Volume-8 Issue- 6S, August 2019

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Volume-8 Issue- 6S, August 2019, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

A Novel Protocol for Detection and Optimization of Overlapping Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Vipul Narayan1, A.K. Daniel2

Energy Efficient Cross-layer Routing Protocols for IoT Applications – An Empirical Research
Aditya Tandon1, Prakash Srivastava2

Provisional Research on Ensemble Learning Techniques for Card Fraud Detection
Pooja Pant1, Prakash Srivastava2, Ashutosh Gupta3

Issues in Word Alignment from Hindi-English Languages 
Shachi Mall1, Umesh Chandra Jaiswal2

Implementation of DBSCAN Clustering to Relate Various Parameters to Predict Primary Education Growth Based on Previous Data
Mayank Mittal1, Nitin Goyal2, Mohit Kumar3

An Efficient Research of Auto Ranking of Amazon Research using Regression Models
Anshul Rawat1, Neetesh Gupta2

Autonomous Compliance Implementation in Grid Environment 
Bhavesh Gupta1, Narendra Pal Singh2

Energy Management Control Algorithm Based Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Small Scale Micro Grid with Hybrid Storage System
R.Rajasekaran1, P.Usha Rani2

Evasion Attack on Text Classified Training Datasets 
D. Suja Mary1, M. Suriakala2

A Singular Value Decomposition Based Low-Computational Zero-Watermark Algorithm for Digital Right Management
K. Premkumar1, T. Manikandan2, V. Sapthagirivasan3, V. Nandalal4

IoT and Data Research in Industrial Power Management 
B. Pavitra1, D.Narendhar Singh2

Research on Structural Behavior of Concrete Encased Steel Castellated Beam for Different Sections
V. Senthil Kumar1, P.Nandha Kumar2, M.Indrajit3, P. Swathika4

Production of Medium Strength Self Compacting Concrete using Silica Fume and Quarry Dust
R.Chithra1, K.Ramadevi2, S.Chithra3, R. Ravindranath Chandra4, L. Mangaleshwaran5

Research on Stress Among the Engineering College Students in Coimbatore, India
R. Mayildurai1, R. Ashok Kumar2, K. Karthik3, M. Shanmugaprakash4

Destructive Effects of Distraction on Younger Generation 
R. Mayildurai1, S. Logesh Kumar2, A. Priyanka3, A.S. Mythili4

A Novel Cluster based Scheme for Node Positioning in Indoor Environment 
A. Christy Jeba Malar1, S.P.Siddique Ibrahim2, M. Deva Priya3

Smart Adoption System using Image Processing Techniques 
G.Shobana1, M.Suguna2, C.Umamageshwari3

Research on Privacy Preserving Models for Efficient Healthcare Big Data Sharing in Cloud
Suguna. M1, Prakash D2, Shobana G3

Emotion Recognition from Facial Expression using Deep Learning 
Nithya Roopa S

Image Processing Based Fault Detection and Isolation for Mechanical Components
C. Bharathi Priya1, V.Sudha2

Smart Equipment Charger 
G.Shobana1, M.Suguna2

High Rate Squeezing using LL Band Coding in Wavelet Domain 
M. Santhosh

Monitoring and Control of Distribution Transformer 
P.Maithili1, Mathankumar.A2, Dinesh.L3, Vijayakumar4

Smart Irrigation System using IoT and Image Processing 
V R Balaji

Motorized Tripod for Smart Phones 
D.Sharmitha1, J. Jeffrin2

Design of Boost Inverter for Solar Power Based Stand Alone Systems 
T. Dineshkumar1, P. Thirumoorthi2, S. Rajalakshmi3

Machine Monitoring System 
Karunamoorthy1, Sujithra.V2, Kabilan.S3

Harmonic Research and Mitigation Techniques in Induction Furnace 
D.Rajalakshmi1, R.Kavitha2, K.Premalatha3

Secure Internet Banking Authentication 
P.Suba1, M.Mailsamy2, S.Sinduja3

A Research of Achromatic and B-Chromatic Number of Multi Star-Related Graphs
K.P.Thilagavathy1, A.Santha2, K.Paramasivam3

Research of Noise in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s Propeller using CFD 
Vijayanandh R1, Ramesh M2, Raj Kumar G3, Thianesh U K4, Venkatesan K5, Senthil Kumar M6

Research on Ion-Solvent Interactions in the Inorganic Liquid Mixtures by Ultrasonic Technique
K. Rathina1, M. Umadevi2, C. Senthamil Selvi3, Ramalatha Marimuthu4

New Access to Improve Super Resolution using Convolution Neural Network 
Rahul Bhattacharya1, K. Parvathi2

Enhancement of Underwater Images using Color Balancing and Multi-Scale Fusion Technique
B. Raja Sekhar1, M. Shiva Kumar2

Better Security Aware D2D Transmission Protocol with Optimal Relay Assignment Algorithm (ORAA)
V.Nandalal1, M.S.Sumalatha2, V.Anand Kumar3, T.Manikandan4

Research of NOSQL and SQL and Designing a Better Database Schema for Databases
Shivam Kumar Giri1, Chidanandan V2, Narendran Rajagopalan3

An Efficient Fault Tolerance Mechanism using TCSA to Ensure Reliabilty in Cloud
Abhilash Prasad1, Santosh Anand2, Somnath Sinha3

Estimation of Tropospheric Scintillations for Indian Climatic Conditions at Ka-Band Frequencies
R.Prabhakar1, T.Venkata Ramana2

Development of Algorithm to Enhance the Security Feature of SATA on Solid State Drives
Pooja Patil1, Balaso Jagdale2

Peak Average Power Ratio Reduction Technique for Better Performance with Multi Input Multi Output
K.Aruna Kumari1, K.Sri Rama Krishna2

‘Focus on Transforming Than Reforming the AI based Image Recognizing App for the Visually Challenged, in the Indian Context’
Smita Santoki1, Neha Patvardhan2

Schwa Deletion in Hindi Language Speech Synthesis 
Damodar Magdum1, Tejaswini Patil2, Maloji Suman3

Research of Machine Learning Algorithms using K-Fold Cross Validation 
Nagadevi Darapureddy1, Nagaprakash Karatapu2, Tirumala Krishna Battula3

Machine Learning Model for GSM BSC Control Plane Units 
Aswathy K1, Kaustuv Saha2, Pardhasaradhi R3, Athi Narayanan4

Improved Diabetic Data Analytic Model for Complication Prediction 
K.Vidhya1, R.Shanmugalakshmi2

Face Tracking and Recognition using Matlab and Arduino 
A. Guru Sai Sasidhar1, P. Jagadeesh2

Sensor System for Detection of Gunshot and the Localization System 
Aravindaguru I1, Gowthami R2, Sanjoydeb3

Hand Gesture Recognition System using Deep Learning 
B. Hemanth1, K. Sai Venkat2, Y. Bhaskar Rao3

Gsm Based Door Controller 
B.Pradeep Kumar Reddy1, M.Reji2

Design of Hand Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino Lilypad 
Balaji Siva Kumar1, Pravin Kumar2, Bhuvaneswari Balachander3

Online Marketing for Farming using Android 
Radhika Baskar1, S.Saleem2

Microwave Antenna for Brain Tumour Sensing Research System using Image Processing
S Grout1, Naga Abhishek Reddy2, Goutam Parimal3, P. Bharath Kumar4, D. Sai Vamsi5, M. Ganesh6, Kannan Ganapathy7

Digital Attendance Register using Raspberry-Pi 
G. Tharun Kumar1, R. Puviarasi2

A New Parking Guidance System For Outdoor Environment 
R. Puviarasi1, Mritha Ramalingam2

A Research on Sorting Machine 
S. Siva Sai Kumar Reddy1, R. Puviarasi2, S.R. Boselin Prabhu3

Automatic Material Sorting and Storing Machine using Arduino 
S.Siva Sai Kumar Reddy1, R. Puviarasi2, S.R.Boselin Prabhu3

Indoor Industrial Monitoring System 
G.Sasikala1, S.Siva Sathya2

Identifying Gender From Images of Faces 
J.M.D.Zakir Hussain1, M.K.Mariam Bee2

Skin Cancer Detection using Image Processing Technique 
K. Harish Reddy1, T.J. Nagalakshmi2

Research and Construct of Low Power, Excessive-Velocity Comparators using Cmos Generation with Low Deliver Voltages for Adcs
K.Saishiva1, P.Dass2

Recognizing Facial Expression in Video Processing 
T. Sai Teja1, M.K. Mariam Bee2

Smart Wheel Chair to Assist Physically Challenged 
N.Monicka1, Bhuvaneswari Balachander2

Health Monitoring System for Mine Areas 
Nagolu Sainadh1, P. Dass2

Hybrid Algorithm using the Advantage of Krill Herd Algorithm with Opposition- Based Learning for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Environment
P Neelima1, A. Rama Mohan Reddy2

Draft Fan Control using Fuzzy Logic in Thermal Power Plant 
P. Sakthi1, P. Yuvarani2, S. Kiruthika3

A Research in Key Generation Security and Accuracy of LIP Based Biometry 
S.Pavithra1, P.Muthukanna2

Symmetric Random Biometric Key (Srbk) Based Cryptography 
S.Pavithra1, P. Muthu Kannan2

A Smart Watch for Women Security 
Pheba Cherian1, A. Deepak2

Noise Reduction Technique in Scanned Document using Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm
S. S. Thakare1, S. N. Kale2

Fast and Economical Object Tracking using Raspberry Pi 3.0 
Purnima Prakas1, T.J Nagalakshmi2

Identification and Diagnosis of Fault in Consistent Mixed Tank Reactor using Neural System
R. Gowthami1, I. Aravindaguru2, V.M.Hari3

Development f Smart Garbage Bins for Automated Segregation of Waste with Real-Time Monitoring using IoT
Rishabh Jain1, Oindrila Halder2, Pranit Sharma3, Akshita Jain4, E. Elamaran5

Device Modeling with Memristor Element for Chaotic System 
Savarimuthu Prakash1, Sam Thomas2

Prediction of Glucose Concentration in Blood Plasma with Support Vector Regression Algorithm
Shanthi S

Malicious Traffic Detection System using Publicly Available Blacklist’s 
Sudarshan N1, P.Dass2

Facial Expression Recognition in Video with Multiple Feature Fusion 
T. Sai Teja1, M.K. Mariam Bee2

Automated Detection of White Blood Cells Cancer Diseases 
T. Siva Prasanna1, P.Jagadeesh2

Identification and Research of Adhd and Healthy Controls using Fmri 

Classification of Neural Network with CT Images for Lung Cancer Detection 
Uppuluri Rajasekhar1, P.Jagadeesh2

Mobile Application for Uploading Marks and Student Attendance Management System
Vamshi Krishna A1, Kirupa Ganapathy2

Sparse Bilateral Denoising for CT Scan Images with Edge Preservation 
Veni N1, Manjula J2, Vivek Maik3

Hybrid Cloud Storage for Secure Authorization and Information Hiding
L.Malathi1, S.Malathi2, N.Nasurdeen Ahamed3

A Spearman Algorithm Based Brain Tumor Detection Using CNN Classifier for MRI Images
Rachana Ramachandran. R.P1, N. Mohanapriya2, V.Banupriya3

Smart Bowling Action Monitoring System using WSN 
S.Naveena1, A.S.Renugadevi2, V.Banupriya3

A Critical Access on Improving Productivity and Livelihood of Handloom Weavers
G.Ramakrishnan1, B.Poongodi2, C.Velmurugan3, G.Mohamed Zakriya4

Dynamic Resource Allocation of Heterogeneous Workload in Cloud 
M.Mala1, K.Sankar2

Dependability of the Users in Cloud Environment Using load Balancing and Integrity of Data
Sandhiya R1, D.Radhika2, G.Sasikala3

A Three Layer Privacy Protective Cloud Storage Theme Supported Procedure Intelligence in Fog Computing
V. Shanmugavalli1, S. Suresh Kumar2, S. Rathna3

IoT Based Smart Monitoring System for Fish Farming 
A. Ramya1, R. Rohini2, S. Ravi3

A Description of Clinical Decision Support Framework Prediction in Heterogeneous Data Sources
P.Punithavalli1, P.Sathish Kumar2, S.Sivaraman3

A Research on Skills of Project Managers and Success of Projects in Information Technology (IT) Companies in Bengaluru City
B. Murali1, S. Venkatesh2

Experimental Research on Effect of Fines Content on Liquefaction Properties of Sand
S. Eswara Rao1, Y.S. Prabhakar2, T. Santosh Kumar3, K.V.D.G.Balaji4

Assessment of Security Issues in Cloud Computing
Zahra Jabeen1, Mohd. Suaib2

Critical Success Factors in Indian Commercial Banks 

Swift Five Force LRP Data Process Algorithm Machine Learning Ai Data Process
Kranthi Lammatha1, Karthikeyan Chinnusamy2, Naresh Reddy Malgireddy3

Ensemble Swarm based Feature Selection (ESFS) and Ensemble Three Classifiers (ETCS) to Predict Student’s Academic Performance
C. John Paul1, R. Santhi2

A Methodical Block based Feature Level Image Fusion Technique with Wavelet Transform using Neural Network for Satellite Images
T. Prabhakara Rao1, B. Rama Rao2

Elliptic Curve based Collaborative Group Key Management for Cloud Data Sharing in Ciphertext Policy Attribute based Encryption
R. Mohan Naik1, S.V. Sathyanarayana2, T.K. Sowmya3

Defected Ground Structure Based Two Element Microstrip Antenna Array with Reduced Mutual Coupling
D. Nataraj1, G. Karunakar2

Design and Performance Research of Slotted-Π Microstrip Patch Antenna for LTE Applications
M. Lakshmu Naidu1, B. Rama Rao2, C. Dharma Raj3

An Efficient DWT and Tucker Decomposition with H.264 Video Compression for Multimedia Applications
N. Sardar Basha1, A. Rajesh2

A Research on Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer using k- means GMM & CNN Algorithms
S. Shamy1, J. Dheeba2

Research on CS-MRI Reconstruction with WHT as Sparsifying Transform 
G. Shrividya1, S.H. Bharathi2

Segmentation of MR Brain Image using Multi Atlas Matching Technique 
M.A.P. Manimekalai1, N.A. Vasanthi2, Thusnavis Bella Mary3

Smart Home Surveillance System using IoT with an Efficient Data Analytics 
J. Santhosh1, J. Praveenchandar2

Novel Secured Keys Generation (NSEKG) with User Property based Artificial Bee Colony (UPABC) for IDPS in MANET
B. Ananthi1, S. Sutha2

A Research on Causes of Underemployment of Engineering Graduates through Quality Control (QC) Tool – Affinity Diagram (KJ Method)

Electrodeposition of Transition Metal Composites on Mild Steel: Structural and Wear Behaviour
P. Sathyabalan1, M.D. Puhazhendhi2, K. R. Aranganayagam3, R. Kannan4

Research on Design and Method to Predict Fatigue Life of an Anti-Vibration Mount
Sangeetha N1, Mohanraj K2

Design and Fabrication of Automated Inbuilt Hydraulic Jack for Light Motor Vehicle
Mohan Kumar R S1, Vinayagamoorthi M A2

CFD Research on Optimal Designing of Radiator Axial Fan 
Siddhan Siva Kumar

Remote Laboratory 
M. Saravana Mohan1, P. Karthikeyan2, D. Ram Kumar3, M. Rupesh4

Design and Research on Amphibious Robot 
R.Raffik1, S.Karthikeyan2, P. Abishekraj3, K. Manoj Guha4

Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Data using Machine Learning Techniques
V.Jalaja Jayalakshmi1, V.Geetha2, R.Vivek3

Performance Evaluation of Students in Adaptive E-Assessment using Structural Equation Modeling
V. Geetha1, V. Jalaja Jayalakshmi2, R.Vivek3

A Computational Model for Deducting of Prickle Noise From Satellite Galaxy Images
W.Jai Singh1, M.Duraisamy2

Enhanced Assessment System to Improve the Efficiency of Current Generation Students
N. Jayakanthan1, D. Sowmiya2

A Framework to Enhance Performance of E-Shopping 
N. Jayakanthan1, M. Manikantan2, R. Rassika3

A Research on Implementation of Lean Tools Across Verticals in Manufacturing 
Muthukumaran.V1, Hariram VR2, Padmanabhan.K.K3

Impact of Full IFRS, Accounting Standards for SMES and Company Demographics on Firms’ Return on Asset and Return on Equity using Panel Data Regression
Rodiel C. Ferrer

The Mediating effect of Corporate Social Responsibility and Dividend Policy on the Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanism on Firm Value among Publicly Listed Companies in the Philippines
Mia B. Bermundo1, Rodiel C. Ferrer2, Franklin Ramirez3

Latex Glove Samples Cutting System with Rotary Cutter Mechanism 
JL Tan1, KS Sim2, CK Toa3

Research on Protein Level in Medical Latex Glove Images using Color Kernel Regression Method
CK Toa1, KS Sim2, JLTan3

Student Self-Efficacy in Modular Accounting: A Tool to Improve the Academic Performance of Accounting Students Enrolled in the Modular Program of De La Salle University
Kim Gayle C. Auson1, Madeleine Richel B. Cabigas2, Rafael Josh B. Garay3, Carl Noah Luis A. Javier4, Rodiel C, Ferrer5

Research on Coherent Clue Based Route Search for Travel Route Search 
Koppuravuri Sri Lakshmi Sruthi1, K Raghu Seetha Rama Raju2

Automated Two Phase to Three Phase Converter in Power Systems and Monitored By using IoT
D.Gayathri1, R.Suganya2, K.Soumiyaa3

Control System Design for 3×3 Processes Based on Effective Transfer Function and Fractional Order Filter
G. Hemanth Krishna1, R. Kiranmayi2, M. Rathaiah3

Designing LLCL Filter and LCL Filter using Single Phase Multicell AC-DC Converter
R.Suganya1, B.Balaji2, D.Gayathri3

Cryptographic Key Exchange Authentication using Two Servers PAKE 
G.K. Karthika1, Raju Dara2, Yamini Devi. N3

Brain Tumor Segmentation using FCM and Symbolic Feature 
Manjunath S1, Sanja Pande M B2, Raveesh B N3

Techno-Economic Analysis and Performance Evaluation of 25 MW Solar PV Power Plant in Actual Environmental Condition in India
Neha Bansal1, Gajendra Singh2

Mixture Modeling based Multikernel Sparse Learning for Directional of Arrival Estimation
Awab Habib Fakih1, S M Shashidhar2

A Technique to Detect Copy-Move Forgery using Enhanced SURF 
Payal Srivastava1, Manoj Kumar2, Vikas Deep3, Purushottam Sharma4

Passive Fiber Optic Evanescent Wave Sensor for the Measurement of Refractive Index at Various Temperatures using a Tunable Light Source
S. Srinivasulu1, S. Venkateswara Rao2

Physical Environment of a Coffee Shop Analysis of Future Customers Expectation Views
Siti Aisyah Muhammad1, Sung Pil Lee2

Generation of Heat Transfer Coefficient Data in Regenerator for Stirling Cycle Refrigeration System
Narendra N. Wadaskar1, S.K. Choudhary2, R.D. Askhedkar3

Brain Tumor Segmentation and Classification using KNN Algorithm 
Suhartono1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, K. Shankar3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Leaf Disease Classification using Advanced SVM Algorithm 
Rima Herlina S. Siburian1, Rahmi Karolina2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, E. Laxmi Lydia4, K. Shankar5

Minimizing the Security Risks in Hybrid Cloud Networks with the Aid of Optimal Triple Data Encryption Standard Algorithm
Subhash Chand Gupta1, Vikas Kumar2

Heat Transfer Analysis and Performance Measurements of Hollow Pin-fin in Natural Convection
Chandrakishor L. Ladekar1, Sanjeo. K. Choudhary2

Online Games, Brain and Communication Ability 
Ambyah Harjanto1, Nurdin Hidayat2, Mareyke Jessy Tanod3, Apri Wahyudi4, Dedi Irawan5, Phong Thanh Nguyen6, E. Laxmi Lydia7, K. Shankar8

English Renaissance Drama: Status of Women in “the Duchess of Malfi” 
Ochilova Mekhriniso Razzakovna1, Qodirova Zaynab Bakoevna2

Television News and Women: Impact of Television News of Flood in Kerala on Women
Karthika C1, P.P. Vijayalakshmi2

The Project Method in Teaching Future Mathematics Teachers 
Cherniavskikh S.D1, Borisov I.P2,Ostapenko S.I3, Tsetsorina T.A4,Sokolskii A.G5, Vitokhina N.N.6

Homomorphic Encryption – Need of the Hour 
Dakshita Sharma1, Purushottam Sharma2, Vikas Deep3

Recent Trends in Happiness Research 
Aprajita Narula1, Mani Bhasin Kalra2

The Valuation of Relationship between EPS, GST and Demonetization of Indian Industries
Angelin Kiruba1, S. Vasantha2

Recognitions of Terminal Care among Clinical Nurse Managers 
Yeon-ja Kim

Empirical Analysis of Demographic Factors Affecting Intention to use Mobile Wallet
S.Vasantha1, P. Sarika2

Employee Empowerment and Job Performance: the Case of a Few Selected BPOs/KPOs in the City of Pune
Sweta Banerjee

Rural Telecom Services: Marketing Issues and Experiences in West Bengal Market Perspective
Abdhesh Kumar Singh1, Pramod Pathak2, Saumya Singh3

Improved Deep Convolution Neural Networks Classification Amygdala of Image Mining Technique using ASD Accuracy
R.Lalitha1, J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi2

An Outlook of Financial Inclusion with Mediating Effect of Direct Benefit Transfer in LPG Subsidy towards Actual Usage of Banking Technology
M.Bhuvana1, S.Vasantha2

Mobile Phosphorus and Exchange Potassium of Typical Black Soil in Long-Term use of Arable Land
Karabutov A.P1, Tyutyunov S.I2, Solovichenko V.D3

Effect of Online Shopping in Local Market of India 
K K Ramachandran1, K K Karthick2

Citizen’s Response to a State’s Environmental Management through Enforcement of Ban
V. Darling Selvi1, G. Ilankumaran2

Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Psychological Contract of it & Its Employees
Renu Rathi1, Usha S2

Pre and Post Process of Corporate Merger and Acquisition Technicalities 
Rakesh Kumar Sharma1, Anupam Sharma2

Non – Darcian and Non – Uniform Salinity Gradients on Triple Diffusive Convection in Composite Layers
B. Komala1, R. Sumithra2

An Experimental Modeling for Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Capability using Multiple Hole Orifice in Air Supply Line for Dry Ash
P. M. Dharaskar1, S.K. Choudhary2, R. D. Askhedkar3

Performance Enhancement of Evaporative Cooling by using Bamboo 
Shoeb J. Inamdar1, Akshay Junghare2, Parimal Kale3

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence: A Perspective for Health Care 
Muruganantham A.1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, E. Laxmi Lydia3, K. Shankar4, Wahidah Hashim5, Andino Maseleno6

Thermal Energy Storage System using Bamboo in Combination with PCM 
Shoeb J. Inamdar1, Umesh Patil2, Hrishabh Lodam3

Machine Learning Methods for Analysis Fraud Credit Card Transaction 
Megasari Gusandra Saragih1, Jacky Chin, Rianti Setyawasih2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, K. Shankar4

e-Governance Model to ease the Management of Revenue Court Cases 
Jitender Singh1, Bright Keswani2, Ashish Chaturvedi3

Effective and Secure E-Governance Model of Haryana 
Jitender Singh1, Bright Keswani2, Ashish Chaturvedi3

Mobile E-Commerce Website for Technology-Based Buying Selling Services 
Eti Sri Asih1, Kasmi2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, E. Laxmi Lydia4, K. Shankar5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Factors Influencing Work-Life Balance – An Experimental Analysis with Reference to Medical Representatives
R. Premalatha1, K. Krishna Kumar2

Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Products using Isolation Forest 
S. Salmiah1, Dadang Sudrajat2, N. Nasrul3, Tuti Agustin4, Nisa Hanum Harani5, Phong Thanh Nguyen6

International Labor Mobility, Unemployment Impact to Economic Growth 
Nadia Faisal1, Umair Ali Ansari2, Muhammad Hussnain3, Sayyed Khawar Abbas4

Analysis of Profitability through Common Size Profit and Loss Statement 
Davendra Kumar Sharma

Lean Implementation in a Manufacturing Industry through Value Stream Mapping
S. V. Kale1, R. H. Parikh2

Exploration of Retinopathy Disease using Machine Learning Methodology 
Khasanah1, Sumardiyono2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, E. Laxmi Lydia4, K. Shankar5

Multigroup Classification using Privacy Preserving Data Mining 
Alfian Erwinsyah1, Jacky Chin2, Irfan A. Palalloi3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, K. Shankar5

Cloud Computing Security Issues and Possibilities 
Robbi Rahim1, Edmond Febrinicko Armay2, Daniel Susilo3, Rustono Farady Marta4, Alde alanda5

Efforts to Overcome Mathematics Learning Difficultyfor Dislexic Discalcular of Elementary School Students
Noviana Diswantika1, Apri Wahyudi2, Dedi Irawan3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, E. Laxmi Lydia5, K. Shankar6

Diabetic Retinopathy Detection using Image Processing 
R. Naveen1, S. A. Siva Kumar2, B. Maruthi Shankar3, A. Keerthana Priyaa4

A Evaluation on Removing of Rain from Images 
R.Sunanda1, J.Beatrice Seventline2

Design of Low Power 6t-Sram Cell For Advanced Processors 
Sujata A1, Lalitha Y.S2

Design of Pneumogram for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Diagnosis 
D.K. Ravish1, K.J. Shanthi2, Nayana R Shenoy3

Fbmc System With Low Density Parity Check (Ldpc) Coding For Efficient Communications in 5g
Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu1, Usha Rani Nelakuditi2

A Systematic Journal of Multipliers Accuracy and Performance 
E. Jagadeeswara Rao1, Durgesh Nandan2, R.V. Vijaya Krishna3, K. Jayaram Kumar4

A Virtual Differences in Face Recognition Techniques 
Lakshmi Patil1, V.D. Mytri2

A Multiple L-Shaped Slot Loaded Antenna with Multiband Circularly Polarized for WLAN & WiMAX Applications
Sanjeev Kumar1, Durgesh Nandan2, Amit Shivhare3, Ravi kumar4

IoT Based Water Quality Testing System in Aquaculture 
M. Rohith Ananth Ratnam1, B. Priyanka2, J. I. Chakravathy3, K. Venkata Phani Raja4

Multi-Leader Election Algorithm Based on VORONOI Partition for Self-Stabilization in MANETs
T Madhu1, S S V N Sarma2, J V R Murthy3

Retrieving Songs By Lyrics Query Using Information Retrieval 
Padmaja Pulicherla1, A. Prakash2, J. Sasi Bhanu3, C.V.P.R. Prasa4, D.B.K. Kamesh5

Hash Based Co-Operative Method to Handle Sybil Attack Sequences in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
B. V. S. P. Pavan Kumar1, S. S. V. N. Sharma2

An Efficient Image Down sampling Technique Using Genetic Algorithm and Digital Curvelet Transform
N. Jagadeesan

Secured Data Transmission in VANET Using Vehicular Digital Hash Gen Model 
Rajasekar Rangasamy1, H. Shaheen2, T. Sreenivasulu3, Nartkannai. K4

A Systematic Access Through Machine Learning Methods For Expectation in Malady Related Qualities
K.S.S. Joseph Sastry1, T. Guna Shekar2

Multicasting in Heterogeneous Networks 
U. Vidya Sagar1, U. Naresh2

Proposed A New Multidimensional Face Recognition For Surgically Altered Faces in Security Surveillance
Dimple Chawla1, Munesh Chandra Trivedi2

Design of Random Oracle For Block Iterated one-Way Ciphers Through Polynomial Functions
P. Karthik1, P. Shanthibala2

Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques on Rpas Remote Sensing Images
R. Madanamohana1, P Nagarjunapitty2, K.Rishitha3

Semantic Indexing and Concept Based Methods for Ontology Based Information Retrieval using Dbpedia

Evaluation on Finger-Vein Identification Process 
Shwetambari Kharabe1, C.Nalini2

An Efficient Regular Expression Pattern Matching Using Stride Finite Automata
Krishna Kishore Thota1, R. JebersonRetna Raj2

Classification of Association Item Sets From Large Data Sets Based on User Awareness Using Hybrid
Srihari Varma Mantena1, CVPR Prasad2

Secure Medical Image Processing Using Chaos and Dna Encryption Enhanced Using Reversible Data Hiding
Smita Khond1, Bellamkonda Vijayakumar2

Design of Polar Codes for Rayleigh Fading Channel using Random Inter Leaver and De-Interleave
T.Arunajyothi1, S.V.R.K.Rao2

Farmers Awareness and Perception Towards Crop Insurance

Agriculture Price Prediction Using Data Mining
Veeresh Kadlimatti1, S. V Saboji2

Encryption Technique to Optimize Information Leakage in Multi Cloud Storage Services
M.Vijaya Madhuri1, M.V.Sangameswa2

Anti Dumping Policy and its Effect on Indian Pharmaceutical Sector
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Using Satellite Image, Recognize and detect the vehicles in Digital Image Processing by applying Otsu Threshold Method
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Augmentation of Thermal Performance of Plate Fin Heat Sink
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Examination of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
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An Experimental Examination of Mobile Cloud Computing and IoT: Application, Techniques and Issues
Taranpreet Kaur