Volume-3 Issue-3, February 2014

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Volume-3 Issue-3, February 2014, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

802.11i Encryption Key Distribution Using Quantum Cryptography
Divya Ahir1, Khayti Darbar2, Ankur Dave3

Effective Anonymous Approach for Implementing RFID Reciprocated Endorsement Protocol
B.Kavipriya1, S.Dhivya2, J.Sivasankari3, S.Sheik Farith4, A.Jasmine5

Tissue Processing, Staining And Image Processing Of Pathological Cancer Images: A Review
U. Rajyalakshmi1, K. Satya Prasad2, S. Koteswara Rao3

Natural Lighting Efficiency By Means of Sun- Skylight-Tubes
Amjad Almusaed1, Asaad Almssad2

Design of Low Voltage Low Power CMOS Analog Multiplexer For Bio-Medical Applications
Udary Gnaneshwara Chary1, Balabrahmam R2, Kuna Sateesh3, Aman Kumar4

Identification of Valid Clusters for Datasets Whose Number of Clusters are Unknown
Gazala Yusufi1, Smita Prava Mishra2

Reduction of Iron Ore with Non Coking Coal
K M K Sinha1, T.Sharma2, D D Haldar3

Accurate Energy-Efficient Localization using Radio Database Compression and Clustering Technique
Navneet Bhattad1, Sudhir Rathod2, Viraj Wankhede3, Kshitij Gosavi4, Amita Meshram5

Comparison of Feed Forward Neural Network Training Algorithms for Intelligent Modeling of Dielectric Properties of Oil Palm Fruitlets
Ojo O. Adedayo1, M.M. Isa2, A. Che Soh3, Z. Abbas4

An Irregular Shaped Region of Interest Based Intelligent Image Compression Using Direction Adaptive Filter Banks
N. Udaya Kumar1, E. V. Krishna Rao2, M. Madhavi Latha3, K. Padma Vasavi4

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Zero- Voltage-Switching Synchronous Buck Converter with a Coupled Inductor
Sudhin Govind1, Athulya P Prem2, Fuhad Ahamed3, Prima Vincent4

Modelling and Analysis of Suspension System of TATA SUMO by using Composite Material under the Static Load Condition by using FEA
Nisar S. Shaikh1, S.M. Rajmane2

Integrated Hybride DBF Vehicular Radar
D. Mondal1, S. Basak2, R. Bera3, M. Mitra4

Automatic Speech Recognition: A Review
Anchal Katyal1, Amanpreet Kaur2, Jasmeen Gill3

Design of a Parallel Pipelined FFT Architecture For Real Valued Signals
Kiranraj A. Tank1, Pradnya P Zode2

VLSI Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Circuit
Manira Khatun

BER Analysis of an Optical Cross-Connect Due to Cross-talk in DWDM System
Bishal Poudel

High Efficiency AC–AC Power Electronic Converter Applied To Domestic Induction Heating
C. Kadhiravan1, P. Mahendra Peruman2

Improvised Temperature Sensing In Efficient Dynamic Devices
Ashish Gupta

A Method to Optimize Brass Type Single Synchronizer Ring for Manual Gearbox
Khollam .S.C1, Mhaske M S2, Belkar S B3

Study and Analysis New Algorithm for Effective Cryptographic in Telemedicine Purposes Using Hill Cipher after Modification
Firas Shawkat Hamid1, Thakwan Akram Jawad2, Ersun Iscioglu3

Power Delay Profile Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems under LMMSE Channel Estimation Approach
Sriramula Poornima1, Lendale Praveen Kumar2

Improved Disparity Map Estimation from Multiple Images on Hybrid Method
Chhatrala Nayankumar D1. Bhalodiya Kelvin2 J. Doshi Kaushal J.3

Simulation of Single Stage Inverter with High Voltage Gain for Distributed Energy Resources Using PSIM
Anu Joseph Padanilam1, R. Meenal2

Advanced FCM Algorithm for Segmentation
R. Saranya Pon Selvi3, C.Akila2

Modeling of Fractional order Buck-Boost Converter
Reena Chandran1, Vrinda Prasad2, Prima Vincent3

Stability Analysis and Limit Cycle Behavior in DC-DC Boost Converter
Athira P Ashok1, Bincy M Mathew2, Jiku Thomas3

Data Reliance Surveillance
Tushar Bedke1, Dhanashree Kutre2

Controller Area Network Based Accident Avoidance System
Kashyap M. Joshi1, Vipul Gohil2

Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method to MHD Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid Aver a Stretching Sheet
Mohsen Zolfaghari Moghadam1, A.R.Teymourtash2

Analysis of Labour Productivity of Road Construction in Pakistan
Abu Bakar Muzamil1, Bilal Khurshid2

Cost Optimization of Sewerage Systems in Rural Areas in Egypt
Khaled Zaher Abdalla1, Sarah Mohamed Sharaf2

Review on Combine Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Inlet Air Pressure on Performance and Emission of Diesel Engine
Patel Vibha1, Hardik B.Ramani2

An Enhancement in Quality of image & Anti- Steganalysis by Using Optimizing Image Steganography
Anuradha Kasande1,  A.A. Agarkar2

Deployment of Scroll Compressor in an Air Conditioning System of an SUV
Ravi Kumar1, Santosh G. Taji2, GVS Sastry3

Survey on Intruder Detection from Surveillance Videos
Palagati Harish1, K.Priya2

CFD Simulation and Analysis of Lubricating Oil for 4-Speed Automobile Gearbox
Shyam K. Dabhi1, Nilesh J. Parekh2, Bindiya A. Parikh3

Optimization and Stress Analysis of Chassis in TATA Turbo Truck SE1613
P.K Sharma1, Nilesh J. Parekh2, Darshit Nayak3

Modelling of Capacitively Smoothed Dual-Output Resonant Converter
Rency Roy1, Priyanka K2, Soumya Sunny3

A Novel High Performance Flyback CCM Inverter Scheme for AC Module Application
Chinnu P Ravi1, J Jency Joseph2

Performance and Emission Study of LPG Diesel Dual Fuel Engine
Deo Raj Tiwari1, Gopal P. Sinha2

Synthesis of Hybrid Black Toner from Waste Toner Using Nano Technology – Optimization Technique
R. Vaira Vignesh1, G. Gnana Kumar2

Implementation of Selected Mapping and Clipping for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Communication Systems
Haris P. A1, Sen Jose2

Physical Impacts of Second Home Development on Damash Village in Gilan Province, Iran
Negin Keshavarznia

Conceptualization and Simulation of an Error Detection and Correction Code for Baseband Data Transmission
A. El Abbassi1, A. El Amrani2

Design and Evaluation of a Full Control Program for Sucrose Crystallization Based on Soft Sensor Approach
Osama Z. El-Abdien1, Yassien M. Temerk2, Ibrahim D. Abdullah3, Sherif T. Amin4

A Novel Approach Of MPAC Model For Online Social Network
J. Lydia Jeba1, R. Nandhini2

Clustering Data Objects Using Collective Fuzzy C-means Algorithm
A. Nellai Archana1, K. Mohana Prasad2

An Effective Method for Clustering Using an Algorithm Stimulated By the Decision Making Processes of Bee Swarms
M. Nandhini1, K. Mohana Prasad2

Experimental Study of Torsional Reinforcement in R.C. Slab with Four Edges Discontinuous
V. Selvan1, R. Sundararajan2

Use of Improved Rabin Algorithm for Designing Public Key Cryptosystem for Wireless Sensor Networks
Aaisha Jabeen Siddiqui1, Praveen Sen2, Aarti Ravindra singh Thakur3, Ashwini L. Gaur4, Priyanka Chandrakant Waghmare5

Mean Probabilistic Approach for Risk Estimation in MANET
Dakshayani.G1,  Amol P Pande2

Physical Design Implementation of Processor Torpedo at Different OCV Scenarios -40, 25, 125 Degree Celsius of an ASIC Design Chip
Tauseef Amin Azmi

Uplink Power Control Schemes in Long Term Evolution
Mrs. Sonia1, Nisha Malik2, Preet Kanwar Singh Rekhi3, Sukhvinder Singh Malik4

Brick and Click Model: An important Tool for Web Marketing
Aishvarya Bansal

Modelling and Simulation of Modified Flyback Converter for HID Lamp
Hannah Monica Anoop1, S. Paul Sathiyan2

Comprehensive Information Hiding in an Image Using Wavelet Transform
Snehal Ghormade1, Bhagwat Kakde2

Desing, Modeling and Simulation of VAR Compensation Using Fuzzy Control Svc in Long Transmission Line
B. Lakshmana Nayak

Optimal Reliability and Line Loss in Distribution Networks
Mohammad Ali Adelian1, Rahul S.Desai2

Design and Implementation of Solar PV Poultry Incubator
Nithin T Abraham1, Shaema Lizbeth Mathew2, C.A Pradeep Kumar3

Comparative Study between Wind and Fuel Cell by Using Fuzzy Logic Control
C.A. Pradeep Kumar1, A. Benuel Sathish Raj2

Investigation of Wear Resistance and Torque Transmission Capacity of Glass Filled Polyamide and PEEK Composite Spur Gears
A. D. Dighe1, A. K. Mishra2, V. D. Wakchaure3

Analysis of Hooks Joint Using Ansys by Von-Mises Method
Kamal Kashyap1, D.G.Mahto2

Utilization of Shredded Waste Plastic Bags and Waste Sugar Cane Ash in Bitumen & Bituminous Mix for Improved Road Performance
Kung’u Beatrice Wanjugu1, Z. Abiero Gariy2, S.M.Mulei3

An Efficient Converse Mapping Technique in Modern Information Retrieval
M. Ramya1, E. Thenmozhi2

Review of Logistics Parameters for Achieving Resilience and Coordination in Indian Supply Chains
Sreerag R.S.1, Joshi R.S.2, Regi KumarV3

Modeling of 3 Link Biped Robot using DH Algorithm
Rakesh Gautam1, Mangesh J Bhagat2, Sudip Dongare3

Delay Compensation for DC Servo Motor using Smith Predictor Scheme
Nilesh Patil1, Mohit Udani2, Rushi Bhusari3

Review of Green and Sustainable Indicators for Indian Supply Chain Networks
Anoop A.T.1, Nithin Joseph2, Regi Kumar V3

Improvement in Production and Quality of Fork Using CAD/CAM
Kamal Kashyap1, D.G.Mahto2

The State of Art of Reduction of Leakage Current in Grid Connected Inverters for PV System
Arvind Jain1, Amita Mahor2, Parikshit Bajpai3

A Comparative Investigation of Reduce Device Count in Inverter Topologies
Parikshit Bajpai1, Amita Mahor2, Arvind Jain3

Design and Benefit Analysis of Biogas Plant for Rural Development in Bangladesh
Rabiul Islam1, Gourab Banerjee2, Feroz Ali3

Effect of Resonator on Transmission Loss and Sound Pressure Level of an Air Intake System
Vishal Vaidya1, P.P. Hujare2

Impact Assessment of Global Warming on Egypt
Somaya Abouelfadl1, Khaled El-Lithy2

Isotropy of Some Cubic System Alloys
Fae`q A. A. Radwan

Modelling of Controlled On-Time Boost Power- Factor-Correction Converter by Linearising the Large-Signal Average Model
Soumya Sunny1, Rency Roy2, Priyanka K3, E Escalin Preethi4, Kokila R5

An Efficient Way to Reduce Data Service Delay Using Map Reduce Framework
S. Thirumagal1, A. Safiya Parvin2

Implementation of a WSN based Home Office Automation (HOA
Usha Sharma1, S.R.N. Reddy2

Microstrip Array Antenna with Left Handed Metamaterial at C-Band
Abhishek Awasthi1, Garima Saini2

Topical Applications of SCADA
Ramya Singh1, Arushi Srivastava2, Vartika Srivastava3, Siddhesh Mulik4, Guided by Vipul Gohil5

Practical Implementation of Cognitive Radio Using Energy Detection Technique
Mandeep Singh1, Amandeep Singh2, Charanjeet Singh3

Design of Micro-Hydro-Electric Power Station
Bilal Abdullah Nasir

Criteria and Structure Analysis of the Dialogue among Religions in Mathnavi Ma'navi
Helale Amini1, Khalil Mirzaei Varoei2

Performance Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with Annular Twisted Tape Insert
Snehal S. Pachegaonkar1, Santosh G. Taji2, Narayan Sane3

A Novel Approach to Prevent the Discrimination in Data Mining
R. Kayalvizhi1, S.Sarika2

Low Inter Symbol Interference SDR Receiver using LMS Algorithms
Majid S. Naghmash1, M d Hussein Baqir2, Mousa Kadhim Wali3

Modelling & Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Modified Interleaved Buck Converter for Battery Charging Application
M.Mohanraj1, P.Swaminathan2, T.Hemanth Kumar3

Quality Improvement of PV Modules by Electroluminescence and Thermal Imaging
E. Suresh Kumar1, Bijan Sarkar2, Nija K.S3