Volume-10 Issue-1

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Volume-10 Issue-1, October 2020, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Hybrid Electric Charging Station using Raspberry Pi
Arabi Madharshan1, Aravinth2, Dheneshraajan3, Gokul4, P. Praveena5

Human Task Recognition using CNN
Avula Rohitha1, B.K. Hem Charan2

A Generalized Deep Learning Model for Denoising Image Datasets
Kurian Thomas1, Pranav E.2, Supriya M.H.3

A Computer Vision Based System for Classification of Chemically and Naturally Ripened Mangoes
Anitha Raghavendra1, Mahesh K. Rao2

Dual Source Self Displaying Water Pumps
Aldrin Jose1, Andrew Franklin Raj A2, Arunmozhi T M3, Kuttiraj G4, Dr. Karpagam J5

Healthy and Unhealthy Leaf Classification using Convolution Neural Network and CSLBP Features
Harmandeep Kour1, Lal Chand2

Application of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Enhancing low voltage Ride-through capability of Doubly Fed Induction Generator
T.Samina1, A.Bisharathu Beevi2, S. RamaIyer3

Earthquake Analyzer using Prediction Commands
Abhishek Singh1, Sarthak Bansal2, Madhav Chaturvedi3

Security Implications for Json web Token Used in MERN Stack for Developing E-Commerce Web Application
Pooja Mahindrakar1, Uma Pujeri2

SVM and Cross-Validation using R Studio
Nainika Kaushik1, Manjot Kaur Bhatia2, Sonali Rastogi3

Hierarchical Structure of Active Distribution Network in Power System
Desh Deepk Sharma1, Atul Sarolwal2

Study of Excessive Bureaucracy in Construction Projects – Causes of Low Level of Competition and Lengthy Tendering Process: A Case Study of Afghanistan
Sebghatullah Karimi1, Zabihullah Zhakfar2, Mohammad Ismail Sarwary3

Analogy of Isophthalic Polyester Based Bamboo Fabric Mat and E-glass Reinforced Composite
A.K. Arun Raja1, K. Arun Vasantha Geethan2, P. Sabarish Kumar3, A. Shagul Hameed4, S.Vivekanandan5

Meta-Analysis of Heuristic Approaches for Optimizing Node Localization and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
Oluwasegun J. Aroba1, Nalindren Naicker2, Timothy T. Adeliyi3, Ropo E. Ogunsakin4

Analysis of EEG signals using Machine Learning for the Detection and Diagnosis of Epilepsy
Anubha Nagar1, Bidushi2, Mimangsha Sarma3, Mithra Anand Kumar4, J.Valarmathi5

Machine Learning Based Prediction of Suicide Probability
Avhishek Biswas1, Ananya Talukder2, Deep Bhattacharjee3, Arijit Chowdhury4, Judhajit Sanyal5

Haptic Structuring Assistive Innovation for Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired
Vivek Agrawal1, Vishakha Singh2

Design, Modeling and Simulation DC/DC Converters with PV Cell Fed Switched Reluctance Motor for Agriculture Field
Sairaju Rakesh1, B.Sanker Ram2

Importance-weighted Ranking Methods for Preference the Covid-19 Pandemic Social Assistance
Edy Budiman

Design and Optimisation of a Slat Conveyor for Airport Application
Vatsal Singh1, Sanskar Joshi2, Sahil Shaikh3, Siddheshwar Wakude4, Dilip Panchal5

The Optimum Distance of Lift-Off Height on Different Test Material’s Thickness by using Eddy Current Testing Technique
Fauziah Sulaiman1, Salmia Santa2, Elnetthra Folly Eldy3

Development and Characterisation of Banana and E-Glass Fiber Reinforced With Isophthalic Resin Based Composites
A.K. Arun Raja1, K. Arun Vasantha Geethan2, G. Tamilarasan3, S.J. Shanoffer4, S. Rathish5

Advancement, Characterization and Analogy of Jute Fabric and E-Glass Fibre Reinforced with Isophthalic Resin Based Composite
A.K. Arun Raja1, D. Santhosh2, K. Arun Vasantha Geethan3, M. Suidarshanan4, M. Suriya Subramanian5

Redefining Engineering Education in Africa through Delivering Total Engineering
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Chaos Engineering (Principles of Chaos Engineering) As the Pathway to Excellence and Relevance in Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Establishment, Description and Equivalence of Flax Fabric Reinforced and E-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polyester Based Composite
A.K.Arun Raja1, B.Suresh2, Shobhan kumar3, G.Priyadharshan4, K.Arun Vasantha Geethan5

Feasibility and Durability of Interlocks (Paving stones) from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Wastes
Omosebi Taiwo O1, Noor Faisal Abas2

Dual Band Notch, Compact, Low profile, Hybrid Ultra Wideband RDRA
Taruna Sharma1, Parikshit Vasisht2, Munish Vashishath3, R. S. Yaduvanshi4

Information Security Risk Analysis Methods for Healthcare Systems
Amarendar Rao Thangeda1, Alfred Coleman2

Bluetooth Based Electronic Notice Board.
Ashutosh Pandya1, Chinmay Raut2, Mihir Patel3, Siddharth Das4, Amol Deshpande5

Effect of heat Transfer Through Arbitrary Shaped fins using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Vatsal Singh1, Sanskar Joshi2, Sahil Shaikh3, Siddheshwar Wakude4, Dilip Panchal5

Behavioural Study of R/C Natural Draught Cooling Towerunder Gravity Load using Different Support Orientations
Saikat Chowdhury1, Baibaswata Das2, Abhishek Hazra3

Orderings on Generalized Regular Interval Valued Fuzzy Matrices
P. Poongodi1, C. Padmavathi2, R. Vinitha3, G. Hema4

Impact of Land Use Change Study on Reservoir’s Sediment Yield using SWAT Model Platform
Girma Kebebew Tufa1, Bogale G Mariam2

Behavior of Steel Plate Girders with Deep Section under Dynamic Effect
Hanady A.El-Rahman El-Dehemy

Inspection of Centrifugal Blower by Varying Different Blade Configuration using CFD
Mohammed Aslam Sohail1, K.Venkateswarlu2, Abdul Hafeez3

Future Challenges in State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries
M. Surendar1, P. Pradeepa2

Multi- Response Optimization of Wire EDM Process Parameter on Aluminium Alloy (5086)
Pradeep Kumar1, Pankaj Sharma2

Automatic Pre-Processing of Marathi Text for Summarization
Apurva D. Dhawale1, Sonali B. Kulkarni2, Vaishali M. Kumbhakarna3

Classification of Evaluation Metrics for Project Baseline Schedules
Amr A. Wael1, Ahmed Elyamany2, Ahmed Elhakeem3

Semantic Network
Samridha M1, Akshar Chawla2, Shagnik Roy3, Neharidha M4

Dementia Prediction on OASIS Dataset using Supervised and Ensemble Learning Techniques
Shanmuga Skandh Vinayak E1, Shahina A2, Nayeemulla Khan A3

Design and Evaluation of Residential Building Alongwith Floating Column
Vivek Soni1, M. P. Verma2

Significant Contribution in Healthcare by using IoT
Juhi K. Patgiri1, Arindam Mondal2, Gitanjali Kaman3, Pinki Deori4, Vinayak Majhi5, Sudip Paul6

Automatic Ratings Generation System for Behavior Analysis
Poonam Sawant1, Abhijeet Kaiwade2

Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Rate in Single and Series Cross Flow Heat Exchanger using Matlab Coding
P.Parabrahma Sai1, K.Lakshmi Prasad2, P.Ravindra Kumar3, K. Srinivasa Rao4

Priority Arbiter for TinyOS: The need of renown OS for WSN and IoT
Rajashree V Biradar1, Anita Patil2

Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Al 7075 Reinforced with SiC and TiC Particles
M.Subramanian1, B.Aravinth2

The Design of a Land Suitability Model on Rice Production Estimation using Remote Sensing Method in Merauke District Papua
Heru Ismanto1, Abner Doloksaribu2, Diana Sri Susanti3

Investigation of the Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases in Terms of Road Traffic Gradients
Zaydoun Abu Salem1, Nabil Hazim2, Nawal Louzi3

Strength Assessment of wedges in the Splice Zone of the Column
Anirudh Joshi1, Chaitanya Mishra2

Analysis of Factor’s Causing Delays in Road Project by Severity Index Method
Shubham Ashok Avhad1, Satish M. Waysal2

Faculty Perception, Attitude, and Readiness Towards e-Learning in Ar Rass Dental College A Comparison of Moodle and Blackboard Learning Management Systems
Fahad Alturise1, Tamim Alkhalifah2, Sami Alshmrany3

A Comparative Study of Weather Forecasting Simulation Models through Sensors for Accurate Monsoon Predictions in the Indian Ocean
Satyasundar Mallick1, Monideepa Roy2

Reference Evapotranspiration Prediction for Smart Irrigation
Samer I. Mohamed

Automatic Sign Language Gesture Recognition using Prewitt & Morphological Dilation
Avinash Rai1, Kavita Gour2

The Relative Research on Planning, Modelling, and Analysis of G+6 Residential Buildings with and without Multi-level Car Parking Facility
Sayan Ghar1, Kushal Jain2

Design of Nested H slot Passive UHF RFID Tag
Sudha Surwase1, Ravi Yadahalli2, Shankar Nawale3

Stand Alone 1-MW Microgrid for Remote locations of Armed Forces with PV-Battery-Diesel Generator
CPS Pasricha1, Rajeev Gupta2, Rahul Walawalkar3

Smart Meter using Big Data in IoT
Somalina Chowdhury1, Santanu Kumar Sen2

Cloud Computing in IoT based Smart Meter
Somalina Chowdhury1, Santanu Kumar Sen2

Optimization of Inventory Model-Cost Parameters, Inventory and Lot Size as Fuzzy Numbers
R.Kasthuri1, P.Vasanthi2, S.Ranganayaki3

Smart Farm Assist Robot
Nitin Krishna V1, Ragunath B2, Kowshika Priya B3, Sivaranjani M4, Vasanthamani K5

Estimating Visual Quality in Skin Pictures Obtained by Optical Cameras and Analysis by Morphological Filters
S. Sree Hari Raju1, E.G. Rajan2

Performance Analysis of 6063 Aluminium Alloy Semi-Circular Two Phase Closed Thermosyphon Tpct using Fe3o4 and Graphene Nano-Fluid
D. Arokiya Pushparaj1, N. Karunakaran2, N. Alagappan3

Managing the Triangular Bond of the EBP for SQU Students Through the Proposed Test Model
Iman Al-Kindi1, Zuhoor Al-Khanjari2, Jamal Al-Salmi3

Sarcasm Detection of Sentiments in Telugu Language
Suneetha Eluri1, Naga Santosha Lahari Penmatsa2

Optimization of Demand Side Management and DG Placement in the Distribution System with Demand Response
Subramanya K1, M S Nagaraj2

A Modified Fused Floating Point Three Term Adder
Neeraja P K1, Ramadass Narayanadass2

Global Word Sense Disambiguation of Polysemous Words in Telugu Language
Suneetha Eluri1, Vasu Kumar Pilli2

Evaluation of Vibration Characteristics and Theoretical Analysis for In-Wheel Driving Electric Road Vehicle
Shawki Abouel-seoud1, Mohamed N. Mansy2, Mahmoud Elshaabany3, Manar Eltantawie4, Eid Ouda5

Early Detection of Parkinson Disease Progression using Gaussian Naïve Bayes Machine Learning Approach by identifying Degeneration in Basal Ganglia Regions
Madhusudhana G K1, M B Sanjaypande2, Raveesh B N3

Design and Development of Chilli Seeder
Digvijaysinh B Dodiya1, Jayesh R Koisha2

A Knowledge Based Word Sense Disambiguation in Telugu Language
Suneetha Eluri1, Vishala Siddu2

Prediction of the Purchase Intention of Users on E-Commerce Platforms using Gradient Boosting
Yannick Kiki1, Vinasetan Ratheil Houndji2

An Efficient Functionality Learning Image Compression by Ift Technique
C.Rajeswari1, S.Prakasam2

A Low Cost & Efficient Robotic Spraying Machine
Anagha Choudhari1, Avinash Shrikhande2

Redefining the theory of Engineering for Relevance in the 21st Centuryin Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

MIMO Based Cognitive Radio Network with Efficient Spectrum Utilization
S. M. Patil1, A. J. Patil2

Chaos Theory as Relevance for Engineering Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Rebuilding After a Pandemic, the Place of Engineering Education in Nation Building
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Women as Canons in Engineering: Theorizing their Experiences and Exploits
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Gender and Gender Mainstreaming In Engineering Education in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam1, Noluthando Matola2, Sibusiso Moyo3