Volume-1 Issue-3, February 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-3, February 2012, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Overview of Green Supply Chain Management: Operation and Environmental Impact at Different Stages of the Supply Chain
Rajesh Kumar1, Rituraj Chandrakar2

Comparison Between Learning Mechanism and Pattern Presentation Techniques in Voltage Stability Assessment
Ali Akbar Motie Birjandi1, Saeed Rahimi gholami2

Design and Simulation of Op Amp Integrator and Its Applications
Zhenxing Luo

Web Data Mining & Applications
Sita Gupta1, Vinod Todwal2

CFD Analysis of Flow Field inside the Expansion Chamber of Internal Combustion Engines
K. M. Pandey1, Upendra Kumar2, Subho Deb Verma3

Analysis of Thrust Coefficient in a Rocket Motor
P Bose1, K M Pandey2

Project Management Efficiency –A Fuzzy Logic Approach
Vinay Kumar Nassa1, Sri Krishan Yadav2

1D Discrete Cosine Transform Using Distributed Algorithm
Trinadh Balaga1, B.Bhaskar Rao2

Hand Held Unit for Imaging
Arvind Vishnubhatla

A Survey on Hidden Markov Model for Credit Card Fraud Detection
Anshul Singh1, Devesh Narayan2

Performance Evaluation of OFDM System
Rashmi Mishra1, Baibaswata Mohapatra2

Implementation of P2P network for search algorithm
Sapna Sharma1, Gajendra Singh Chandel2

Performance Evaluation of Different Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Reduction of Heart Sound from Lung Sound
R. M. Potdar1, Anup Mishra2, Vinni Sharma3, Tripti Roy4

Paper Currency Verification System Based on Characteristic Extraction Using Image Processing
Rubeena Mirza1, Vinti Nanda2

A Study on Association Rule Hiding Approaches
Komal Shah1, Asmit Thakkar2, Amit Ganatra3

A Survey on Approaches of Multirelational Classification Based On Relational Database
Shraddha Modi1, Amit Thakkar2, Amit Ganatra3

Face Recognition using Random Projection with Neural Network
B. Muthukumar1, S.Ravi2

Tracking the human motion in real time using Star Skeleton Model
B. Muthukumar1, S.Ravi2

Comprehensive Study on Techniques of Incremental Learning with Decision Trees for Streamed Data
Prerana Gupta1, Amit Thakkar2, Amit Ganatra3

Feature Extraction in the form of Statistical Moments Extracted to Bins formed using Partitioned Equalized Histogram for CBIR
H. B. Kekre1, Kavita Sonawane2

A Comprehensive and Comparative Study on Hierarchical Multi Label Classification
Purvi Prajapati1, Amit Thakkar2, Amit Ganatra3

Efficient Bandwidth in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Genetic Algorithm
A.Anusha1, CH.Veera Babu2

A Method for the Stress and Fatigue Analysis of Bolted Joint Connections: together with Programmed Solution
Tonye K. Jack

The Design and Implementation of KDD System for Industrial Flow Object
Ming Cai1, Jing Cai2, Shouning Qu3

Roll of PSS and SVC for improving the Transient Stability of Power System
Dhaval N Tailor1, Bhavesh Bhalja2, Vijay Makawana3

A Survey and Comparative analysis of Expectation Maximization based Semi-Supervised Text Classification
Purvi Rekh1, Amit Thakkar2, Amit Ganatra3

Cascading K-means Clustering and K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Categorization of Diabetic Patients
Asha Gowda Karegowda1, M.A. Jayaram2, A.S. Manjunath3

Discrete Cosine Transformation based Image Watermarking for Authentication and Copyright Protection
Ritu Pareek1, P.K. Ghosh2

Low Power CMOS Design of an SRAM Cell with Sense Amplifier
Swati Anand Dwived

Design and analysis of 32-bit CPU based on MIPS
Anil Kumar Vajja1, B.Bhaskar Rao2

Analysis and Literature Review of IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX) Security
Reena Dadhich1, Geetika Narang2, D.M.Yadav3

Study on Equipment Failure and Loss Estimation through Taguchi Method with Risk Management
L.Savadamuthu1, S.Muthu2, S.Gunasekharan3

Various Image Segmentation Techniques through clustering and Markovian Model: A Survey
Ram Kishan Dewangan1, Tripti Sharma2

Voltage Stability of Isolated Self Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) for Variable Speed Applications using Matlab/Simulink
K. Kalyan raj1, E. Swati2, Ch. Ravindra3

A Comparative Study of Image Scaling Algorithms
Kranti Kumar Jain1, Tripti Sharma2

Mechanical Properties of RC Beams with Polypropylene Fibers under High Temperature
Samir Shihada1, Mohammed Arafa2

A New Proposed Round Robin with Highest Response Ratio Next (RRHRRN) Scheduling Algorithm for Soft Real Time Systems
H.S. Behera1, Brajendra Kumar Swain2, Anmol Kumar Parida3, Gangadhar Sahu4

Quick Bid Online Server
Sweta Ghosh1, Priyanka Pingle2, Shweta Mendhe3, Priyanka Ganvir4, Amita Meshram5

Performance Analysis of WDM Pon At 10 GB/S
Jitender kumar1, Manoj Arora2, R. S. Chauhan3

Iris Recognition - An Efficient Biometric for Human Identification and Verification
Ashish Kumar Dewangan1, Majid Ahmed Siddhiqui2

Comparison between Classic PID, Integer Order PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller for Ceramic Infrared Heater: Analysis using MATLAB/Simulink
Vineet Shekher1, Pankaj Rai2, Om Prakash3

A Survey on Medical Image Compression Techniques
S.Sridevi1, V.R.Vijayakumar2, R.Anuja3