Volume-9 Issue-1S6, December 2019

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Volume-9 Issue-1S6, December 2019, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Performance Assessment of Solar Powered Smart Drip Irrigation System using Arduino
P. Lenin Pugalhanthi1, R. Senthil Kumar2, B. Rajesh Kumar3, E. Sneha4

PV Based Grid System for Power Quality Enhancement using Instantaneous P-Q Theory
Suresh K. P1, Ramesh S2

Blast-Transition Domination for the – Obrazom of Zero Divisor Graph over Ring Zn
P. Raja Kumari1, K. Ameenal Bibi2

Bananaroot Waste Valorization as Alternative Fuel
S. Raji1, D. D. Sarode2

Performance Analysis of Image Processing in Hexagonal Grid Based on Image Compression, Denoising and Steganography
Jeevan K. M.1, Padmaja V. K.2, Anne Gowda A. B.3, S. Krishnakumar4

Secured Intrusion Detection System Energy Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Rajendra Prasad P.1, Shivashankar2

Structural, Optical and Electrical Analysis of Pentacene Thin Film
S. Sindhu1, K. Shree Krishna Kumar2

A Forest Change Detection using auto Regressive Model-Based Kernel Fuzzy Clustering
Madhuri Mulik1, V. Jayashree2, P . N. Kulkarni3

An Integrated Methods for Refined Facial-Image Retrieval using Sift and Click-Through Data
Mr. C. Balasubramanian1, J. Raja Sekar2

An Energy Efficient and Lifetime Ratio Improvement Methods Based on Energy Balancing
Niranjan L.1, Manoj Priyatham M.2

Lifetime and Energy Efficiency Improvement Techniques for Hierarchical Networks
Suhas A. R.1, Manoj Priyatham M.2

Awareness of Solid Waste Management and its Health Issues
Rajkumar P

Some Derived Sequences of K-Jacobsthal and K-Jacobsthal Lucas
T. Ragunathan1, G. Srividhya2

Major Developments in Visual Cryptography
Surajit Goon

Edge Vertex Prime Labeling of Union of Graphs
M. Simaringa1, S. Muthukumaran2

Examination of Phytochemicals, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Hemi Graph is Alternate
S. Agneeswari1, M. Jansi2

Efficient Hard Decision Fault Diagnosis using Scan Based Testing in Sequential Circuits
S.Vimal Raj1, E. Nandha Kumar2, V. S. Sanjana Devi3, C. Sakthivel4, K. Rajangam5

Characterization and Applications of Leaf Extracts of Hemi Graphis Alternate
S. Agneeswari1, M. Jansi2

Experimental Method of Ultrasonic Sensor for Ions and Solutions Discrimination and Identification
Abdellah Mrij1, Abdelmajid EL Bakkali2, Jaouad Foshi3

Development of Transparent and Flexible Transistor and Analysis of its Electrical and Optical Performances
Abdellah Mrij1, Abdelmajid EL Bakkali2, Jaouad Foshi3

Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Centella Asiatica
S. Agneeswari1, S. Amutha2, J. Jaya Arputha Jenishini3

Design of Parity Preserving Reversible DIF-FFT using 90nm Technology
Mhaboobkhan F1, Aishwarya K2

Antenna Selection for MIMO with Reduced Complexity
Deepika Patil1, B. Suryakanth2

Current Starving CMOS On-Chip Oscillator for Elapsed Time Counter
K. Ranjith Reddy

An Advanced Education Prognostic Miniature Exploitation Random Forest Technique
A. Laxmiprsanna1, P. Shirisha2

A Classical Methodology of AES Algorithm using Cipher Key
Laxmi Palamarthi1, C.Murali Krishna2

Designing of Counters using JK Flip-Flop in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
E. Prashanthi1, H. Bhagya Laxmi2

Hierarchical Attribute-based Encryption Scheme to Secure Fog and IoT Communications
M. Anuradha1, P. Govindaraju2

Fractal Antenna Design for Overtaking on Highways in 5G Vehicular Communication Ad-hoc Networks Environment
Abdul Rahim1, Praveen Kumar Mallik2, V.A. Sankar Ponnapalli3

Smart Waste Management System using IBM Watson Services
Ch Tejasri

Pattern Reconginationand Security
K.V Rajesh

Automatic Path Maker for Emergency Vehicles
A. Radha Rani1, C.V.P.R. Prasad2, D.B.K. Kamesh3

Bigdata and Deep Learning: Using Python Keras Predict Patient Diabetes and Employee’s Wages Per Hour
C. Rajeev1, A. Damodar2

Strategy of Fuzzy Mapping using Fixed Point Theorem
J. Madhavi1, P. Sree Divya2, S. Satya Nagendra Rao3

Emerging Databases for Next Generation Big Data Applications
M. Sailaja1, V. Sundara Ratnam2, N. Baby Rani3

Expedite Knowledge in Minining with Resolute Applications
K. Preethi