Volume-4 Issue-6, August 2015

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Volume-4 Issue-6, August 2015, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

An Imprint of IC 555 Timer in the Contemporary World
Nanditha Nandanavanam

Behavior and Strength of Reinforced Recycled-Aggregate Concrete Beams
Monir M. Kamal1, Mohamed A. A. Saafan2, Noha M. Soliman3, Sumaya A. T. M. Helal4

CFD Analysis on a Different Advanced Rocket Nozzles
Munipally Prathibha1, M. Satyanarayana Gupta2, Simhachalam Naidu3

Performance and Emission Analysis of Mahua Biodiesel Blends with Diesel Oil using Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Avinasha P. S1, Krishnamurthy K. N2, Akash Deep B. N3

The Performance and Emission Analysis of Neem Oil Blends with Diesel Fueled in CI Engine
Appese S. D1, S. B. Prakash2, Krishnamurthy K. N3

Application of Vastu in Construction
Subodha Jalote1, R. K. Pandey2, C. B. Gupta3, C. S. Mishra4, Vikas Shrivastav5

Generating Expressive Degree of Emotion in Neutral Speech
Manjare Chandraprabha A1, Shirbahadurkar Suresh D2, Patil Prerna R3

Improved Preamble Structure for Timing Synchronization in MIMO-OFDM Systems
Suparna Sreedhar A1, Suma Sekhar2, Sakuntala S. Pillai3

Differential Video Encoder Design Using Cascaded DWT and DCT
Divya Dileep1, Naveen S2

Designing and Simulating Compressible Flow in a Nozzle
V. Tapasvi1, M. Satyanarayana Gupta2, T. Kumaraswamy3

Engine Analyser Software Version 6.0.0 MPFI Engine by Using Fuel Catalyst for Improving Its Performance
Raju Tayade1, Harishchandra Gadekar2, Suchita Kadam3, Sandesh Bhingardeve4

A Model Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for PV Panels using Genetic Algorithm
Lini T Koshy1, Rini Jones S.B2

3D Face Recognition Using Weiner Filter and DFT Based On Optimized Directional Faces
Shilpa S. Nair1, Naveen S.2, Moni R.S3

A Technique for the Detection of Cystic Focal Liver Lesions from Abdominal Images
Sreeja P1, Hariharan S2

Comparison of Algorithms for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem
Haider A Abdulkarim1, Ibrahim F Alshammari2

Performance of Nano–Modified Cement Pastes and Mortars in Caron’s Lake Water
Saleh Abd El-Aleem Mohamed1, Wafaa Mohamed Morsi2

A Novel Method for Iris Recognition Using Fusion of Wavelets and DFT
Bloomi Rachal Saji1, Kanjana G2

Lifting Based DWT for Object Tracking Using Variance Method
Resmi H. B1, Deepambika V. A2, M. Abdul Rahman3

An Efficient Relative Gradient Based Radiometric Invariant Stereomatching Using Guided Filter
Sarika S1, Deepambika V. A2, M. Abdul Rahman3

Dynamic Placement of Autonomic Internet Services
Rakesh R J1, Jayasudha J S2

The New Opportunity for Carrying Out a Dynamic Economic Dispatch using the Latest Evolutionary Computation Method
A. N. Afandi

Healthcare-As-A-Services – Hospit One – A Cloud Based Healthcare System
S. K. Senthil Kumar1, P. Balasubramnie2

Change Management in a Lean Manufacturing Environment
Manoj Kr. Agrawal1, Surender Kumar2

A Survey on The Performance Analysis of FinFET SRAM Cells for Different Technologies
Girish H1, Shashi Kumar D. R2

Protection Against Power Depletion Attack in WLAN
Sruthin R V1, Jayasudha J S2

A Novel Approach for Finding Optimal Query Plan in RDBMSd
Shani S. Das1, Rejimoan.R2

Degradation of Methylene Blue from Water Under Sunlight using SnO2/Graphene Oxide Composite
P. Ranjith Reddy1, Shireesha.V2, V. Malapat3, K. Venkateswara Rao4, Y. Aparna5

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Transition Metal Complexes Supported
Munusamy Rani1, Srinivasan Sathiya2, MaheswaranVimala3

Detection of Lesions in Color Fundus Images for Diabetic Retinopathy Grading
Chitra Raju I1, Lizy Abraham2

A Hybrid Approach for Speaker Tracking using Time of Arrival with Concave-Convex Procedure
Dhanya R1, Smitha K S2

Advanced Bio-Crypto System with Smart Card 
Ansi R R1, Anusree L2

Building a Core Arabic Ontology About Iraqi News
Abdulhussein M. Abdullah1, Miaad Raisan2

A Fuzzy Logic Based Acoustic Echo Cancellation System
Geethu A M1, Smitha K S2

Review on Efficient Image Mosaicing Using Corner Detection Techniques
Nikhil Ranjan1, Braj Bihari Soni2, Brahmi Shraman3

Methodical Technique for Denoise Salt & Pepper and Gaussian Noise in Gray Scale Image
P. Nandhakumar1, S. Dinesh Kumar2

Implementation of Max Log BCJR Algorithm in Turbo Decoder Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shamila. N1, Manju. M. S2

Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Magnesium Matrix In-Situ Composites
Md. Tusar Ali1, Kazi Md. Shorowordi2

Scalable Image Search System
Ansila Henderson1, Kavitha K V2

Online Human Detection using HOG and RSCBFD Algorithm
Adarsh S S1, Kavitha K V2

An Automated System for Glaucoma Diagnosis
Saranya C.G.1, Lizy Abraham2

Analysis of The Effects of Microstrip Configurations on RF MEMS Tunable Transformation Filters
Aswathy R P1, Resmi R2

Analysis of Pull-in Voltage of a Cantilever MEMS Switch with Variable Beam Parameters
Arathy U S1, Resmi R2

Achieving Efficient Ranked Multi keyword Search over Outsourced Cloud Data
Lekshmi Balakrishnan1, Soja Salim2

The Effect of Variable DC Gap and Various Piezo Electric Materials on Resonant Frequency in MEMS EVATunable Filters
Linsa M L1, Resmi R2

Public Auditing of Data Stored in Cloud By Preserving Privacy
Shima V M1, Lekshmy D Kumar2

A Novel Method on Malayalam Handwritten Character Recognition
Anish S1, Preeja V2

Bots C&C Traffic Detection Using Decision Tree Based Classifier
Beena J Stuvert1, Soniya B2

FPGA Based 12-Tuple Fast Packet Classification IP Core for SoC Design
Adnan Hussein Ali1, Begared Salih Hassen2, Aassia Mohammed Ali Jassim3

A Novel Approach for Improving Software Quality Prediction
Anu K P1, BinuRajan2

Management of Production Processes and Products Release Procedure
Florina-Cristina Filip1, Vladimir Mărăscu-Klein2

A Technique for Object Movement Based Video Synopsis
Jeeshna P.V1, Kuttymalu V.K.2

Robust Optimal PSO based Wavelet Feature Selection in MIMO OFDM Systems
Sruthi S1, Suma Sekhar2, Sakuntala S Pillai3

Search As You Type in Database
Parvathi R1, Syama R2

Comparative Study of Machine Foundation and Position of Vibration Isolator
Sanket P. Jadhav1, V. G. Sayagavi2, N. G. Gore3, P. J. Salunke4

Dynamic Multi-Service Load Balancing System in Cloud-Based Multimedia
Vinza V. Suthan1, Chitharanjan K.2

Application of Multi-objective Optimization Techniques on Optimal Groundwater Remediation Design
Singh Th. S.

Performance Improvement of Fuzzy PID Controller Based Process Control System
K. Dhanaraju1, I. Srinu2, K. Satyanarayana3

An Adaptive Video Compression Technique for Resource Constraint Systems
Shreelekshmi R1, Sruthi S2

An Enhanced Approach for Privacy Preservation in Anti-Discrimination Techniques of Data Mining
Sreejith S.1, Sujitha S.2

Intelligence Based Electric Vehicle Route Planning System
Safeera N1, Chitharanjan K2

Efficient Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark in HDFS
Amol Bansod

Automated Colon Cancer Detection Using Kernel Sparse Representation Based Classifier
Seena Thomas1, Anjali Vijayan2

Optimizing Operational Lifetime in Manet by Network Topology Control Mechanism
Khaja Mahabubullah1, Syed Abdul Sattar2

An Experimental Study and Design of A System and App To Measure Pulse Rate
Ramaprasad P1, Shruthi K2, Srishti Agarwal3, Sanjana Jayaraj4, Sowmya K5

Model of a Miniature Plasma Antenna
Zhivko Kiss’ovski1, Vasil Vachkov1

Analyze Features Extraction for Audio Signal with Six Emotions Expressions
Salwa A. Al-agha1, Hilal H. Saleh2, Rana F. Ghani3

VLANs Investigation in IEEE 802.11s Based Wireless Mesh Networks
Youssef Saadi1, Bouchaib Nassereddine2, Soufiane Jounaidi3, Abdelkrim Haqiq4

Energy Efficient Transmission in Random Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cooperative MISO
Abhaya D S1, Remya Annie Eapen2

Advanced Security System using Web Remote
Rustom Mamlook1, Omer Fraz Khan2