Volume-10 Issue-3, February 2021

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Volume-10 Issue-3, February 2021, ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Modeling & Performance Scrutiny of Maximum Power Extraction Strategy in PMSG based Wind Energy Transformation System
Beena Kumari1, Deepa Mehta2

A Modified Cylinder Block – Ic Engine Experimentation
Mohd Abdul Samad1, Syed Nawazish Mehdi2, Syed Khader basha3

Identification and Traceability of Spiritous Drinks based on UV-spectrometry and Conductometry
Yury Belkin

Expression Analysis System
Riya Kalburgi1, Punit Solanki2, Rounak Suthar3, Saurabh Suman4

Design and Development of High-Performance Intelligent Disaster Management System in IoT Paradigm – A Novel Architecture and Review on Challenges in real time Hazards Monitoring
Sachin Chavhan1, Rahul Chavhan2

Computation of Odd Geo-Domination Number of a Graph
K. Karthika1, A. Anto Kinsley2

Impact of the Welding Parameters on the Width of the Welding beat in TIG Carbon Steel Welding
Mohammed S. Alkhaldi1, Ali A. Majeed Ali2, Sobhi Khirallah.3

Integrated CCTV Surveillance System for Public Transportation
Dhaval Vibhakar1, Suraj Jha2, Aditya Kamble3, Saurabh Suman4

Real-Time Lime-Storage Tracking Model in Steel-Making Plant
Vipul Kumar Tiwari1, Kumar Gaurav2, Umesh Kumar Singh3, Jose Martin Korath4, Manish Kumar Singh5

Building ML Based Intelligent System to Analyze Production LSI (Live Site Incidents)
Himanshu Bajpai

Estimation of the Influence of the N, P and K Fertilizer Nutrients Consumption on the Tur Yield in India using Data Mining Techniques
A.Vijay Kumar

Cloud Oriented Integrated Composite Services over SOA in Distributed Computing
K.Sudhakar1, M.James Stephen2, P.V.G.D. Prasad Reddy3

Review on Accelerated Carbonation on the Properties of Concrete
Rajani V Akki1, K.E.Prakas2

A Simulation Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) for Agarwood using COMSOL Multiphysics
Nurfarahin Ishak1, Chua King Lee2, Siti Zarina Mohd Muji3

Object Detection Based on Faster R-CNN
M. Sushma Sri1, B. Rajendra Naik2, K. Jaya Sankar3

Improving Joint Attention in Children with Autism: A VR-AR Enabled Game Approach
Soumik Sarker1, Ali Hasan Md. Linkon2, Faisal Haque Bappy3, Md Forhad Rabbi4, Md Mahadi Hasan Nahid5

Analysis of Unmet Healthcare Needs in Ireland: A Data Mining Approach
Anatoli Nachev

Ltspice Simulation of Non Linear Technique SSHI Serial and SSHI Parallel of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting
Abderrahim Mountaciri1, El Mostafa Makroum2, My Abdelkader Youssefi3

Characterization of liver Disease Based on Ultrasound Imaging System
Mohammed K. Bin jaah1, Abdullah Aljuhani2, Umar S. Alqasemi3

Mechanical Behaviour of Normal Concrete using Fibre of Pine Tree Needle Leaves
Mohamed O. M. Mashri1, Megat Azmi Megat Johari2, M. J. A. Mijarsh3, Zainal Arifin Ahmad4, Otman M. M. Elbasir5

Novel Approach for Robotic Process Automation with Increasing Productivity and Improving Product Quality using Machine Learning
Rashmi Jha1, Govind Murari Upadhyay2

Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance in Nepalese Life Insurance Companies
Jitendra Prasad Upadhyay1, Pitri Raj Adhikari2

The Integration of the MDA Approach in Document-Oriented NoSQL Databases, the case of Mongo DB
Aziz Srai1, Fatima Guerouate2, Hilal Drissi Lahsini3

Application of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and IR Spectroscopy for the Detection of Drugs and Toxins
Gokul Mohanraj1, Gagan Jain2, Pratyush Agarwal3, Vaibhavkumar Patel4

Traffic sign Detection using CNN
K. Mirunalini1, Vasantha Kalyani David2

Explainable AI in Internet of Control System Distributed at Edge-Cloud Architecture
Mehdi Roopaei1, Hunter Durian2, Joey Godiska3

A Geospatial Morphometric Analysis of Kulbera and Daurighara River Basins in Western Part of Purulia District of West Bengal, India
Shambhu Nath Sing Mura

Production, Measurement and Applications of Vacuum Systems
Shailaj Kumar Shrivastava1, Chandan Shrivastava2

Exploratory Designing a Magnetic Induction Tomography Sensor Coil Circuit for Agarwood
Nurfarahin Ishak1, Chua King Lee2, Siti Zarina Mohd Muji3, Abdul Azlin Abdul Latip4

Predicting the Demand for Fmcg using Machine Learning
Anish Mebal.P1, Hema.S2, Jothika.S.J3, M.Manochitra4

An AI solution for Soil Fertility and Crop Friendliness Detection and Monitoring
Varshitha D N1, Savita Choudhary2

Reduction of Spatial Overhead in Decentralized Cloud Storage using IDA
P Suresh Babu1, K Madhavi2

Impact of Storage Devices with Renewable Integrated Distribution Network for Power Loss Minimization
Bharat Singh1, Satyaveer Singh Rawat2

Distributed Generation Impact on Distribution System Reliability
K. Raju1, P. Mercy Hepciba Rani2, J. Prashanthi3

Design a 900 Hybrid Feed Square Patch Stacked Antenna at 3GHz
V. Saidulu

Improvising Dynamic Cloud Resource Allocation to Optimise QoS and Cost Effectiveness
Gudur Vamsi Krishna1, K. F. Bharati2

Defect Detection Based on Segmentation of Thermographic Images of Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging
V. Phani Bhushan1, K.S. Sagar Reddy2, K. Murali3

Design & Analysis of Dynamic Response in Hydrolic Equipment Working with Heavy Loads
Sharanagouda Hadimani1, Nilesh Diwakar2, G.R. Selokar3, B Nageshwar Rao4

Rebar Corrosion Monitoring and Prevention Techniques
Sooriyalakshmi. N1, Jane Helena. H2

Optimization of Spraying Process in Thermal Power Plant using Robot
Shravankumar1, Nilesh Diwakar2, G.R. Selokar3, B Nageshwar Rao4

Simplified and Precise Design of Crossflow Turbine Power Transmission Components
Williams S. Ebhota1, Pavel Y. Tabakov2

Energy Efficient of IDS using Fuzzy Logic for Lifetime Improvement in Wireless Sensor Network
S. Venkatesan1, M. Ramakrishnan2

Climatic Envelope as an Urban Planning Tool to Configure Urban Fabric of Guwahati City to Support Daylight and Natural Ventilation
Amal Barman1, Madhumita Roy2, Arpan Dasgupta3

Multi-layer Laser Mirrors for Optical Sensors Deposited by Electron Beam Deposition and Ion Assisted Electron Beam Deposition
Laxminarayana Gangalakurti1, K Venugopal Reddy2, I M Chhabra3