Volume-4 Issue-5, June 2015

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Volume-4 Issue-5, June 2015, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Improving Probability of Detection using CFAR and Adaptive Threshold for Cognitive Radio (CR)
Ahmed Abdulridha Thabit1, Hadi T. Ziboon2

An Efficient and Effective Method for Sequential Rule Mining
Vinay Raj Pandey1, Shivesh Tiwari2, Arun Kumar Shukla3, Ashutosh Shukla4

Earthquake Risks and Effects of Earthquake Load on Behavior of Wood Frame Structure by Using International Residential Code (IRC)
Mahdi Hosseini1, Hadi Hosseini2, Seyed Amin Ahmadi Olounabadi3, Ahmad Hosseini4

Handwritten Form Processing
Bandhan V1, K Neetish Bhat2, Karthik C Borkar3, Mamtha HR4

Performance and Emission Testing on Algae Bio Fuel using Additives
Tom Varghese1, Jesu Raj2, E. Raja3, C. Thamotharan4

Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of UNI Directional Jute and Banana Fiber Composites
Satish Pujari1, A. Ramakrishna2, K.T Balaram Padal3

Issues, Challenges and Risks in Investing Public Water Transportation System of Kochi
Praveen S1, Jayakumari D2, Rajakumar S2, Jegan J4

Evaluation of Various Data Aggregations Techniques for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
Harsh Deep1, Varsha2

3D Face Fecognition using Fourier-Cosine Transform Coefficients Fusion
Naveen S1, R.S Moni2

To The Question of Bilingual Situation in Modern Kazakhstan
R. Tuksaitova1, A. Albekova2, G. Omarova3, R. Zakiraeva4

A Panacea To ATM Challenges Using Iris Authentication
Igwe Agu Felix1, Eneh I I2

Fault Tolerant Voltage Source Converter for HVDC Transmission System
Patil Mounica1, Elizabeth P Cheriyan2

Stages of Development of Kazakh Terminology and Problems of Formation of International Terms
S.K. Kenzhemuratova1, A.A. Akhmetova2, R. Abilhamitkyzy3, A.S. Nurzhanova4, Sh.S. Tleugazina5

Security Breaches and their Solutions in WSN
Md. Aleemuddin Ghori1, Syed Abdul Sattar2

Design of Plastic Handle for Surgical Applications
Syed Moizuddin1, Nawaz Baig2, Shaikh Subuktageen3

Comparision Between Conventional and Mechanical Concrete Road
Gajanan Vijaykumar Kadam2, Aboli Jalindar Jondhale3

Development of High Performance Concrete Using Nano Silica
C. K. Sridhar1, S. B. Vanakudre2

A Spatio-Temporal Correlation Based Routing Technique for Wireless Sensor Network
Sushma K. M1, Manjula Devi T. H2

A Case Study of Energy Saving Using Energy Efficient Motors in a Process Plant
Navpreet Singh1, Navdeep Kaur Brar2, Arvind Dhingra3

An Overview on Microgrid Control Strategies
Mushtaq N. Ahmed1, Mojgan Hojabri2, Ali Mahmood Humada3, Hamdan Bin Daniyal4, Hatem Fahad Frayyeh5

Improved Range-Only Beacon Initialization Towards Localization System
Molaletsa Namoshe1, Oduetse Matsebe2, Ngatho Tlale3

Optimum Design of 2D Trusses Using Controlled Directional Movement of Nodes
Premanand Shenoy1, K. S. Babu Narayan2, Katta Venkataramana3

A Simple and Rapid Method for Removal Fe (II) ions from Aqueous Solutions by Using Synthesized Copolymer Derivative of Poly (Styrene – Alternative- Maleic Anhydride) (SMA)
Naser Samadi, Reza Ansari1, Bakhtiar Khodavirdilo2

Implementation of Watermarking System to Embed the Information within Video Streams for Security Purpose
S. G. Galande1, G. H. Agrawal2, Surdikar Pradnya3

Improving ATM Security Checks Using Finger Recognition
Igwe Agu Felix1, Ene I. I2

Video Classification using Thepade’s Sorted Block Truncation Coding using Bayes, Function, Lazy, Rule and Tree Classifiers
Madhura M. Kalbhor1, Sudeep D. Thepade2, Sanjay R. Sange3

Controller Design for Z Axis Movement of STM Using SPM Control Software
Neena Tom1, Rini Jones S. B2

Assessment of Measures for Reducing Harmful Emissions in Air from Soda Ash Producing Plant in Devnya, Bulgaria
S. Radeva1, R. Chuturkova2, М. Stefanova3

A Statistical Model for Shadow Removal of ManMade Objects and Change Detection in Satellite Images
Kesini Krishnan V1, Smitha P. S2

Automatic Line Scratch Detection and Restoration in Films
Archa A. B1, Kumar G. S2

Automatic Lung Nodule Detection on CT Image Using Region Growing
Aswathy S. Nair1, Jisu Elsa Jacob2

Simulation of a Spatial Light Modulator for Holographic Data Storage System
Sneha Sara Thomas1, Sheeja M. K2

Fuzzy MPPT Control of Photovoltaic Energy System
Walaa Mohammed1, Elkhatib Kamal2, Abdul Azim Sobaih3

Human Action Recognition Using Joint Positions from Depth Videos
Adarsh S1, Asha S2

Implementation of a Novel Powered Ankle-Knee Prosthesis for Lower Limb Amputees and a Control Strategy Proposal
Ruben C. Martinez1, Roberto L. Avitia2, Marco A. Reyna3, Miguel M. Bravo4

Bandlet Based Video Completion Scheme After Selective Text Removal
Gayathri R1, Smitha P. S2

Performance Analysis of Speech Enhancement Techniques in Code Excited Linear Prediction Coders
Linta Raj1, Ancy S. Anselam2, Sakuntala S. Pillai3

Uncoordinated Cooperative Jamming with Phase Shift Beam Forming for Physical Layer Security
Minu Maria Joseph1, Nandan S2

Performance Analysis of CS-ACELP Speech Coder
Nimisha Susan Jacob1, Ancy S. Anselam2, Sakuntala S. Pillai3

Classification of EMG Signals Using Spectral Features Extracted from Dominant Motor Unit Action Potential
Anju Krishna V1, Paul Thomas2

Fuzzy Inventory Model for Weibull Deteriorating Items, with Time Depended Demand, Shortages, and Partially Backlogging
Wasim Akram Mandal1, Sahidul Islam2

Graphical User Authentication Techniques for Security: a Comparative Study
Harinandan Tunga1, Diya Saha2

Performance of Scalable Data Stores in Cloud
Pankaj Deep Kaur1, Gitanjali Sharma2

Verification Experiment on Cooling and Deformation Effects of Automatically Designed Cooling Channels for Block Laminated Molds
Jianguo LIANG1, Hiroyuki NARAHARA2, Hiroshi KORESAWA3, Hiroshi SUZUKI4

Design and Analysis of a Fuel Injector of a Liquid Rocket Engine
M. Thirupathi1, N. Madhavi2, K. Simhachalam Naidu3