Volume-8 Issue-6S2, August 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-6S2, August 2019, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Implementation of Interleaved Three Stage Boost Converter Fed Dc Drive With Zero-Voltage Transition
Aarthi Suriya1, Anithasampath Kumar2, S.Sherine3

Power Quality Improvement of 33-Bus Distribution System using DSSC
Aarthi Suriya1, Anitha Sampath Kumar2, S.Sherine3

Analysis of the Small Signal Stability of the Power System Connected with Wind Generators
Anitha Sampath Kumar1, Aarthi Suriya2, S.Sherine3

Implementation of Switched Reluctance Motor using PWM Controlled Split Phase Converter in Hybrid
Anitha Sampath Kumar1, G. Hemavathi2, K. Dwarakesh3

Optimum Load Sharing and Improving Stability in Distribution Network(LT)
V. Jayalakshmi1, K. Sakthivel2, S. Sherine3

DC Micro Grid for Wind and Solar Power Integration
V. Jayalakshmi1, K. Sakthivel2, S. Sherine3

Wind Power Management using IoT and Wi-Fi
V. Jayalakshmi1, K. Sakthivel2, S. Sherine3

Intelligent Excitation Control System for Plant Generator
T. R. Rangaswamy1, S. Prakash2, Rathika R3

Advance Control Scheme for Desalination Plant
T. R. Rangaswamy1, S. Prakash2, Rathika R3

Blind People Voice Based Online Exam
R. Mohanraj1, Kanagavalli2, Sowmiya Manoj3

The Essence of Emotional Intelligence in Enhancing Leader Ship Effectiveness
Vani. M1, H Sankaran2, S. Praveen Kumar3

Predicts Chronic Diseases using a Patient’s Previous History
J. Sridhar1, K. P. Thooyamani2, V. Khanaa3

Implementation of Wind Mill Monitoring System using IoT and Wi-Fi – Through GSM Protocol
S. P. Vijaya Ragavan1, S.Aarthi Suriya2, S. Sherine3

IoT Based Live Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation
S. P. Vijaya Ragavan1, M. Krishna Kumar2, S. Aarthisuriya3

Solar Power and Wind Power Management System using Power Line Communication using PSO
S. P. Vijaya Ragavan1, V. Vijayalakshmi2, M. Krishna Kumar3

BIST for Reconfigurable System on Chip (SOC) for Micro-Vibration Measurement
Karthik. B1, Philomina.S2, Jasmine. M3

Intermittently Associated Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks using Portability Assisted Routing
Karthik. B1, Meena Kumari. G2, Jasmin. M3, Arulselvi. S4

Capacitor Clamped Inverter Based D-STATCOM for Voltage Regulator in Power Quality Improvement for Distribution Grids
K. Dwarakesh1, Rathika R2, Aarthi Suriya S3

210 Mw Turbo Generator’s Hydrogen Gas Cooling System Online Monitoring and Controlling using Node Red Flow Based IoT
K. Dwarakesh1, Rathika R2, Aarthi Suriya S3

A Methodology for the Deployment of Model Checking
K. P. Kaliyamurthie1, S. Pothumani2, R. Velvizhi3

An Computerized Health Check Token System Engneering using Arduino Kit
K.Sivaraman1, S. Neduncheliyan2, K.P. Kaliyamoorthi3

Examination of Thermal and Electrical Performance of Cassegrain Concentrator System
R. Rathika1, K. Sakthivel2, Anitha. S3

Effective Assessment of Refractory Period from ECG Signal Implemented using MATLAB
R.Rathika1, K.Sakthivel2, Anitha.S3

Decoupling the Partition Table from Access Points in DHTs
G. Michael1, N. Priya2, S. Pothumani3

A Control Scheme for Current with Cancellation of Back EMF and Tracing Fault Adapted Commutation Shift for SRM Drive
V. Jayalakshmi1, Rathika. R2, S. Prakash3

Microgrids Connected to the Residential grid for Energy Management Utility Fuzzy Logic Controller Employed Hybrid Electric Vehicles
S. Prakash1, K. Sakthivel2, Anitha. S3

Stacking Technique for Low Power Sram
Karthik B1, Jasmin M2, Arulselvi S3

Deploying DNS and the Turing Machine using Sophi
C. Anuradha1, S. Pothumani2, Allin Geo3

Synthesis of Rasterization – A New Method
N.Priya1, S.Pothumani2, R. Kavitha3

An Assessment on Induction Heat by Alternate Power
G. Hemavathi1, S. Sherine2, Aarthisuriya3

Power Quality Improvement using Three Phase Unified Power Flow Controller (PI-Fuzzy-ANN)
G. Hemavathi1, S. Sherine2, Aarthisuriya3

Decoupling Architecture from Randomized Algorithms in Flip-Flop Gates
G. Hemavathi1, S. Sherine2, Aarthisuriya3

Modular Configurations for RAID Architecture
N. Priya1, S. Pothumani2, G. Kavitha3

False Load Attack to Smart Meters by Synchronously Switching Power Circuits
Aarthi Suriya1, S. P. Vijayaragavan2, Anitha.S3

IPv4 Architecture in Randomized Algorithms
N. Priya1, C. Anuradha2, G. Kavitha3

Implementation of P&O Algorithm – MPPT Technique for Photo Voltic Application
S. Sherine1, K. Sakthivel2, Anitha. S3

Efficient Notes Generation through Information Extraction
C. Nalini1, Shwetambari Kharabe2, Sangeetha S3

Deep Learning with Multiband Synthesis from Landsat-8 Satellite Imagery using Machine Learning
C. Rajabhushanam1, Velvizhi R2, Amudha S3

True Sensor Captured Radiance and Surface Reflectance from Landsat-8 Multispectral Image Sets
C. Rajabhushanam1, Allin Geo A.V2, Pothumani S3

Network Monitoring on Cloud Environment using SDN
G. Kavitha1, R. Kavitha2, Allin Geo A.V3

Spam Detection in Twitter using Machine Learning Algorithms
S. Jeyapriyanga1, B. Mahalakshmi2, Anuradha C3

Product Label Reading System for Blind People using Support Vector Machine Algorithm
S. Jeyapriyanga1, S. P. Priyadharshini2, Sangeetha S3

A Novel Method to Analyze Compilers
S.Pothumani1, N.Priya2, S. Amudha3

Design of Multi Robots Based on Single Master Commands
Jasmin.M1, Ramya.S2, Hemalatha.B3

IoT Monitory System Based Smart Trash Management
R. Krishna Bharathi1, T. Selva Banupriya2, Jeyapriyanga S3

Literature on Various Anti-Money Laundering Techniques
R. Krishna Bharathi1, G. Kavitha2, Mary Linda I3

An Deliberate Decentralized File Duplication Algorithm in Sharing System
I. Mary Linda1, K.Shanmuga Priya2, Geetha C3

Sheltered, Tenuous in Sequence
I. Mary Linda1, D. Vimala2, Anuradha C3

Handy Tech-Medicine
Priya Dharshini. SP1, R. Velvizhi2, Sadagopan S3

Room Temperature Notification Device
Priya Dharshini SP1, B.Mahalakshmi2, Michael G3

Automatic Scoring System for Evaluating Comprehensive Answers using Key Features (ASCA)
N.Sivaranjani1, Amudha S2, Mary Linda I3

A Novel Method to Analyze Hash Tables
S. Pothumani1, R. Kavitha2, R. Velvizhi3

Active and Trust Based Packet Transfer Method via Route Tracking for Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Theivasigamani1, Jeyapriyanga S2, Sangeetha S3

Enhanced Adaptive Position Update for Geographic Directing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S. Theivasigamani1, Jeyapriyanga S2, N. Priya3

Secure Controlling System for Cross Layer Reliability for Ultra Huge Scale Framework
S. Theivasigamani1, D. Jeyapriya2, G. Michael3

Learning Through Virtual Environment
S. Pothumani1, R. Velvizhi2, S. Amudha3

Cross Circulated Management for Cross-Cloud in Multi Cloud Environment
S. Theivasigamani1, D. Jeyapriya2, C. Anuradha3

Enlightening Kernels by Probabilistic Model
D. Vimala1, S. Sangeetha2, B. Sundar Raj3

Chatty Ship: Disseminated, Entrenched Information
D. Vimala1, G. Michael2, S. Pothumani3

Extensible Contemporary Communication
D. Vimala1, N. Priya2, R. Velvizhi3

A DHT-Supported Piece Driven Overlay for P2P Live Gushing
G. Michael1, B. Sundar Raj2, G. Kavitha3

Two Layer Security for Ticket Booking
G.Michael1, C. Nalini2, C. Geetha3

Remarks on Polygot Applications
I. Mary Linda1, C. Anuradha2, S. Pothumani3

Domino Sense Analogous Contradict Planning of A CMOS
Mohan Raj. R1, Balaji. S2, John Paul Praveen. A3

Implementation of a Paschsail Synthesis Learning of Thin Clients
Sidharth Raj. R.S1, R. Mohan Raj2, M. Sriram3

Security for Industrial Communication System using Encryption / Decryption Modules
S. Arulselvi1, B. Hemalatha2, S. Balaji3

On the Deployment of Web Browsers
C. Anuradha1, S. Pothumani2, G. Kavitha3

Superscalar Pipelined Matrix Multiplier in VHDL
S. Arulselvi1, S. Balaji2, R. Hema3

QoS based Enhanced System Determination Plan for 4G Frameworks
G. Michael1, C. Nalini2, S. Pothumani3

Automatic Damaged Number Plate Recognition System in Image Processing
S.Philomina1, S. Ramya2, S. Balaji3

Portion of Heterogeneous Resources of an IoT Gadget to Flexible Services
C. Geetha1, S. Kavitha2, C. Nalini3

Object Co-Segmentation using Image Processing
Balaji. S1, John Paul Praveen. A2, B. Hemalatha3

Master/Slave Transmitter and Receiver System using Modbus Protocol
M. Sowmiya Manoj1, A. John Paul Praveen2, K.Subbulakshmi3

Red Tacton Technology
K. Subbulakshmi1, S. Ramya2, M. Jasmine3

Power on Wrist for Women and School Children to Testimony by GPS and GSM using Wireless Personal Area Network
K. Subbulaksmi1, R. Hema2, S. Ramya3

Deconstructing RPCs
C. Geetha1, S. Sangeetha2, N. Priya3

Border Alert System for Fisherman using RSSI
G. Kanagavalli1, R. Mohan Raj2, R.S. Sidharth Raj3

RFID Security and Privacy Enhancement
Jasmin M1, Saravana.S2, Kanagavalli.G3

Fuzzy Logic Technique to Evaluation of Material Hardness, Specific Wear Resistance of Aluminium
Meenaakumari. M1, Sangeetha. M2, Subbulakshmi. K3

Arduino Based Radioactive Tracking System
Hemalatha1, Subbulakshmi. K2, Kanagavalli.G.3

IoT Based Gas Detection in Home Environment
Hema R1, Subbulakshmi. K2, Arulselvi S.3

Image Segmentation Based on Generic Shape Algorithm
Karthik. B1, Sriram. M2, Mohan Raj. R3

Low Power and High Performance MTCMOS Conditional Discharge Flip Flop
Karthik. B1, Sriram. M2, Jasmin. M.3

Authentication of Bi–Level QR Code with Dynamic Pattern Generation
Karthik. B1, Sriram. M2, Sidharth Raj.R.S3

Enhancement of Satellite Image Susing Image Sharpening Technique
Karthik. B1, Hemalatha2, Jasmin.M3

Wireless Voice Controlled Cursor Control using RF
Karthik.B1, Hemalatha.S2, Jasmin.M3

Archimedean Antenna Design with Ultra-Ease “Green” Modules
Karthik.B1, Meena Kumari G2, Jasmin.M3

Leaf Disease Analysis using Smart System
Jasmin. M1, Sowmiya Manoj2, Meenaa Kumari. M3

Efficient Utilization of Renewable Energy for Boilers in Tea Café
Meenaa Kumari.M1, Hema. R2, John Paul Praveen.A3

Smart House Model using Raspbian 2 Technology
Meenaa Kumari.M1,  Balaji.S2,  Ramya.S3

Underwater Image Enhancement and Object Detection using Edge Preserving and Multiscale Contextual Neural Network
Meenaa Kumari.M1,  Ramya.S2,  Balaji3

Wireless UGV for Target Tracking and Obstacle Detection using Live Surveillance
Mohanraj1, Meenaa Kumari.M2, Ramya.S3

Parameters for Mining of Gold Monitoring System using Zigbee Standard
Mohanraj1, Balaji.S2, John Paul Praveen.A3

Coverage of Neighbouring Broadcasting System using Efficient Activity Flow Control
Mohanraj1, Hema.R2, Hemalatha.B3

MRI Brain Lump Based on Consistency Feature and Classification using Neural Network
Mohanraj.R1, Ramya2, Hema3

Measurement of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car using MEMS Sensor
Mohanraj1, Hemalatha.B.G2, Sowmiya Manoj3

Enhancing Throughput of Optimum Channel in OFDM Based Full Duplex Communication
Saravana.S1, Sidharth Raj.R.S2, Mohan Raj.R3

Energy Efficient Semi-Automatic Car Parking System using Raspberry -Pi
Hemalatha1, Sowmiya Manoj2, Ramya3

RFID Based Network Administration with Personal Identification
R.S. Sidharthraj1, K. Subbulakshmi2, R. Mohan Raj3

Facts Devices and Their Managing
Sidharthraj. R.S1, A. John Paul Praveen2, S. Balaji3

Fault Diagnosis in Mixed-Mode Circuit By using Artificial Neural Network Method
S. Ramya1, M.Meenaa Kumari2, R. Hema3

Extracting The Video Content by Utilizing Segmentation Kits
S. Ramya1, M. Meenaa Kumari2, K. Subbulakshmi3

Fuzzy-Logic Method and Sliding-Mode Control for Induction Motor
M. Sangeetha1, M. Jasmine2, S. Philomina3

Decoupling the Transistor from Robots in Link-Level Acknowledgements
K. Shanmuga Priya1, C. Geetha2, I. Mary Linda3

Kob: A Methodology for the Visualization of Boolean Logic
K. P. Kaliyamurthie1, N. Priya2, B.Sundaraj3

Utilization of Labview in MIMO Control for Multiple Tanks Level Measurement System
Kalaiselvi B1, Vijayan T2, Sridharraja D3, Abinethri R4

An Innovative Way by Manipulating Things using the Power of Thought
Kalaiselvi B1, Vijayan T2, Sridharraja D3, Abinethri R4

Leak Detection using Non-Dispersive Infrared Light Emission on A Hazardous Area Automatically
Kalaiselvi B1, Vijayan T2, Sridharraja D3, Abinethri R4

Self Governing Seep Out Robocar
Kalaiselvi B1, Vijayan T2, Sridharraja D3, Abinethri R4

MIMO Control Loop using Multiple Tanks System to Control the Level using LabView
B. Kalaiselvi1, D. Sridharraja2, T. Vijayan3

Protected and Sound, “Fuzzy” Information
I Mary Linda1, D.Vimala2, K. Shanmugapriya3

Constructing Duplication and 802.11B
I Mary Linda1, Kavitha G2, D. Jayapriya3

On the Refinement of DHTs
G. Michael1, S.R. Sri Vidhya2, D.Jayapriya3

Advanced Vehicle Parking System using PLC and SCADA
D. Sridhar Raja1, B. Kalaiselvi2, T. Vijayan3

Different Technology in Designing Vending Machine
D Sridhar Raja1, Abinethri. R2, T.Vijayan3

PLC Based Multi-Product Vending Machine
D Sridhar Raja1, Abinethri. R2, T.Vijayan3

Novel EBG Structure BPF for UWB System
D. Sridhar Raja1, B. Kalaiselvi2, T. Vijayan3

Future Trends in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
D. Sridhar Raja1, B. Kalaiselvi2, T. Vijayan3

Examination of Virtual Machines Architecture in Real-Time
N. Priya1, S. Pothumani2, D. Jayapriya3

Monitoring and Control of Pressure and Flow in Oil Pipeline Transport System
Abinethri R1, B.Kalaiselvi2, T.Vijayan3

Examination of Compilers in SCSI Disks
N. Priya1, S. Pothumani2, D. Jayapriya3

Energy Capable Data Collection Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks using Mobile Collectors
P. Nandhini1, R. Velvizhi2, G. Kavitha3

Smart Management System using RFID to Control Traffic & Vehical Parking
Vijayan T1, Sridhar Raja D2, Kalaiselvi B3

A New Method of Farming Robot
G. Vasumathi1, J. Dhanasekar2, V. Priya3

Design and Fabrication of Automated Work Piece Counting and Sorting using Image Processing
Dhanasekar. J1, Sengottuvel. P2, Priya V3

Bluetooth Controlled 5 Axis Articulated Robot Manipulator with Adaptive Gripper
Dhanasekar. J1, Sengottuvel. P2, Priya.V3

Design and Fabrication of Two Step Speed Control of a Cylinder Circuit using Pneumatics
V. Priya1, Dhanasekar.J2, M.Chandra Mohan3

Fabrication of Industrial Safety with LDR
G. Vasumathi1, V. Priya2, Dhanasekar.J3

Fragmented Location – Identity in Model Checking
S. Pothumani1, C.Anuradha2, I. Mary Linda3

Fabrication of Mobile Robot using PID
G. Vasumathi1, J. Dhanasekar2, V. Priya3

Fuel Level Monitoring & Alert System using IoT
G. Vasumathi1, J. Dhanasekar2, V. Priya3

Modeling and Simulation of Gas Liquid Absorption Column for So2 Removal Process
V. Priya1, Dhanasekar J2, G.Vasumathi3

A Novel Method towards E-Commerce
C. Anuradha1, S. Pothumani2, R. Kavitha3

Sequential Analysis of Hierarchical Databases for Efficient Handling
G. Michael1, N. Priya2, S. Pothumani3

Automated Bus Ticketing System
V. Priya1, J. Dhanasekar2, G. Vasumathi3

Adaptive, Flexible Symmetries
C. Anuradha1, S. Pothumani2, R. Kavitha3

Machine Vision is an Image Based Technique Used in Inspection
Chandra Mohan M1, Dhanasekar.J2, V.Priya3

Reliable, Constant-Time, Robust Models for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
R. Kavitha1, G. Kavitha2, Mary Linda. I3

A Novel Technique to Construct SMPS
S. Pothumani1, N. Priya2, D. Vimala3

Multi-Role Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Bomb Detection and Surveillance
Dhanasekar. J1, Sengottuvel. P2, V.Priya3

Underwater Welding Techniques
V. Priya1, M.Chandra Mohan2, J.Dhanasekar3

Bursting Analysis of GFRP Composite Pipline Used in Oil & Gas Applications
S. Thirumavalavan1, Hariharan.R2, R. Shravanan3

Compelling Unification of Forward-Error Correction and the Turing Machine
S. Sadagopan1, Kavitha R2, Sri Vidhya S.R3

Biped Robot: Balance Center of Gravity on Uneven or Smooth Terrain
R. Hariharan1, CM Meenakshi2, Durai Raj V P3

Reusable Rockets and Multi-Planetary Human Life
R. Hariharan1, Lenin Rakesh N2, Ravi D3

The Impact of Mobile Communication on E-Voting Technology
R. Kavitha1, G. Kavitha2, S. Amudha3

Image Resurrection on the Basis of Array Methodologies
D. Jeyapriya1, I. Mary Linda2, D. Vimala3

Experiment Work on the Effect of Hygrothermal Environment on the Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
C.M. Meenakshi1, Jeeva Bharathi2, S Karthikeyan3

A Novel Work on the Thermal Behaviour of Natural Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
C. M. Meenakshi1, Sucharitha S2, Ravi D3

Failure Analysis in High Pressure Feed Water Heaters and Method to Find the Defect in Tubes
S. Manavalan1, Manikandan J2, Nakkeeran S3

Effect of Mechanical Analysis of Magnesium AZ 80 Alloy and Aluminium 7075 Alloy using Diffusion Bonding
R. J. Golden Renjith Nirmal1, Sabarish R2, Lenin Rakesh N3

Effect of Temperature and Micro Structural Evolution of Magnesium and Aluminium Alloy using Vacuum Diffusion Bonding
R. J. Golden Renjith Nirmal1, Hariharan R2, R Shravanan3

Performance Analysis of Jet Engine of Aircraft
N. Lenin Rakesh1, Sabarish R2, S. Karthikeyan3

The Effective Method on Fuzzy with Steganography
S. Pothumani1, R. Kavitha2, S. R. Sri Vidhya3

Decoupling Kernels from Symmetric Encryption in Rasterization
G. Kavitha1, R. Kavitha2, D. Jeya Priya3

Quality Management through Six Sigma Method
Durairaj V. P1, J. Manikandan2, R. Sharavanan3

Optimization of Surface Finish on Grinding Outer Diameter
Durairaj V. P1, R. Hariharan2, S. Manavalan3

Big Block Chain Data
A. Kumaravel1, A. Rama2, G. Ayyappan3

Keying Methods of using Protocols for Cryptography in Wireless Networks
C. Geetha1, S. Kavitha2, S. Amudha3

An Energy Efficient Confinement Relying upon Indoor/Outdoor Context for OS Mechanism
C. Geetha1, S. Kavitha2, S. Sri Gowtham3

Data Deduplication on Encrypted Big Data in Cloud
V. Khanaa1, A. Kumaravel2, A. Rama3

Restrictions and Methodologies for Distributed Sensor Network Security using Sensor Node Technology
V. Khanaa1, S. Thirunavukkarasu2, A. Rama3

A Novel Technique of Digital-to-Analog Converters
V. Khanaa1, A. Rama2, G. Ayyappan3

Efficient Algorithm for Mining High Utility Item Sets
Khanaa. V1, Kumaravel. A2, Thirunavukkarasu. S3

Implementation of Automatic Email Classification with Neural Network using Back Propagation Technique
Khanaa. V1, Kumaravel. A2, Thirunavukkarasu. S3

Implementing Aggregate – Cryptographic Encryption Key for Sharing Data in Cloud Environment
Kumaravel. A1, Thirunavukkarasu. S2, Rama.A3

The Relationship between Markov Models and Wide-Area Networks with BOSS
Dinesh. S1, Kumaravel. A2, Thirunavukkarasu. S3

Information Security in Cloud Computing utilizing Fully Homomorphic Encryption Techniques
K. Sivaraman1, R. Kavitha2, C. Anuratha3

Implementation of Red-Black Trees in RPC
N.Priya1, S.Pothumani2, C. Anuradha3

Technological Advancement in Robotics for Various Industrial Purposes
N. Priya1, S. Pothumani2, C. Anuradha3

Development and Advancement in Cyber Informatics
N. Priya1, C.Anuradha2, R. Velvizhi3

Application for 3D Interface using Augmented Reality
Shwetambari Kharabe1, C. Nalini2, R. Velvizhi3

Terrace Garden using Solar Energy Planting Systems in IoT
I. Govindharaj1, Vimala D2, Shanmugapriya K3

Development of Sequential Methodology for Understanding the Thin Clients
K. P. Kaliyamurthie1, Nalini C2, Michael G3

Examination of Early Feedbacks for Effective Product Retailing on E-Commerce Websites
R. Velvizhi1, S. Sri Gowtham2, D. Jeya Priya3

Technical Advancement and Social Challenges Associated with Functional Capabilities of 5G Cellular Technologies
S. Arul Selvi1, S. Saravana2, G. Kanagavalli3

Tracking Marker Movement for Simplicity of Picture Handling
Balaji. S1, M. Sowmiya Manoj2, G. Kanagavalli3

Implementation of Antitheft ATM Machine using Embedded System
K. Subbulakshmi1, M. Meenaa Kumari2, M. Jasmine3

Possibilities in Enhancing the Security for Women using IoT
S. Philomina1, M. Jasmine2, K. Subbulakshmi3

Strategies and Technological Advances in Removing Space Debris Satellite
S. Philomina1, B. Hemalatha2, R. Hema3

Validation of Linked Lists
N.Priya1, C.Anuradha2, B. Sundar Raj3

Industrial Debris Management Control
R. Abinethri1, T.Vijayan2, B.Kalaiselvi3

Disclosure of Milicious Node in Wireless Sensor Network
P.Nandhini1, R. Velvizhi2, S. Kavitha3

Enabling Markov Models using Robust Theory
C. Anuradha1, S. Pothumani2, R. Velvizhi3

A Hybrid Method to Shorten Congestion and Implement Data Guarantee in Cloud Computing
P.Nandhini1, K. Shanmuga Priya2, I. Mary Linda3

Large –Scale, Heterogeneous Technology
C.Anuradha1, S.Pothumani2, N.Priya3

Towards the Construction of Web Services the Perception of Transformative Programming
R. Kavitha1, S. Pothumani2, I Mary Linda3

Smart Helmet using PIC Controller
V. Priya1, J.Dhanasekar2,Vasumathi3

Experimental Assimilation of Various Tuning Rules with Fractional Order Controller in Inverted Pendulum
V. Priya1, J. Dhanasekar2, G. Vasumathi3

Test and Determine the Strength of Ferrule Joint Pipe Fitting
S. Thirumavalavan1, Sabarish R2, Karthikeyan. S3

Performance Evaluation of Solar Flat Plate Heat Collector with Parallel and Series Flow Configurations
S. Thirumavalavan1, Jeeva Bharathi2, Manavalan S3

Variation in Heat Deflection Behaviour of Alkali Treated and Untreated Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Composites
C.M. Meenakshi1, Sucharitha S2, Srinivasan V3

Topology, Database & Architectural design of Block Chain
S. Thirunavukkarasu1, A. Rama2, G. Ayyappan3

Implementation of Internet Protocol in Embedded Systems
V.Khanaa1, Thirunavukkarasu.S2, Rama.A3

Testing of Mobile Systems using Models
G.Kavitha1, C.Geetha2, K. Anita Davamani3

Capacity Side of the Point Evaluation Utilizing Programming Item Estimation
Shanmugapriya.K1, Mary Linda.I2, Geetha.C3

Advancement in Protection Systems in a Thermal Power Plant
Rangaswamy.T.R1, Prakash.D2, Jayalakshmi.V3

Recent Advancement in Controlling Industrial Pollutions
R. Abinethri1, T.Vijayan2, B.Kalaiselvi3

Design and Implementation of 6-Stage 64-bit MIPS Pipelined Architecture
P. Indira1, M. Kamaraju2

Design and Analysis of Multiplexer Based 4-Bit Flash ADC
E. Vijaya Babu1, Y. Syamala2

Impact on Gain and Noise : ECG Amplifier & Comb Filter Design using OTA
Rohith Bala Jaswanth B1, V. V. K. D. V. Prasad2, M. Kamaraju3

Design and Analysis of Closed Loop Control of Multilevel SVPWM Inverter Fed PMSM Drive
Lavanya Komma1, Alice Mary Karlapudy2, Saraswathi G3

Subthreshold Region based Linear Feedback Shift Register
B. Lakshmi1, M. Kamaraju2, K.Babulu3

FPGA Based Optimized Reconfigurable Base-2 Constant Coefficient Multiplier Architecture for Image Filtering
N. Sambamurthy1, M. Kamaraju2

Prediction of Customer Churn in Telecom Sector using Clustering Technique
Vallabhaneni Renuka Devi1, G. Bharathi2, G.V.S.N.R.V. Prasad3

Improved Classification of Fetal Abnormalities Using Automated ABC ANFIS Classifier
Nagu Malothu1, V.V.K.D.V. Prasad2

Project Stratagems for a Nonlinear Vector Controller Fed BLDC Motor
T.V. Subhashini1, K. Alice Mary2, K. Ravindra3

Simulation and Prototype Implementation of Hybrid H-bridge MLI with Minimum Switches
A.Ramesh1,  K.V.S.R.Murthy2, B.V.S.S.S.Gopal3

Reversible Vedic Multiplier
Venkata Latha.G1, Syamala.Y2, Anil Chowdary.T3, Murali Krishna. G4

Effect of Penetration of Solar DGs on Transient Stability of Captive Power Generation Units
Ramachandra Murthy K. V. S.1, Bhimaraju P. S. D.2, Ravindra K3

Reversible Data Concealing in Encrypted Images using Binary- Square Embedding
Narendrababu Thumati1, Kavitha Chaduvula2

State of the Art Energy Efficient Optimization Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ch. Rambabu1, V.V.K.D.V. Prasad2, K. Satya Prasad3

A New ALU Design using PNS-FCR: Static CMOS Logic for Microprocessors
T. Subhashini1, M. Kamaraju2, K. Babulu3

Cost Management of a CFBC Boiler in a Thermal Power Plant
P V Narendra Kumar1, Ch Chengaiah2, G Kiran Kumar3

Noise Estimation using Kalman Filter in Image Restoration
B. Nagasirisha1, V.V.K.D.V. Prasad2

Evaluation of Television Shows Popularity Based on Twitter Data using Sentiment Examination Techniques
D. N. V. S. L. S. Indira1, JNVR Swarup Kumar2, Y. Adi Lakshmi3, N. Rajeswari4

Agricultural Crop Monitoring and Controlling using IoT
V.Vineela1, P.Bhavya2, B.Sandeep3

Integration of Compressive Sensing and Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks using Block Tridiagonal Matrix Method
Venkat Rao Pasupuleti1, Ch. Balaswamy2

Constraint Based Design of Multipole Field Electromagnetic Launcher using Gauss Method
Srichandan Kondamudi1, Mallikarjuna Rao Pasumarthi2

Design of A NEMS Cantilever Sensor for Explosive Detection
P.V.T. Lokesh Kumar1, P.H.S Tejomurthy2, Dharmireddy Ajay Kumar3

Design, Simulation and Experimental Validation of Wideband DGS Circularly Polarized Micro Strip Patch Antenna For C-Band Satellite Communication Applications
Karedla Chitambara Rao

Tri Band CP Slot Antenna Backed with Dual FSS Reflector
Bondili Siva Hari Prasad1, M.V. S. Prasad2

Application Design of Electronic ID Card
Apri Susanto1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, K.C. Ramya3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

E-Government of Village Empowerment
Ayu Tri Andira1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, S. Rema Devi3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Empowering Internet of Things (IoT) through Big Data
Bayu Prabowo Sutjiatmo1, Alfian Erwinsyah2, E. Laxmi Lydia3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Character Reorganization and Categorization using Hybrid Algorithms by Scanned Documents
Rudihartono Ismail1, Ismail Suardi Wekke2, A. Dinesh Kumar3, R. Pandi Selvam4, K. Shankar5, Phong Thanh Nguyen6

An Examination on Cloud Computing Future, Privacy of Data and Possibilities
Supriyono1, Dodik Ariyanto2, Nongmaithem Ajith Singh3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5, Robbi Rahim6

Machine Learning for Healthcare
Iswanto Iswanto1, Wahyudi Setiawan2, E. Laxmi Lydia3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5

Feature Extraction and Application of Bio-Signal
Iswanto Iswanto1, Bakhtiar Abbas2, V. Gomathy3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Machine Learning Methods for Managing Parkinson’s Disease
Kumar R1, E. Laxmi Lydia2, K. Shankar3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Satria Abadi5

Challenges of Medical Text and Image Processing
Iswanto Iswanto1, M. Ilayaraja2, K. Shankar3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Satria Abadi5

Logistic Regression for Health Profiling
Ambika P1, E. Laxmi Lydia2, K. Shankar3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Satria Abadi5

Identifying Diseases and Diagnosis using Machine Learning
Iswanto Iswanto1, E. Laxmi Lydia2, K. Shankar3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Wahidah Hashim5, Andino Maseleno6

Designing Sale Application in Store
K. Khasanah1, Hendra Gustomi2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, Zachari Abdallah4, Maryanto5, Tiris Sudrartono6, Arif Suryana7

Smart Health Records
Veronika Nugraheni Sri Lestari1, Robbi Rahim2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Treatment Recommendation System
Phong Thanh Nguyen1, M. Ilayaraja2, K. Shankar3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Robotic Surgery
Phong Thanh Nguyen1, M. Lorate Shiny2, K. Shankar3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Machine Learning for Healthcare Diagnostics
Tata Sutabri1, R. Pandi Selvam2, K. Shankar3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Wahidah Hashim5, Andino Maseleno6

Web-Based Information System of Psychological Test Employee Acceptance
Yustinus Feri Irawan1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, S. Rema Devi3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Decision Support System of Employee Performance Evaluation
Ayu Fitriana1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, S. Rema Devi3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Application Design of Catfish Species Specification
Adi Fitri Yanto1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, E. Laxmi Lydia3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Superior Hybrid Corn Variety Selection using AHP Method
Aji Santoso1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, M. Ilayaraja3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

E-Commerce Application System at Motorcycle Showroom
Bambang Triraharjo1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Eswaran Perumal3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Village’s E-Government
Ade Irfan Setiawan1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Eswaran Perumal3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

The Web-Based Outpatient Information System at Community Health Center
Vini Alvianita1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, M. Ilayaraja3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Multi User-Based Patient Service Information System in Public Health Center
Geby Chintya Wiendara1, Satria Abadi2, M. Ilayaraja3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Examination of Population Information System as the E-Government Development in Regency
Ferdiansyah1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, N. Sharmili3, K. Shankar4, Satria Abadi5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

The Weakness Examination of Wireless Network Security at the Hospital using QoS
Kharisma Riyanti1, Sutejo2, M. Ilayaraja3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Deterministic Directed Flooding Scheme (D2FS) for Inter-Cluster Flooding in Mobile Adhoc Networks
S.Mahima1, N.Rajendran2

The Effect of Participative Leadership of Principal of Private School on Work Motivation of Teacher and their Performance in Tangerang City
Suparno1, Vina Iasha2, Apri Wahyudi3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4

Insiders’ Beliefs and Attitudes towards using Technology Assisted Language Teaching to Minimize FLA among Ethiopian University EFL Students
Berhane Gerencheal1, Deepanjali Mishra2, Ataklti Tesfay3

Modeling and Additive Manufacturing of a Missing Teeth Human Mandible
Kode Jaya Prakash1, Balla Srinivasa Prasad2

Identification of Territorial Industrial Clusters of Russian Economy in View of Their Involvment into the Development of the State Innovation Policy
Elena I. Dorokhova1, Vladimir M. Moskovkin2, Elena N. Kamishanchenko3, Astgik E. Akopyan4, Larisa V. Solovyeva5, Natalia A. Saprikina6, Yuliya L. Rastopchina7

Examination of Trends in Education with the Google Books Ngram Viewer
Vladimir M. Moskovkin1, Tatyana V. Saprykina2, Elena V. Pupynina3, Vladimir A. Belenko4, Irina A. Shumakova5

Performance Examination of “Scopus” Publication Activity with Selected Webometrics Indicators for Leading Russian Universities
Vladimir M.Moskovkin1, Marina V. Sadovski2, Stanislav I. Sivakov3, Olesya V.Serkina4, Inna S.Buinyakova5

Cash Conversion Cycle and Profitability of Textile Companies: Evidences from India
Ashvin R. Dave1, Ashwin Parwani2, Tejas Dave3, Ashish Joshi4

Carst Marble on Tyrnyauz Deposit
Vladimir V. Khaustov1, Ignat M. Ignatenko2, L.E. Kruglova3, A.I. Karnjushkin4, A.V. Shleenko5

Formation of the Investment Portfolio on the Basis of Adaptive-Discrete Model, Considering Globalization Effects
Viktoriya I. Tinyakova1, Valeriy V. Davnis2, Evgeniy V. Miroshnikov3, Marina A. Chervontseva4, Irina Yu. Proskurina5

Modeling of Influence of Resourcing Factors on Gross Regional Product
Larisa A. Tretyakova1, Marina V. Vladika2, Tatyana A. Vlasova3, Oksana V. Vaganova4, Denis P. Solntsev5

Natural Language Processing utilization in Healthcare
Syihaabul Hudaa1, Dwi Bambang Putut Setiyadi2, E. Laxmi Lydia3, K. Shankar4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5, Wahidah Hashim6, Andino Maseleno7

Knowledge Discovery in Clinical Data
Taufik Muchtar1, Ismail Suardi Wekke2, Muhammad Shuhufi3, Abid Muhtarom4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5

Rule Learning in Healthcare and Health Services Research
Rukmina Gonibala1, Hadiyat Miko2, Hans Lesmana3, Lucia Yauri4, Ellis Mirawati5

Diagnosis in Medical Imaging
Robbi Rahim1, Bellona Mardhatillah Sabillah2, Sukmawati3, Suhardianto4, Muh Hidayat Cakrawijaya5 Wenny Anggeresia Ginting6

Machine Learning Based Behavioral Modification
Ani Cahyadi1, Abduk Razak2, Husni Abdillah3, Farid Junaedi4, Sri Yunita Taligansing5

Smart Health Informatics System
Phong Thanh Nguyen1, M. Ilayaraja2, K. Shankar3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Examination of Information System Design for Student’s Scoring Processing
Suyatno1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, A. Dinesh Kumar3, R. Pandi Selvam4, K. Shankar5

The Design of Teacher Salary Computerization System
Endang Purwanti1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, A. Dinesh Kumar3, R. Pandi Selvam4, K. Shankar5

Information Security Risk and Management in Organizational Network
Rustono Farady Marta1, Achmad Daengs GS2, Agus Daniar3, Wa Ode Seprina4, Alfred Pieter Menayang5