Page Replacement Algorithm for web Proxy Server
Divyanshu Atre1, Lalit Gehlod2

Development of Doubly fed Induction Generator Wind Power System with Fuzzy Controller
Shruti Deore1, Vivek Aranke2

Network Path Stability Based Routing Protocol for MANET
Nimisha Singh Bais1, D. Srinivasa Rao2, G.Sriram3

QoS Requirements and Implementation for IMS Network
Manish Kumar Rana1, Hemant Narayan2

Hardening of Android Based Devices & Plugging the Common Vulnerabilities
Manish Kumar Rana1, Hemant Narayan2

Closed Loop Speed Control of Induction Motor using Constant V/F Applying SPWM and SVM Based Inverter
Mohammad Alizadeh1, Mahyar Masoumi2, Ehsan Ebrahim3

Design, Planning, Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Slaughter House
Gomathi R1, Rajeeva S.J2, Sharada S A3, G. Narayana4

Design Robust Data Integrity Scheme in Cloud Computing Based on Image Histogram and CryptoHash Function
Nadra J. Ali AL-Saad

Design of Solar Water Pumping System with FCMA Soft Starter
Bhagyashree Marathe1, S. S. Khule2

An Improved Classifier Technique for Spam Filtering
Rahul Maheshwari1, Vivek Kapoor2, Sandeep Verma3

Single Layered Planar Monopole Antenna for High Frequency Applications
Sunil Kumar Singh1, Manshree Mishra2, Mahaveer Prasad Sharma3, Prahlad Kumar Rahul4, Deepti Thakur5

Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) Using Color, Shape and Texture Features of Image
Suresh M. B1, B Mohankumar Naik2

Conservation of Heritage Sites in India
Ehtesham Patel

Comparison of Application Protocols for Resource Constrained Devices and WSN
Kamal Grover

Comparison of Application Protocols for Resource Constrained Devices and WSN
Kamal Grover

A Mesoporous Pipelining Scheme for High Performance Digital Systems using Asynchronous Cache
Sukanya. K1, G. Laxminarayana2

Comparative Study of Seismic Performance of Building Having Vertical Geometric Irregularity at Different Floor Levels
Manoj Kumar1, Hemant Singh Parihar2

Fabrication of Solar Cells by using Nano-materials and Oxide Composites
Ather Rehman1, Muhammad Aamir Shafi2, Nasrullah Khan3

Delta Shaped Planar Monopole Antenna for Super Wide Band Applications
Sunil Kumar Singh1, Manshree Mishra2

Computation of Linear Elastic and Elastic Plastic Fracture Mechanics Parameters Using FEA
Renjin J Bright1, Lokesh Kumar P. J2

Video Summarization: A Review on Local Binary Pattern and Classification Process
Aiswarya. N. R1, Smitha. P. S2

Variance Based Method for Signal Separation in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing
Abhilash Jose M V1, Aparna P R2

Analysis of OFDM based V-band RoF Millimeter Wave System with Wireless AWGN Channel
Chandu C.B.1, Suparna Sreedhar A.2, Nandan S.3

A Novel Back Pressure Algorithm using Shadow in Wireless Ad Hoc Network
Ugendhar Addagatla1, V. Janaki2

Design of High Speed 5:2 Compressor for Fast Arithmetic Circuits
N. Srinivas1, Y. Rajasree Rao2

BER Performance of Free-Space Optical System Over Gamma Gamma Turbulence with Pointing Error
Narendra Kumar Verma1, Hemant Narayan2