Volume-6 Issue-3, February 2017

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Volume-6 Issue-3, February 2017, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

A Study on Thailand Solar Energy Business Opportunity in Very Small Power Producer (VSPP) sector contributed by Feed-in Tariff
Lerdlekha Sriratana1, Sawatdee Poochong2, Kridsda Bisalyaputra3

A Study on Game Theory Approaches for Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Shoukath Ali1, R. P. Singh2

Design and Fabrication of a Novel Low Cost Food Waste Composting System with Accelerating Process Technology
Ahammad Vazim K. A.1, Jesin T. A.2, Anil Raj B.3, Midhun A. R.4, Sreekutten K.5

Powder Metallurgy Processed Ferrous Composites: A Review
Amiya Ranjan Malik1, Bibhuti Bhusan Pani2, Sushant Kumar Badjena3

Concrete’s Odyssey Through Heat: A Review
Ashok R Mundhada1, Arun D Pofale2

Experimental Investigation for Tool Life by Optimizing Cutting Parameters in Plain Turning Operation by Statistical Methods
Neha Chouhan1, Rohit Gupta2

Ergonomics and the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Strain and Back Injuries
Muhammad Abdus Samad

Sense of Community and Built Environment: How Can Built Environment, Social Economic Conditions and History of Place Shape Our Sense of Community?
Pakinam Ashraf1, Hany Ayad2, Dina Saadallah3

Assessing the Factors Associated with Urban Mobility Behaviour: Case studies from Alexandrian Neighborhoods, Egypt
Sarah M. Sabry1, Hany M. Ayad2, Dina M. Saadallah3

QR IT Seek: A Conceptual Model for Teaching and Learning by Digital Natives via Edutainment Game
Nor Azlina Abd Rahman1, Vinothini Kasinathan2, Rajasvaran Logeswaran3, Nurwahida Faradila Taharim4

Intelligent Control for Laboratory DC Motor
B. M. Mustapha1, V. C. Ikpo2, A. B. Bababe3

Performance Assessment of CHP Cycle in Sugar Industry
Sanjay S. Bhagwat1, S. D. Pohekar2

A Qualitative Review on Image Processing Algorithms to Detect Early Stage Lung Cancer
Raja Rao.Chella

Lora Based Intelligent Home Automation System
Bababe Adam B.1, Ashish Kumar J.2, Rajiv Kumar3

Security Attacks in MANETS (Survey Prospective) 
Shaik Noor Mohammad

A Comparative Analysis of Optimization Techniques in Cognitive Radio (QoS)
Sandeep P.

Assessment of Indigenous Knowledge usage Among Small Scale Farmers in Kpando Municipality, Ghana
Francis Yao Anyan 

Moth Flame Optimisation Algorithm for Control of LUO Converter
N. Nachammai1, R. Kayalvizhi2

A Novel Technique for Fault Recovery in Mobile Cloud Computing
Vipanjot Kaur Sidhu1, Vijay Kumar Joshi2

Modified SDROM Filter 
Sathya Jose. S. L1, K. Sivaraman2

GUI Based Model for Stroke Prediction
Jeena R S1, Sukesh Kumar A2

Survey on Privacy Preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing
Neha Mahakalkar1, Vaishali Sahare2

Automatic Eigen Face Method 
Jerrin Thomas Panachakel

A Study on Check Pointing Protocols for Mobile Distributed Systems
Komati Sathish

Nozzle Filter Modification for Water Pre-Treatment Technology In Water Treatment Plants (Case Study: Toroq Water Treatment Plant)
Babak Mehravaran1, Hossein Ansari2, Ali Asghar Beheshti3

Finite Time Sliding Mode Controller based on Reduced-Order Observer for the Mismatched Uncertain Systems with a Time Delay
Yao-Wen Tsai1, Cong-Trang Nguyen2

A Novel Algorithm for Multiple Data Sharing Via Cloud Storage
Krishna Samalla

Investigation of Converting a Building to Operate by Solar Energy
Ahmed Shany Khusheef1, Abdulkareem Shaheed Sabr2

A Review Paper on Microstrip Patch Antenna Used in Wlan Systems
Poonam Rajput1, Prateek Wankhade2

Increasing PPP Accuracy Using Permanent Stations Corrections
Ibrahim F. Shaker1, Tamer F. Fath-Allah2, Mohamed M. El-Habiby3, Ahmed E. Ragheb4, Alaa Al-Din I. Awad5

Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Amino Acid Doped Metal Free g-C3N4 Composite Photocatalyst
M. Jeba Jeeva Rani1, G. Allen Gnana Raj2

An Adequate Image Retrieval Technique Based on Global Level Feature Extraction
Sumaira M.Hayat Khan1, Ayyaz Hussain2, Imad Fakhri Taha Alshaikhli3

Agriculrtural Robot for Plant Health Indication
Deshmukh Bhakti S.1, Gharte Sneha H.2, Nagare Shruti R.3, H. R. Deshmane4

Enhancement of Online Web Recommendation System using a Hybrid Clustering and Pattern Matching Approach
Dipali Wankhede1, S. G. Tuppad2

Review of Robust Video Watermarking Using DWT, SVD and DCT
Swagata S. Mawande1, Hemlata Dakhore2

“ATM Theft Monitoring and Security System using Raspberry Pi2”
Kanchan P. Borade1, Shewale Pooja J2, Tayade Dipika P3

An Improved Ant Colony Optimization for Parameter Optimization using Support Vector Machine
Srujana Rongali1, Radhika Yalavarthi2

Ensemble of Classifiers for Intrusion Detection System
Sonali Kadam1, Rutuja Pawar2, Shweta Phule3, Priyansha Kher4, Manisha Kumari5

Investigation of the Bond Strength Between Existing Concrete Substrate and UHPC as a Repair Material
Ahmed F. AlHallaq1, Bassam A. Tayeh2, Samir Shihada3

Design and Simulation of 16 Bit Arithmetic Unit using Gating Techniques in Cadence 45nm Technology
K. Bikshalu1, Prathap Soma2

The Adaptation of a Microstrip Dipole Antenna for RFID Applications
Loubna Berrich1, Lahbib Zenkouar2