Volume-5 Issue-6, August 2016

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Volume-5 Issue-6, August 2016, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Community Detection on Social Network – A Survey
Greeshma T S1, Subu Surendren2

Mathematical Modeling to Establish the Balance of Heat in a Capacitor
Diejo Jara1, Estefania Salinas2, Julio Romero3, Michael Valarezo4

Application of an OPC System for Mineral Extraction in a Copper Mine Laboratory Scale
Michael Valarezo1, Estefania Salinas2, Julio Romero3, Diejo Jara.4

The 3-D Numerical Simulation of a Walking Beam Type Slab Heating Furnace with Regenerative Burners
Jiin-Yuh Jang1, Chien-Nan Lin2, Sheng-Chih Chang3, Chao-Hua Wang4

Smart Grid State Estimation by Weighted Least Square Estimation
Nithin V G1, Libish T M2

Sinusoidal PWM to Drive the Induction Motor with Reducing the Torque Ripple and THD
Hamdy Mohamed Soliman

Robust Performance Comparison of Unstable Videos and their Quality Improvement Implementing Block-Based Frame Matching Technique for Obtaining Digital Video Stabilization
Abhishek Pratap Singh1, Manoj Gupta2

Video Denoising using Surfacelet Transform By Optimised Entropy Thresholding
Mohammed Khalid1, P. Sajith Sethu2

An Image Reranking Model Based on Attributes and Visual Features Eliminating Duplication
Madhuri Mhaske1, Sachin Patil2

Identification and Control based on PID and Smith Predictor Applied to a Prototype Crushing
Ronald Alexander Reyes Asanza1, José Leonardo Benavides Maldonado2

A Study on the Vibration Reduction in Manufacturing the Deep Groove Holes with the Tool Holders and Sleeves using Design of Experiment (DOE)
Chae-sil. Kim1, Jae-min. Kim2, Chang-min. Keum3, Min-jae. Shin4

Robot Voice A Voice Controlled Robot using Arduino
Vineeth Teeda1, K.Sujatha2, Rakesh Mutukuru3

Analytic Hierarchy Process based Methodology for Ranking Healthcare Management Information Systems
Nizar Hussain M.

Investigation of Acrylic Resin Treatment and Evaluation of Cationic Additive Quality Impact on the Mechanical Properties of Finished Cotton Fabric
Nasr Litim1, Ayda Baffoun2

A PLS/SEM Approach Risk Factor Analysis in Road Accidents Caused by Carelessness
Mohammad Reza Elyasi1, Mahmoud Saffarzade2, Amin Mirza Boroujerdian3

Performance of Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access Under Different Channel Cases
Raad Farhood Chisab1, Begard Salih Hassen2, Aassyia Mohammed Ali Jasim Al-A’assam3

Comparison PID and MPC Control, Applied to a Binary Distillation Column
Anderson Rigoberto Cuenca S1, Jose Leonardo Benavides M2, Manuel Augusto Pesantez G.3

Shortest Path Computation in Multicast Network with Multicast Capable and Incapable Delay Associated Nodes
Sonal Yadav1, Sharath Naik2

Comparative Experimental study on a Photovoltaic Panel with Low Cost Performance Improvement Techniques
CH. Bhanu Prakash1, M.N.V.S.A. Sivaram.K2, G.H. Tammi Raju3, CH.N.V.S. Swamy4

An Efficient Depth Segmentation Based Conversion of 2d Images to 3d Images
Geethu S S1, Sreeletha S H2

Improvement of Output Power for Wind Driven Induction Generator using SEPIC Converter
Chanchal Verma1, B. Anjanee Kumar2

Hybrid Wired and Wireless System Involving Non-upling Technique
Joseph Zacharias1, Celine George2, Vijayakumar Narayanan3

Anonymous Secure Routing Protocol for Multi hop Wireless Mesh Network (ASRP)
J. Srinivasan1, S. Audithan2

A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach With Migration for Resource Allocation in Cloud
Aleena Xavier T1, Rejimoan R.2

ESD Induced Reliability Problems in Space Grade Devices
C. Ramachandra1, Sarat Kumar Dash2

Dependency Based Scheme for Load Balancing in Cloud Environment
Neethu.M.S1, Jayalekshmi.S2

Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data using Ant Colony Optimization and Encryption
Sharafunisa S1, Smitha E S2

Adaptive Minimum Classification Error based KISS Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
Jasher Nisa A J1, Sumithra M D2

Converting Fuel Oil to Gas in Combustion System for CO2 Emission Mitigation at PT. PJB UP Gresik
Rita Anitasari1, Rizki Fitriani2, Erna Triastutik3, Alief Makmuri Hartono4, Totok R. Biyanto5

Lossless Visual Cryptography in Digital Image Sharing
Nikhila A1, Janisha A2

Data Mining using Meta Heuristic Approaches for Detecting Hepatitis
Neenu R S1, Greeshma G Vijayan2

Fingerprint Classification based on Simplified Rule set and Singular Points with an Image Enhancement Scheme
Sibiyakhan M1, Sumithra M D2

Analysis of Irish Labour Market using Predictive Modelling
A. Nachev

Survey on the use of ICT in Physics in Moroccan Schools
Bouchra Gourja1, Malika Tridane2, Said Belaaouad3

Torque Measurement in Epicyclic Gear Train
S. S. Sutar1, A.V. Sutar2, M. R. Rawal3

Combined Operation Boring Bar
A.V. Sutar1, S.S.Sutar2, J.J. Shinde3, S.S. Lohar4

Characterization of Hydro-Carbon Based Magneto-Rheological Fluid (MRF)
M. Raju1, N. Seetharamaiah2, A.M.K. Prasad3

An Improved Calibration Specific Self Localization Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hazeena A J1, Sumimol L2

Prevention of Denial-of-Service Attacks using Multimatch Packet Classification
Kiran Mohan M. S1, Jayasudha J. S2

Enhanced Personalized Web Search using Patternbased Topic Modelling
Ramitha A T1, Jayasudha J S2

Identification of Critical Factors Affecting Construction Labor Productivity in India Using AHP
Avinash Tiwari1, Anju Malik2, C.P. Singh3

Secured Packet Level Authentication Scheme for Code Update in Multihop WSN
Md Aleemuddin Ghori1, Syed Abdul Sattar2

An Implementation of FACE Recognition System (FARS) Using PCA and PSO Based Techniques
Mukesh Tiwari1, Arun Kumar Shukla2

An Execution, Scrutiny and Collation on VANETs Routing Protocols
Aswathy V.S1, Sandeep Chandran2

On Constraint Clustering to Minimize the Sum of Radii
Rajkumar Jain1, Narendra S. Chaudhari2