Volume-7 Issue-6, August 2018

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Volume-7 Issue-6, August 2018, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Flower Pollination Algorithm for Solving Economic Dispatch Problems with Prohibited Operating Zones and Multiple Fuel Options
Y. V. Krishna Reddy1, M. Damodar Reddy2

Design of Software Testing Model Based on UML Class and Activity Diagram
Suman Rani1, Mukesh Rana2

Comparison of Response of The Structures Against Seismic Force
D. Vinod1, P. Kodanda Ramarao2

Optimization of Controlling Factors on Tool Wear When Coolant Mixed with Additives on Turning of Mg-Y Alloy
K. Ramadoss1, R. Elansezhian2, S. Jayabal3

Experimentation on Solar Thermoelectric Module for Cooling and Heating
Surender Kumar

Gesture of Robotic Arm using IoT Network
Aravind Raj D.1, Dinesh Kumar G.2

Design of 4×4 Microstrip Quasi-Yagi BeamSteering Antenna Array Operation at 3.5GHz for Future 5G Vehicle Applications
Dinesh Kumar G.

Comparison Between Compressive Strength of Rudraksha Bead (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb.) in Vertical and Horizontal Plane and Bead Properties
Abhishek Kumar Singh1, Sunil Kumar2

Electromagnetic Waves Interaction with Cytoplasm and Membrane of the Outer Segment of the Rod Photoreceptor Modelled and Analysed on HFSS
Kennedy A. Iroanusi 

Ergonomic Design of an Uberhood 
Thrinesh Duvvuru1, Chenna Kesava Venkata Sai Krishna Lalam2

Performance Evaluation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Approaches for PV Array under PSC with Differential Converters
K. Mounika1, M. Sunil Kumar2, J. Ayyappa3