Volume-1 Issue-2, December 2011

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Volume-1 Issue-2, December 2011, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Automatic Generation & Voltage Control of Interconnected Thermal Power System Including Load Scheduling Strategy
Gurdeepinder Singh1, Rajni Bala2

Analysis of the Character statics of Video Streaming on WLAN Networks
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2, Rajesh Kourav3

Subatomic particle Sensitivity of Gigabyte Networks
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2, Rajesh Kourav3

String Model Resonator High Accuracy Measurement For F B G Sensors
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2 , Arun Kumar Mishra3

Intrusion Detection Systems Technology
Tripti Sharma1, Khomlal Sinha2

A Report on Differential Delay Analysis for Bus Codec
Latika Pinjarkar1, Kamal Mehta2

Calculating Transmission Coefficient of Double Quantum Well Triple Barrier Structure having Parabolic Geometry using Propagation Matrix Method
R. Karmakar1, A.Biswas2, S.Mukherjee3, A.Deyasi4

Space Vector PWM Algorithm for Diode Clamped Multi-level Inverters using Fractal Structure
P. Satish Kumar1, Ch. Lokeshwar Reddy2, V. Ramu3

MIMO-OFDM Wireless Systems: Basics, Perspectives, And Challenges
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2, Rishabh Dubey3

Hybrid PWM Algorithm Based Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive to Achieve Superior Waveform Quality
K. Satyanarayana1, J. Amarnath2, A. Kailasa Rao3

Performance Analysis of V-Blast Based MIMO-OFDM System with Various Detection Techniques
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2, Vijendra Singh Mandloi3

AMBTC-Compressed Image Using Genetic Algorithm
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2, Heena A Jain3

Compression of Watermarked Relational Database for Security and Optimization of Storage Consumption
Abha Tamrakar1, Vinti Nanda2

Next Generation: Par of Cloud and Grid
Tripti Sharma1, Bhupesh Kumar Dewangan2

Performance Analysis of Self-Excited Induction Generator Driven At Variable Wind Speeds
Swati Devabhaktuni1, S.V.Jayaram kumar2

Analysis of Tahoe: A TCP Variant
Jitender Sharma1, Amit Kumar Garg2

Optimal coordination of Overcurrent and Distance Relays by a New Particle Swarm Optimization Method
A.Akbar Motie Birjandi1 , Mohsen Pourfallah2

Probabilistic Analytical Framework To Minimize Expected Leakage By Employing A Dual Vth Design Technique
Rashmi Bahal1, Shyam Akashe2 , Arun Agrawal3

Mining for Web User Need
Manojeet Roy1, Ajay Kushwaha2

Real Time Squint Eye Detection
R. M. Potdar1, Anil Mishra2, Somesh Yadav3

Cloud Computing-Platform as Service
Gurudatt Kulkarni1, Prasad Khatawkar2, Jayant Gambhir3

Performance Comparison of Various Pixel Window Sizes for Colorization of Grayscale Images using LBG, KPE, KFCG and KEVR in Kekre’s LUV Color Space
H. B. Kekre1, Tanuja Sarode2, Sudeep D. Thepade3, Supriya Kamoji4

Vector Approximation File: Cluster Bounding in High-Dimension Data Set
Poonam Yerpude

Deadlock Free Routing in Irregular Interconnection Networks for Complex SoCs
Naveen Choudhary

Design Distributed Database Strategies for SQMD Architecture
Shailesh R. Thakare1, C.A. Dhawale2, Ajay B.Gadicha3