Volume-8 Issue-2C2, December 2018

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Volume-8 Issue-2C2, December 2018, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Improving Durability Properties of Concrete by Using Quarry Dust and Waste Plastic as Fine Aggregate
B.V. Bahoria1, D.K.Parbat2, Vikrant Vairagade3

A Broadband Metamaterial Absorber
Nikunj Goyal1, Garima Tiwari2

Comparative Performance of 3φ Vsi Fed Variable Speed Drive by Selective Pwm Techniques
S. Manivannan1, N. Saravanakumar2

Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Baslt Fibre Mat
S.Durga Devi1, G.S. Thirugnanam2, T Aarthi3

An Autonomous Vehicle Control System
Rajalashmi.K1, Carolin Monisha.C2, Geethamani.P3, Priya J4, S. Manivannan5

FPGA Implementation of Discrete Phase Locked Loop with No Dead Zone
Bharanidharan N1, D. Preethi2, Baranidharan V3

Use of Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Soc Development Platforms in Automobile Engineering Courses
Navaneethakrishnan R1, Ramalatha Marimuthu2, David S3, Ajay V. P4

Different Distributed Arithmetic Multiplication Schemes used in FIR Filter
P.Sritha1, R.S.Valarmathi2, P.Ramya3

Use of Lime and Waste Plastic Fibers for Subgrade Stabilization
R. Ratna Prasad1, T.Venkateswararao2, D. Auditya Sai Ram3

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of AA3003,AA6082 and AA64430 Aluminum Under Friction Stir
M. Rajasekhar1, G.AnjiBabu2, C. Venkata Sai Sekhar3, M. Giresh Naidu4

Application of Discrete Event Simulation Towards Production Improvement
Sachin N K1, B. S Shivakumara2, V. Sridhar3

A Comparative Analysis of Neural Network & Fuzzy Classifier for Brain Tumour Detection
Suchita Goswami1, Archana Tiwari2, Vivek Pali3, Ankita Tripathi4

Refrigeration System Performance by Inserting Twisted Strip in Condenser Along with Liquid Suction Heat Exchanger
T. Srinivasa Rao1, K. Dilip Kumar2, K. Appa Rao3

Utilaization of Industrial Waste in Soil Stability
S. Boobathiraja1, L. Poovendran2, R. Bhuvaneshwaran3, M. Santhosh4

Numerical Investigation on Friction Factor Characteristics for Protruded Channel under Turbulent Cross-Flow Condition
M. K. Sahu1, K. M. Pandey2, S. Chatterjee3

SEPIC Rectifier with Voltage Doubler Characteristics based Wind Energy System For High Power Battery Storage Applications
Elangovan S1, Kamatchi Kannan V2, Senthil Raja K3, Bhuvaneswari S4

Facile Preparation and Investigation of New Electroactive Poly (Aniline-Co-M-Chloroaniline) Nanocomposites
P.S. Vijayanand1, J. Vivekanandan2, A.Mahudeswaran3, K.S.Usha4

Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Ant Colony Optimization for Photovoltaic System Under Partially Shaded Conditions
K.Rajalashmi1, Carolin Monisha.C2

Modified Multicast Routing Algorithm for Network-on-Chip
K.Shoukath Ali1, P.Samapth2, S.Elango3, Sajan P Philip4

Design and Optimization of Compact Inverted F Antenna for 2.5GHZ Applications
Ramya P1, Valarmathi R. S2, Sritha P3

Biodynamic Approaches to Demote the Allelopathic Effects of Parthenium Hysterophorus
R. Balakrishnaraja1, V. N. Logesh2, V. Dhananjeyan3, S. K. Dhinesh Kannan4

Diffusion-Thermo and Thermal-Diffusion Effect on Flat Surface in Presence of Magnetohydrodynamic
P. Geetha1, M. Dhavamani2

Comparative Assessment of Image Fusion Methods for Land Cover/ Land Use Monitoring
R. Prema1, M. G Sumithra2

Implementation of Home Automation System using MQTT Protocol and ESP32
V. Thirupathi1, K. Sagar2

Fusion of Noise and Contrast Enhancement Filters for Efficient Ovarian Cancer RoI Localization
Suthamerthi Elavarasu1, Viji Vinod2

New Transportation Fuel: Green Plants and Hydrogen, Rajasthan
Rashmi Sharma1, Garima Lohiya2

Analysis of Packet Dropping, Storage Issue, Security Issue and Routing Misbehaviour in Disruption Tolerant Networks
R. Sangeetha1, R. Vijaya Bhasker2

Industrial Process Monitoring System Using Esp32
Thimmapuram Swati1, K. Raghavendra Ra2

Detecting and Predicting the Hidden Semantic Aspects and Sentiments from User-Generated Reviews by using a Unified Framework
S Sujatha1, Govardhan Reddy Kamatham2

Design and Analysis of Quasi -Z- source Resonant Converter for Hybrid Energy Resources for Rural Electrification
John De Britto C1, S. Nagarajan2