Volume-9 Issue-1S5, December 2019

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Volume-9 Issue-1S5, December 2019, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Pixel based Classification of Poultry Farm using Satellite Images
Roshini M1, V Poompavai2, K Ganesha Raj3

Tuning the False Positive Rate / False Negative Rate with Phishing Detection Models
Sailee Dalvi1, Gilad Gressel2, Krishna Shree Achuthan3

MIMO Antenna for UWB with Single Tuned Frequency Notched Characteristics using Parasitic Element Method
Punna Bharghava1, N. Srikanta2, Pachiyaannan Muthusamy3

Design of Meandered Line MIMO Antenna at a Frequency of 3.5 Ghz for 5G Application
G. Naga Jyothi Sree1, Suman Nelaturi2

Security Enhancement for Devices using REST-API, Middleware & IoT Gateway
Shaik. Jakeer Hussain1, Gudapati Ramyasri2

Vehicle Classification and Detection using Deep Learning
V. Vijayaraghavan1, M. Laavanya2

Effect of PCA Feature Reduction on Ventricular Ectopic Beat Classification
Avvaru Srinivasulu1, Y Dileep Kumar2

Efficient Energy Routing Protocol based on Energy & Buffer Residual Status (EBRS) for Wireless Sensor Networks
Amairullah Khan Lodhi1, M.S.S Rukmini2, Syed Abdulsattar3

Dual Frequency CPW Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications
Krishna Chennakesava Rao M1, Pachiyaannan M2

A 5 Bit 600MS/S Asynchronous Digital Slope ADC with Modified Strong Arm Comparator
Nadendla Bindu Priya1, Muralidharan Jayabhalan2

Development of a Reflectance Photo Plethysmograph for the Estimation of Pulse Transit Time
Yatavakilla Amarendra Nath1, Vuyyuru Rachana2, Aryasomayajula Sri Teja3, Talasila Srujan Kumar4, Alaka Chandan5

QoS Aware Optimal Confederation based Radio Resource Management Scheme for LTE Networks
T. Ganga Prasad1, MSS. Rukmini2

Design of Dual Frequency Stacked Patch Antenna for L Band Applications
P Krishna Chaitanya1, M. Pachiyannan2

A Compact Circular Polarized Antenna for Deep Space Applications
M. Kirnamai1, M. Sekhar2

A 2×2 Antenna Array for L Band Phased Array RADAR Applications
K. Satish1, M.Sekhar2

Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna using PIN Diodes
S. Praveena1, Sunakar Prusty2

Remote Ecg Monitoring System by using IoT
Pagadala Pavan Kumar1, Thokala Santhosh Naidu2, S.Vishnu3

Precision Farming and Predictive Analytics in Agriculture Context
Srinath.Yasam1, S Anu H Nair2

An Encryption Algorithm for Enhanced Image Security
Sivaji Satrasupalli1, S Vishnu2

Recommending System for Penny Stock Trading
S Shabana Begum1, N. Kasiviswanath2

Application of Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Non-Linear Dynamical Systems
Himanshu Kumar Shekhar1, Chetan Kamble2, Ashish Thakur3, Sanjeet Kumar Bhagat4

Real Time Fake Currency Note Detection using Deep Learning
M. Laavanya1, V. Vijayaraghavan2

A Dual Frequency Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications
N. Ananda Rao1, M. Sekhar2

Semiautomated Device for Plucking of Flower Buds
L. Megalan Leo1, A. Jerrin Simla2, Agnes Shifani3

Optimum Frequency Allocation Mechanism of TV White Spaces by using Interval Graph
Meghalatha.CK1,  B. Seetha Ramanjaneyulu2

Leakage Current Alleviation Techniques for SRAM Cell
Muralidharan Jayabalan1, Aswini Valluri2

Design Consideration for Developing Bio-potential Instrumentation Amplifier Intended for Bionic Eye.
Hima Bindu Katikala1, Sadulla Shaik2, Muralidharan Jayabalan3, Yatavakilla Amarendra Nath4

Different Types of Ultra-low Power Energy-Harvesting Design Techniques for IoT Applications
Venkat Subba Rao. Manchala1, J. Muralidharan2, D. Rajendra3

Routing Protocols for AANET
Gurumekala T1, Indira Gandhi S2, Senthil Sivakumar M3

Arduino based Dialyser Reprocessing System
Sunil Tej Boppudi1, Hasya Reddy Reddivari2, Ramanukolanu Sai Deepthi3, Guggilam Ramesh Babu4

Dual- Band Antenna for Wi-Fi and 5G Applications
Suman Nelaturi1, A Sarath Raja2, Y Rakesh3

Single and Multi-Type Controllers with Soft Computing Methods and Routing in Software Defined Network
Mythrayee Ramasamy1, Sanjay Pawar2

Massive Mimo and Beamforming Techniques of 5G Networks
Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu1, Pitchaiah Telagathoti2

Schmitt Trigger Circuits using Various Active Devices
K. Vijaya Vardhan1, K. Malathi Santhoshini2, Sarada Musala3, V N Lakshmi Pabbisetty4

Regression Heuristics by Optimal Tridimensional Features of Electrocardiogram for Arrhythmia Detection
S.Aarathi1, S. Vasundra2

Distributed Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks
Shweta Kumari1, Gunjan Kumari2

A Reliable Current Starved Inverter based Arbiter Puf Architecture for IoT Applications
Anil Kumar Kurra1, Usha Rani Nelakuditi2

Assessment of Wavelets Transform based Processing of Features of Forearm Muscle Signals for Prosthesis
M. Karuna1, Sitaramanjaneya Reddy2

A 2×2 Antenna Array for X Band Phased Array RADAR Applications
K.Alekya1, M.Sekhar2

The ACO based Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Joshua Reginald Pullagura1, D. Venkata Rao2

Merged Floating Point Multipliers
Mrudula Singamsetti1, Sadulla Shaik2, T. Pitchaiah3

Distribution of Arrivals
Nirmala Kasturi

Entrance Effects of Blood Model Casson Fluid in the Concentric Rings with Inner Ring Rotation
Srinivasa Rao Nadiminti1, A. Kandasamy2

Exploration on Consumer’s Perception and Buying Behavior of Health Insurance Policies in Hyderabad City
Srimannarayana Gajula1, P.Dhanavanthan2

Classifications of Pairwise Fuzzy Volterra Spaces
G.Thangaraj1, V.Chandiran2

Decay Management Model for Perishable Goods
P. Sudam Sekhar1, Parthiban. S2, V.R.K. Murthy3

Exact and Numerical Solutions for MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Casson Fluid Over a Stretching Sheet
Venkata Subba Rao M1, Gangadhar K.2, A. Srinivasa Rao3

Partial Addition and Ternary Product based -so-Semirings-1
Bhagyalakshmi Kothuru1, V. Amarendra Babu2

An Application to Continuous Probability Distribution
Nirmala Kasturi

Value Sharing of Difference Differential Polynomials of Integral Functions
Naveen Kumar S. H

Unsteady Tangent Hyperbolic Fluid on Radiated Exponentially Porous Surface
Santhosh H.B1, M. Karuna Prasad2, C.S.K. Raju3, Mahesha4

Fuzzy Soft Ternary Γ-Semirings-II
T. Satish1, D. Madhusudhana Rao2, P. Sivaprasad3, M. Vasantha4

A Research on Change Point and Trend Scrutiny: with Reference to Castor in India
Kalpana P1, Madhavi K2, Venkateswaran M3, Kiran Kumar P4

Depiction of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Linear Spaces
V. Siva Naga Malleswari1, V. Amarendra Babu2

Group Replacement Strategy under Fuzzy Methods
P. Kannagi1, G. Uthra2

Distribution of Departures
Nirmala Kasturi

Elementary Ideals in Tsemi-Rings Andn(A)-Tsemi-Ring
G. Srinivasa Rao1, D. Madhusudana Rao2, P.Sivaprasad3

Mathematical Computation of Couple Stress Fluid Flow Through Stenosed Artery With Suspension of Nanoparticles
K. Maruthi Prasad1, T. Sudha2

A Novel Method for Monitoring SpO2 in Wearable Health Monitoring Applications
Priyam Singh1, Farzana Shaik2, Princy Eunice3, Isaac Luther4, R. Sai. Deepthi5, Yatavakilla Amarendra Nath6

Detection of Multi Fuzzy Semipreclosed Sets in Topological Space
S. Vinoth1, P. Uma Maheswari2, K. Arjunan3

Defuzzification Formula for Modelling and Scheduling A Furniture Fuzzy Project Network
S. Maheswari1, M. Shalini2, T. L. Yookesh3

Effect of Thermo Diffusion on Mass And Heat Transfer Flow on Convective Viscous Electrically Conducting Fluid Through a Porous Medium Bounded by a Semi-Infinite Vertical Plate with Variable Electrically Conductivity Diffusion Thermo Chemical Reaction
T. Siva Nageswara Rao

Couette Flow of a Casson Fluid in an Inclined Composite Duct
V. Manoj Kumar Uppuluri1, S. Sreenadh2, G. Gopi Krishna3, A. N. S. Srinivas4

The Combination of Petri Nets and Queueing Theory
K. Banu Priya1, P. Rajendran2

Machine Learning Based Emotion Recognition using Speech Signal
K Ashok Kumar1, J L Mazher Iqbal2

Temperature Distribution to Fluid Transport in a Vertical Porous Tube under the Action of Peristalsis
V. Radhakrishna Murthy1, P. Sudam Sekhar2

Partial Addition and Ternary Product Based -So-Semirings-2
Bhagyalakshmi Kothuru1, V. Amarendra Babu2

Estimating Circular Distance in Graph Nodes
J. Veeranjaneyulu1, Varma. P. L. N.2

Research Patterns and Trends in Localization of Io Vs
Parveen1, Rishipal Singh2, Sushil Kumar3

Qualitative Examination of Credit Based Shaper in IEEE 802.1AVB
Loka Manjari. G1, Nikhila. K2, K. Annapurna3, B. Seetha Ramanjaneyulu4

ISSOR Signal Detection for Energy Efficient and Low Complexity Large Scale MIMO System
Seema M. Hanchate1, Shikha Nema2