Volume-5 Issue-1, October 2015

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Volume-5 Issue-1, October 2015, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Hydro Rice Milling Machine
Nasser. R.A.1, Hee. H.C.2, Ervina Junaidi3, Martin Anyi4

Effects of Adhesive and Interphase Characteristics between Matrix and Reinforced Nanoparticle of AA2124/AlN Nanocomposites: Mathematical and Experimental Validation
A. Chennakesava Reddy

Viability of Using Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Textiles Industries in Kenya: a Case of Rivatex East Africa Limited
David R. Tuigong1, Thomas K. Kipkurgat2

Optimal Simulated Design of RBF Neural Network Classifier Block for Assessment of State of Degradation in Stator Insulation of Induction Motor
Amit J. Modak1, H. P. Inamdar2

Multiresolution Color Denoising using Biorthogonal Wavelets for Satellite Images
Malini S1, Lizy Abraham2, R.S. Moni3

Consolidation of Accreditation Activities to Improve Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in Technical Disciplines
ASM Delowar Hossain 

Detection of Intrusion and Honey Net Architecture Approach to Defend in Virtual Network Systems
Lakshmi HV

Synthesis of Copper Silicate (CuSiO3.H2O) using Copper Oxide, Quartz and Microbes
M. Jagannadha Rao1, B. Gopal Krishna2

Digraph Approximation with an Adaptation Technique for Mobile User Authentication through Keystroke Dynamics
Christy James Jose1, Jijo Francis2, Rajasree M.S3

Orthogonal Array Design for the Optimization of Solvent-Assisted Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction for the Determination of Copper Ions in Water and Vegetable Food Samples using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Davood Kaviani1, Majid Saghi2, Maryam Sabonian3, Mohammad Hosein Bigtan4, Behzad Padidaran5

Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Operated with Waste Cooking oil Methyl-Ester and Diesel Blends
Jeewan VachanTirkey1, Amar Kumar Singh2, S. K. Shukla3

Interactive Terrain Surface Visualization using Haptics Assisted Display
Jagadishchandra S. Naik1, N. K. Misra2

Tabu Search Based General Self-Organized Tree-Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol (GSTEB) for Wireless Sensor Networks
Harsh Deep1, Varsha2

Social Media Mining for Opinion Analysis
Saloni Bindra1, Priyanka Karmarkar2, Abhishek Kumar Verma3, Laxmi Grover4

Single Digital Image Multi-focusing Using Point to Point Blur Model Based Depth Estimation
Praveen S S1, Aparna P R2

Minutiae vs. Correlation: Analysis of Fingerprint Recognition Methods in Biometric Security System
Bharti Nagpal1, Manoj Kumar2, Priyank Pandey3, Sonakshi Vij4, Vaishali5

Noise-Immune ECG Classifier Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
Anwar Al-Shrouf

On the Security of Image Encryption Using Discrete Fourier Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform
Esam Elsheh1, Saddek Elbendago2, Marwan Ali.H.Omer3

Secure Data Storage in Cloud using Centralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication
Athira R1, Lekshmy D Kumar2

Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Tube-in-tube Helical Coil Heat Exchangers
Ruchal G. Humbare1, Suraj R. Gurav2, S. B. Trimbake3

Structural Behavior of High Strength Self – Compacting Concrete Beams
A. A. Elsayed

Postion Sensorless Direct Torque With Indirect Flux Control of BLDC Motor In Three Phase Conduction Mode
Shiny Sara Jacob1, P Sandhya2

Design and Testing of Improved Village-Type Dehuller- Degerminator for Dry-Milling Process of Corn
Michael A. Gragasin1, Romualdo C. Martinez2

Study of Isolation Methods of Underground Structures By using Concrete Admixtures
A. A. Elsayed

Downlink Resource Allocation Scheme for OFDMA System
Swapna P S1, Sakuntala S. Pillai2

A Hybrid Implementation of K-Means and HAC Algorithm and Its Comparison with other Clustering Algorithms
Anita Ganpati1, Jyoti Sharma2

Novel Approach to Secure Data Transmission using Video
Nikita Lemos1, Kavita Sonawane2, Bidisha Roy3

Experimental Investigation of Surface Integrity of End milled CFRP Composites
Hakeemuddin Ahmed1, N. Seetha Ramaiah2, M. Manzoor Hussain3

Persistent Organic Pollutants: A Review
Rashmi Kalia

Optimization Process Parameters of Submerged Arc Welding Using Taguchi Method
Zuhair Issa Ahmed1, Ali Malik Saadoon2