Volume-5 Issue-4, April 2016

Volume-5 Issue-4, April 2016, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Challenges Faced by Next-Generation-Networks
Gautham Allur Subramanya1, Aakash Agrawal2, Nikhil Kothari3, Shreenivas B4

Waste Engine Oil Characterization and Atmospheric Distillation to Produce Gas Oil
Abubakr Mustafa Elkhaleefa

About Electric Scooter Mobility. Aspects Regarding the Designing of a Brushless DC Motor for an Electric Scooter
Ionuț Daniel Smărăndescu1, Petre-Marian Nicolae2

Breathing Sensor Operated Wheel Chair for Paralyzed Persons
Kavita Burse1, Subrato Howlader2, Prateek Wankhade3

FPGA Implementation for Integrated Circuit Technology Tester
Suhas S1, Abhishek Joshi2, Ravi Srinivas3, Nagarjun C S4

Comparing Various Classification Techniques Through Weka for Ovarian Cancer
Priyanka Khare1, Kavita Burse2, Anjana Pandey3

Application of Statistical Downscaling Model for Prediction of Future Rainfall in Bhudhabalanga River Basin, Odisha (India)
Satyapriya Behera1, Deepak Khare2, Prabhash Kumar Mishra3, Sangitarani Sahoo4

Optimization of Processing Parameters in Electrochemical Machining of AISI 304 using Taguchi Design Technique
Shankar Mane1, S. G. Bhatawadekar2, Pravin R. Kubade3

Generation of Geology, Geomorphology and Geological Threats for the Updating of the Development and Land Management Plan of Quilanga Canton of Loja Province, scale 1: 25 000.
Torres Ramirez Raisa Ivanova1, Tambo Encalada Walter Simón2, Valarezo Riofrio Jorge Michael3, Gonzalez Sisalima Fermín Alexander4, Jose Leonardo Benavides Maldonado5

Improving Process Quality by 5s Tool in a Handling Company: Case Study
Solomani Coulibaly1, Sidiki Tibina Koné2

Vision-Based Underwater Cable/Pipeline Tracking Algorithms in AUVs: A Comparative Study
Alex Raj S.M.1, Rita Maria Abraham2, Supriya M.H.3

Suppression of side lobe power for Cognitive Radios based on OFDM using Windowing Techniques
Jameel Ahamed1, Hemendra Kumar Tiwari2

Finite Element Analysis of Magneto-Rheological Fluid (MRF) Boring Bar
G. Prasanna Kumar1, N. Seetharamaiah2, B. Durga Prasad3

Landslide Susceptibility in the Community Neighborhood Road, the National University of Loja to 0.9 Km Stretch, the city, Canton, and Province of Loja.
F. González1, W. Tambo2, M. Valarezo3, l. González4, J. Romero5, J.Benavides6

Analysis of Mechanical Strength Concrete with Addition of Fiber PAMBIL
Hernán Fabricio Alvarado1, Emperatriz Elizabeth Bailón Abad2, José Leonardo Benavides Maldonado3, Francisco Aleaga Loaiza4, Manuel Pesantez5

Numerical Modeling of Innovative Connection Between RC Beam and Steel Column
Ahmed H. El-Masry1, Mohamed A. Dabaon2, Tarek F. El-Shafiey3, Abd El-Hakim A. Khalil4

Sources of Payment Problems in the Construction Industry of Kenya: a Perspective of the National Construction Authority
Mark Obegi Kenyatta

Smart Street Light System: Innovation and Revolution
Aashita Nyati1, Emil Christian2, Shairal Neema3

Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy from Segmented Retinal Fundus Images by using Support Vector Machine
P.R. Thorat1, K.V. Patil2

Emerging Trends to Relieve Power System Stress Condition
Sheetal Shinkhede

Effect of Link Length Ratio on the Workspace of a Delta Robot
Swapnil S. Jogal1, K. Jayarajan2, Aqleem Siddiqui3

Handling Dead-Ends, Load Balancing and Providing Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Megha I Mathapati1, Shrikant Salotagi2

Face Recognition Method using Mean-Shift by Means of Region Merging
Najmus Sehar1, Santosh Kushwaha2, Yogesh Rai3

Heat Transport Limitations and Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient for a Heat Pipe
M. Mansour 

A Survey on Methods of Parallel Concatenation of LDPC Codes
Aswathy G P1, Niyas K Haneefa2

Stability Analysis of Multiple Input Multiple Output System Using Sliding Mode Controller
Uthra Devi. S1, Sahana. K2, T.V. Narmadha3

Smart Clearance System
Vaishali Chaudhari 

Design and Implementation of RF based Wireless Remote Control Generator System
Georgewill M. Onengiye1, Ezeofor J. Chukwunazo2

Hydrogen Fuel Cell in Automobile
Rushinesh Bagal1, Kaushik Deshpande2, Digvijay Yadav3

Analysis and Study of V-I Characteristics by Replacing Low-K Dielectric (HfO2) with High-K Dielectric (La2O3) in MOSFET
Anurekha Mukherjee1, Sohini Mondal2

Voice Customizable Text-To-Speech Conversion System for Dumb
Gaurav Kumar1, E. Yazhini2, Pankaj Agarwal3

Analysis and Design of Micro-Electromechanical Sensors
Mina Safwat Garas1, Hassan El-Kamchouchi2, Tawfik Namour3

Image Fusion using Wavelet Transform 
Shifali M Patil

Comparison of Hsclone and Roulette Genetic Algorithms on the Application of Combinational Circuits
Suhas S1, Gayatri Malhotra2, Rajini V.H3

Model for a Thulium-Doped Silica Fiber Amplifier Pumped at 1558 nm and 793 nm
M A Khamis1, K Ennser2

Markerpixel using Watershed Transformation
Arya S P1, Aparna P R2

Android Malware Detection Techniques- A Survey
Arun K1, Preeja V2

Design and Analysis of High Efficiency CrossFlow Turbine for Hydro-Power Plant
Mrudang Patel1, Nirav Oza2

Optimised Cost Design of Reinforced Concrete Frame
Renitha T V1, Raghunandan Kumar2

A Novel Approach for Faculty Appraisal in Educational Data Mining using CLEMENTINE TOOL
Ramakrishna Gandi1, Prathimarani Palla2, Madhuri Thimmapuram3, Daniel Prasanth T4

Aerodynamic Analysis of Dimple effect on Airfoil
V Soundharya1, Anil B A2, Venu Gopal S3, Gowreesh S S4

Influence of Working Fluid and Operating Parameters on the Performance of Traveling Wave Thermo Acoustic Prime Mover
Mathew Skaria1, K. K. Abdul Rasheed2, K.A.Shafi3, S. Kasthurirengan4, Upendra Behera5

Impact of Black hole Attack on Performance of AODV Routing Protocol
Parminder Kaur1, Monika Sachdeva2, Gagandeep3

Reengineering Healthcare using Information and Communication Technology: Structural Equation Model for Healthcare Information Systems
Nizar Hussain M1, Suresh Subramoniam2

A Fast FPGA based Architecture Implementation for Reversible Image Watermarking
Dheeraj S. Patil1, M. V. Patil2

Design and Hardware Implementation of Sun Sensor based Sun Re-Acquisition on Safe Mode Detection in Satellites
Dhanyashree T S1, Sangeetha B G2, Gayatri Malhotra3

Performance Evaluation of Various Active Queue Management for Bufferbloat
Kanu Monga1, Krishan Kumar2

Computer Network – IP Address & Subnetting
Rajesh Kumar1, Pinky Ramchandra Shinde2

“A Survey on NFC (Near Field Communication) and FFC (Far Field Communication) With Respect to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for Next Generation Network Infrastructure”
Anwaar Ahmad Wani1, Gowher Mushtaq2


Volume-5 Issue-3, February 2016

Volume-5 Issue-3, February 2016, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Performance Comparison between SCFDMA and OFDMA in 4G-LTE under Two Subcarrier Mapping within Variable Channel Cases
Baha Ali Nasir

Video, Image and Data Compression by using Discrete Anamorphic Stretch Transform
Hari Hara P Kumar M

Best Practices in Engineering College by TQC with Special Reference to North East India
Porag Kalita 

Digital Topology and Edge Detection as Application
Mohanad Abdulkareem Hasan Hasab

Effecting Transformation Towards a Green Computing Infrastructure: A Case Study on Asia Pacific University
Khurshid Abdul Jabbar

Design and Analysis of Polymer PEK Spur Gear under Static Loading Condition using FEA
Devikant Baviskar1, Balbheem Kamanna2, Gauri Tembe3, Kajal Juikar4

Radiating Flare Design of Tapered Slot Loaded Vivaldi Antenna Using Fourier Series Approach
S. Santhosh Kumar1, Anu R. G2

Development of Iron Oxide Coated Sand (IOCS) Adsorbent for Defluoridation Technology
Esayas Alemayehu1, Thamineni Bheema Lingaiah2

Improvement in Mechanical Properties of Ultra High Strength Steel through Induction Melting and Electroslag Refining
A. K. Rajak1, S. K. Maity2, Nagendra Prasad3

Economic Evaluation of Plastic Filled Concrete Block Pavement
Yendrembam Arunkumar Singh1, Taiborlang Lyngdoh Ryntathiang2, Konjengbam Darunkumar Singh3

Contingency Analysis for Assessing Line Losses in Nigeria 330-kV Power lines
Ademola Abdulkareem1, Awosope C. O. A.2, Samuel I.3, Agbetuyi A. F4

Strength and Chemical Durability of PC-Slag-RHA Ternary Blended Concrete Mixes
Swetha Ajith Mathew1, M. Nazeer2

Security Text Massage Verification via Steganography and Color Image in Internet of Things Environment
Haider Sh Hashim

Encryption and Decryption Process of a Secret Natural Colour Image Based on K out of N VSS Scheme
Debabrata Bhattacharya1, Harinandan Tunga2

A Survey on Person Reidentification
Sree Vrinda G. M1, Prasanth R. S2

Investigating the Influence of Hardness and Shape Recovery with Sintering Time of Cu-Al-Ni Smart Alloy
Ahmed Abdulrasool1, Hasan Abdulsahib Mezaal2

Driver Fatigue and Distraction Detection System
Bahaa Hussein Taher

Optimization of EDM Process Parameters on MRR & TWR of Tungsten Carbide by Taguchi Method
Kamalkishor G. Maniyar1, Roshan V. Marode2, S. B. Chikalthankar3

Smart Antenna System for Wireless Sensor Networks to Improve Energy Efficiency
Mohamed Hanaoui1, Rachid Aouami2, Mounir Rifi3

Assessment of Building Architecture Design Parameters by Applying Fuzzy Logic Concepts
Devarshi Chaurasia1, Yogesh Garg2

Analysis of Wear Rate and Tribological Behavior of Aluminum Cast Alloy A356 and Granite Composite at Different Speeds
Sabah Khan

Analysis of Spectral Efficiency in OFDMA Fem to Cell Networks
Swapna P. S1, Susan R. J2, Sakuntala S. Pillai3

Comparative Analysis of Sediment Removal Efficiency Parameters of Settling Basin
Faisal Ahmad

Fuzzy Rule Based Color Space
Reshmalakshmi C1, Sasikumar M2

A Method for Identification of White Spaces in the VHF/UHF Band for the Future Deployment of Cognitive Radio Networks in the City of Loja
Juan Ochoa Aldeán1, Edison D. Troya Chanta2

Unbalance Current Detection for Synchronous Generator Using Alienation Concept
R. Abd Allah

Generation of p-y curves based on Decomposition Method for Pore Water Pressure
Baydaa Hussain Maula


Volume-5 Issue-2, December 2015

Volume-5 Issue-2, December 2015, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Effects of Rib Configuration on Cooling of Gas-Turbine Blades
Ahmed M. Bagabir

Color Segmentation Based Resolution Enhancement of Depth Image and Stereoscopic Image Synthesis
Sreejith K.M.1, K. Suresh2, K. Rajeev3

A Pictorial Review and an Algorithm for the Determination of Sickle Cell Anemia
Hariharan.S1, Parvathy.B.H2, Aruna.N.S3

Adaptive Finite Element Simulation of Fatigue Crack Propagation
Abdulnaser M. Alshoaibi

Performance Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Yamuna K. Moorthy1, Sakuntala S. Pillai2

Role of Digital Marketing in Innovative Business Practices
J. Thirumaran1, Nethra2

Design and Implementation of an N bit Vedic Multiplier using DCT
Shazeeda1, Monika Sharma D2

The Use of Recycled Steel Bars as Shear Reinforcement Swimmer Bars in Reinforced Concrete Beams
Moayyad M. Al-Nasra

A Review of Network Virtualization (NV): A Brief Description of the Requirements, Objectives and Technology of Network Virtualization
Muthana Najim Abdulleh

Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of Concretes with Organic Matrices
Ilhem Hawachi1, Habib Sammouda2

Electromagnetic Frequency Induced Stress Responses in Vernonia Cinerea
Geeta1, Puja Kumari Singh2

Digital Beam Forming Vehicular Radar at 77 GHz
D.Mondal1, R.Bera2, P.Dey3, S.Hazra4, M.Mitra5

NEC2 Based Optimum Design of Circularly Polarized Axial Mode Helical Antenna with Non-linear Pitch Profile Modeled using Catmull–Rom Spline and Particle Swarm Optimization
S. Santhosh Kumar1, Monisha Menon A2

On the LMS Algorithm Performance for Interference Elimination in Smart Antennas Array
Wilander Testone Pereira da Silva1, João Viana da Fonseca Neto2

DWT-FFT Based Audio Watermarking Algorithm for Copyright Protection
Sheetal Shelke1, Mangal Patil2, J. S. Chitode3

Analysis of UPQC under Unbalanced and Distorted Load Conditions using Synchronous-Reference-Frame Method
K. Rani Hepsiba1, S. M. Shariff2, P. Saileshbabu3

Low Velocity Impact and Post Impact Tensile Properties of Plain Weave Woven GFRP Composite Laminates
M. A. Kounain1, F. Al-Sulaiman2, Z. Khan3

A Comparison of Information Systems Programmes Taught to Undergraduates at Saudi Arabian Colleges
Abdisalam Issa-Salwe

Triplen Harmonics in Electrical Distribution Systems
Nikita Ingle

Direct Aerosol Radiative Forcing Over Three Different Environments
T. Amaranatha Reddy1, K. Krishna Reddy2

Forecasting the Economic Impact of Fuel Cells
M.Y. Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi

Seismic Protection of Non-Engineered Building in North East India
Th. Kiranbala Devi1, S. Elizabeth2

Simulation of Rectangular Duct for Performance Analysis of Trapezoidal Transverse Rib of Different Top Faced Tapered Angle
Atul Sharma1, R.K. Agarwal2

Creative Industry Development Model Starter In Efforts To Improve Competitiveness
Wiwik Sudarwati1, Meri Prasetyawati2, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan3


Volume-5 Issue-1, October 2015

Volume-5 Issue-1, October 2015, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Hydro Rice Milling Machine
Nasser. R.A.1, Hee. H.C.2, Ervina Junaidi3, Martin Anyi4

Effects of Adhesive and Interphase Characteristics between Matrix and Reinforced Nanoparticle of AA2124/AlN Nanocomposites: Mathematical and Experimental Validation
A. Chennakesava Reddy

Viability of Using Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Textiles Industries in Kenya: a Case of Rivatex East Africa Limited
David R. Tuigong1, Thomas K. Kipkurgat2

Optimal Simulated Design of RBF Neural Network Classifier Block for Assessment of State of Degradation in Stator Insulation of Induction Motor
Amit J. Modak1, H. P. Inamdar2

Multiresolution Color Denoising using Biorthogonal Wavelets for Satellite Images
Malini S1, Lizy Abraham2, R.S. Moni3

Consolidation of Accreditation Activities to Improve Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in Technical Disciplines
ASM Delowar Hossain 

Detection of Intrusion and Honey Net Architecture Approach to Defend in Virtual Network Systems
Lakshmi HV

Synthesis of Copper Silicate (CuSiO3.H2O) using Copper Oxide, Quartz and Microbes
M. Jagannadha Rao1, B. Gopal Krishna2

Digraph Approximation with an Adaptation Technique for Mobile User Authentication through Keystroke Dynamics
Christy James Jose1, Jijo Francis2, Rajasree M.S3

Orthogonal Array Design for the Optimization of Solvent-Assisted Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction for the Determination of Copper Ions in Water and Vegetable Food Samples using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Davood Kaviani1, Majid Saghi2, Maryam Sabonian3, Mohammad Hosein Bigtan4, Behzad Padidaran5

Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Operated with Waste Cooking oil Methyl-Ester and Diesel Blends
Jeewan VachanTirkey1, Amar Kumar Singh2, S. K. Shukla3

Interactive Terrain Surface Visualization using Haptics Assisted Display
Jagadishchandra S. Naik1, N. K. Misra2

Tabu Search Based General Self-Organized Tree-Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol (GSTEB) for Wireless Sensor Networks
Harsh Deep1, Varsha2

Social Media Mining for Opinion Analysis
Saloni Bindra1, Priyanka Karmarkar2, Abhishek Kumar Verma3, Laxmi Grover4

Single Digital Image Multi-focusing Using Point to Point Blur Model Based Depth Estimation
Praveen S S1, Aparna P R2

Minutiae vs. Correlation: Analysis of Fingerprint Recognition Methods in Biometric Security System
Bharti Nagpal1, Manoj Kumar2, Priyank Pandey3, Sonakshi Vij4, Vaishali5

Noise-Immune ECG Classifier Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
Anwar Al-Shrouf

On the Security of Image Encryption Using Discrete Fourier Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform
Esam Elsheh1, Saddek Elbendago2, Marwan Ali.H.Omer3

Secure Data Storage in Cloud using Centralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication
Athira R1, Lekshmy D Kumar2

Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Tube-in-tube Helical Coil Heat Exchangers
Ruchal G. Humbare1, Suraj R. Gurav2, S. B. Trimbake3

Structural Behavior of High Strength Self – Compacting Concrete Beams
A. A. Elsayed

Postion Sensorless Direct Torque With Indirect Flux Control of BLDC Motor In Three Phase Conduction Mode
Shiny Sara Jacob1, P Sandhya2

Design and Testing of Improved Village-Type Dehuller- Degerminator for Dry-Milling Process of Corn
Michael A. Gragasin1, Romualdo C. Martinez2

Study of Isolation Methods of Underground Structures By using Concrete Admixtures
A. A. Elsayed

Downlink Resource Allocation Scheme for OFDMA System
Swapna P S1, Sakuntala S. Pillai2

A Hybrid Implementation of K-Means and HAC Algorithm and Its Comparison with other Clustering Algorithms
Anita Ganpati1, Jyoti Sharma2

Novel Approach to Secure Data Transmission using Video
Nikita Lemos1, Kavita Sonawane2, Bidisha Roy3

Experimental Investigation of Surface Integrity of End milled CFRP Composites
Hakeemuddin Ahmed1, N. Seetha Ramaiah2, M. Manzoor Hussain3

Persistent Organic Pollutants: A Review
Rashmi Kalia

Optimization Process Parameters of Submerged Arc Welding Using Taguchi Method
Zuhair Issa Ahmed1, Ali Malik Saadoon2